My wife and her new Job

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My wife and her new Job
I do not even know where to begin, I will just say one night…
My ex-boyfriend took me out to a strip bar. I was not too wild about the idea at first, but when we got there the place was fun!!! They played good music and the girls were all really hot. Every time I would go to the ladies’ room and the girls talked to me like I was a stripper!!!! I was flattered but I told them “no I am just here with my boyfriend” I was wearing a skin-tight dress; I must say I looked the part. We took a seat at a table in front of three guys who were in font of us.
After a few drinks my ex-boyfriend asked me to change to my other dress? Yes, I had a backup “slut ware” in my purse. I went to the ladies’ room to make my changes to a more provocative dress. It was a black sheer dress that was cut in a deep V in the front. This let my tits to show lot of cleavage. I walked back to the table where we were sitting, I noticed lots om men looking at me. I acted like, I dropped my lipstick? What is a girl to do but put her legs together and bend over really slow to pick it up.
I had to wait to do it in front of a group o guys of course, they love it as much as I did. Did, I mention I forgot to put my thong back on! When I took my seat at our table my ex-boyfriend asked my if I like acting like a total slut? I replied I love playing the part!!! By now a sexy blond stripper was on stage, with great music and light flashing. Because the lights kept flashing on and off in the club.
I was hard to see what was going on, so my ex reached over and pulled my dress down exposing my large breast to the three guys in front of us. The exhibitionism in me really came that night, I love being exposed. After, I came back from the ladies’ room, I walked over to the table where we were sitting. My ex motioned for me not to sit down on the stool, but on his lap like the girls who work there sit. As I sat down he slid his had under my ass, so he could easily grab and play with my ass. My dress rode up my ass giving the guys at my side a great view of my ass being massaged by my ex.
His fingers eventually found my wet pussy, he told me to stand up and dance.
As I stood up to dance my ex’s hand never stopped from massaging my pussy. I was dancing in front of him giving him my back while he finger fucked me the whole time. I looked back at him and noticed the three guys looking at me getting finger fucked.
The second time he invited me out to a strip bar I wore a green lace see though number. When my boyfriend at the time saw my nipples though the dress, we almost did not make it out the door. I wore a coat over my dress so not to cause a seen. When we got to the strip bar the place was jumping. We took a table with high stools: you should have seen the look of the guys when I took off my coat. The guys stopped looking at the girl on stage and were checking me out.
I think they liked looking at my white lace panties. I love showing off.!!! After a few drinks my guy tells me “why don’t you dance on stage” I have to say the idea had come across my mind. I went to the girls’ room were the strippers change, they all were really supportive by offering me clothes to borrow.
I wore a see though white dress, you totally could see my dark nipples. I went on stage with another girl her name was Sky. The first song we danced in with our dresses on. Then the second song came, and we are supposed to take off our tops. That was fun seeing all the guys’ faces!!!! When the third song came on were supposed to get totally naked wow!!! The third song came, and I slowly bent over and took my dress off.
There I was in a room full of horny men all looking at me. With me just wearing a smile. I have to be honest it was the most exciting thing I have ever done. My pussy was very wet and could not wait to get home to have something hard inside me.
I had just moved to a new city were, I did not know anyone but my new boyfriend. I did not have a job yet and was looking in the newspaper.
I found jobs that did not really pay much. One ad was looking for dancer in this new bar. I figure what the hell nobody knows me, so I went…
When I got there the guy in charge was really busily, so he told me go ahead and dance a set and we will see how you do? I said sure, with all the confidence and headed back to the changing room. I put a very very short skirt and a white see-though tube top. I had to dance two songs one fully clothed and the other with just my tiny tiny thong. I was very nervous a first but then I got the hang of dancing with the high Ho heels.
By the second song I was feeling more confident and had no trouble taking off my top. I love to see the reaction of all the men to my breasts. Well for one they are very large and have a great natural shape to them 36C. After the set the guy came over and told me how much I would be making. Let’s just say it was really good money!!! I call it the audition, was fun, there was a man who wanted to pay for a “private dance”. Later I found out what that was.
Confessions of a Stripper Part II
My first night, I was nervous, but I had a shot of Rum to calm my nerves. I wore my really high “come knock me down and fuck me shoes” very sexy. A short short black ruffle skirt, you could totally see my ass.
Over my 36C’s I wore a white see through tube top. Okay dancing in those shoes was not easy!!!!!!!!! The first song I danced with my “clothes” on, if you can call them that. There were a group of young guys in the front row, so I would bend over ever change I got to show off my ass. I like looking at their faces while I am up on stage. They have these funny expressions on their faces like WOW!!!!
The second song was about to start so I began to take my top off very slowly and seductively. The guys in the front row started to yell like they were at a football game “Angela” “Angela” “Angela” After my set; I was invited to sit with the guys in the front row.
I picked the cutest guy and took my seat on his lap. Now sitting on a man’s lap has some advantages and some challenges. The advantage is depending on where you sit you can sometimes feel the man’s hardness. The challenge is to keep from falling off his lap. The good news is that most men are willing to lend a supporting hand just in case. This means usually I have at least one hand on my ass and sometimes on other places.
The guys would invite to have a drink with them and once in a while they would cop a feel of my one of my breast. Sometimes if the guy was cute I would let them gently touch my pussy. It felt sexy having all these guys all over me, not to mention the fact that I was half naked. Did I mention that when you sit on a man’s lap, your dress rides up your legs? This gives a great view of my thong.
I guess the guys can’t help but try to touch it. It feels real erotic having your pussy touched by a stranger. Sometimes, I would return the favor and grab his dick. When I got home and told my man about how my first night went as a stripper, he fucked me for three hours non-stop. If I had known this was going to happen, I would have started dancing a long time ago.
My second night was even better than the first night!!!!! I had decided to wear a very tight short short black dress with my matching fishnet thong. My fish net thong was very very see-through; the guys would be able to see my pussy clearly. My first set I really liked the music that was playing, I would lift my dress up so the guys could see my pussy. After my set an older man and a younger man call me over to their table.
Later, I hear it was a Father and Son what a cool Dad. The older man asked me to do a private dance for his son!!! I took his son by the hand to where we do the private dances; basically, it is the size of a small closet with a chair and mirrors all around. He looked very nervous; I think it was his first private dance. We do a two-song set one with clothes and the second; well we can take off what we like.
After I exposed my breast to the young man I had to take his hands and place them on my breasts. He got the hang of it and had his hands all over me. I have to say it felt great having a young man all over me. At one point I faced him and lowered my thong in the front to show off my neatly shaven pussy. The fact is he was not bad looking witch made things even better. It turned out that I was my fist private dance I performed and his first also.
I had to go on stage for another set, so I went and changed. I put on a white very short skirt with a matching thong. The guys went nuts while I took off my top!!! After my set was over, I was called over to a group of three guys who looked like they were having a good time. I took a seat on the lap of again the cutest guy there, and as usual the first thing he did was grab my ass. Later he asked me for a private dance, I led him by his hand to the mirrored closet.
This guy was very different than the first. He did not waste and time and took my dress down to expose my breasts and he started to massage them. Then he started to suck on them because he wanted to see them hard. He also was all over me; I also bent over to show him my ass. At that point he grabbed my pussy from the back and began to massage my pussy. Yes, my pussy was very very wet I loved my new job.

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