new job

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new job
‘hello are you here for the job interview ?’
‘yes i am are you?’
‘yes whats your name ?’
‘peter whats yours ?’
‘i’m jane , do you know anything about the position ?’
‘no just that applicants needed tooo be fit good looking and 18 years old no qualifications are required its live in with substantial salery very mysterious’
just then a young woman enters the room peter gasps jane blushes , the woman is wearing a very short skirt skirt and skimpy tight top leaving very little to the imagination
‘jane peter please come with me the 2 gentlemen you are about to see will be your bosses for the next 5 years you address them as sir understood’
‘yes’ peter and jane say
peter and jane are taken to a very large office where 2 elderly gentlemen 1 fat 1 thin are seated behind 2 desks
‘that will be all cunt here is you payment’ one of the gentlemen holds out a cheque which the girl takes
‘thank you sir i won’t say its been a pleasure you 2 are disgusting perverts and i’m glad to see the back of you’ she says
‘before you go cunt please remove strip the clothes belong to us the only thing you leave with is the cheque’ says the fat man
the girl without hesitation removes her clothes and walks out of the room nude not even trying to cover herself with her hands
the thin man stands up and walks over in front of peter and jane
‘cunt has just left with a cheque made out to her for the sum of 5 million pounds that could be the same for both of you in 5 years there are 2 contracts on the desk please read them and sign them if you are interested if not you may go , the contracts are not binding you may leave at anytime but if you leave before the 5 years are up you leave with nothing do you understand if so read and sign if you agree’
‘yes sir’ peter and jane both say they walk to the table and pick up a contract each
‘as you can see’ the fat man says ‘ the terms are very simple you do everything and anything we want without arguement for 5 years if you complete the 5 years then at the end you will recieve the money but again take heed of the fact that if you leave before the five years are up you get nothing if you are happy with that then sign put your phones on the desk and strip both of you’
‘but..’ says jane
the fat man slaps her across the face
‘you were told to address us both as sir and not to argue’
‘sorry sir’
peter has signed his contract and is already undressing , jane glances at the contract signs at the bottom then strips
‘when cunt came to us 5 years ago she like you 2 had someone else with her but he quit after 2 weeks and walked away , 1st things 1st you both need new names obviously her name was not cunt when she joined us she had to legally change it to cunt as that is the name that was on her cheque for us to decide what names you need to take we need to examine you both so hands on your heads don’t take them down no matter what we do if we ask anything answer truthfully understood’ says the thin man
‘yes sir’ says peter putting his hands on his head
‘yes sir’ says jane also putting her hands on her head
‘turn around so you are facing each other watch what we do to each of you ‘ says the thin man walking behind peter , the fat man walks behind jane
‘so peter do you like what you see would you like to fuck jane ?’ asks the thin man taking hold of peters cock
peter gasps ‘yes sir she’s very nice i would love to fuck her sir’ peter squirms as the thin man gently starts to wank peters cock which starts to harden
‘your cock is getting hard do you like my hand on it ? do you like men are you queer ?’ asks the thin man
‘no sir i like girls sir i’m not gay sir ‘
the thin man wraps his hand around peters cock squeezing it and wanking it harder
‘hmm i think you cock knows you are gay even if you don’t , by the way take a good look at jane as you won’t be seeing a nude girl again for 5 years you will be used by myself or the fat man in anyway we want ‘ the thin man undoes his trousers and takes his cock out which is dripping precum ‘as you can see my cock has gotten excited while i have been playing with yours get on your knees and lick all the precum off my cock suck the head make sure its clean’
the thin man stops wanking peters cock peter gets on his knees puts a hand on the thin mans cock , the thin man kicks peter in the balls ‘were you told to take your hands off your head?’
‘no sir’ gasps peter
‘put your fucking hands on your head start licking my cock then take it in your mouth and suck it don’t stop sucking until its clean’
peter leans forward and licks the thin mans cock head which makes it drip precum even quicker so he takes it in his mouth sucking the precum off the head and licking around the head
‘he’s good at this so i think his name should be cock sucker what do you think ‘ he asks the fat man
‘sounds good he seems to ba a natural and look his cock is still hard i think he likes it’ the fat man answers
‘now jane are you a virgin ?’ asks the fat man
‘no sir’ jane gasps as the fat man shoves a finger up her dry cunt
‘are you a slut jane have you had a lot of cocks up here ?’ he asks fucking her cunt with his finger
‘no sir i’m not a slut sir the only one to make love to me is my boyfriend sir’
‘its called fucking slut not making love so your boyfriend is the only one to get his cock into your cunt and fuck you is he?’
‘yes sir my boyfriend is the only one to get his cock into my cunt and fuck me sir’
the fat man picks janes phone up from the desk
‘ring your boyfriend tell him its over you don’t want to see him anymore’
‘please sir don’t make me do that sir i love him sir’
the fat man pushes another finger into janes now wet cunt fucking her
‘you don’t have to do it you can leave now with nothing if you wish’ says the fat man
jane takes the phone and with tears running down her face she rings her boyfriend
‘put the phone on speaker tell him you don’t want to see him anymore tell him his cock is too small you need a reel man to satisfy your hungry cunt’ says the fat man
‘hello jane i was just thing of you..’
‘its over you have a tiny cock i need a real man to satisfy my hungry cunt’ gasps jane as the fat man takes his fingers out of her cunt and shoves a finger up her tight arse
‘what why please what did i do says the voice from the phone’
‘tell him what i’m doing to you’ says the fat man
‘who’s that with you is that the guy you are seeing?’
‘he’s got his finger up my bottom’ gasps jane
the fat man slaps janes tits hard leaving red handprints on them
‘its not your bottom its your arse tell him again exactly what i am doing’
‘he’s finger fucking my arse’ the phone goes dead
‘good girl’ the fat man takes his finger out of her arse
‘did anyone ever fuck you up the arse?’ says the fatman taking his clothes off
‘no sir’ says jane
the fat man lays down on his back
‘squat over my cock i’m going to line it up with your tight arsehole squat down so just the tip is in your arse keep your hand on your head’
jane squats down the fat man lines his cock up with her arsehole jane squats down a bit more so the head is up her arse
‘good now lower yourself down slowly until you feel my balls touching your arsecheeks’
poor jane is crying her eyes out now tears ruining her eyeliner giving her the look of 2 black eyes
‘keep going almost there you are doing well if you hadn’t admited to fucking your boyfriend i would have been happy with your cunt but i wanted a 1st so its your arse instead wow thats it all the way in now lift up again until just the tip is in then lower then upkeep going until i tell you to stop lets see how fit you are girl’
‘look at her go’ says the thin man her name has to be tightarse he grabs hold of cocksuckers head and holds it still thrusting his cock into cocksuckers mouth groans and cums , cocksucker tries to swallow but theres too much and thin mans cum drips out of cocksuckers mouth around thin mans cock
‘genty lick my cock clean cocksucker then lick the rest of the cum up off the floor’ says thin man
cocksucker licks thin mans cock clean then gets down on his face and licks the rest of the cum from the floor with difficulty as his hands are still behind his head.
‘do you like the taste of my cum ?’ asks the thin man
‘no sir’ says cocksucker
‘shame because you will be eating a lot of it over the next 5 years , now come here and sit on my lap and wank yourself off’
cocksucker sits on thin mans lap and starts to wank himself while thin man plays with his balls
tightarse is still bouncing up and down on fat mans cock but much slower now sweat is pouring down her face her big tits are shining with sweat her thighs are burning with the effort of raising herself up his cock ‘please sir i don’t think i can keep going sir my legs are killing me please can i stop sir’
‘sure get up bend over the table , whats your best friends name ?’
tight arse bends over the table ‘becky sir’
here phone becky put her on speaker and tell her exactly who you are and what i’m doing to you
‘hi becky its tightarse’
‘hi jane tightarse?’ says becky
‘ughh my name is tightarse i am going to get it changed i’m being fucked up the arse his cock is all the way up my arse i can feel his balls bouncing against my cheeks its uncomfortable i feel so full he’s fucking me harder his cock is big and long he’s pulling it out only the tip is in now he’s thrust it all the way back in out in out in he’s taken it out i feel empty now but he’s walking in front of me i’m bent over a desk so my head is the same hight as my arse was …….’
‘sorry becky tightarse can’t talk at the moment shes sucking my cock which has just come out of her arse she has 2 minutes to make me cum or it goes back up her arse and i’ll fuck her for 2 minutes if i don’t cum then it goes back into her mouth arse mouth arse mouth until i cum’
‘thats disgusting says becky’ the phone goes dead
tightarse is gagging on fatmans cock trying not to be sick as he shoves it into her throat the taset of her arse on his cock is almos too much for her but she manages not to throw up spittle is dribbling down her chin
‘you must like it up the arse tightarse your 2 minutes are almost up then is going back in your arse’
‘stop wanking cocksucker put your hands back on your head’ says thin man taking hold of cocksuckers cock he pulls the foreskin down hard so the cock head sticks up proud and angry looking he takes hold of the head and rubs his fingers roughly around it squeezing it his fingers are soon dripping with cocksuckers precum he holds his fingers up to cocksuckers mouth ‘lick my fingers clean then stand up’
cocksucker licks the fingers clean then stands up
‘your cock is still hard would you like to cum ?’
‘yes sir’
thin man wraps his hand around cocksuckers cock and squeezes ‘fuck my fist and no cumming without permission if you feel the need to cum ask’
cocksucker starts to fuck thin mans fist thrusting his hips forwards and backwards so his cock pounds into thin mans fist like a tight pussy
fat man takes his cock out of tightarses mouth and walks around and shoves it up her arse again ‘bounce backwards onto my cock you do the work while i stand here do a good job otherwise in 2 minutes it goes in your mouth again if you don’t make me cum’
‘pease sir i’m close can i cum sir’ cocksucker pleads
‘stop’ says thin man ‘holding your cock has got me hard again get on your knees and suck me off again when i cum keep the cum in your mouth’
cocksucker kneels down and takes thin mans cock in his mouth sucking and licking around the head ‘use your hand to keep yourself right on the edge but don’t you dare cum ‘ cocksucker sucks thin mans cock while gently wanking his own cock
fat man takes his cock out of tightarses arse and moves around and puts it in her mouth again ‘i’m getting close now you should be able to get me off now unless you want it back up your arse’ fatman starts fucking her face again
thin man grasps cocksuckers head shoves his cock forwards and cums in his mouth again ‘don’t swallow it keep it in there’ he warns
cocksucker doesn’t swallow but can’t keep it all in his mouth some cum dribbles down his chin
‘stand up again and fuck my fist with my cum in your mouth the instant you cum swallow my load’ thin man holds his hand in front of cocksuckers cock while cocksucker fucks his fist
tightarse gags as fatman cums into her throat
‘good girl swallow it all down’ says fatman ‘now go and warm up my bed through that door top of the stairs 1st door on the right i’ll be up soon i expect a nice warm bed ‘ tightarse leaves the room
cocksucker swallows thinmans cum and shoots his own cum over thinmans hand
‘stand still keep you hands on your head’ says thin man wanking cocksuckers sensative cock ‘i know it hurts you just came but i want to have a play with you’ he holds his cum covered hand up to cocksuckers mouth ‘lick your cum off my hand’ cocksucker writhes and tries to pull away from thin mans hand on his cock , fatman walks behind him grabs his balls and squeezes ‘stay still while he wanks your cock and thank him for feeding you your own cum ‘
‘thank you sir for feeding me my own cum sir but please my cock is really sore sir please stop wanking me off sir’
but thin mans hand starts wanking harder and even though his cock is sore cocksuckers cock starts to respond getting harder and dribbling precum again ‘i think he’s enjoying it ‘ says fatman playing with his balls , thinman runs a finger over the head collecting some precum holds it up for cocksucker to lick pushing the precum covered finger into cocksuckers mouth , fatman runs his finger over the head collecting some precum then shoves it up cocksuckers arse cocksucker groans and cums all over the floor.
‘you didn’t ask permission next time you do that we start again can you manage another cum now ?’ asks fat man thrusting his finger in and out of cocksuckers arse
‘please sir no i can’t i’m sorry sir’
fat man takes the finger out of cocksuckers arsehole and puts it in front of cocksuckers mouth
‘suck my finger clean or wank yourself off ‘
cocksucker sucks on the finger tasting his own arse
‘now go up and warm my bed cocksucker top of the stairs 1st door on the left’ says thin man
cocksucker leaves the room
‘well do you think they can manage 5 years? ‘ thin man asks fat man
‘only time will tell but i plan on having a lot of fun ‘ says fat man ‘see you in the morning have a good night’
fatman leaves the room

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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