Nikila A sex Bomb

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Nikila A sex Bomb
deleted The first clear indication I got was when Mr. Ravi, his partner, asked me to join their company but I declined. But on the next day breakfast table my father in law raised the issue in front of every one and said that it would be better if I join the company rather than seating idle at home. Shekher, my husband, also insisted but I said that I needed time to decide.

Later that night, I met with my father in law in private and asked him what the story is:

Me: Does he want to screw me like you did? And are you helping him?

Baba (Father in law): Did I force you to sleep with me? It is always your choice.

Me: Ok, what do I have to do? Sleep with you two on turns regularly?

Baba: Come on Sarita; don’t be so rude, it is nothing like that. And sleeping with anyone was always your choice and it still is.

Me: Did I sleep with you on my wish? You forced me.

Baba: That is a lie my daughter. I only created the environment and you inclined.

Me: You sick bastard. What do I have to do in the office then?

Baba: It is a job my daughter. You will go to the office, sometimes make some site visit and draw your salary.

Me: hah! I hardly believe that! I will see how you and your partner put your dirty hands on me this time.

He only laughed. Nevertheless, I joined the office and started liking the job. For the next three weeks or so, even Ravi did not approach me in any way. I was too naïve to understand their moves. Then they arranged for a trip outside the city to a remote place where they are going to construct a large plant and it was a survey kind of trip as well as a picnic. They invited the family. My husband, Ravi’s wife, everyone went together and naturally I did not take any guard. It was a huge farm house with lakes, muddy places, sugar cane field and it was the pick of the rainy season.

We reached their in the evening and every one liked the place. Every couple had their separate place, only Baba had a separate room. We did camp fire in the night and had loads of wine after the dinner. When I was completely drunk along with every one, I thought that Ravi or Baba will take some chance on me. But to my surprise, Ravi took me alone to my room and did not take any advantage; so I thought that I misunderstood him, that he does not have any ill intention with me.

The next morning, I woke up beside my husband and couldn’t figure the time since it was raining heavily. The mode of the nature was so wild that I got close to Shekher and kissed him passionately. But he was weird as usual and did not show any interest to make love to me. So, I went out and found Mrs. Ravi, who was also a very hot lady, taking preparation to swim in the lake. I also felt excited to swim in the cold water in the rain. I talked to her:

Me: Good morning, Mrs Ravi.

Mrs. Ravi: Good morning, honey. How are you my baby? Oh, you are looking so cute, my baby. Where is your hubby honey? Oh ho, you must have fun with Shekher, right? Hah? He must have given you a hard horny time! Right, baby? Right? (and she was smiling shamelessly on my face).

Me: oh nothing like that. I just woke up and I want to swim in the lake as well but I don’t have any suitable costume.

Mrs. Ravi: What costume my baby! Let’s go on with sari. See, I am wearing my sari and I will swim with this dress on.

Me: you sure? Ok, let me take my change over dress.

Mrs. Ravi: come on! Why are you being so lady? This is all family, lets go, we will come directly from the lake to the house.

Me: ok, let’s go.

We literally ran to the lake and jumped. Though I was on my sari but since I could swim well, I did not face any problem. After a moment, I found that Baba and Ravi was standing on the edge of the lake. I was feeling very uncomfortable since I was not wearing any under garments and my braless boobs were clearly visible over the wet blouse. The discomfort was due to Ravi since I have slept many a times with Baba. Mrs. Ravi understood my discomfort and said, ‘baby, they are like your two fathers, don’t feel shy honey’. I thought, bitch, only if you could imagine! I could see the two pairs of lustful eyes fondling over my body. Mr. Ravi got up and left. The rain got stronger and I got up from the lake and the wet sari got all stuck over my body and their eyes were following every movement of my body. My ass was bumping and I could sense trouble. I was crossing both of them standing and suddenly Baba grabbed me by my arm and whispered into my ears:

Baba: Come to my room tonight sharp by 11:00pm.

Me: Please leave me, you are hurting me (Ravi was impatient and was looking hostile).

Baba: 11:00pm sharp, no excuse, with this same dress, sari and blouse without anything under them.

Me: impossible, Shekher does not sleep that early. Moreover, I am having periods (I lied).

Ravi: don’t worry, then we will do with the other two holes of yours.

Me: you sick bastard. I am not coming.

Ravi suddenly slapped me, ‘you bitch, I will show you who sick bastard is’.

Baba: don’t worry daughter, we will ensure that Shekher and others are well asleep by that time.

Me: (crying) baba, u allowed him to slap me!

Baba: my baby, you will love him for this slap by this time tomorrow.

I ran away crying and was thinking on what should I do! Should I forego this humiliation but again the slut bitch inside me was poking to go to Baba’s room. But again, Shekher will not be asleep by that time. So, I thought I will act as per the situation.

At the dinner table, the maids also served wine for all. They carefully distributed the glasses. I doubted immediately. No sooner the dinner was over, Shekher & Mrs. Ravi started talking rubbish. I understood everything; they have d**gged both my husband and Mrs. Ravi. I whispered to Baba, ‘with what have you dosed them?’ he laughed and whispered back, ‘don’t bother bahu, just consider they are dead till tomorrow afternoon. And remember, 11:00pm sharp’. I gave him a bitchy smile and leaned towards him with my cleavage exposed to the fullest and said, ‘no way, I am not coming’. He became angry and said, ‘you bitch, we will rip through your ass if you don’t come’. I gave them a sluttish smile and went inside my room. I took a long shower, the water was cold and it was drizzling outside. I felt fresh and effects of the wine were fading away. Around 2 hours passed, it was half past eleven but I did not go. There was a sharp knock at the door and suddenly I felt horny with the thought of coming excitement. I went to the door and whispered, ‘who is this?’ but to my surprise, it was the maid with the bed time tea. So, I opened the door, Shekher was dead sleep and snoring. The maid left and I got up to shut the door and at that very moment Ravi and baba pushed through the door and closed it. I nearly shouted, ‘Are you crazy? My husband is here’. But they were now two a****ls. They rushed towards me and pushed me to the bed beside my husband. Baba grabbed me by my hair, I opened my mouth in pain and at that moment he unzipped his trouser and put his huge dick, which was half erected already, inside my mouth and was whispering, ‘suck it bitch, suck it’. I couldn’t take it out since he was grabbing me by my hair. I must admit that I felt a strange kind of excitement at this moment, with my husband just lying beside me and I am sucking his father’s dick. Mr. Ravi was sitting on the chair near by and was watching me swallowing the huge dick of my father in law. My head going forth and back and I was in turns looking at my sleeping husband and Ravi. Baba removed my sari while I was giving him blow job. Now I am with my blouse and petticoat only without any under garments, exactly as they demanded. Ravi lit a cigarette; I felt like smoking too. So, I made a gesture with my hands to give me a puff. But Ravi asked me to go near him crawling. At that moment, I also felt like doing all the crazy things. So, I crawled towards him in between his legs and he gave me the puff and slowly he unzipped his trouser. I was literally shocked to see the size of his huge thick black dick. I could realize why baba told me that by tomorrow I would love him for the slap. I started with his balls. I touched the hairy duo with the tip of my tongue. At that moment, as I was on my knees, I felt that my petticoat was going up to my waist and baba was working on my ass. He was m*****ing my ass and putting them apart to make room for his dick. I was completely wet and was craving for a thick piece of meat inside my pussy and I did not have to wait long. Moments after, he pushed his dick inside my pussy, which went very smoothly. He was doing me doggy while I was giving a balls-to-tip blow job to Mr. Ravi. Baba was saying, ‘you bitch, u lied that you were having periods. Don’t bother, if it is not bleeding, it will be bleeding by the time we are finished’. I giggled and said, ‘sure, baba’.

Baba was very excited and within 3 to 4 minutes, he came inside my pussy with real warm juicy sperms. Now, I put my full concentration on Mr. Ravi, he was now full erect and I was having trouble to get it inside my mouth due to its monstrous size. It was decent in length but the

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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