My wife’s new fuck buddy

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My wife’s new fuck buddy
Imagine meeting a woman that you’ve fucked, while walking round the shops with your wife.

Then imagine her getting really flirty while your wife’s watching.

That’s what I had to take a few weeks ago.

I’d gone shopping with my wife, to our usual supermarket, and bumped into Kate (not her real name) who I’d spent a night with a while back when my wife was away on business. She knew about my wife, and my wife knew about her, but that didn’t make it any less embarrassing.

Even more embarrassing was knowing that Kate had spent the whole evening using me for her own pleasure while I was in chastity and that my wife knew exactly what we’d done to each other. I expected my wife to say something about her fucking me with one of her dildos, but she didn’t.

What she did say, to my surprise, was did Kate want to meet for a drink after she finished work!

Kate had said that she might be interested in meeting the pair of us, but as I’d only spent the one time with her and that was ages ago, I didn’t think anything more of it. My wife obviously did.

So did Kate, as after a very short hesitation, she agreed.

We arranged that we’d meet at a local pub, finished our shopping and headed home for a couple of hours. When we got in, my wife insisted on jumping in the shower and “getting ready” just in case things worked out.

When my wife says something like that, I know what she wants. Firstly she takes a shit and jumps into the shower with me. In the past she’s wiped herself first, but as she’s started to get more and more into hardsports, she didn’t this time. Next she expects me to lick her until she’s clean and has cum a couple of times, then very carefully shave any signs of hair that may be growing through around her pussy and ass. After that, I have to shave my cock and ass.

We got ready to go out, with my wife wearing a very tight pair of jeans and high heeled boots, plus a tight cashmere jumper. I had to put on one of her thongs, then she told me to stand with my legs apart and she slipped the chastity cage into place. Finally, a pair of loose jeans and a shirt and I was ready too.

We got to the pub a few minutes before Kate and waited for her in the bar. When she came in, she was still in her store uniform and said that as this had been good enough for me before she thought it would be OK this time. I nodded happily, knowing what a fantastic body she has underneath the uniform, but my wife didn’t look too happy.

I thought that my wife was going to get pissed off, but all she did was make a couple of very gently critical remarks. Enough to let Kate know she was disappointed, but not enough to ruin the meeting. Basically, she said something along the lines of “with a body like Gary says you have, I really hoped to see you wearing something that would show it off”. Kate replied that next time she’d make a bit more of an effort and my wife’s exact reply was “make sure that you do”.

Kate sat the other side of my wife from me, so I couldn’t even push a leg gently against her, but I noticed that after a little while the body language between them was getting more intimate. My wife’s leg was firmly against Kate’s and they were leaning in close together whenever they talked. RESULT!

After a couple of drinks, my wife asked if Kate was ready to leave – a bit blunt in my book, but hey they seemed to be getting on well. Kate said she was and we walked straight to my wife’s car.

The first thing that told me something was off was my wife only asking for a few basic directions on the way to her flat. My wife has a lousy sense of direction when she’s driving, but she seemed to be coping OK this time.

We got to Kate’s flat and all headed for the front door. Kate went in first, followed by my wife and me at the back. Kate headed straight into the kitchen and my wife followed her, while I stayed in the small hallway wondering what to do and where to go. After about a minute I walked into the kitchen and found my wife and Kate kissing deeply while they grabbed each other’s asses and rubbed crotches. Fast, but hey, my wife is one of those people who could pull a monk (or a nun) if she wanted to.

I leaned back against the worktop, while my cock strained against it’s cage. They kissed and groped for a few minutes, then my wife took her hand and led her straight into the bedroom, telling me to follow on my knees. When I got in there, I had to kneel at the end of the bed and take my wife’s boots off for her, then peel her jeans off and finally put her boots back on her.

Kate then stood over me and told me to undress her too. I started by lifting her uniform top over her head, then slid her trousers down and helped her step out of them. That left her in a very skimpy pair of briefs and a lacy bra, while my wife had only her boots and jumper, with no underwear on at all as she’d not put any on before leaving home.

My wife told me to use my teeth to remove Kate’s knickers, which I did while my wife removed her bra. She then told me to make sure Kate was nice and clean, at which point Kate pushed me back onto the floor and straddled my face. I licked her pussy and ass for a few minutes, not able to see a thing, then she leaned forward for me to work my tongue further into her ass and I saw that my wife was stood by her face and Kate was fingering her pussy while licking her clit. She’d also taken my wife’s jumper off and her tits were swinging with the movement of her hips.

I tongued her ass for a little while longer, then my wife told me to sit with my back against the wall. I did as I was told and my wife leaned down and helped Kate to her feet. She then quite roughly bent Kate forward over the edge of the bed and told her to stay where she was. After that, she leaned down and picked something up from the floor. It took me a few seconds to realise it was a strapon and a few more to realise that it was one of my wife’s.

Finally the penny dropped!!!

She didn’t bat an eyelid when Kate flirted with me. Kate agreed to a drink without any real conversation. Their body language in the pub was very relaxed and intimate. My wife didn’t get lost on the way there. They started kissing so quickly. My wife’s tone of voice about the uniform and the way Kate did what my wife told her in the bedroom.

They not only already knew each other, not only were fucking, but Kate was starting to become my wife’s sub/slave.

She slipped the strapon harness on, then came over to me and I opened my mouth. In the strapon went and I had to fight the urge to gag and she fucked my face for a while. At one point, Kate turned round to look, but my wife told her to stop looking and that her time would come soon. After that, I had to crawl over so I was behind Kate and lick her pussy till it was dripping wet.

When she was satisfied with my work, my wife pushed me out of the way, got into position behind Kate, grabbed her hips and thrust the strapon hard into her. There was no subtlety to it and Kate shouted out quite loud, to which my wife just thrust harder. She fucked her for about 10 minutes, then told me to lay on the bed and Kate to lay on her back on top of me, with her ass over my face.

When I was told to, I started to lick Kate’s ass while my wife kneeled over my and fucked her pussy. We did that for a few minutes, then she pulled out of her pussy and started to push the strapon into her ass, gently at first but slowly building up speed and force.

I knew from before that Kate didn’t mind a dildo being pushed hard into her ass, but after a while my wife was fucking her as hard as she’d ever fucked me and she likes to do me as roughly as any dominatrix does on a video.

Every so often she’d slip the strapon out of Kate’s ass and into my mouth, I’d suck it clean (though it wasn’t really that dirty, just a little stained) and she’d shove it back in her ass.

When she was finished with this, I was told to go and lay in the bath and wait for my gift. At this point I fully expected the pair of them to come in and crap on me, but instead they took their turns in pissing in my mouth. Last time I’d bee at Kate’s, she wouldn’t piss on me, but after “pissing” a bottle of fizzy wine into my mouth after shaking it up her cunt, she said she might like to try it. They’d obviously been working on reducing her barriers!

Back to the bedroom and this time my wife knelt on the bed and Kate fucked her with the strapon. I couldn’t believe not only how sexy this looked, but also how easily my wife let her fuck her.

We stayed for a couple of hours, the two of them fucking each other and me sucking and licking as required, then after a coffee and quick chat headed home.

On the way, my wife said that she hoped I didn’t mind her breaking the rules – not by fucking someone, but by not telling me about it – but she had wanted to see just how far Kate would go after she had slept with me. I’d told my wife that Kate had suggested that she might like to try a threesome, so when she happened to meet her in the store (she already knew who she was) she decided to see what would happen. One thing had led to another and, after chatting at the pub about my kinks when we slept together, they headed back to Kate’s and became lovers.

They’d been seeing each other once every couple of weeks for about two months and things had slowly developed from a relationship between two equals, into the sort of dom-sub relationship that my wife loves having with me. They hadn’t gone any where near as far as we have, but from the way Kate took that ass fucking, I’d guess that things are getting along well.

When we got home, my wife told me I could have any treat I wanted for being good and watching them together without complaining, so I told her I wanted her to fuck me as hard as she’d fucked Kate. No problems! She nearly turned my ass inside out, she fucked me that hard!!!

Since then, she’s seen Kate a couple more times, but told me about it as soon after getting home as she could (back to playing by the rules then), each time while either fucking me – and telling me how Kate and her will spit-roast me sometime – or fisting me and telling me that one day they’ll double fist my ass.

I’ve not been invited back to join in, or even watch, and while I’ve chatted to Kate in the shop a couple of times I’ve got the impression that she’s now off-limits to me without both of us getting permission from our mistress.

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