Not So Shy Daughter

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Not So Shy Daughter
I was sitting in my black undies when daddy came into my room. He had a towel around his waist, but the bulge sticking out in front clearly showed his intention.

‘Mariel’, he stammered, as the towel fell and showed the full extent of his erection, as it bobbed up and down with every step, as he advanced to where I sat on the edge of my bed.

I reached up and took him in my hand, and my mouth covered its bulbous head, as he thrust unceremoniously into my throat, my tongue swirling like crazy around the glans, as a sucked hard on the head, his balls smacking into my chin.

A few thrusts and I felt the force of the first ejaculate hit my tonsils, I took a deep breath and relaxed my throat muscles, pushing forward and feeling daddy’s pubes on my mouth and nose, my curved tongue forcing his cock against the roof of my mouth, as he jerked into me, his cum going straight down my throat.

He collapsed over me, as I relaxed my mouthing, daddy had cum into my willing mouth, his thick semen trickled down my trachea, like the thick couch syrup, he spooned into my mouth whenever I had a bad throat.

I can remember sucking the spoon after the dosage, and how we would playfully tussle on the bed as he tried to retrieve the spoon, that was seven years ago, when I was eight, now the spoon was his cock, and my teeth purposely grazed his shaft as he slipped from me, there was less tussle, but clearly more pleasure, his ejaculate nestling comfortably into my stomach could attest to that.

‘Sorry babe’, he said quietly, now his lust had abated, the shame of putting his cock into his daughters mouth for a low-job, kicked in, but as this was now a regular occurrence with us, it was my job so pretend it was OK, and sooth his furrowed brow.

I was a good daughter and thankfully thought nothing or felt shame about sexually relieving my father whenever he felt horny.
I realized he was espying on me, like a voyeur, working himself up to the point of no return, all he wanted was to feel the final couple of minutes inside me, I was his living condom, I added the warmth and the femininity, so long missed since he and mother divorced, besides I loved him in my own perverse way, so overcoming the perversity of my willingness, helped support my own growing-up, as daddy was good to me in every other facet of my young life.

‘You owe me a new vibrator, daddy’, I mock scolded, as I sat beside his nude body, my eyes lingering on his flaccid cock.
‘Why don’t you fuck me’, I asked him with a hint of forlorn?

‘You’re my daughter’, he answered with genuine concern, ‘But you stick it into my mouth’, I countered, he looked puzzled, unable to discern the two holes and what each represented.

I shook my head and bent forward to kiss his mouth, I was relaxed and smiling as out lips touched, and then crushed together, I always kissed daddy full on the mouth, it was my expression of love and showed that everything was alright with me regarding him.

He left the room and I continued dressing, it was Friday night, and a party was on tonight, daddy had just whetted my apatite, somebody was in for a fuck, daddies flaccid cock was still in my minds eye, and my pussy tightened as if mentally squeezing it’s long shaft, I groaned a genuine need as I pulled my mini dress over my head, and in the darkness as the light was blocked out, I wondered if daddy was watching me and chugging on his cock, I could do with a proper quickie now, as his semen was digested into my being.

The party was tops and I was getting wasted as the night wore on. Tyler my friend had decided to come back to mine, so I hailed a taxi and we clambered in, and on the way back she flirted with the driver, she was as wasted as I was, and almost got herself fucked, as she was so willing, but thankfully we arrived home and apologetic to the poor man, who was teased all the way back.

Daddy was in bed when we came into a darkened living room, ‘Where’s your old man’, as Tyler, as she started pulling her clothes off, before sitting down heavily onto the settee, where she would be sleeping.

I went into the closet and retrieved a couple of sleeping bags, opened them fully, and put one under her ass, with the other to go on top.

Then she needed to pee, so I went with her to the toilet and watched her with her knickers at her ankles pissing like a race horse, her head bent low as she was starting to fall asleep on the pan.

I tugged and eventually got her back onto the living room settee, only noting her knickers were back there in the toilet, as my eyes dreamily scanned her naked lower torso.
I’m not into girls, but hell Tyler was a rare beauty, only her tiny brassiere was spoiling her nudity, so I took it off and say looking down on every aspect of her, and her hairless body, she was so naturally blond her intimate hairs looked almost invisible.

I never heard daddy come into the living room, as my own head started drooping with alcohol and tiredness, ‘Who is this beautiful creature Mariel’?

I looked up to see daddy looking down on Tyler’s exposed body, he was holding her discarded panties, ‘Found these in the hallway’, he added, putting his hand out to me to take them, ‘They’re Tyler’s, daddy’, I replied slightly slurred, ‘daddy meet my friend Tyler’, I continued, noting he was all over her nakedness, so I added, ‘all of her daddy, is she not beautiful’?

It was obvious to daddy that Tyler was out of it, and I was none the better, as daddy knelt beside where I sat, and touched Tyler’s pussy, spreading labia and flicking her little bean with his nail.

I watched fascinated as my father touched Tyler intimately, his tongue glistening as his saliva moistened her her, ‘Are you going to fuck her’, I asked, matter of factly, I had taken Tyler’s leg and opened her thighs as daddies mouth kissed the whole of her vulva, I did not even realize I had done what I was doing, until she moaned out loud, Tyler was responding to my fathers incessant kissing and tonguing, and I got up and went to the singe seat and watched them, my father and my friend, were openly fucking, and I sat there masturbating as they did so, I don’t think either saw me, either way I was past caring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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