Nylon Lexi’s sissy training part 7

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Nylon Lexi’s sissy training part 7
I hear the bing on my phone and feel a tingling of excitement as I see it’s a message from you. You tell me your flat is free and to dress nicely and come round ASAP….

I shower and make sure I am smooth head to toe, paying careful attention to my clit and asshole so that they are silky smooth for whatever you have in mind for me.

After I’ve dried off, I moisturise my skin and pick out some whore red underwear to go with my newly red hair, a sheer suspender belt with 6 metal straps, red stockings to go with it which I roll up my smooth legs and clip the suspenders to the red lace tops. A lace body which stretches over my body and clips under my clit, the fabric feels wonderful on my skin. I do my makeup, smokey eyes and ruby red lips. Then strap my black shiny strappy heels around my ankles. Rather than any other clothes I pull on my coat, tie the belt round my waist and head out.

As I’m driving over to your place my ass is twitching with excitement at what you’ve got planned for me tonight. I ring the doorbell and you buzz me in. I know the way now and my heels clip on the floor as I climb the stairs. You greet me with a kiss and let me in. As you close the door I turn round and unbutton my coat and let it fall to the floor so you can see your sissy slut.

The grin on your face means you must be happy as I do a little twirl, I feel your hands on my ass and squeezing my clit through the lace. I reach behind and feel your cock hardening. You turn me round and push me down to my knees, your hands on my hair, gripping my head tightly I can sense what you want….

I plant little kisses on your trousers as I feel your cock hardening at the sight of my in my lingerie and unzip you so I can reach inside…. I pull the tip of your cock out and lick the head, swirling my tongue round the top and looking up at you so you can see as I slowly push my red lips over the head of your cock, coating it with saliva and lipstick! Your grip increases and pushes me further down, my mouth taking your cock inch by inch until it’s all the way in. you hold my head there then start to pull out. “You’re such a horny little cock sucker aren’t you?” and i giggle as I know i’m keeping my daddy happy! I increase the pace, my lips and tongue swirling, sucking and adding pressure to your cock head.

“Do you want some cum?”

“Yes please sir!” and you increase the pace, I can feel your cock throbbing and pulsing while you grip my hair tight and pull me down the shaft one more time while you unleash a hot flow of sticky cum into my mouth. You hold my head there and tell me to swallow it all. I love the salty taste as it pumps into my mouth and I swallow it all down, licking your cock clean as you let go. “Well that was a nice welcome!” and you pull me to my feet and tell me to totter over to the sofa while you get us some drinks.

You come back with some wine and I sip it, your hands meandering over my lace body and stockinged legs. I lean back while you are playing with me, my clit twitching and you unclip the body letting it spring out. You slowly start to wank it for me and I close my eyes and moan as you stroke me faster and faster, I’m so horny from sucking your cock it doesn’t take me long to shoot my cum into your hand. “Open up slut” you tell me and i open my mouth as you pour my own cum into my mouth, licking it off your fingers and swallowing my second load in a few minutes!

My clit is softening and you go to get your bag of toys, taking out a black plastic chastity cage, you lock the ring round my clit and balls and slide the cage over my little cock, locking it with a padlock. You put the key on a leather collar and strap it round my neck so I can see what is keeping me locked up.

“Since you’re so horny, maybe we should go out and find you some more cocks to service?”

“Whatever you want sir….”

A grin crosses your face and you get another toy out of your bag and tell me to bend over. I stand up and bend so my ass sticks out, I feel some cool lube being spread over my ass and you show me a metal butt plug with a red crystal on the end. “The perfect accessory for my red head slut!” You push it into my eager ass and smack my bum as it goes firmly in place. You clip the lace bodice back up so it stays inside me and my cage shows through the sheer fabric.

I finish my wine and you tell me to go and get my coat and usher me out to your car. “Time to go for a little drive my dear….” xxx

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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