need a lift….

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need a lift….
In a tall building near you, we meet as strangers in a lift. Between floors 4-5 the lift breaks down. you’ve just been for an interview and are dressed smart but very sexily, we have some small talk about our predicament, after raising the alarm and being told via intercom that an engineer has been sent for, but will be over an hour.
As we chat, you catch my eyes, slip from your eyes, down to your tits and perky nipples, you return the compliment of such blatant lust by unbuttoning a couple of buttons on your blouse, then drop your eyes to my cock, hoping for a reaction from my groin.
On this particular day, your particularly horny, and normal self restraints, are not forthcoming.
Your delighted when you see my cock growing, no more words are said, its all out lust, filthy thoughts flood your brain, and you just need/want to be fucked hard, here and now in the lift.
As you watch me, watching you from all sides of the mirrored walls, with all the reflected eyes scanning your body, you slowly sway your hips, feeling your pussy heating up and throb as it starts to swell with your filthy horny thoughts, you start opening your top, as I stand transfixed on you, waiting for a signal, that will give me the green light to put my hands on you, my cock has grown too its full 9″ at the thought.
Our eyes meet again, for a few seconds we just stare, then move closer, the first touch of skin to meet is our lips, softly and gently as they get acquainted, but as you feel my hands grab your arse squeezing your cheeks, you loose control and push me back slamming me against the doors.
You now want this strangers cock in your mouth, you drop to your knees and unzip my cock, watching it twitch, inches from your lips, pre jizz leaking from the end, you rub your finger around the tip, teasing me, you slowly lick the end tasting me, as you wrap your lips around it you can feel your pussy start to drip with excitement, running down your legs.
You pulled my trouser off and grab my cock wanking me before you start to suck me, deeper and deeper into your mouth, you want my black cock as deep in your throat as you can take it, your eyes start to water, as you choke your self, gagging, you slide it from you mouth, taking a breath, you look up at me, mascara running down your cheeks and say “abuse me! you have one hour to abuse me, NOW ABUSE ME!” Finally I get the green light, wasting no time I grab your hair, pull your head back, your mouth wide open. You look into my eyes, as you feel my hard cock slapping your cheek, you want it in your mouth, and try to turn your head, but i grip your hair tighter, keeping it still slapping your face harder.
your pussy is soaking, you pull your skirt up and slide your hand down past your thong, to your swollen lips, rubbing your now throbbing tingling clit.
I pull your head backwards telling you to hold on to my arse with your spare hand, I feed my cock back into mouth but hard and fast, till my balls are on your chin, then back out, i pull your head backwards by your hair, you take a quick breath before I pull your head back and forth, and start fucking your face hard and fast.
Fucking your beautiful face in this way almost makes me cumdown your throat, but i pull my cock free of your mouth and cum on your face, you feel its warmth as it runs slowly towards your chin.
After you’ve sucked any jizz left from my cock, i stand you up turn you around to face the mirror, you hold on to the rail and spread your legs. Your so horny by now, you feel my fingers running up your legs from your ankles, stroking the backs of your knees, your legs begin to shake, trembling, as i lift your skirt over the cheeks of your arse, i pull your lucky job iterview pants lol that are also your lucky pulling knicks too, so are very sexy, down around to your high heels, where you kick them to one side.
I start licking between your cheeks as you stand there, you can feel my wet tongue slide down your ass, making you quiver as it passes your asshole, your knees go week as my tongue finds your pussy, you arch your back pushing your pussy into my face, your clit pulsating in anticipation of being sucked. i just tease your clit circling it, sucking on your lips, pushing my tongue deep in your pussy, but not touching your clit, by now its throbbing, on fire, aching to be touched, then at last my tongue runs over your clit you almost cum when my lips surround it and start sucking hard pulling it clear of its hood, i suck until it stands erect in my mouth, then whilst still sucking i rub my tongue all over your clit, you start too shudder, i quickly push a finger to your G spot and rub it, making you give in to your orgasm collapsing as your juices run down my face!
Ironically as we clean our selves up the lifts carries on its journey to the ground floor, we exit the lift and make for the doors just past the security desk, where the guard smiles arkwardly unable to hide the monitor viewing the images, from the small cameras in the lifts, but instead of embarrasment your turned on more by the thought. of the guard wanking over your moment of uncontroled lust.
hope you enjoyed, rob

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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