Out Of Afrika, Chapter 23

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 23
Out of Afrika
A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi
Chapter 23
Professor Colin Steeves slowly awoke and blinking the sleep from his eyes became aware of two new sensations. First was the pure bright sunlight that was streaming through the open window of his bedroom of the guest lodge on the high African plateau, it was quite unlike that which usually greeted him back home in the grey suburb where he lived. The second awareness was the feeling of a soft warm wet mouth sucking his cock.

His first confused thought was that he must be having an erotic fantasy, one that would soon be turning into a wet dream. However, that thought was quickly dispelled when once he had properly opened his eyes he looked down and saw that indeed his stiff cock was being sucked and fondled by two attentive young girls who sharing his nakedness lay either side of him on his comfortable bed. Standing at the end of the bed were two older bare-breasted women looking on smiling and nodding as they saw him emerge from his slumber. He groaned his appreciation at being both roused and aroused in such an unexpected but agreeable manner. His next thought was this was a very acceptable introduction to the strange country in which he had arrived the previous evening. All constructive thoughts then went from his mind and he allowed the little hands and tongues stroke and lick him to a very enjoyable climax.

The girls squealed with delight as he spurted a fountain of cum and the women gasped in wonder at the number of spurts and the creamy residue that resulted from their young companions’ attentions. They all giggled and in a language he couldn’t understand shared remarks with each other which he interpreted as being congratulatory noises. However, despite not having a clue what they might be saying it was clear that they were satisfied with the results of providing him with his wake-up call.

The rest of the settlement was also waking up and in the male quarters Ian and Herb, who had spent a disturbed night as they accustomed themselves to their strange surroundings, nervously avoided the curious gaze of the other occupants of the hut, all tall dark men, padding past the end of their beds making their way toward the open doorway. Tyrone, the Rhino Tech, didn’t share their concerns at being in such an alien environment; he was snoring blissfully and dreaming his dreams that would soon be taking root.

In contrast to the angst being felt in the men’s’ hut the atmosphere within the female quarters was far from hostile. Chloe, Ingrid and Lucy were being treated as honoured guests and their delighted hostesses were gathered around their bed urging them awake with soft calls and touches. Ingrid awoke with a start as she felt fingers stroking her breasts and looked up to see the wide-eyed naked native girl kneeling alongside her cot who was responsible for the interruption to her slumber. The dark beauty had a smile on her face as she saw that her soft administrations were having both the effect of waking the white girl and that her pink nipples were also waking up in their own special way.
Chloe and Lucy were also being roused by their own attendants in a similar fashion and the first conscious thoughts that went through their minds was as they looked over at Ingrid was that if this was an indication of how they would be treated during their stay, then the visit was set to be most pleasurable. At the bidding of their new companions the girls got to their feet and allowed themselves to be taken outside the long grass-roofed hut where they were shown an area for washing and other such personal needs. The separate compound they soon discovered was shielded from prying eyes by tall grass walls and the girls felt no embarrassment as they divested themselves of their nightwear and became as naked as their young guides. Bowls of water and clean cloths and towels were arrayed on benches and the mixture of hand signals and mime soon conveyed that this was where their days would begin. None of them had any problems with getting assistance or advice as young native girls were most keen to show how to apply the damp cloths to their bodies to the best effect. Chloe and Ingrid was especially singled out for attention by the giggling hosts who were obviously fascinated with having these statuesque blondes in their midst. Ingrid just loved the attention and made no objection as they took great care in washing and fondling her large breasts and sliding the cloth back and forth between her legs. Lucy was similarly being cared for and she was delighted when she was invited to return the favour to her two companions. From the moment she awoke and had seen the puffy tits of these little dark ladies she had wanted to feel them and to confirm if they were as firm and as soft as they appeared; she was not disappointed and it was clear from their reactions when she smoothed the cloth over the young budding tits that such attention had been expected.

Yes, the 3 visitors really were looking forward to what the future would bring.


Abioye, the guide, sent word to the visiting party that their luggage was awaiting them where it had been off-loaded at the King’s lodge and if they would be as kind after they had awoken and refreshed themselves he would come and take them to the lodge where they could be properly welcomed.

The men had no problem in dressing for the occasion for their pants and shirts were lying where they had left them the night before but Chloe, Ingrid and Lucy did have a problem inasmuch as their garments which had been a source of fascination to the native girls in their hut the night before somehow had disappeared and couldn’t be found. It was to the amusement of all that as an alternative they were each offered a patterned cotton wrap-round skirt which seemed hardly wider than a belt. Their new friends showed them how they were worn and how to make the tie on one side of the waist with a plaited ribbon. To complete the ensemble they were each given necklaces of coloured glass beads which were d****d around their necks and rested on their breasts.

Abioye was waiting for them as they emerged from the hut accompanied by their new friends and they stood giggling making for a delightful sight as the hem of the short skirts only just reached down to cover their bare pussies. The beaded necklaces twinkled and flashed as they reflected the sunlight and his attention was drawn to their breasts each of which was tipped by nipples stiff with the excitement that the girls were feeling. He gave his approval at their appearance and declared that the King would be impressed that they had gone to such trouble to conform to the expected dress standard of females in his country. They in turn thanked him for his compliment but none of them admitted that they were equally impressed at the sight of his stiffening cock which had emerged and was hanging beneath his loin cloth.

Certain that all were present he told them to keep behind him for the short walk from the village and beyond to reach what was known as ‘The King’s compound’. By his tone and manner they sensed that there was a very clear demarcation of rank in this society and clearly Abioye had already considered his guests to be less important to himself. The girls shuddered at this demonstration of his forthright manner; Ian and Herb were cowed by being reminded of their inferior status; Tyrone couldn’t give a damn for he knew that his presence on this trip had nothing to do with the study other than to provide a service that Abioye for all his arrogance could not conceive.

The line of westerners trailed behind their guide and became the centre of attention to the inhabitants of the village. As the group followed their leader fascinated spectators paused with whatever they were doing to watch them pass by, bare-breasted women who were preparing food or attending the many naked offspring; younger females who were assisting their mothers; a few young men who were sitting around doing no very much at all other than making sure their impressive cocks could be seen by anyone who cared to look their way. Chloe, Ingrid and Lucy cared to look.
“Where are all the guys?” Tyrone asked as he padded behind Abioye.

“They are out tending our cattle and doing other tasks. They will not return until the evening,” was the curt reply. “In our society men must work; women must tend to the c***dren; girls must learn from their mothers and boys must prepare themselves for manhood.” There was no further discussion.

The professor looked up as he saw the group emerge from the scrubby grass field. He smiled to see the girls dressed in the traditional costume of their hosts which was due to his instruction the night before that their western clothes should be taken whilst they slept and that they would have no choice but to don the revealing short skirts. Already they had been forced to confront the reality of being part of another society and he was excited at the implications this would have for his study into racial attitudes. He was also excited to see their young breasts softly swaying as they negotiated the uneven ground.
Abioye led the group toward the guest house where the professor and his two young attendants were standing. He gave him a formal greeting and then satisfying himself that all the group was present he addressed them in his stiff clipped English, “We shall now go and have an audience with the King who has requested, as is his custom, that he meets Lerotica’s guests. You will treat him with great respect. Follow me”. With that he turned on his heel and with his head held high marched toward the gate that gave access to the King’s compound assuming, correctly, that the western visitors would be following behind.

They entered the compound to find in its centre a large building which had an equally large open covered patio as its entrance way. In the middle of the patio was a large throne-like chair upon which sat an equally large black man dressed in an elaborate open tunic which exposed his very large belly. Around his waist (which was difficult to discern because of the overhanging stomach) was the wrap-round skirt and on his wrists and ankles were fur cuffs and other adornments. Standing behind the chair were three tall women, bare-breasted who by their demeanour gave the impression of being the King’s personal attendants; it made for an impressive scene.. However, at that moment the visitors, if asked, would have been hard-pressed to give a more detailed description for their complete attention was taken by the sight of the large, fat black penis that was dangling beneath and between the legs of the seated man who was watching them as they approached.

The initial reaction of the guests as they took in the sight was a mixture of shock/surprise/curiosity and, in the case of Ian and Herb, envy. The reaction of the king at the sight of the gaggle of western visitors as they approached was difficult to gauge for he had completed his ensemble by wearing a pair of mirrored sunglasses which effectively shielded any expression and, in any case, he seemed to be more focussed on the soft massage one of his attendants was applying to his broad shoulders.

Abioye gestured to the group to approach the dais upon which the throne was sat and to line up. As they nervously shuffled into position he went up onto the platform and speaking softly into the king’s ear reminded him who these people were. With signs of irritation at being interrupted the king turned his head and his attention to the group before him. “This does not bode well,” thought the professor as he stepped forward.

The professor bowed his head, cleared his throat and in his best servile manner offered his humble thanks to the king for allowing them the privilege to visit his wonderful country. He said that the welcome they had received from his subjects had been overwhelming and they all felt humbled by the treatment they had been given. (This little speech was really an elaborate exaggeration but the professor had been advised that the arrogant king liked to be reminded of what a paradise he ruled over.) The professor continued in the same vein extolling the virtues and the sights they had seen so far of the wonderful Lerotica until he had almost convinced himself of the truth of his words that concluded with what an honour it was to be allowed to conduct his academic survey in such an idyllic country.

The king nodded his head and raised a hand that indicated agreement with what he had just heard and for the professor to please be quiet. He leaned forward in his chair and his fat belly sagged even further to almost cover the sight of his dangling cock, “You are welcome,” he said dryly in perfect English not bothering to hide his boredom or his disbelief at the professor’s sincerity, “now, what tribute have you bought?”

The professor had also been advised that whilst the king really had little interest in what they were in his country to conduct his compliance and blessing could be ‘bought’ by the presentation of a personal gift. He gestured toward Tyrone who was holding a small box to come forward.

“It’s a satellite telephone, your majesty,” said the professor after the king had opened the elaborate box. “It is the latest product from Rhino, our sponsor of the survey we are conducting, and they are proud to know that you will be the pioneer of its use. It is solar-powered and Tyrone will be pleased to show you how to use it.”

The king was clearly impressed at being given such an expensive item and his air of indifference evaporated as he listened intently to Tyrone’s instructions. His female attendants leaned closer to try and catch the words Tyrone was softly saying as he switched on the phone. They and the king were instantly captivated by the bright swirling psychedelic coloured display and were overcome by a strange sense of calm. Tyrone was satisfied that the preparations and the set-up of the new phone had worked as he expected. He was also impressed that already one of the attendants was leaning against his back and rubbing her bare tits against his own naked back. He was finding it very difficult to concentrate on showing the king all the marvellous things that his new phone could achieve.
Meanwhile back in the Rhino service centre at Hawksville the on-duty technician saw the tell-tale indicator illuminate on his console. He hit a few keys and after a few moments on his screen he saw an image of the king’s face appear and heard in the background the deep rich voice of Tyrone. The tech reached for his phone and dialled Oskar’s number. “Boss, we have a connection with Tyrone in Lerotica.”


The weather in Lerotica was, as always, perfect as Chloe sat on her bed and tapped away at her phone sending texts to her mother. Since Tyrone had set up his ‘box of tricks’ and established some kind of base station that allowed a connection to the rest of the world it had become an easy task to have text chats with her mother and it was something she now did regularly. She could have made a call but the connection was supposed to be for official use only and she didn’t want to be accused of tying up the line. Through her texts she told her of what they had been doing; what they had to eat; how lovely the people were; what nice things they all did together. It was just nice to be able to keep in touch they both agreed and in turn Simone told her daughter of the ‘same-old, same-old’ back in Hawksville and, ‘oh, by the way, how’s your Dad doing? Perhaps you can tell him to call me.’

Chloe smiled when she read that for Ian, her father, had been in a permanent state of anxiety since their arrival and together with Herb had spent an exhausting time trying to keep their innate feminine tendencies hidden from their black macho hosts. They had failed miserably and by their actions had only succeeded in becoming an increasing source of fascination and entertainment to their companions in the grass-roofed hut. “Little wonder he hadn’t thought to contact his wife”, thought Chloe. “He’s been far too busy.”

Simone signed off by making mention of the evening that she had entertaining Angela, ‘you know, your friend Megan’s Mum. She works for Rhino now, don’t you remember?’

Angela had settled into her new job very well and indeed had surprised herself at just how easy had been the transition from being a ‘stay-at-home Mom’ for the past 18 years to becoming a full-time customer service agent with responsibilities for providing special services. She felt that she couldn’t have a better employer than Rhino; everyone had been so nice in making her feel welcome and nothing had been too much trouble when new procedures had to be explained or some features of the Rhino phone had to be demonstrated. In fact, it was the phone that was the main focus of her work and it was constantly at her side humming away to itself as she dealt with customer enquiries or did ‘cold-calling’ in the on-going campaign of reaching out to potential new clients.

Her satisfaction with her new situation was enhanced when, true to her word, Simone invited her and Megan over to have dinner and an evening together. “Come as you are, don’t be dressing up and don’t you dare bring anything; I’ve plenty of wine. We can have a proper ‘girl’s night out’. See you at 7-ish,” went the invitation.

Simone had taken a special interest in Angela and was delighted when the invitation was accepted as she had plans to advance Angela’s prospects at Rhino and entertaining her new protégée away from the work place would suit those plans very well.

Angela and Megan parked up just before the appointed hour and had hardly got out of the car when the front door opened and there was Simone greeting them like long-lost friends. In keeping with her own instructions she was dressed casually wearing just a tee shirt and a baggy pair of sweat pants. She invited them in and Angela was instantly aware of two things. One was the smell of something delicious wafting from the open kitchen; the second was the soft seductive hum that was emanating from, she guessed, the hidden Hi-Fi system. It was a familiar sound to that which she often heard at work.

“Come in; let’s get ourselves comfortable. What would you like to drink?”

They sat down on the sofa and easy chairs and Angela allowed Simone to pour her a glass of wine whilst Megan demurred and opted for a soda.

Simone handed out the drinks, “Lovely to see you here. Make yourselves comfortable and let’s ‘chill’,” she said with a giggle. She continued in the same chatty tone, “So, how’s it all going at work; are you settling in OK; are you enjoying yourself?”

“Oh, it’s great. Such nice people to work with and I’ve learned so much,” was Angela’s reply as she sipped her wine.
Simone smiled to herself and thought, “Yep, I know. You’ve proved to be the perfect slut; just as we hoped.”
The humming became less invasive (or had they just gotten used to it and tuned it out?) unlike the smell of the cooking which became even more inviting. “Come on, let’s eat. We can continue to talk at the table,” said Simone leading the way to the laid dining table. “Bring your drinks.”

As they walked to the table Simone added, “I was hoping that our Boss, Oskar Botha, would be coming to eat with us but he said he already had an appointment to meet with a client but would try to come by later.” In truth Simone knew very well that Oskar would be showing later, that was the arrangement that had been planned.

Megan, who had said very little, watched as Simone served out the casserole and took a sip of her soda. It was quite unlike anything she had tasted before but not unpleasantly so. Indeed, it was quite nice and she almost had to force herself not to drain the glass in one swallow. Angela felt the same. Whilst she was no wine connoisseur it seemed the Sauvignon Blanc had some extra ‘something’ about it; something nice. She took another swig.

They sat at the table for as long as it took to clear their plates of the highly-spiced meal. Both Angela and Megan had no idea how long that took for they were feeling so relaxed and comfortable that time seemed to be irrelevant. They chatted about this and that, mainly ‘girl talk’, and then Simone casually mentioned that she was so impressed that the Mother and Daughter were so close and got along so well, especially in the bedroom; just as she did with her own daughter Chloe. “It(‘s) must be so frustrating for you, not having a man about the house to take care of your ‘needs’.
Angela nodded without either saying anything or picking up on how Simone knew what went on in her house. Had she had questioned it and had Simone answered it would be to learn that the Rhino phone she was so enamoured with and which never left her side had faithfully recorded and transmitted every encounter she had had with Megan .. but she didn’t ask.

Megan just sat with a dreamy expression as she wiped her plate with bread making certain of getting the last of the highly addictive sauce as she recalled her most recent coupling with her mother. She felt her pussy respond agreeably as the images went through her mind.

“Let’s leave the dishes; I’ll deal with them later. Come on back to the lounge; I’ve got something to show you. Bring your glasses; I’ll get us all a top-up.”

Megan and her mother sat on the sofa and after their drinks had been renewed Simone reached behind her chair and lifted up a small carton bearing the Rhino logo. She smiled to see the curious expressions of her guests as she began to pull off the lid. Having caught their interest she paused and passed the box to Megan, “Go on honey, you open it.”
Megan took the box and tentatively delved into the paper packing; she didn’t need to look at what she had found for her hand wrapped itself around the familiar shape and feel of a vibrator. She giggled as she extracted it and would have blushed but already the combination of the spiked soda and the meal she had consumed and the incessant background hum transmitting its suggestive messages had removed any inhibitions that an 18 year old young girl should have displayed at being found with such a phallic object. Angela shared in the laughter as her daughter held it up and she recognised it to be very similar to the one they regarded as their favourite toy back home.

“I thought you would be impressed,” said Simone, “It’s one of the new ranges we shall be shipping in time for Christmas. I thought, knowing your preferences that I would make tonight really special and bring some home for us to try.”

Neither Angela or Megan who were both feeling totally relaxed questioned how she could have known of ‘their preferences’ but had Simone been inclined to answer it would have been to reveal that the Rhino phone to which Angela was so devoted had been constantly streaming video and images back to the tech centre whenever she and her daughter had been enjoying themselves in the privacy of her bedroom. Neither did Simone reveal that some of the videos that had been compiled were now rated amongst the best-sellers in the Rhino store.

“There are a few different models in the box, why don’t we chose one each and get comfortable?”

Angela took the box from her daughter, looked inside and made a bee-line for the large black 10” realistic looking cock. She took it out and was instantly was intrigued by the large mushroom shaped head and the prominent ridges that represented thick veins running down the length. It looked so very realistic , almost lifelike.

“Ooh,” cooed Simone, “that’s our new Zaire model.”

Megan knew that she was referring to another of the Rhino bosses; it was someone who Chloe had made mention of and she assumed that the impressive looking toy was modelled on him. As her mother cradled and closely examined her choice she took the box from her and selected another of the vibrators which was equally as impressive in size but had at its base an extended ‘finger’ that was clearly designed to contact the clitoris when it was inserted.

“Oh you lucky thing,” Simone giggled, “That’s the new flagship model. You’ll like using that, ‘it’ knows that a lady likes to have her clit tickled when she’s being fucked and best of all it is the first one that we have made that gets warm so it really feels like a proper dick. Go on, switch it on; you’ll see what I mean.”

The 18 year old found the switch and clicked it. It vibrated softly in her hand and then, true to what Simone had advised, the rubber shaft began to feel warm. She found another tiny switch and when that was selected the vibrations were joined by a subtle regular pulsing of the fat veins that ran along its length. She closed her eyes and it took no stretch of her innocent imagination to convince herself she was holding a real live cock; a cock that wanted to push itself into her wet waiting pussy.

Neither of Simone’s visitors was aware of being told to take off their clothes but Simone looked on with satisfaction when at the softly spoken command of the humming Hi-Fi system Angela and Megan both put their toys to one side and pulled off their casual garments. She inwardly groaned at the sight of them as they sat back on the sofa side-by-side, Angela still wearing her ‘sensible’ underwear which did little to hide the treasures beneath; Megan bra-less but sporting a flimsy looking thong which camel-toed her wet slit and on her feet, socks and trainers. Neither showed the slightest embarrassment as they quickly retrieved the toys or did they notice that Simone had taken the opportunity to divest herself of her own clothing.

It was Megan that was the first to apply herself and she took her buzzing new friend and ran the swollen head up and down her cotton-covered cunt. She leaned back against the sofa, spread her legs and already her juices had seeped through the thin material of the thong to coat the head of the toy as it slip-slided against her. She closed her eyes and became totally oblivious of the company as she took her other hand and pulled aside the gusset and with no hesitation found the entrance to her seeping pussy and slowly pushed the throbbing vibrator in between the wet lips. She was helpless and unable to suppress a sigh of pleasure when the finger touched her clit.

Simone was delighted to witness that once again the stimulation provoked by the additives in the drinks and the meal and, of course, the Hi-Fi system had proven so effective in adding to her entertaining evening. She smiled as she looked down on Megan who was clearly enjoying herself and when she turned her attention to Angela it was to see that she hadn’t delayed pulling off her bra and panties and with getting familiar with Zaire, her choice of toy.
Angela lay back alongside her daughter and if she noticed what Megan was doing it didn’t show for all her concentration was on the black toy she held in her hands. She marvelled that something could look and feel so realistic. She took it to her open mouth, “Oh my, it even has a distinctive taste. I wonder if that’s what a real one is like?” she thought being totally unaware that there had been a few cocks in her mouth since she had began work at Rhino. She licked and slavered at the bulbous head and then, finally aware of her daughter who was now noisily fucking herself, she did the same and lowered saliva-covered Zaire to her hairy pussy.

“Ladies, you look delightful and seem to know what you’re doing,” said Simone as she stroked her hand along her own slippery slit. They looked up at her with half-closed eyes unable to answer other than with moans and squeals as the toys they held went about their purpose. She knelt down between them and first she leaned over toward Angela and kissed her open mouth. Angela responded agreeably and sensing that there would be no objection took her free hand and caressed Simone’s breast which was brushing against her own. Simone shuddered as she felt her stiff nipple being tweaked and pinched and she redoubled her own finger-fucking efforts. Alongside Megan began to make the familiar sounds that Angela knew so well that announced that her first climax was fast approaching (she also knew that it wouldn’t be the last; her daughter had proven to be quite insatiable when it came to masturbation). Simone lifted her head and transferred her attention to the 18 year old whose eyes were firmly closed but mouth wide open as she gasped and her orgasm flooded over her. Simone looked down on the toy pushed within her pussy and could see that the reason for her excitement was the finger that was clearly vibrating against the stiff little clit and, no doubt, being added to by the pulsing of the fat warm cock hidden within her wet folds. Simone couldn’t help herself and she took her own hand wet with her juices and stroked Megan’s heaving breasts ‘assisting’ their mutual pleasure with soft massage. Megan responded with a final moan as her passion overwhelmed her.

That was the first of many orgasms that evening. As Megan collapsed back against the sofa her mother began to wail as the black cock she was stroking back and forth in her sloppy vagina delivered on its promise. She squeezed her muscles together to extract the maximum friction that her wet cunt would allow and was gratified when a powerful orgasm swept over her. She was unsure if she had actually squirted during her climax but as she descended from her peak and slipped the cock from her she saw that the black hair fringing her pussy was soaked and matted against the swollen lips. Wow, she’d never been so wet before was the first comprehensive thought that penetrated her muddled mind.

Simone had her own thoughts of delight and satisfaction. She had been a little nervous prior to the arrival of her guests that all would go as planned for she had never hosted such an event before. Oskar had assured her that she had nothing to worry about and, by golly, he was right for both Angela and Megan had been totally compliant to her every suggestion and had shown no signs of protest or hesitation.

The duty technician back in the service centre was similarly satisfied as he monitored his screens that were displaying the action in Simone’s lounge. He lazily stroked his erect cock as he watched the three naked females as they moved about the room constantly changing positions and sharing the many toys that were now s**ttered about the floor. At one point Simone put on a strap-on dildo and her kneeling guests giggled as she went from one to other and fucked them doggy fashion. The giggles were soon replaced by groans of pleasure as they both in turn came to yet another climax. The tech added a groan of his own as his spunk spurted and covered his grasping hand. He was very careful to make sure his ejaculations were aimed away from the keyboard.

The doorbell rang and Simone glanced at the clock as she went toward the door wondering where the last three hours had gone. She didn’t bother to pull on any clothes for she knew who was ringing the bell and was not disappointed to find Oskar stepping through the open door. However, she was a little taken aback to see he had a companion. It was Zaire, one of Oskar’s executives and a close friend. They stepped into the hallway and a naked Simone gave each an embrace and a kiss of welcome. She was comforted to feel that as she pressed herself against them that already there was evidence they were prepared for the entertainment to come.

She took Oskar’s hand and led him toward the lounge with Zaire following closely behind. Angela and Megan looked up as they entered the room. “Ladies, we have guests,” said Simone unnecessarily. They showed no signs of modesty as they sat side-by-side on the sofa wearing nothing but grins on their faces.

The two men kicked off their shoes and pulled off their jackets and tossed them to one side. Simone led them over to the couch, “Angela; Megan, meet Oskar and Zaire.”

They dreamily each lifted a hand which was shaken in turn by the two black men and that was the last formal gesture that was made. With no further ceremony Oskar and Zaire both undid their belts, dropped their pants and divested themselves of the last of their clothing. Simone acted the perfect hostess, followed behind and picked up and folded the discarded garments. She jokingly admonished them for being untidy.

As was their way they completely ignored the reprimand and positioned themselves to stand in front of the prone figures sprawled on the sofa. Already their impressive cocks were beginning to swell and Angela looked at Zaire and thought to herself that this looked exactly like the cock that she had just been fucking herself with; she was not wrong. Similarly, Megan reached out and took Oskar’s stiffening penis and mused that her friend Chloe had been right; their favourite toy which they often shared was an exact match, just as Chloe had advised.

Oskar, Zaire and Simone had no time for any such thoughts they all just wanted to get on with fulfilling the plans that had been made and so it proved, the remainder of the evening was spent as a fuck-fest and both Angela and Megan felt the full benefit of two cocks which never seemed to lose their focus. Simone sat to one side and amused herself with one of the dildos for she knew very well that when her two initiates had been sated that her turn with real cock would come, indeed, that she would get their cum. Her experience with these two superior black men told her that there would always be more; they had never been known to fail.

Both Angela and Megan felt that they had entered some kind of paradise as they were ravaged each in turn by these beautiful men. Megan (who was technically a virgin given she hadn’t had the pleasure of being penetrated by a real cock before) was on a voyage of ecstatic discovery as for the rest of the evening her teenage pussy felt the full effect of being fucked by not one, but two rigid black fat cocks. She squealed, moaned and groaned constantly as orgasm after orgasm washed over her. Angela was similarly affected by the treatment she was receiving albeit that her pussy had known the presence of a cock before but even in her befuddled state she was enough aware to make the comparison of her long departed husband and his pathetic little dick to the black monster that was now filling and satisfying her so completely. She had no recollection of the previous few weeks of being fucked at Rhino’s offices in her new job; such was the power of the conditioning she had received.

Saturday evening turned into Sunday morning and eventually all conceded that they were spent. Angela and Megan both reacted to the whispered instructions which drifted into their consciousness that they needed to get tidied up and to go home. Simone showed them where to find the bathroom and left them to clean-up as best as they could. Back in the lounge both Oskar and Zaire agreed with Simone that the evening had been entirely satisfactory and that Angela was now properly prepared for total integration into the organisation and that her new role would be revealed to her very shortly. Zaire commented that to have her daughter present this evening was a real bonus for it had never been part of the original plan but given the enthusiasm that she had shown that perhaps a role might be found for her in Rhino’s spreading empire. The others murmured their agreement.

The two guests reappeared with their clothes hastily pulled over their very sensitive bodies. Both of them had the same dreamy expressions that they had worn most of the evening and certainly showed no surprise or discomfort at seeing that the others were still naked as they made their unsteady way to the front door. Simone, as the dutiful hostess followed them and on opening the front door handed them the box with the Rhino logo. “Don’t go without this,” she said with a giggle. “Consider it your party box; your goodie bag. I’ve collected our ‘friends’ from the evening and put them in so you can have some more fun when you get home.”

Megan took the box and clasped it to herself, “Lovely, thank you so much. We will and thank you, we’ve had a lovely time,” she said as she squeezed her thighs together trying to stem the dripping cum that she felt oozing from her pussy.

“Yes, thank you for a lovely evening,” was the slightly robotic farewell that Angela offered as she looked in her purse for her car keys as Megan nodded in agreement. “We must have you all over to ours one day and we can prepare a similar meal for you.” Neither of them had the slightest idea of what they were proposing.


The following day the weekly planning meeting when heads of divisions and area managers presented reports relating to their responsibilities. It was a routine affair relating to targets; objectives; financials; labour relations and other associated topics. Oskar, who would not have admitted it to anyone present, was feeling a little weary after the previous night’s activity and his expection was to be nodding his way through the next couple of hours giving only half an ear to the interminable drone of his managers as they made their weekly reports. He started the meeting off by giving a general report on what had been achieved around the rapidly expanding Rhino empire including a mention of the study that Professor Steeves was conducting in Lerotica under Rhino’s sponsorship. It was a high-level presentation and he concluded with telling them that he intended to travel there to spend a few days with a view to seeing that Rhino’s money was not being wasted. He handed over the floor to the department mangers.

Mark, the personnel manager gave an upbeat assessment of the recruitment programme; Charles from the marketing division reported a surge in sales in all the Rhino stores around the country and beyond; Henry, representing the technical division, told of the improvements that had been made in video capture; Janice gave a presentation on the social outreach activities within the Hawksville urban area; Pastor Erasmus had accepted the invitation to attend and was holding forth on how the young women of Hawksville had responded and were eagerly submitting the word of the Lord as interpreted by the church of the black staff. It was all routine stuff with no great surprises expected however his attention was caught when the manager from the development laboratory stood up to give his report and announced he had exciting news to share.

“We have had a break-through in the development of our animatronic dolls and refined our production technique which has allowed us to incorporate Rhino’s software to great advantage,” he declared. Oskar roused himself at the announcement for he had taken great interest in the development of this product and was keen for Rhino to become the market leader in sex dolls. At heart he was a compassionate man and saw the provision of these sex aids as being a way of letting cuckolded husbands find solace and satisfaction whilst their wives or girlfriends were being seduced and dominated by superior black masters.

The manager continued, “We recently employed an expert in the field of robotics who has combined every element at our disposal and this has allowed us to produce the most realistic doll ever seen; a doll that has every feature required to assist and provide sexual satisfaction. We are especially excited for we have proven and tested the technology so that each doll can be made to order and the customer can specify exactly what they require. Indeed if they want they can provide photographs of the girl of their dreams and our scanning system will ensure we can faithfully produce an exact copy which will be totally compliant to their commands.”

There was a murmur of approval around the conference table as the manager turned and nodded to one of his staff who was standing by the door. “Bring ‘her’ in.”

The door opened and two people slowly entered the room. One was dressed in office work wear; the other was clad in a baby-doll nightie. The formally suited person was holding the hand of the scantily dressed female and gently guiding her into the room keeping a keen eye on her feet as they slowly stepped one before the other. It took but a moment before the assembled delegates around the table realised that the girl being led towards them was in fact a model and not a real person. There was a collective gasp of surprise.

The development manager beamed with pride and satisfaction to see that his ‘creation’ had momentarily confused his audience. The assistant led the doll toward an armchair and told it to be seated. With what appeared to be a completely natural movement the doll did as commanded turned and sat down. Once more gasps of surprise and nervous giggles filled the air as the realistic figure settled back in the chair with her feet firmly on the floor and her legs tantalisingly just spread a little apart.

“Tell her to say what someone might want to hear,” said the manager.

The assistant fiddled with the digital watch on his wrist and whispered a command. The doll instantly reacted, lifted her blonde head, blinked her baby blue eyes and began to speak softly with a litany of phrases.

“Master, you look so tired, would it help if I gave you a blow-job?

“Master, you look so handsome, will you fuck me with that beautiful cock?

“Master, would you like to see me finger myself and massage my tits?” As she uttered this phrase she waved a perfectly manicured hand in the direction of table as if inviting someone, anyone, to come and take advantage of the offer.

“Master, please will you fuck me in my ass? I so want to feel you in me that way..”

Oskar blinked in amazement at what he was seeing and hearing. He stood up and went over to where the manikin was seated still spouting all manner of lewd suggestions. He touched her arm, felt her breasts, lifted the hem of the nightie and saw the perfectly formed vagina fringed with soft downy hair. The doll reacted with the slightest movement of her own at each touch as if she was acknowledging the contact. Others in the room followed suit feeling slightly foolish but nonetheless intrigued at the behaviour of the lifelike figure.

Oskar withdrew and said sharply, “OK, enough; we’ve seen enough. Everybody back to your seats and, you … ” pointing to the assistant, “ … turn her, it, off. We’ve seen enough; take it away.”

The assistant touched his wristwatch and the doll slumped motionless in the seat before being picked up and carried away. Oskar waited for the door to close before turning back to the meeting, “Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think we have witnessed a glimpse of the future. I can foresee great things ahead and if what we have seen is handled properly then Rhino will have even greater influence around the world.”

He turned to the development manager and said, “I want a complete write-up and an estimate of production capacity. We need to treat this project as a top priority. Well done; thank your team and warn them that we are going to be putting in extra hours to get this thing launched as soon as possible.” With that he dismissed the meeting and made a mental note to get in touch with development to see if they could produce a doll of his specification for him to ‘beta test’. He also had a thought as to whether they could produce a male model. Surely there was a great potential for such a doll with not only the lonely ladies who might be resistant to the siren call of Rhino and the invite of submitting to a live Black cock but he speculated that the likes of Ian and Herb would be susceptible to the allure of a compliant black cock. Hmm, it was something about which he needed to give a lot more thought. Yes, exciting times were beckoning he thought as he gathered his papers from the table top.

His mind was working overtime and he felt his cock begin to swell within the confines of his pants. He looked over at Janice who was gathering her things, “Janice, would you please meet me in my office in 5 minutes. I have something I need to discuss with you.” She smiled as she caught his eye and the wink that followed.


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