OHGirl’s Sex Saga Continues

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OHGirl’s Sex Saga Continues
One of the guys stroked his cock as he held it in my ass, ejaculating internally. The camera was up close, filming his dick as it throbbed in me, releasing a hot gusher of sticky fluid into my rectum. It was an amazing feeling as I laid there on a wooden bench in a locker room under the stadium. Marvin was filming me as 22 different guys, dressed as Ohio State Buckeye football players, fucked me late at night in front of a wall of lockers. I had been dressed as a cheerleader and my outfit was pulled off as I was ravished by the horny team. Marvin wanted all of them to cum in my ass, so when it came time to shoot their loads, they each slid into my behind and filled me with their spunk. I sucked all of their cocks and took them in my pussy and ass while they pumped me until they were ready. Jizz was dripping from my gaping sphincter, but that didn’t stop any of the guys from sticking it in me to unload. By the end of the shoot, I had taken all 22 cum shots internally and the close up of my anal creampie showed the amount of sperm that had been deposited into me during the filming, covering the bench and dripping from my gaping asshole like a faucet.

It had been 3 weeks since my first gangbang video, organized and filmed by my lover and current boyfriend, Marvin. This was the 6th film in a total of 21 days and I had been getting fucked a lot. All of the videos were gangbangs and Marvin had set up a site to sell them online. He had sent out fliers and contacted other male students to volunteer for all of the shoots and so far I had been with 114 different fellow students. Only a couple of the guys were regulars, including Hondo and Trey. We were shooting all of the movies at night, to facilitate our ability to shoot on campus without getting into trouble. After doing the final poses for the end of the movie, I lit up a cigarette and then did an interview online for my cam fans, showing off my cum filled, still gaping, ass for those that paid to see me after the shoot. I sucked off Marvin and his two assistants online and let them give me facials to show my appreciation for all of their hard work, then I jumped into the gym shower and cleaned up before going home. I needed my rest, since I was still seeing anywhere from 2 to 6 clients a day. I had been busy lately and I attributed it to the many men that had seen me online or in my videos, that were traveling from as far away as Hong Kong to pay to fuck me.

I heard Velvet drive into the garage and then go to bed. It was nearly 3 am and she had a client at 11 the next morning. She had been out filming quite a bit lately and I had secretly been watching her videos. It brought back memories of my youth and extreme promiscuity and made me horny just to see all of the men lined up to fuck my 18 year old little girl. She was grown now and so much like her mother. Her number of clients was increasing each day as more and more men saw her movies and sent messages to seek out her services. Over the last two weeks, Velvet had over 10 guys from overseas that had flown into town to meet her, paying large amounts of money to do what ever they wanted with the famous OSU Gangbang Slut. Her services were getting more extreme as she began adding bukkakes, gangbangs, submission, and double vaginal and anal penetration. Velvet and her new boyfriend were filming nearly everything she did unless her customers didn’t want it on video and she had told me how much it had turned her on. Even I had gotten into the filming, doing about a half dozen films that included she and I fucking groups of men that had hired us. I had even done two films that Marvin had set up, to show my support for her professional choices. I had teamed up with my daughter to fuck and suck off her new boyfriend and his growing crew, which consisted of 5 video and sound guys, after only 6 weeks of making movies. Their film crew and business venture was growing and I was now a part of it. My name was now out on the web and we were thinking about opening up a professionally designed site to handle the incoming business. Brandy and Velvet were now the newest mother and daughter, amateur porn stars and escorts, famous for fucking each other and large groups of men. I’m not sure if those were my original intentions when we went into business together, but we were caught up in the excitement.

Hondo had stopped by my condo and I was taking his huge white cock in the ass when my daughter arrived for her first client of the day. I had been fucking him regularly, since she had brought him over for my birthday present, nearly 3 months prior. I was doing him for free and had gotten hooked on his giant white tool since my first time. He would call me on a daily basis and if I had time, I would invite him over for a round of sex. He was a regular in my daughter’s films but had declared his attraction to me and had become a staple in my current activities and life. He was going to be 21 in two weeks and I offered to take him to Hawaii to show my appreciation for his work and to let him know that I also felt a close bond with him. I had fallen in love with his cock, just like I had with Shawn’s dick, over 23 years ago, and now I was addicted to his giant, white organ. It had been a while since I had taken a vacation and because the end of the semester was almost near, Mikey had given me his approval to go without him, due to his work schedule. Velvet was too busy and didn’t want to take a vacation, so it was just the two of us. I couldn’t wait to have him alone for 7 days in paradise to enjoy his cock and some time with my new lover. It had been a while since I had a regular boyfriend again and Hondo had made the perfect young lover to fill that role.

My mom came out of her room with Hondo, smoking a cigarette and walking around nude while he followed her around like a puppy, his long cock nearly dragging on the ground. I had been fucking him in my movies, but he had been spending most of the semester dating my mom. They had become regular lovers and I noticed their physical and emotional attractions to one another. He was at the condo nearly every day and my mom had even stayed at the condo over night with him on a few occasions. I didn’t know what it was leading too, but my mom was enjoying his big prick as much as I did. She had told me about her trip with Hondo, but I couldn’t make it, since Marvin and I would be shooting 3 or 4 films over the week long break. I joined them both on the balcony to smoke and then went to meet my noon time client at his hotel. A new customer had flown in from Toronto, Canada this morning and he had scheduled a fetish, S&M play time with me. When I arrived at his room he was in a full latex gimp suit and waiting to tie me to the bed using his Velcro restraint system. His hard white cock stuck through the hole in his outfit, right above a 10 inch black latex dildo. He was staying in character, so I did too.

I was lying on my stomach, both of my wrists and ankles bound with straps and spread outward toward the top and bottom edges of the bed. I had slipped out of my latex dress and wearing only my latex stockings and gloves had let him strap me down. He had left my heels on and spent quite a bit of time licking my asshole and pussy from behind. I was very horny and when he began reddening my ass with his leather whip, I begged him to fuck me. He teased me some more with his tongue and then inserted a butt plug into my ass while he pulled my head back with my hair and wrapped a leather cord around my neck. He began choking me and my eyes bulged as he hit me harder with a riding crop that he had introduced. He slid around to the top of the bed and lifted my head up again, shoving his hard cock into my mouth and gagging me with it. It was tough to breath with the cord choking me and his dick stuffed down my throat but I endured as he began to pour lube all over my ass, soaking the bed below me. The cord tightened around my neck as he pulled it harder and moved behind me, mounting me like a horse and sliding the 10 inch black dildo into my cunt and his long tool into my ass. He began ramming me hard and pulling the noose tighter as he fucked me. I would have yelled the safe word if I could have, but I couldn’t breathe and I knew that Marvin was there with his crew, filming the occasion for my client and me.

My head was dizzy and I came back to consciousness as my client smacked my face and pulled my hair. I must have passed out, but he had continued to fuck me hard while I was out of it, and I awoke with an intense orgasm as I squealed out in delight, at the full feeling of his cock and the phallis. As my client ravaged my cunt and ass with his tools, I moaned and screamed for the camera that caught every stroke. This was an intense fetish session and I was loving it. Welts covered my ass and back and soon he was stuffing my ass with a huge plug, the size of a liter bottle. I relaxed as best I could, but the pressure nearly split my ass open as he pulled my head back again, choking the air from my lungs. When I awoke again to more cheek slapping, I was on my back, with my legs and arms attached to the top of the bed. My ass was still filled with the giant plug and the gimp was fucking me with an even bigger dildo the size of a horse. I thought that my cunt and ass would be ripped by the pounding he gave me, but the lube kept me slippery for his deep strokes. I had taken part in previous S&M encounters, but this was way more intense and painful than I had experienced.

The gimp left me lying there with both my holes crammed full and then knelt over me to fill my mouth with his stiff pole. He bounced on his knees, his cock driving deep into my throat, gagging me with each thrust while he pulled on the leather cord. I began to black out again and woke up to his meaty organ smacking me across the face. He had asked to pay me a lot so that he could use me like a slave and he was surely doing so. My orgies on the internet had drawn his attention and he had been turned on by watching me get used by a large number of men, showing my submissiveness as they banged me and came in and on me. He said that he wanted to give me the ultimate in submissive fucking and he was. He left the cord around my neck as he made his way back to his leather bag next to the wall and came back with some large nipple clamps that he attached tightly to me. They were connected by a chain that he held in his mouth and pulled back hard on as he stuffed his cock back into my mouth and stretched my nipples while I laid with my legs up around my ears and my holes filled with large rubber fetish toys. My screams got louder as he beat his cock on my face and pulled the clamps tighter. Tears ran down my face, smearing my mascara and eye liner as he moved back between my legs and somehow slid his cock into my cunt with the horse dildo still in me. I screamed again and he pulled on the cord to shut off my airway once again plunging me into the darkness as I passed out again.

The pain of my nipples being nearly pinched off and pulled almost a foot from my chest woke me up this time, as the gimp moved his cock between both of my filled holes, double penetrating me with his hard penis. The intense fucking went on for nearly an hour before he pulled both of the plugs out and let Marvin film my huge, gaping holes. His eyes nearly popped out as he stared into my deep, dark caverns that laid open as my muscles tried to return to normal. I had never had such large items in me and it had pushed my physical limits. I was panting when the gimp forced his cock into my mouth and then eventually came all over my face to end the session. He fed me his cum with his fingers as I lay bound on the bed, dripping his sticky jizz into my mouth a little at a time for the camera to film. When I was released I almost couldn’t move, after being held in the same position for over an hour. I stretched out and rubbed my sore ass and coochie. My ass, legs, cunt, breasts and face were still red from the lashing and spankings, with some hand welts and whip marks still visible. I slowly slid back into my dress and walked bow legged out of the room when we left. I was extremely sore and couldn’t wait to get back home to rest. I’m not sure if I’d ever do that again, but when you’re 18 years old, it’s all a learning experience.

Velvet knocked on my door and I told her to come in. I was naked in bed with Hondo, both of us relaxing from another round of sex. I had only one client that day, so I had spent the rest of the day sucking and riding my boy toy’s huge pole. Velvet look awful when she entered, her makeup smeared across her face and cum dried on her hair, face and chest. She had told me that she was going to be entertaining a client with and S&M fetish and he must have worn her out. She slid out of her dress and crawled into bed between us. I felt so bad for my little girl and I got some cream and returned to rub it on her welts and lash marks. Hondo began helping me and soon Velvet was sucking his cock as I massaged her temporary wounds. I joined her between his legs and we shared his 13 inch monster between us until cum sprayed out of the top, hitting us in the face and head and running down his thick, long shaft where we licked it up. I kissed her on the forehead and she grabbed her dress from the floor and left to clean up before bed. We were both staying in the condo tonight, so that we could do a party the next day for a group of clients. I began stroking Hondo’s thick tool, both hands sliding over his smooth, white shaft, still coated with our saliva and his cum. He stayed erect, an awesome part of such a young lover, and I slid down onto him and rode him until he filled me with his cum for the fourth time that day. I was definitely enjoying my new lover and couldn’t wait to take him on vacation.

Velvet and I had spent nearly 30 minutes licking each other’s pussies and fucking one another with strap-ons, before the guys at the bachelor party moved in to join us. Hard cocks moved from our mouth to our wet slits as they all shifted around and shared each of us in the middle of the floor. I had grown used to the taste of my daughter’s juices since we had been working together, often sucking a cock that had been pumping her cunt or her tight asshole. We had also spent quite a few shows using our tongues on one another’s openings too. Velvet’s tongue piercing had been in and out of both of my holes on numerous recent occasions and I often thought of her father’s long tongue when she would stick it in me and pleasure me for our customers. I looked over to see my little girl sucking a cock and getting fucked with another, while her slutty mom joined in the activities, taking a cock in both of my holes as I was sandwiched between two young studs. Our business was getting busier by the day and the number of men we were both fucking was increasing, not only for me but for my daughter, who was still shooting gangbang videos for our internet site. I felt one of the guys explode in my ass and keep pumping me while my mind drifted back to my youth and the large number of men that would fuck me on a weekly basis. I had been a hugely productive whore in my day and my daughter was just as promiscuous as I had been. Watching her swallow down one of the guy’s cum shots, while I took a hard prick in my mouth, made me hope that she would not fall into the bad habits that I had.

My mom and I had taken on 10 different guys during the evening and it had been a lot of fun. I was enjoying the increase in the number of shows we were doing together and was already thinking about the bukkake video that I was to shoot tomorrow night with Marvin, when I lit up my cigarette and drove off with my mom. She was going to drop me off at home and she was going back to the condo to hook up with her new lover. This was the third night in a row that she was spending with him and they would be leaving for Hawaii in another week. I slept well after all of the cocks that had pumped me during the bachelor party and was wide awake when I entered the condo to the sound of my mom grunting and moaning. The door to her room was open and when I peeked in, she was in bed with Hondo and three of his frat roommates. Hondo was fucking her from behind while she took turns sucking the other three cocks that were being held in front of her. My mom was such a slut and I’m not sure how this had all occurred. I smiled and pulled the door shut, letting her enjoy her young group of male fans while I put on my makeup and outfit for my next client. I spent the next hour and a half fucking and sucking off my customer at his hotel room downtown and when I returned, my mom was still holed up in her room fucking. I showered and was on the balcony having a cigarette and planning my next client when I saw her come out of her room nude, followed by her litter of cubs.

There were four guys in the room with her when I left and now there were 7, all of them in their boxers or shorts, a few with baseball caps on, as they followed her into the kitchen. I knew and had fucked all of them at the frat house before, so I waved as they made their way around the kitchen, finding something to eat. My mom lit up a cig and joined me on the balcony, sitting in the sun nude as she always did after she got laid and needed a smoke. She winked at me as she took a drag and told me that she had a little party with Hondo and his friends last night. Only my mom or I would ever fuck 10 guys and then have sex with 7 more in the same day. She told me that she had nothing scheduled for herself today and had planned on just enjoying herself. She said she was meeting with dad for lunch and asked if I wanted to join them. I said yes and waited for my mom to shower and bid all of her college boys goodbye. We left to meet my dad at a restaurant downtown near his work and he was already sitting at a table outside when we arrived. My dad hated it when we smoked, especially me, since I had just began openly smoking in the last few months, but my mom and I both lit up when we joined him and he just shook his head. I don’t think that he was happy that his little girl was a hooker, but so was his wife and he lived with it. My mom had told me that he had seen my gangbang videos, so there wasn’t much more that he didn’t know.

Velvet had joined Mikey and I for lunch and it was good to see him, sitting across from me in a suit. He was so sexy and I loved him dearly, but I had been so busy, not only with my clients, but with my extracurricular activities, that I hadn’t made love to him for nearly a week. I had plans on being with him this afternoon and hoped we could fit it in. We all made small talk and caught up on our activities and since there was no secrecy involved in our work, my daughter and I let him know about our recent events. Mikey had always loved hearing about my sexual encounters and surprisingly, he was open to hearing about Velvet’s too. She didn’t hold back on the details and told her father all about her recent internet adventures and video pursuits. It would have seemed strange to an outsider to hear us all talking about sex with one another over lunch. Most people would have been aghast to see a wife and daughter discuss fucking and sucking off multiple men with the male head of the household, but our family was definitely different. We finished our lunch and Mikey dropped off Velvet at the hotel in which she was meeting her next client, then Mikey met me at my condo for our fun. We were quickly naked and enjoying the rest of the afternoon in my bed.

I loved my dad and it was good to see him and catch up. I had been so busy since my graduation over 7 months ago, that I had rarely seen or got to spend any personal time with him. It was funny to have such an open parent, especially a father that would drop off his daughter to have sex for money with a stranger. After I finished fucking my client, I caught a cab back to the condo and showered. I was doing a bukkake film tonight that Marvin had set up, so I wanted to prepare with my makeup and outfit. My mom was at it again in her room and her squeals let me know that she was having fun. I swear that Hondo’s big cock was going to leave her with a gigantic hole for a pussy. I had started teasing her about it when she told me the story of her nickname, BP, from when she was younger. I thought that my mom had a very sexy pussy and I knew that it wasn’t any bigger than other women’s vaginas. We joked around quite a bit, so I thought that I would sneak in to tease her and Hondo. I peeked in the door and saw my mom sitting on her lover’s dick as she gyrated her hips and rode him. I slipped into the room quietly and then knelt down at the foot of the bed where I could get up closer to their fun.

My mom began bouncing on his erection and he was moaning too, as he thrust quickly upward into my mom‘s soaked pussy. His throbbing pole was slathered with my mother‘s secretions, her sexual excitement extremely evident as it ran down his long member and dripped from his scrotum. On her rise up, I reached in and pulled his cock out and put it in my mouth. My mom leaped forward and screamed from fright, as I had scared her, and I began sucking and stroking on what was definitely not Hondo’s cock. I thought that maybe she was with another one of her frat boy lovers, so I deep throated him, tasting my Brandy’s natural lubricant, of which I had grown used to over the previous months. I felt him unload a huge wad of hot cum into my throat, that I quickly swallowed down while my mom yelled at me. She was looking at me with her eyes and mouth wide open while I held on tightly to the stiff cock and continued to milk it for all of its sticky sweetness. My mom continued to stare at me over her shoulder while she straddled her lover’s chest, holding him down as he struggled to get up and out of my reach. I had my one arm wrapped around his leg as I kept stroking his long, white dick and sucking on it hard. He had filled my mouth with 5 or 6 large ejaculations and I had devoured his huge load as best I could, some overflowing from between my lips. I finally began laughing at my mother’s frightened look, while I held his sexy cock in my hand. It was still hard, so I jumped up from the foot of the bed and lifting my dress while I held it upward, slid down to it’s hilt. “Oh my God, what are you doing?“ my mom blurted and I started to grind on her lover’s cock, telling her that I was helping her out. I heard his voice say stop and when she was finally shoved aside, I saw my dad’s face and realized that I was sitting with my legs spread wide across his legs, his stiff tool buried deep inside of me. His cum dripped down my chin as I looked at them both and I had no idea what to do or think.

Velvet sat dumbfounded on her father’s dick, all of us in shock at the situation. It hadn’t yet registered in her mind and none of us was reacting quickly to what had just occurred. Mikey had come back to the condo to meet me and I had sucked his cock for quite some time before I d**g him into my bedroom and pushed him back onto my bed. His legs hung over the side while I undressed him and then I stripped for him as he waited for me, his erection pointing straight up at the ceiling. His hard white cock was so long, straight and smooth and my mouth had to have more before I slid up on him to ride. I was fucking him for a while, telling him about my morning gangbang with my lover Hondo and his 7 frat friends. Mikey loved hearing my sex stories and it was turning him on while I ground my wet pussy on his cock. I leaned over his chest, my tits in his face as he sucked them, whispering in his ear about all of the cocks that had been in my mouth, ass and pussy that week. I told him about the cum that my clients and lovers had filled me with and I let him know that I was waiting for his big load. We hadn’t made love for nearly a week and I knew that his balls held a massive amount of jizz waiting to fill me up. He told me that he was ready to explode when I began bouncing wildly on his rock hard prick and that was when I felt the hand pull his member from between my legs. I let out a yelp and lurched forward over my husband’s chest and face, trying to look back at the intruder. After getting a focus on what was happening, I saw my daughter with her father’s dick in her mouth, sucking him like she was starving. Mikey thrust his hips upward, still not understanding my reaction and I saw his orgasmic look as he exploded in his daughter’s mouth. I was staring back in shock and he looked up at me when he realized that a hand had a hold of his pulsating member and a mouth was attached to it’s end. Velvet lifted her dress and sat on Mikey’s rigid cock before he could push me aside and stop what was happening. In the end, we were all just suspended in time, Mikey yelling “Stop!” and my daughter’s face and mine, both with the look of shock as she sat grinding on her father’s penis, his cum running down her chin.

I didn’t know what to do. My hips were still gyrating u*********sly as I sat on my father’s erection, my pussy extremely wet with excitement over the trick I had intended to pull on my mother. I had expected Hondo’s big dick and had still been excited by the site of the one my mom was fucking. It was so long, straight and smooth, shining with my mother’s wetness. I had loved the taste of the semen as it had filled my mouth and nearly drown me and now it felt so good filling my canal. I wanted to jump off, but my legs wouldn’t move as I sat affixed to his groin, his long spike holding me in place. We were all just looking at one another, no one saying anything, everybody stunned by the incident. “Honey, I’m so sorry.” my father said to both of us at once and we both looked at him, propped up on his elbows, watching me continue to grind on his rock hard organ. “I’m sorry Daddy.” I said as I leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek, “It was my fault. I didn‘t know.” He fell back onto the bed, relieved to know that my feelings weren’t hurt by the event. He sighed heavily as I kept rotating my groin on his, the feeling of his stiff prick and the taboo of what had happened driving me over the edge as my abdominal muscles tightened up and my body was wracked with an intense orgasm.

Velvet was still on her father’s cock as they tried to apologize to one another. She was loving it and I could tell by the look in her eyes. He was lying flat on his back, his hips moving imperceptibly as he held his hands over his face, trying not to see what was going on. I pulled his arms out of the way and flipped my leg over his head, planting my pussy over his mouth as I sat on his face. His long tongue sunk into my wet cunt and I began pushing down onto his chin and nose while I looked into my daughter’s eyes. We were both fucking her dad and we had crossed the threshold of what most people found to be abhorrent and immoral. I knew Mikey was still in shock, but his sexual excitement had pushed him to continue with our current predicament. How would we ever discuss this or come to some conclusion about what we had done this day. Velvet closed her eyes and rode her father’s long, white cock like it was the best fuck she had ever had. I began to orgasm also and soon I was squirting on Mikey’s face while he slid his meaty tongue in and out of my gaping hole. We spent the afternoon in my room fucking and exploring one another, all of us in a daze as our mouths, tongues and lips devoured each other’s bodies and genitalia. Velvet missed her appointment with her next client and as her father neared another climax, she skewered her ass onto his throbbing prick and he filled it with his warm seed. We brought his erection back with our lips, both of us breathing life into his sexy organ, then began another onslaught of our sexual perversion. Mikey licked our cunts to climax and we sucked him like his dick was an alter, stroking, kissing and sucking on his balls. Velvet’s pierced tongue did wonders to her father’s big cock and licked its way down to his anal sphincter, making him groan in ecstasy. He took turns entering us both from behind, driving his iron hard rod into both of our soaked holes, hard and fast. Our sexual marathon was so intense that day and when Mikey exploded once again, Velvet’s pussy was the receptacle. She had garnered three large loads of hot, sticky semen from her father that day, something of which we had never planned nor dreamed. Neither of us said anything as we laid in bed, Mikey in between us both, stoking his limp cock and kissing him lovingly.

I felt so good, yet my mind was in chaos over what had just occurred. I had loved it. One of the best sexual experiences of my life, and still I was in disbelief. I continued to move with my instincts though, as I cuddled up next to my father, just as I had when I was a c***d, but now instead of kissing him as my father, I was kissing his neck and working my way back down to his limp cock, that I continued to stroke while we lay there. My mouth found his genitals and I worked them with my skills until he was hard once more, two hours after his last ejaculation had filled my uterus. My mom rubbed his chest and kissed his mouth , neck and chest while I bobbed my head up and down on his long white shaft. My dad was over 50 and he had still gotten it up four times today. I was proud of him and in awe of his sexy cock that had made me cum at least 4 times this afternoon and evening. How could I be doing this I thought, yet my lips were loving every moment as I took him deep in my throat and tongued his scrotum. He was moaning and that made me feel so good to know that I could make him feel the same. My mom soon joined me and we both sucked off my father until he erupted in our faces, spraying his jizz upward into the air and splattering our faces and getting into our hair. We licked up as much as we could and then fell asleep until the next morning. All night long I dreamed of making love to my father and wondered if that was a bad thing.

I awoke to the bed bouncing and looked over to see my husband lying between Velvet’s wide spread legs as he fucked her. Her feet were locked behind his shoulders while he drove the full length of his hard dick deep into her wet hole. I hoped that this would not become a regular occurrence and that it was just a continuation of last nights affair. When my daughter saw that I was awake, she began to moan and scream out as she usually did when she was getting fucked well. Mikey pounded his daughter’s cunt for quite some time before he once again filled her with cum and we all got up to shower and get ready for the days events. I had laid and watched, turned on by the sight, yet having mixed feeling about what we had done. We were all very open minded and sexually oriented, but I’m not sure if this was something that any of us wanted to bring into our lives on a regular basis. My daughter was young and very easily influenced and I hoped that she wouldn’t get infatuated with this i****tuous relationship. Those of us with sexual addictions could easily succumb to our urges and I knew this craving must have really been driving her, since I watched her have her first squirting orgasm while her dad fucked her. Her screams were loud and her orgasm intense and she soaked my bed and blankets with her large release of fluids. Her face was in awe while she looked up at her dad and she craned her neck to French kiss him as he began to pump her full of hot goo. She walked out of my bedroom in a daze, inhaling deeply on a freshly lit cigarette, when her father left to shower and I laid back to smoke my own and finger my pussy until I came, then joined Mikey in the bathroom for my own morning ride.

I fucked three different clients that day, each one of them filling my cunt with their baby batter, but all I could think of during all of my sessions was how I had made love to my father the night before. He had brought me to sexual heights that I had never reached, making me cum so many times and bringing about my first squirting orgasm, soaking my mom’s bed as I gush with excitement. I could hardly retain my low moans earlier this morning as he licked my pussy for nearly an hour before he slid his big white cock into my tight, wet hole. The minute he sunk it in, I gushed again, wanting to scream out but biting my lip, since my mom was still sleeping beside us. I had dreamed all night of him being in me and that could have been because we had been spooning and he had entered me from behind, pumping me as we laid there in between our periods of sleep. I couldn’t get enough of his dick and found my way between his legs to suck him erect before he went down on me. My mom had woken up to the movement of the bed and when I saw her watching, I finally let go and squealed out in joy. I came again and soaked his hard cock as he pounded me into the mattress. When my father finally filled me with his warm liquid once again, I felt like passing out from the excitement as my cunt tightened up on his pulsating shaft, feeling each vein as he slid in me, ejaculating deep in my slit, his hot sperm splashing against my cervix with each blast. I couldn’t think of anything else all day, but my clients loved it as I drove my hips up into theirs while they mounted me and fucked me like the whore that I was.

I met Marvin that evening and we went to the classroom in the far end of one of the older business schools. I was dressed as a teacher and the 28 guys that had made it to the shoot were all dressed as students and sitting in the desks facing me. All five of Marvin’s fellow video crewmen were handling the camera and taking care of the lights and sound as I strutted in front of the class and acted like a slutty teacher. Eventually the action started and I was getting fucked, in turn, by all of the guys in the room. They constantly rotated from my pussy to my mouth, where I jacked off and sucked up to four guys at a time, who surrounded my head and chest. One cock after another slid into me and rammed my twat as I gave blow jobs to all of the waiting men. As time passed, the cum shots began and my bukkake film got fully underway. I held my mouth open and looked into the camera as each guy held my held and jacked off over my waiting mouth and tongue. Jizz sprayed my face and filled my mouth as I swallowed it for the camera. After 12 guys were done, I was covered in cum and still had more than half of the guys to do. Their sticky spunk covered my tits and face and my hair was matted to my head once I reached the 20 man mark. Most of the guys were trying to hit my mouth, but their aim was not that great as they exploded all over me. I did get to swallow quite a bit of sperm for the camera and when I reached the last dude, he unloaded in my mouth with nearly every shot. I spent the last few minutes mugging for the camera and eating the cum from various parts of my body, cleaning up the majority of the sticky goo to show off my cum slut ability. Guys loved watching girls swallow and eat cum and I liked it too, but every load that I gulped down reminded me of my dad’s sweet nectar.

I spent the night at Marvin’s dorm and we made love, but it wasn’t the same. I thought that maybe I just needed to do more guys to get it out of my mind, so the next morning I had him call his video crew over and they all fucked me until noon. By then I was sore and after classes, I needed some rest, so I went back to the condo, where my mom was hanging out with Hondo. She had her bags packed and they were sitting next to his for their trip to Hawaii in a couple of days. Maybe I just needed to have his big cock in my ass to settle my racing mind. After I showered, I walked in and grabbed him by the hand, as he sat on the couch with my mom, watching television. He balked at my first tug, but my mom nodded at him and I soon had Hondo deep in my well lubed ass, pumping me like a stallion. His 13 inch cock was drilling my rectum and I was screaming out, but all I could think of was my dad and how he had filled my ass with his warm jizz. I rubbed my clit as he fucked me and eventually I had an orgasm before I felt his blasts pumping me full of cum. Hondo laid on top of me for about 10 to 15 minutes, his cock still in my ass as his cum oozed out of my crack and onto my sheets. Maybe this wasn’t going to work, so I told him he could go back to my mom and I showered and took a nap, before droving home later that night. When I got there, my dad was already in bed sleeping. I walked in and looked at him as he snored softly. It was almost 2 am and he had probably been asleep for at least 3 or 4 hours. I slid out of my dress and crawled into bed with him, wrapping my arms around him and kissing his neck and shoulders. He began to stir and I slid under the covers and pulled his cock from his boxer briefs, taking it into my mouth and sucking it until he awoke and was hard. His hand found the back of my head and shoved me down farther on his long pole as I deep throated him and then I slid up and pulled the covers back to sit on his raging boner. He looked up at me and smiled, grabbing my breasts and squeezing them as he drove his rock hard prick up into my wet hole. I began to cum and gushed on his penis, my juices running down his shaft to soak his scrotum. I bounced on him for what seemed like an hour, screaming and moaning loudly, happy that we had no neighbors nearby, out in the country. He just let me ride him until he burst inside of me once again and I fell across his chest to sleep the rest of the night, his cock filling me up and holding me in place until the morning.

“What the fuck” I heard someone yell and it woke me out of my stupor, while I laid on my father’s chest. My legs were still around him as I straddled his crotch, his morning wood stuffed inside of me, his erection filling me up and making me feel so serene, as I looked up into his startled eyes. He was looking across the room and I leaned up to look over my shoulder and saw my younger brother standing in the doorway. The sheet had fallen off of us and we were both naked, my dad’s cock, stuffed to the hilt, in my cum dripping pussy, while I laid on him. “I knew my mom and sister were whores dad, but seriously?” he said as he stormed out of the room. Neither of us moved as my dad took a deep breath and sighed, not knowing how to handle this situation at all. My brother’s car peeled out down the driveway as he left for school and we were left alone to look in each other’s eyes and wonder … “what next?” I knew “what next” and I leaned down to open mouth kiss my dad and he surprisingly let me, our tongues intermingling as we began making love in a passionate embrace. We spent the morning fucking in every room in the house, just like newlywed couples on their first day in their new home. When he was done with me I was worn out and wondered if I could make it to my first client that afternoon. I had cum multiple times and had been filled with two huge loads of warm jizz that sent me over the top, one in my mouth and one deep in my wet cunt. My brother was right. I was a whore.

“Velvet, I need to tell you something.” my father said while he rubbed soap on my body as we showered. I was stoking his limp cock and lathering it with soap in turn and I looked up at him as he spoke to me. “I’m not your biological father. I’m sorry that I had to tell you this, but it was something that I have kept secret from your mother since you were born.” I was in shock, but I kept listening as he continued. “Your mom was heavily into d**gs and was sleeping with hundreds of guys, but she wanted so much to have my c***d, after having her first three k**s by various men with whom she had been. When you were born, I thought that you were going to be our last c***d, so I paid for a paternity test and when it came back that I wasn’t your father, I told your mom that I was, so that she wouldn’t be so hurt. It made her so happy and she was going to have her tubes tied, but I told her not to, in hopes that maybe we might get lucky in the future. Of course, that failed when your mom took off on a d**g binge with her lover Shawn and got pregnant again while she was hooking. This time she had Shawn’s c***d and she had the procedure done to prevent future pregnancies. I’ve kept this from your mom since then.” I didn’t know what to say, but I still thought of Mikey as my father, since he was the man that had raised me as such. Although, this did make me feel much better about what had been occurring between us and somehow that made me happy. Mikey wasn’t really my dad and now I could have sex with him as much as I wanted. It was amazing at how the mind of a sex addict worked, but after we had cleaned up, we both left the house and went on with our daily routine as if nothing had happened.

Velvet was late for her appointment and her client had arrived early. He was one of my older customers that I had referred to her and he had been enjoying my daughter’s serviced for a couple of months. We sat around chatting for a while and after sending two or three texts to her, I asked him if he wanted to have a little fun. I had fucked Hondo earlier in the morning, before he left for classes, and luckily I had cleaned up. I took him to my room and he ate my pussy before pumping me full of his sticky, thick jizz. I had been rather horny lately, so it was nice to have a romp with an old friend and he seemed to enjoy being back in my pussy again. He had been gone for about 15 minutes when my daughter arrived and I told her that I had taken care of it. She explained her late night video shoots and I understood, knowing what it was like myself to fuck so many men day after day. She left for her early classes and I walked out on the balcony to enjoy a smoke as I relaxed until my late afternoon appointment. I was getting excited about my vacation and in two more days I would be on the plane with my young stud to fly off to a tropical paradise.

I finished with my late afternoon client and after swallowing a big load, I escorted him to the door and cleaned up for the evening. Hondo had sent me a text and wondered if I would meet him and Marvin on campus at Marvin’s dorm. I agreed and when I arrived, Marvin asked if I would do a shoot that he had originally planned for Velvet, but that he couldn’t get a hold of her. He had gotten 15 volunteers to do another anal video and Hondo told him that I might stand in to prevent many of the guys from leaving or telling other potential volunteers about the poor planning. It was already tough to get a large group of guys together to be in a sex film, so he didn’t want to make it more difficult. I agreed and he gave me the costume that I was to wear. My daughter was going to be playing an angel that gets stuck in hell and gets gangbanged by a group of devils. It was a very creative idea and once I put on my costume and wings, I entered to see all 15 of the guys in various types of devil attire, the majority of which included horns and spiked tails. After a short period of going through a few lines and setting up the scene, I was eventually bent over a large fake rock, that was in the center of a room, decorated to look like a flame and lava filled cavern. The guys took turns stuffing my ass with their cocks and filling my mouth as I leaned far over the edge of the shaped boulder. It was designed perfectly for different angles and made for various positions as I was moved around over the next three hours and fucked in the ass by all 15 guys. Some of them came in my ass and some in my mouth and when we were done, I looked the part of a true fallen angel, covered in devil jizz, my pussy gaping for the camera and oozing cum. I sat in for the cam show afterwards, smoking a cigarette and answering the questions that Velvet’s fans often asked her. One of the questions involved fucking the crew and when it was explained that Velvet usually fucked and sucked off the camera crew, I eventually ended up doing so in front of the cameras for the online show. Marvin and his five friends surrounded me and I fucked them each before feeding me their cum on cam. The chat room was filled with nearly 500 people that night, most jacking off as they watched. It was a turn on for me and I agreed to join them again for a future shoot. Hondo and I left afterwards and he spent the night with me at the condo once again.

I didn’t end up going to class that afternoon and drove around before ending up at my dad’s place of work. He normally had lunch in his office, so I surprised him by knocking on his door and just showing up. He was sitting at his desk, having a sub sandwich, when I arrived and I sat down to share the other half with him, as I pulled up a chair and accepted his invite. I was starving and it hit the spot. We made small talk, avoiding what had happened this morning with my brother, the sex we had had afterwards and our discussion about him not being my real father. When I finished eating I got up and gave him a daughterly hug and kiss, thanking him for being so great. He pulled me onto his lap and held me like he had in the past, but this time I was thinking naughty thoughts. I hated this feeling, but I wanted him so much. “I want your cock in my mouth so badly.” I whispered in his ear as I slid out of his lap and down onto my knees between his legs. He stared at me, as I fumbled with his belt and zipper, before finally pulling out his long erection. Mikey was so hot and I never realized it until just recently. I sucked his hard dick for about 5 minutes before he bent me over his desk and covered my mouth as he slid into me. He knew how loud I was and he kept his hand in place as he banged the shit out of me from behind. My hole was like a leaking sieve as my fluids dripped onto his carpet and ran down my legs. I was so turned on and horny and his cock was pounding me like a fast driving piston. I was breathing through my nose and moaning into his palm while he rammed me from behind and then he pulled his soaked cock from my pussy and pressed it against my tight asshole before sliding deep into my behind. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. He grinded my ass from behind and the desk began to slide forward as he pushed harder and deeper. It was pressed against the wall and he was pulling my head back with his hand over my mouth when he came in my butt. I bit down hard on my tongue and gritted my teeth as I climaxed with him in my ass. His warm cum felt so good and I was in a dream world when he let go of my mouth and I fell onto my naked breasts across his cold wooden desk and gasped for air. I had just fucked the man whom had raised me as his daughter at his place of employment and I loved it. He pulled out of my ass and I knelt down to suck him clean. I tasted my ass and his cum on his long, white cock and it made my mouth water. Maybe I was going crazy or maybe I was just the dirtiest slut in town, but I wanted more and felt like crying when he sent me away.

I finished my classes and read my text from Marvin later that night. I had forgotten about the anal shoot, but he had sent a short bit of the video and my mom had done a great job. I was glad she had filled in, but I wasn’t really thinking about my work or my videos, I was thinking about Mikey and it just wasn’t natural. When I got home that night he told me that he had spoken with my brother and he was still pissed, so he had gone to stay with his dad, Shawn. It seemed weird that my brother didn’t mind his dad fucking me, but was appalled by seeing Mikey fuck me. Of course, he wasn’t aware of the fact that Mikey wasn’t my dad. I guess the common denominator in the equation was that I was fucking pretty much everyone. I made dinner for Mikey and I and I’m not sure how it all happened, but we ended up in bed together again that night and I came 5 times before I fell into a deep sleep filled with his warm sperm once again. We both awoke with his alarm clock and made love in the shower before he left for work and I left for class. I had replaced my mom and she was now playing with the frat boys. I cancelled all of my clients that day and spent all of my time in the library studying and trying to get my mind off of Mikey and sex. By the time evening arrived, I had caught up on all of my subjects and stopped by Shawn’s to see my brother and discuss what had happened. I loved my little b*o and hoped that his open mind would accept what had occurred. I wasn’t going to tell him about my secret, but I hoped that all would go well.

Shawn told me that he hadn’t come back that evening and I sat around and smoked a joint with Shawn. The buzz made me feel good and he slid over to start teasing me. I didn’t really want to make out with him, but I did anyway, in order to clear my mind. It wasn’t long before he was sliding his long black mamba into my pussy and I was screaming out loudly. I was looking up at him as he stroked his ebony cock deep in my vagina, but all I saw was Mikey. “I got some fellas coming over to party Cupcake. You up for some fun?” he asked. I nodded and then a knock on the door brought the arrival of three of his friends. I sat there naked on the couch as Shawn wrapped a blanket around his waist and let his friends in. They were all talking shit as they flirted with me and I took another joint that one offered. I smoked the entire spliff and afterwards my head was spinning. My pussy was tingling and my clit was erect as I sat there squeezing my legs together and licking my lips. I was so horny and I didn’t know why. The guys surrounded me and soon I was sucking each of their big black cocks and then I laid on my back while they took turns mounting me.
All of Shawn’s friends were fucking me, taking breaks to smoke more and to shotgun their smoke into my mouth while I thrust my hips up to take in the stiff cocks that they were driving hard into my cunt. My head was really spinning now and everything became a blur as I fell back onto the couch and my pussy was pounded by each guy. The door banged open and I saw Shawn meet my brother, who was staring at me as I was getting fucked by Shawn’s three friends. He was drunk and most likely high and he was slurring about having a mom and sister that were hookers. He walked over to look down at me as one of the men fed me his cock and filled my mouth with cum. I continued to look at him as I swallowed the hot load and felt another cock slide into me. I could barely move or respond, but I kept fucking and sucking. My cunt was so hot and it was buzzing with a feeling I’d never known. I came as a black cock banged me and Shawn tried to talk to my brother, pulling him from the couch on which I was having sex. The sight seemed to be exciting my brother and getting him more angry. I heard him yell at Shawn and shove him out of the way as I sucked off another one of Shawn’s friends, swallowing another sperm cocktail while my brother stood over me again. The next guy was spreading my legs and preparing to enter me when my brother told him to move.

My legs were spread as I laid on my back, unable to move or react. I had smoked something that had been way to strong for me and all I could do was watch as everything spun out of control. Shawn’s friends had been gangbanging me and now my youngest brother was pulling off his shirt and removing his pants in front of me. Shawn was saying something, but didn’t do anything to stop him. My brother looked like a small, muscular version of Shawn, including his long black cock. I had never really seen or stared at my brother’s genitalia, on the occasions that I had seen it, when I was younger. When I became sexually active and my sexual addiction kicked in, I did know that he was a well endowed guy, but maybe it was because he was my brother that I tried not to notice. His dick was erect and it was humungous. Watching me get fucked and being drunk had excited him and now his long, black pole was standing up straight and I heard some of Shawn’s friends make comments of amazement over it’s size, telling Shawn that he looked little next to his boy. I stared at his giant penis and wondered if it was bigger than Hondo’s. I soon found out as he knelt between my legs, pushed them back against my chest and slid his black, donkey sized dick deep into my gaping wet cunt. I gasped as it kept sliding in and squealed out when it hit my cervix, then he began to pound me with his iron hard tool, driving it into me with a vengeance, while I laid there helpless and screaming with each thrust. My screams were muted as Shawn’s friend stuffed his hard dick in my mouth and fucked my throat. They both traded places and I was fed my brother’s hard pole while Shawn’s friend exploded in my crack. When he pulled out, my brother rolled me onto my stomach and fucked me from behind like an mad oil well, pumping me full length with each stroke. My face was pressed into the cushion of the couch while he drove his magic missile deep into my birth canal, continuing to fuck the shit out of me for the next hour. He flipped me back over when he was ready to cum and spewed a huge load all over my face. I laid their looking up at him as he used the tip of his cock to spread the cum all over my cheeks and lips, feeding me his sticky jizz by spooning it into my mouth with his erection. I swallowed it all and opened my lips wider as he shoved his black shaft deep into my throat for me to suck some more.

My brother stayed hard, just like his father, and spent the next couple of hours fucking me while Shawn and his friends watched. My stupor was ending after about an hour and soon my legs were wrapped around his back as I held on and rode his horse dick. He ejaculated in my well fucked hole and then kept pumping me, driving me to another orgasm, the third since he had started fucking me. My strength returned and soon I was guiding his 14 inch monster into my ass, using his cum as a lubricant as it leaked from my gaping cunt. I was sitting on his lap, reverse cowgirl, my feet on his thighs as I slid up and down on his black shaft like a carrousel horse. He was squeezing my tits and soon Shawn had his long cock in my mouth as he stood on the couch over me. He and his friends had been getting high and watching the action all night and now his dick wanted more. After my brother came for the third time, filling my asshole, Shawn bent me over and slid in too. He fucked me while his friends cocks came back to life and soon I was being ass fucked by all of them. By the time I left Shawn’s apartment in the morning, I was smoking a cigarette and thinking about how all five of them, including my brother, had spent the night fucking me and filling me with hot baby batter. My ass had been a receptacle for each one of their cock’s sperm donations and my mouth had swallowed a lot of sticky goo. Shawn and my brother alone had fucked me four and five times each, filling me with their multiple orgasmic jizz, and Shawn’s friends had each dumped two loads into me. In the span of one day, I had fucked my dad, my brother and his father a number of times and almost 18 cumshots later, I was once again the biggest whore in town and it seemed like everyone knew it, including me.

My daughter came home early the next morning and she looked liked she had been put through the wringer. Her hair and makeup were a mess and she was covered in dried cum. I asked her if she was alright and she nodded as I kissed her on the cheek and she went off to shower. I came home a short time earlier to spend the morning and afternoon with Mikey, since I would be flying out the next day for vacation. He had taken off the day from work and we planned on making love in the privacy of our home while the k**s were in school and at classes. Mikey had told me about the incident with my youngest boy and how he was staying at Shawn’s place. No more than 10 minutes after Velvet had arrived, her bother came in after her and smelled of beer and reefer. I took a little time to talk with him and after about a half hour, he confided that he had worked it all out and that it was now in his past. He said that he loved his father and sister and didn’t want our lifestyle to come between that. Mikey came down to join us and we all hugged and made up before he went off to shower and get ready for school. It seemed like we were all one big happy family again. I couldn’t wait to get Mikey alone to tell him about my devilish night and to show him a few clips from my new video. He was going to be so hard when he saw me getting fucked and I just loved his cock when he was horny. I was going to miss him and wished that he could have joined Hondo and I, but his work was busy and I understood. Velvet and her brother both drove off in their cars a short while later and Mikey and I fell into bed and ended up fucking all over the house that morning. It was like we were newlyweds all over again. He just loved having a little whore for a wife.

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