One night at Temptation will change you ;)

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One night at Temptation will change you 😉
“Dude I am so stoked to see some tits tonight!” your friend Craig states as he, you and your other friend Michael get out of the taxi.
“I hear you on that one b*o!” you grin and look up and down the Vegas Strip.
“I can’t believe we are finally here too! I plan on going to every strip joint here!” Michael chimes in.
“Did I hear you fellas right? You are looking for some entertainment tonight?”
you hear a deep southern drawl and turn around to see an older man, roughly 50 or 60, standing behind you dressed in a long black coat and top hat. He smiles and shows some gold teeth. Something about him peaks your interest.
“Yeah. We’re looking for a bit of fun tonight. Actually we were heading to a club called The Last Tango. Ever hear of it?” you ask.
“I sure have. But where you fellas wanna go is to Temptation.” the man grins.
“Temptation? Never heard of it.” Craig says stepping forward.
“Well if you follow me I can take you there.” he says with a turn and begins to walk away.
You 3 shrug and follow him. He leads you down the street to an alleyway and then to a set of large steel doors. You glance up and see a sign with an apple with a bite out of it.
“Interesting.” Michael says as the gentleman knocks on the steel doors.
A panel moves and a pair of eyes peeks out.
“Well hello there Benjamin. I see you brought some new playmates. Come in, come in.” the voice behind the eyes says.
The steel doors open with a loud creak and the Benjamin gentleman ushers you all inside.
“Come, come now.” he says as you all walk through the small hallway and into the main room.
You look behind and don’t see anyone by the doors. With a shrug, you move on. You turn around and the 3 of you stop in awe. The room is covered in what looks like red velvet, glass chandeliers and black leather couches. A large fountain sits in the middle of the room. A staircase sits up against the wall on the far end with a large “DO NOT ENTER” over it.
“Wow!” you hear Craig say and nod.
“Well hello there gentlemen. Benjamin. Welcome to Temptation. Here are the menus for this evening.” the tall busty brunette smiles handing you all a piece of paper with writing on it.
“Menu?” Craig asks.
“Yes. This is a list of all the ladies available tonight along with the rooms.” she replies.
Nodding, you look her up and down. You take in her outfit, a French maid outfit that seems to be on the verge of bursting at the seams. Her breasts look about a DD or so. Her short brown hair is pulled up at the sides. You see a tattoo of some sort on her neck. She smiles at you as you look at her in the eyes.
“Are you on this menu?” you ask.
She giggles and Benjamin makes a noise.
“No. I am not. I am merely a hostess and therefore am not available. Sorry.” she smiles
“Darn.” you wink.
“Well you fellas enjoy yourselves. Come along Penelope.” Benjamin says as he walks away.
“Yes Benjamin. I will be right with you.” Penelope nods before turning back to you and your friends.
“Before I leave, when you have made your choices, feel free to let me know by simply pushing the buzzer on the table.” she nods towards a large red button on a side table.
“I hope you enjoy your time here and a bit of advice, do not go up those stairs. The Mistress doesn’t allow visitors.” she adds seriously before turning and walking away with Benjamin.
“Well, this place is definitely different. Ever hear of it?” Michael asks as you 3 sit down on a couch and look over the menus.
“No.” you and Craig reply together.
You look over the so called ‘menu’ and smirk. There is a list of names and rooms available and some seem to jump out at you. Names such as Juniper, Candy, Charlotte, Misty, Kansas and Hope seem to hit the spot while rooms like The Kitchen, The Toy Store, the Candy Shoppe, The Library and The Office seem interesting.
“Hmmm I think I’ll go for The Candy Shoppe and Wynter.” Craig grins.
“Dude you took my room I wanted!” Michael replies with a face pout.
“So take the Toy Store. That sounds like fun.” Craig offers.
“Nah man. I think I’ll take the Kitchen with Ryder.” Michael nods then turns to you.
“What are you going to pick b*o?”
“I’m thinking maybe I’ll take the Toy Store with Kansas.” you say as you lean over and push the buzzer.
“Welcome gentlemen. How can we here at Temptation serve you?” a soft voice comes through a speaker.
“Oh uh, I’ll uh, have the Candy Shoppe with Wynter.” Craig stammers.
“Very well Mr. Craig. And what would you like Mr. Michael?” the voice asks.
You 3 look at each other in amazement. How in the hell did they know your names you wonder.
“Huh? Oh uh, I’d like the kitchen with Ryder please.” Michael says clearing he throat.
“And you Mr. Jeff? What will it be? The Library with Misty or the Toy Store with Kansas?”
You stare in disbelief at the small speaker next to the buzzer.
“Um I’ll do the Toy store with Kansas please.” you mumble.
“Yes sirs. Just go through the doors to the left and you will have your orders. Enjoy and have fun.”
There is a click and you look at each other.
“Wow. How did they know our names?” Craig asks.
You shrug. “I have no clue but let’s go.”
You all walk towards the doors on the left and enter. There standing before you are 3 very curvy and beautiful women.
“You must be Michael. I am your choice this evening. My name is Ryder.” A medium breasted, possibly a C or a B, girl with short spiky blonde hair in a tight sailor dress smiles.
“Well hello beautiful.” Michael grins and kisses the girls hand.
“Shall we?” she says and motions towards a hallway.
“After you lovely.” Michael says and leaves you.
“And you must be Craig. I am Wynter.” a fair skinned girl with what you guess to be DD’s or maybe larger, smiles.
She too has blonde hair but longer and in a ponytail.
She seems to be in a nurse outfit that also seems to want to bust open against her large boobs.
“Nice to meet you.” Craig replies.
He leaves with Wynter and leaves you standing to face a woman roughly your height. She smiles causing her green eyes to twinkle. You look her over and groan inward. Her breasts are a good E size and her outfit, a bar wench, is also about ready to burst open. She flips her shoulder length black hair back and smiles again.
“Hello Jeff. I hope I am to your liking.” she says.
“You are beautiful.” you squeak out.
“Thank you. Shall we go up to the room now?”
You nod and follow behind her. She leads you down the hall and to a set of stairs. Once up the stairs you go through yet another door and hallway. She finally stops in front of a door.
“A few rules before we go in. There are no three-some allowed at Temptation and when engaging in sex, a condom is a must. Also each girl has her limits and what she will and will not do. I, on the other hand, am game for anything.” she grins.
“Sounds good to me.” you smile back.
She opens the door and you both step in. You look around the room and are taken back. It’s a white room trimmed in gold with a large 4-poster bed in the middle of it.
“Wow! This is an amazing room!” you comment.
“Thanks. This is the ‘Toy Store’. Inside this room you will have your choice of sex toys to use as you see fit. Whether you use them on yourself or on me is up to you.” she explains.
“Gotcha.” you nod and watch as she opens up a large wardrobe and you can’t believe your eyes. There are sex toys of every kind in it.
“If you prefer to use dildos on me we have them as well as vibrators, cock rings, beads. Whatever you like we have it.” she states.

“Well what do you like to use?” you ask as you walk over to the toys.
“Oh I am just here for your pleasure. You may use what you like on me.” she smiles.
“So you have no preference?” you ask with a smirk.
She shakes her head no.
You nod and lean in and kiss her.
She moans into the kiss as you move your hands down her body and then unzip her dress.
“Mmm Mr. Jeff.'” she moans into your ear as you kiss her neck and slip her dress off her.
“Just Jeff.” you smile at her
she returns the smile.
Once the dress is off her, you notice the small little patch of fur she has and runs your finger over it. She moans again and walks back over to the bed. She lies down and motions for you. You groan inward and strip down to just your boxers then get on the bed with her.
She pulls you down to her and begins to kiss you. Move down her neck again and she slips her hand inside your boxers and squeezes your ass. When you get to her tits, you notice her nipples are hard and flick your tongue over each one, eliciting a deep growl-type sound from her. You look up at her and she winks. You move back up and massage her plump tits while she pulls your boxers off. Once they are off, she reaches up to the bedside table and pulls open a draw.
“Before we go any farther, here.” she says handing you a bright blue package.
“Ah yes.” you nod and quickly put it on.
You go back to licking her tits as she reaches her hand down and grabs your cock. You groan against her tits.
“I want you to fuck me hard Jeff. I want to make this bed slam against the wall.” she grins wickedly.
“You don’t have to tell me twice.” you reply.
“Do you want to fuck my pussy Jeff?” she asks as she strokes you.
“Mmm yes. So hard.”
“then tell me what you want to do to me. Tell me how you want to make me cum.”
“I want to slip my cock into your pussy and fuck you hard. Then I want to take one of those dildos and fuck you in the pussy while I do you from behind. I want to hear you cry out for more.” you state while you lick her nipples.
“Mmm you’re making me so wet Jeff. I want you in me now” she groans.
Without another word, you move up and, with her legs spread wide, you slip inside.
“Oooh yesss” she moans and arches up, pressing her nipples up for your mouth.
You latch onto one of her nipples and gently nibble on it.
“Mmm” she moans and moves her hands down your back and grabs your ass, pushing you farther into her tight wet pussy.
“You feel so good Jeff.” she pants as she wraps her legs around your waist.
“Damn so do you.” you groan moving faster.
“Oh yes Jeff. Mmm fuck me harder.” Kansas begs
you pick up speed and ram her pussy faster and harder. The bed begins to slam against the wall.
“Oooh yesss Jeff Mmm” she moans under you.
Before she cums, you pull out.
“Roll over.” you pant.
She rolls over and you quickly grab one of the dildos and vibrators, and hand them to her.
“Fuck your pussy with one of these while I fuck your ass.”
she groans and licks each of the toys.
“Mmm I’ll be sure you do that with mine too.” you wink before getting back on the bed
you smack her ass making her moan again.
“Mmm that’s right Jeff. Smack that ass.” she winks back at you.
You smack her ass once more then slowly ease your way into her ass.
“Mmm fuck that feels good.” she says as she drops her head
“mmm to tight. I love it.” you groan.
“Just do it Jeff. slam your cock into my ass hard please.” she begs.
“gladly.” you reply and start to slide in and out of her ass.
as you start to move, you feel a vibration and realize that kansas has diecided to use the vibrator.
“ooooh god yes Jeff. mmmmmm fuck me hard!” she groans and pushes back into you.
you let out a deep groan as the vibration sends a sensation down your spine and back up.
grabbing her hips, you slam into her more and more, each time feeling yourself getting closer to cumming.

holding on to your need to let go, you keep up the pace.
“ooooh fuck yes Jeff. mmmm im so close baby. ooooh make me cum. make me scream your name.” she pants
“cum for me baby. coat that vibrator!” you egg her on.
faster and harder you move, the bed slamming hard against the wall over and over. you feel her shudder as she cums, screaming your name out.
“oooh fuck yes Jeff!” she exclaims as she continues to push back into you, using the vibrator still.
“mmmm yes. mmmm i need to cum so bad.” you groan as the vibrations from the toy drive you closer.
“mmmm do it Jeff. cum on my tits please.” she pants and turns to look at you.
you groan and keep moving until you feel the painful need of release.
you pull out and she quickly rolls over and pulls the condom off.
“coat my tits baby.”
she wraps her hand around your engorged cock and strokes it fast.
after only a few strokes you shiver and let go, cum shooting out and hitting her large tits.
she removes her hand and you take over stroking.
you let out a groan as you watch her rub the cum all over herself.
she winks up at you and lifts a breast to her mouth and licks a bit of cum off her own nipple.
“mmm damn that is hot” you pant.
“thanks. you taste pretty good.”
“care to have another taste?” you ask
“i’d love to.” she says and moves to lick your tip clean.
you moan as you watch her slip your cock into her mouth.
“damn that feels so good.” you comment.
she winks up at you and pulls you out then begins to lick your tip.
you glance down and notice a mark on her shoulder, almost looks like a bite mark.
“what happened there?” you ask curiously.
“was with a guy that got a bit too aggressive.” she shrugs and goes back to licking your tip.
with a chuckle she leans back in and starts to suck your cock back into her moist mouth.
there is a knock at the door and you look down at her.
the door opens and quickly you both cover up.
you turn to see a very tall muscular man standing inside the room. he’s dressed in black leather pants and an open suit jacket. you notice he seems to have a collar on him as well.
“sorry miss kansas, but mistress amanda would like to see mr. Jeff in her chambers at once.” the man says nodding towards you, his long black hair in a ponytail.
“well mr. Jeff and I were in the middle of something Master Eric, so I’m sure he will be up as soon as we are done.” she states glancing at you.
Master Eric shakes his head.
“no, I am sorry, but the Mistress wants him now. It is requested that he come back with me.” Eric states firmly.
Kansas nods.
“As she wishes.”
“Mr. Jeff, if you will.” eric says and motions towards the door.
“Ok let me just get my clothes.” you say as you get off the bed and reach for your pants.
“no need sir. i have a robe for you. i will collect your clothes when the mistress is done with you.” he says handing you a black silk robe.
you nod and put it on.
“this way please.” he says opening the door.
with a glance back at kansas, you follow Eric out.
He leads you down the hall and out into the lobby area. You look around and notice a few couples making out.
“Up here please, if you will.” Eric says nodding up the DO NOT ENTER stairway.
you follow him up the winding stairs and down another hall.
“so um, what does this mistress want with me?” you ask as you walk down the hall and turn the corner.
Master Eric shrugs.
“I do not know. I was just told to bring you to Mistress. Whatever she wants, she gets.” he says as you come to a stop.
You look up to see a set of large black doors. Eric knocks a few times and you hear a voice calling to come in.
The doors open and the both of you step in. You spot me laying on my side on the large 4 poster bed. I sit up and smile.
“Well hello Master Eric. Jeff.” I nod as i get off the bed and walk over to you both.
You watch as I gracefully walk towards you, my red and black corset dress hugging my curves, pressing my breasts up.
You lick your lips as you look me up and down.
My long dark brown hair spilling down my back.
“I have brought him like you asked Mistress.” Eric says bowing his head.
“Mmm thank you so much Master Eric.” I reply and walk up to him and kiss him on the lips then on his neck.
He groans and you watch as me kiss him.
I move away from him and he looks a bit dazed.
“You may leave us now Eric.” I smile and turn to you.
He nods and leaves.
“Mmm you are quiet the morsel aren’t you?” I smirk as i walk up to you and drag a finger around your shoulders, looking you over.
“So tell me Jeff, did you enjoy my Kansas?” I ask coming to a stop in front of you.
You nod and clear your throat.

“Yes, uh, yes I did M-Mistress Amanda.” you squeak out.
I smile at you and you feel a sudden rush of heat go through you as i step even closer.
“I want you to just call me Amanda okay? And I don’t think you’ll be needing this on any longer.” i grin as i remove your robe.
You stand there naked and i wrap my hand around your cock causing you to inhale.
“Mmm so tell me Jeff, what would you like to do this evening? I watched as you fucked Kansas, and I must tell you, I got very hot watching. Would you like to feel just how hot I got?” I ask searching your face.
You nod and say nothing.
I take your hand and slip it under my dress. You come across my furry bush and I let you slip your finger between my already wet folds.
“Mmm see how wet watching you has made me?”
You nod.
I remove your hand and suck your finger clean with a smirk.
“So what would you like to do to me? Would you like to slip your cock deep into my pussy and fuck me until I can’t stand? Or maybe bury your face between my legs and feast on my hot wet pussy ’til I scream in pleasure? Tell me.” I ask
“I would love to do all that and more Mistress. I mean Amanda. I want to fuck you so bad. I want to feel your tight pussy wrapped around my cock. I want to eat your pussy until you beg for mercy. I want to suck and lick your tits.” you say honestly.
“mmm well I believe we can make all that happen. but first you must help me remove my clothes.” i grin
you untie the back of my dress and i slip it off.
you lick your lips as you look over my curves. my tits are small but you can’t wait to play with them. your eyes come to rest on my pussy and you grin widely.
“see anything you like?” i ask
“your pussy is very nice. A bit bushy”
“mmm do you not like that? we can always go into my bathroom and shave it.”
you shake your head.
“no. i love it like that. i want to run my fingers through it.”
i take your hand and place it on me.
“do as you wish.”
you run your fingers through and cause me to moan.
“enough of this Jeff. i want you in my pussy. and I want you in me now!” i demand, my eyes turning a dark shade of blue.
i kiss you hard and push you down onto the bed.
i straddle you and lower my pussy down onto your cock.
“ooooh yesss” i moan arching back a little.
you reach up and begin to play with my tits, pinching my nipples between your fingers.
“mmm Jeff.” i groan as i start to ride you.
“oooh yeah” you breath out.
i lean forward as i slide up and down on you, my pussy tight around you.
“mmm amanda you feel so good.”
“you too Jeff” i pant.
you lean your head up and lick my nipples making me groan.
I grin down at you and quickly roll us over.
You begin to ram my pussy fast and hard.
my back arches up and off the bed.
“ooh fuck yes amanda. mmmm” you groan.
i wrap my legs around you and push you in deeper.
“fuck my pussy hard Jeff. mmmm dont stop.” i beg.
you grunt and moan as you slam my pussy fast and hard.
just as with kansas, my bed begins to slam agains the wall too.
you close your eyes as you fuck me. you feel my legs around your waist and look down to see me playing with my tits.
“mmm thats so hot.” you pant as you lift up one of my legs and slide in deeper.
“oooh yesss mmmm dont stop Jeff.” i moan
you grab my tits and play with them as i rake my nails down your back.
faster and faster you slam into me. sweat forms on both of us as we get hotter.
you feel yourself on the verge of exploding again and slow down.
“ooh i need to cum. where do you want it.” you groan.
i look at you with a serious look.
“you will keep going until i have cum, and you are not permitted to cum until i tell you to.” i demand.
you nod. “as you wish.” you simply say.
you keep going, feeling your balls start to get heavy with need to release.
you bite your lip as the need starts to get worse.
“ooh amanda i need to cum so bad. please.” you beg as you move faster and harder.
I lean up so i am straddling your lap as i place one arm on your shoulders and the other behind me as i ride you.
i bend my head and begin to kiss your neck.
you moan in my ear and let out a gasp as playfully bite the spot where your neck and shoulders meet.
“oooh yesss” you breath out as i lay back down and you slip in further.
“mm Jeff dont stop please.” i beg as you keep up your fast pace, wanting not only me to cum but needing release yourself.
you let out a groan as the pleasure continues to build up in your balls.
“ooooh Jeff im so close. mmmmmm fuck my pussy baby. fuck it hard.” i growl.
with one last thrust, i cry out as my pussy and body spasm around you.
you bite your lip as you keep going but with a strangled cry you can’t hold on any longer and explode deep inside my pussy.
“oooooh fuck yes!!” i cry out as i cum yet again, my pussy tight around you.
you slump forward as you slow down.
i run my hands down your back and chuckle.
“mmmm kansas was a lucky little one to be chosen by you.” i pant and kiss you
“thanks” you reply as you pull out.
i push you down next to me and get between your legs and without missing a beat, i take you into my mouth and begin to suck you clean.
“mmmm amanda” you pant and moan.
“i do like clean boys.” i wink at you.
you lean up and reach to play with my tits.
“mmmm i love your small little tits.” you grin as i moan while sucking you.
“mmm” i moan as i bob up and down.
you lay back down as i crawl up your body and straddle you, your cock rubbing against my pussy.
“mmm do you think you can do one more round?” i ask with a wicked grin.
you nod and reach up and begin to play with my tits once more.
“mmm good because i want yo feel you in my pussy again.” i reply as i shift on you and slide my dripping pussy down on your cock again.
“oooooh yesss” i hiss out.
“be a good boy this time and don’t cum until i want you to.” i wink as i begin to hips.
you moan and nod.
“yes amanda.” you nod.
you move your hands down to my hips and hold me in place as i rock back and forth, letting your cock slide along inside me.
as i move more and more, you groan in sweet pleasure.
“ooooh you feel so good.” you comment as you move your hands back up and pinch my nipples.
i arch at your touch and move my hips faster, my tits bouncing in your hands.
“mmmm yesss Jeff. ooooh.”
i arch my back again as i ride you faster.
as i move, i spread my legs wide, letting you see my dripping wetness.
“damn that is so hot.” you breath out.
i place my hand between my legs and begin to rub.
“oooh fuck yes mmm Jeff. ooooh baby im so wet for you.” i moan deeply as you watch me rub my exposed clit.
“fuck that is hot” you groan as you reach up and slip a finger between my folds also.
i let out a whimper as you softly rub my clit.
“mmmm yesssss” i say.
i keep moving my hips up and down and back and forth, moaning as you rub against my inner walls.
faster and harder i ride you. i lean down again and let you lick my nipples.
“mmm Jeff. i want to cum again so bad. do you want me to coat your cock again?” i pant looking down with a wink.

“yes please.” you nod
after a few more strokes of your cock in my pussy, i let go.
my pussy tightens around your cock and you moan.
“ooooh yesssssss mmmmm” i cry out as my pussy spasms.
with a twitch, i lean forward, letting my tits rest over your mouth.
you flick your tongue out and lick each one.
“mmmm you do like tits don’t you?” i chuckle as i smile.
“very much so.” you grin and kneed my tiny little mounds.
“mmm i can tell.” i wink as i remove my pussy from you.
“and since you’ve been so good, i think you deserve a treat.”
“oh?” you ask raising an eyebrow.
i get back between your legs and suck your cock back into my mouth.
“ooooh hell yesss” you gasp.
i chuckle as i suck slowly, letting my tongue caress your cock.
i look up to see your eyes closed and a pleasured look on your face.
“mmmmmmmmmm” i moan, vibrating your cock as i suck fast then slow.
i keep up the pattern of going fast them slow, driving you crazy.
“mmm yess. ooooh damn your mouth feels so good amanda.” you groan.
your hips jerk up as i tease your tip with my tongue before going back down on you.
i reach between your legs and start to play with your balls, squeezing them and rolling them in my hands.
“oooh yesss mmmm amanda.”
i tighten my lips as i suck faster now.
you feel the tingle of an orgasm approaching and let me know by moaning deeper.
your hips jerk up again.
“mmmm im so close” you pant watching as your cock disappears between my lips.
i suck faster and faster, feeling you get harder in my mouth.
you suck in a breath and explode in my mouth.
i swallow everything you give me.
you fall back on the bed breathing heavily as i keep sucking and swallowing.
once done, i pull you out and give you one lick over your tip.
“mmm so delicious.” i wink as i lay next to you.
you roll over to your side and trace lines over my tits.
“so tell me Jeff, what else would you like to do this evening?” i ask as i spread my legs wider and play with my nipples.
“mmm i would love to fuck that sweet ass till you can’t stand.” you reply with a broad grin.

“sounds so good.” i grin back.
“I do believe we might need some cleaning up.” I smirk and get up and head into the bathroom.
i walk over to the large 2 headed shower and turn the water on.
“ever had sex in a shower?” i ask as i test the water to see if its warm.
again you nod.
“a few times.”
“mmm it’s my favorite place to fuck. the warm water already making me wet, letting the soap drip down my body. mmmm heavenly” i sigh.
i test the water again and step in and motion for you to follow.
you step into the warm water with me.
i grab the soap and begin to wash you from behind.
“mmm you do have a nice ass.” i say as i rub my soapy hands over your back and down to your ass.
“you too.”
i wash your back and turn you around to rinse you off then lather my hands and wash your front, wrapping a soapy hand around your cock and ‘washing’ it as i simply just stroke you slowly.
“mmmmmm” you moan with a smile.
you rinse off and do the same to me, lathering up your hands and washing my back
i turn around and rinse off as you start to wash my front, paying special attention to my tits.
i turn back around to rinse off my front.
as i do, you pull my hips up against you letting me feel how hard you are again. you press your tip against my opening, teasing me.
“what are you going to do Jeff? hmmm? are you going to stick that nice hard cock of yours in my ass and fuck me hard?”
“yes” you say and shove your cock into my ass causing us both to cry out.
i lurch forward and hold onto the handles on the wall as you grab my hips and begin to move.
“mmm that’s it Jeff. fuck my ass.” i beg you, egging you on.
you smack my ass and begin to slam into me. the warm water pouring down on us makes it easier for you to slide in and out of me.
“mmm so tight” you moan.
i lean back into you and place an arm around your neck as you place one around my waist.
“oooh fuck jare you feel so good. mmmmm yesss baby.” i moan in your ear.
i turn my head and kiss you heatedly as you slide in and out faster and harder.
i let go of you and lean forward once more.
you reach in front and pinch my nipples.
i drop my head and push back into you as the pleasures build up in each of us again.
the feeling of you moving in and out of my ass and the warm water gets to me and i feel myself getting closer.
“mmmm sweet Jeff make me cum again. make me scream out your name.” i pant, wanting more.
“cum amanda. cum hard.” you growl in my ear.
you reach between my legs and seek out my clit and pinch it sending me over the top.
i scream out your name as i cum hard, my body shaking and trembling as i have a huge orgasm.
you keep going, building up yours.
“oooh Jeff please. i want you to cum in my ass please. let me feel your hot sweetness in me please.” i pant and beg as i hold on to the wall and your arm.
“mmmm im so close.” you grunt while you move faster and harder.
“do it please.” i beg again.
i lean back and kiss your neck, sucking on it as you move harder and faster still.
you shiver as yet another orgasm racks through your body, causing you to cry out also.
just as you shoot into my ass, you feel me kiss your neck and feel a soft pinch in your neck.
you being to slow down and i lean forward.
finally we both stop moving and i let out a soft chuckle.
“mmm that was the best sex i’ve ever had.” i say turning to face you.
i kiss your neck again and look at you.
you simply nod and slump down to the seat in the shower.
“what’s the matter Jeff? you look a little tired.” i grin down at you.
“yeah. i am a little tired all of a sudden.” you nod.
“mmm maybe we should go back into the bedroom and rest for a while.”
“okay” you nod and follow me out into the bedroom.
you get onto the bed and lay down.
i lay next to you and trace a line from your neck to your navel and back up. you close your eyes.
“sleep sweet Jeff. you need your energy, well I’ll need your energy.” i say.
something in my tone of voice causes you to open your eyes just in time to see a set of fangs drop down to your neck.
you gasp and then sleep suddenly engulfs you.

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