My Wife’s First Time

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My Wife’s First Time
My wife Janet was thirty three when it first happened. We had been on a night out, it was mid summer and the evening was very hot. Late on just before closing time we had met two old friends from my school days. As Janet and I had both gone to the same school, she also knew David and John slightly. We invited them both back to our flat for a couple of drinks and to talk about old times. I remember clearly what she was wearing that evening, it was a little sleeveless, turquoise blue, poke a dot dress that came down to just above her knee. It was one of these dresses that swayed when she walked. She had on a pair of white satin, French panties but no stockings and her bra was a very light, front fastening cotton type. Janet is not big breasted (34A cup) but she has amazing nipples which when aroused would stick out like little bullets. She was not shy and always loved attention especially from the guys. She is only 5’3” but perfectly formed with a great body and athletic legs. David and John were immediately taken with Janet and suddenly I felt myself to be the odd one out as the two guys openly flirted with her for her attention. Janet is very touchy and every so often she would hold one of their arms or place a hand on a chest, it was the way she was but I could see David and John both starting to get ideas in their heads.

We walked the short distance to the flat and before long we were in the living room with drinks in our hands. Janet and I already had had quite a bit to drink that night and I knew that with the heat I was likely to nod off, Janet on the other hand was very much awake, almost excited by the presence of David and John. I was sat on one chair with David on the other and Janet on the settee with John. After a few drinks and a fair bit of laughter over old school days I could feel myself becoming drowsier. I had noticed how familiar John seemed to be getting with Janet as every so often his hand would touch the bare flesh of her knee, I could have sworn that they had moved closer together. She made a couple of comments about me being rude and starting to fall asleep on the chair but it’s funny when drink tires you out, one minute your sitting talking the next your out like a light.

I don’t know what woke me but as I gently opened my eyes I was aware that the main light had been switched off, leaving only the small table lamp on in the corner of the room. My instincts told me not to move too much or even open my eyes wide. I heard voices but they were only whispers and I could just make out Janet still sitting on the couch with John on her left and David now sitting with them on her right. As I peered over in the drowsy state that I was in I saw that John was gently kissing Janet’s neck whilst David watched. As I looked, I then noticed that David’s left hand was gently rubbing Janet’s left thigh whilst John had his right hand at her crotch and with the motions he was making he obviously had a couple of fingers buried deep in her pussy. Janet’s dress was bunched right up to her waist and I could see that John had pushed her French panties to the side to gain access. In the hush not only could I hear Janet and John whispering to each other but I had noticed another sound, it was the sound of John’s fingers moving in and out of Janet’s sopping wet pussy. I had now picked up enough of the conversation to realize that both these guys were trying to persuade Janet to move through to our bedroom in order that they might move things along a bit further and without me sleeping in the chair next to them.

The most amazing thing at this point was the realization of how I was feeling. I was turned on more than I’d ever been. I could feel my stomach churning with excitement and my cock was leaking so much pre cum, I thought I could smell it. At this moment Janet got up, I closed my eyes and remained still. I daren’t look but I could hear everybody moving very quietly. Janet had obviously left the living room at one point as I heard what I thought was David’s voice whisper to John “were on” the next thing I knew was a blanket had been placed on me and I felt Janet’s lips kiss my forehead then all three quietly left the room.

She was going to let them fuck her and in our bed.

My eyes opened wide the minute they left the room and I heard the sound of our bedroom door closing in the hall, I sat up, my ears straining to hear a sound, any sound and then it came. It was the bed creaking as someone got on. My mind was making up pictures of what might be happening, Who would get to fuck her first, would she take them both together, was she lying down or on all fours which was a favorite position with me. I pictured John taking her doggy style as Janet took David in her mouth. I was so desperate to hear that without realizing it I had quietly opened the living room door and was now slowly moving into the hall trying to listen, as the sounds became clearer and louder. I heard one of them tell Janet to take her dress off but to keep her French panties on. I don’t know who mounted her first but I heard it, as Janet let out a sharp gasp followed by a long moan as one of their cocks had obviously found its target. I at this point had my hand down my trousers and was gently squeezing my own cock which was as hard as I had ever felt and streaming with pre cum.

It’s funny but I hadn’t given any thought to the consequences of all this. I knew that we didn’t have any condoms in the house as I had had a vasectomy a year previous and I was pretty sure that the guys had not come prepared for what was happening, so Janet was more than likely taking these guys without protection. This was becoming almost surreal for me as I again realized that I wanted this to happen, this dangerous act of wild abandon that my wife seemed so eager to play out. I could now hear Janet giving out little Ahhs with every thrust into her pussy and I found myself wanking to the sounds, keeping time with the thrusts, I had closed my eyes as I leaned against the wall to hear them. The movements were getting faster, Janet was almost there, I knew these sounds, and I was familiar with Janet’s pending orgasms.

I came first, as the whole thing became too much and I exploded in my trousers. Janet was next as I heard her say “John, you have to pull out now, you can’t cum in me” At that moment I wanted John to do the exact opposite and cum inside my wife, I wanted him to squirt his seed into her unprotected womb, I wanted her to get pregnant and at that precise moment I didn’t care about repercussions. Call it lust or the heat of the moment; I was not in control of my thoughts. Images were rampaging through my mind of Janet’s eggs being fertilized by John’s sperm, of her tummy stretching as a baby that wasn’t mine grew inside her, the thought of her breasts growing and filling with milk.

I suddenly stopped fantasizing. Something was wrong.

The realization that everything had gone quiet in the bedroom, whilst I’m still in the hallway with my hand down my trousers, shook me to my senses. I quickly moved into the toilet and shut the door. I then heard our bedroom door open and Janet’s voice softly saying “Hello, are you ok” she knew I was up, someone had heard me, and David and John were still in our bedroom, I had to answer, so I said “I’m ok, just not feeling to well” at this point I could see Janet’s outline appear behind the opaque glass door, I could also see that her bra was hanging loose having been opened at the front and her nipples were almost touching the glass. This was still so erotic and I was already hard again. She tried the door but I had put the latch on, “I’m fine, go back to bed, I’ll be through when I’m finished” I said, trying to make her think that I hadn’t heard them and assumed that David and John had gone home. She remained at the glass and I could see her head constantly turning to look down the hall, at our bedroom door. I knew what was happening, it was so obvious, David and John were desperately getting their clothes back on and would (as quietly as possible) let themselves out, whilst Janet kept me talking at the door. She said she knew I’d had a lot to drink so she had let me sleep and gone to bed after Dave and John had left. Her voice was trembling as she tried to keep me talking, she was clever, I didn’t hear the guys leave but I knew the minute she said she was going back to bed that they had left, I could hear her franticly scurrying about the room, obviously trying to cover up any signs as to what had happened. I flushed the toilet and slowly went through to the bedroom. The light was out and she was already in bed, she knew I didn’t have a good sense of smell and she was obviously hoping that in conjunction with the drink I had consumed that I wouldn’t be able to smell the room but I could. It smelled of sex, a mixture of Janet’s familiar, on heat, pussy smell and fresh semen. I climbed in to the bed and the next thing I noticed was she had changed the sheets. Now I knew what all the rushing about had been for. I cuddled in and she immediately turned round to face the other way, so I spooned her. My cock was now pushing against her bum but wait; she was now wearing a boring cotton pair? Not the silk French Panties but the cotton ones that she only ever wore during her periods. I moved my hand round and cupped her breast but I could tell she was uncomfortable. I so desperately wanted to feel her pussy, I wanted to dip my fingers into her and confirm the presence of John’s sperm. She hadn’t been to the toilet so if he did cum inside her, it was still there. I nibbled her neck gently and then it hit me again. I could faintly smell sperm on her neck and realized that David must have cum either in her mouth or in her face. Whatever had happened some of his sperm was still on her neck. My fantasies were starting again, this whole incident, scenario, whatever you wanted to call it, was such a turn on but I decided not to blow it as this was the start of something I had only dreamt about for years. I reluctantly took my hand away from her and said goodnight. I lay on my back with my cock pointing straight up, images racing through my head whilst wondering whether she was now pregnant with another mans c***d. How would I deal with it, could this happen again, would I want it to happen again? Yes.

I woke up first and put a robe on. It was early and Janet was still lying totally out of it. Although the curtains were closed the room was semi bright due to the sun shining outside. I immediately went over to the washing basket near the door and lifted it through to the kitchen. I knew there was evidence here, I wanted to inspect the bed linen, I wanted to smell her French panties, and I knew she would sleep on for at least another hour or so.

I was trembling again, this now familiar feeling had started and my hands were physically shaking as I rummaged through the linen bin. The sheets were first. I unraveled them and felt it before I even saw the wet patch that was mostly in the middle of the sheet. As I held out the sheet to see more the smell hit me next, it was semen and lots of it, still damp. There was no way that John could have cum inside Janet and got that much on the bed. The other smaller stain looked like it might have come from David’s cock as he had spurted in, or on her mouth. I pulled the sheet into my nose at the wettest part and breathed deeply. The strong, pungent smell was strangely arousing to me. I certainly felt a little relieved that John looked to have pulled out on time, although the danger of her having unprotected sex was still there. She could still be pregnant and that still excited me.

I looked into the basket again and there were her satin French Panties deliberately pushed down into the bottom of laundry. I got hold of them and pulled them out. What a sight, what a trophy the gusset was totally scrunched up and it was still wet. Janet’s pussy smell was all over it and there were dried semen stains on the satin cheeks.

I could picture this so easily. John had pulled out at the last minute and sprayed his cum over her pussy, getting semen not only on her and the sheets but also all over her panties which he had deliberately asked her to keep on. I took them into the bathroom with me and started to jerk myself off. I held the gusset to my nose and relived all that had happened over the last six hours. My orgasm was mind blowing and I knew that this was only the beginning.

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