Papa’s Promotion

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Papa’s Promotion
young 18 year old who had just made it to her dream college LSR. She had her life ahead of her and was looking forward to her 3 years of college bliss. However there were two things she badly wanted a maruti 800 AC to get her to college and back without the daily harassing journey on delhi’s infamous auto rickshaws or worse the blue line buses! She was literally prepared to screw for the car and enough money to maintain it over the next three years, as luck would have it she wouldn’t have to wait too long.

Ajay Saxena , her horny dad wasn’t what we would call a moralist infact he was the cool happy go lucky sort a manager at a leading MNC bank with a very decent salary (In 1999) of RS 5 lacs, they lived comfortably in a flat in vasant vihar her brother vijay was attending college in REC Kurukshetra. Her mother vibha was away at her parent’s place.

Ajay Saxena was due for promotion and knew he deserved it however this being the nineties there was no dearth of well qualified people for the job in his office who had more or less met their targets he needed something extra something special something…

Just then it was his turn to be called in for an informal chat with the powers that be a trio of old horny SOBs Vinod Mehra, Pankaj Bhalla and Nikesh Aggarwal. These were probably the horniest set of managing directors in all of Delhi.They had many many many fantasies which they enacted on their hapless underlings like gang banging secretaries to even hosting orgies in which they exchanged wives and appraised promising young ‘talent’ and since they owned 51% of the bank thanks to stupid FDI rules there wasn’t much anyone could do.

Well to cut the long story short they wanted to ravish Shruti having seen her perform at the company gala and ajay could have his promotion to vice president if the proud father would do the needful, that pretty much was what was conveyed to him at lunch, they couldn’t help notice the hard on he sported on his way out and thought they were in with a shot….

After the meeting they immediately started planning all the naughty disgusting things they would do to that voluptuous young thing in the presence of if not with the participation of her horny father…..

Driving back home Ajay thought about the whole thing and decided her daughter was mature enough to handle the whole thing, after all he was pretty sure she wasn’t a virgin a certain over eager guy from school had already popped her, k**’s these days…

Well Ajay went home and told his daughter that she could have the car if only she would ‘cooperate’ with him. Her sixth sense told her what he meant but she wanted to hear it explicitly from her own dad, so daddy and daughter had a chat that evening and decided to invite the bastards to their apartment and decided to keep it just between the two of them.

Well the next minute dad called mr nikesh and told him of the plan and he couldn’t sleep the night before, they decided to meet up on a week day when the neighbors would be at work. Over the weekend ajay went shopping for his daughter and bought her the sexiest piece of lacy lingerie he could find dark red silk which is perfect for her dusky voluptuous form.

Monday morning the three horny wise men showed up bright and early to the modest middle class apartment with a few accessories they had chosen for shruti a paddle, a pair of handcuffs, blines and feathers along with exquisite godiva liquid chocolates. Ajay was there to welcome them and as per plan had already switched on the AC etc as things were going to get very hot indeed.

He made sure they were well settled in the drawing room and served them johnie walker blue label which he served only on special occasions. Well, after a little chit chat shruti emerged from the bedroom wearing her school uniform and an exceptionally short skirt the three horny men and the proud father admired how she confidently sashayed in and sat smack between nikesh and pankaj. The promotion meeting had started.

WELl nikesh and pankaj weren’t known for their mild manners they straight away grasped her and started kissing and fondling her. “this is some piece of work you have here ajay”, gasped pankaj unbuttoning her shirt and fondling her boobs while nikesh patted shruti gently on her face and said ‘ we have plans for you dear’,and planted a wet sloppy kiss on her lips.

Just then Vinod who was quietly taking in the action stated “lets begin!”

Almost on cue Shruti went up to the sony music system and put on a tango on the CD player as the music went on she being the cock teaser that she was took 10 whole minutes to take off her school shirt button but button and then her school skirt very very slowly, everyone there had a rock hard on, then when she was dressed in nothing but her beautiful lingerie bought for this very special occasion by her dad she went on and sat on Ajay’s lap and cooed in his ear “Thank you daddy, for this beautiful lingerie now fuck me for being a very bad girl”. Ajay literally carried her to the bedroom a neat 15 X 10 he had also thoughtfully placed three chairs on three sides of the bed so that others could have a ‘ring side’ view of the action. His daughter’s debauchery had begun!

The entertainment had started proud papa brought his erect member in front of shruti who lovingly licked it and smiled seductively at the camera holding mr vinod She then looked at the others sitting on either side of the bed and to her bewilderment they had stripped naked and were stroking their cocks in one hand and held out a wooden padel in the other as she turned her papa started smooching her and said, “gentlemen today I fuck my daughter” the three started clapping as papa entered her to her loud moan after a while the excitement got the better of them and the two of them and they started pinching and fondling shruti’s tiny boobs with stout hard nipples while her daddy screwed her royally all dutifully videotaped by Mr vinod and noticed that the pervert daddy daughter were actually enjoying this after about ten minutes of ecstatic missionary sex daddy pulled out of shruti and she turned around on the bed and took vinod’s cock in her mouth while this was happening proud papa started fingering her tight dark anus with his long finger as she moaned shruti took out Mr vinod’s cock and said what are you waiting for daddy and seductively moaned ‘meri gandi gandi ganddi mariye’ to this he had a hard on and proceeded straight away to take his daughters anal cherry, as he was positioning his erect thick cock ever so carefully on his beloved daughter’s anus the two went wild and grabbed her nipples in their mouth and started sucking them as daddy slowly started to insert his dick inside her anus they bit hard on the nipples causing vinod, shruti and proud papa to cum immediately vinod deep in her throat and papa deep in her anus as this happened papa and vinod sat down and poured themselves a chilled beer while shruti would have no respite nikesh and pankaj had a hard on of a raging bull and grabbed her from behind they then proceeded to simultaneously screw her both in the ass and the pussy and then interchanged positions seeing his dear daughter achieve such great heights mounted on pankaj’s cock ajay immediately presented his gleaming cock to shruti and vinod soon followed suit so the small middle class DDA flat bedroom had the breathtaking spectacle of a tender nubile 18 year old school girl being used and abused by four respectable horny middle aged men for their vicarious delights a fact that wasn’t lost on anybody when they came like they had never came before all over the sweet sexy school girl’s face.

After they gathered themselves up they were told by the cum drenched shruti grinning like an urchin that she had lovingly prepared ‘something special’ for lunch herself and winked at her papa, then she excused herself and came dressed up in a skimpy school uniform with no underwear then across the dinner table she went and personally sat on everyone’s lap and fed them aloo ka parathas little did the three know that what the thin sexy little whore was serving were ‘naughty parathas’ i.e parathas with powdered Viagra in them.

After having about two parathas each all four of them had painful hardons and as if they needed more encouragement shruti said she had something in store for them her papa was so proud his little angel!She gestured all four of them to sit on the floor in the living room while she ‘prepared’ for the post afternoon session.

AFTER ABOUT 15 mins Shruti entered in a fabulous ghagra choli decked in her mom’s jewelry the four off them started getting shooting pain in their balls seeing the spectacle.

Then she put on her special hits CD and gave the most raunchy performance of her life to tunes like ‘dupatta beimaan re’, ’choli ke peeche kya hai’ and other numbers as she danced she swayed and intentionally rubbed her bum on their faces to which they responded by slapping her behind and biting her buttocks.

Then they started getting filthy ideas but by this time shruti and her papa had lost it and were game for anything vinod asked ajay to pee in his daughter’s mouth and pointed his trusty video cam when this happed and after ajay had peed into her mouth they turned on each other and vinod got an excellent shot of the depraved daddy daughter team exchanging fluids.

Then almost according to plan they decided to plan for the evenings festivities the BDSM finale,they virtually carried shruti back to the bedroom and tied her four limbs with ties and blindfolded her with a blindfold nikesh had saved from a previous flight they stripped her bear by literally ripping her dress apart. Then they proceeded to give the blindfolded multi talented whore lessons in decency and ‘adarsh bharatiya nari’ type lectures which only made her cum.

Then they proceeded to whip cane and flog her till she screamed they hit her on the pussy, tits and slapped her on the face and then proceeded to have rough sex with her after each finished fucking and cumming in her they went up and pissed on her face and then made her give them a blowjob while the other fucked her and extensively slapped her on the face for some strange reason shruti loved it! Then after three rounds of that they ended that depraved evening with ‘papa ki p*o p*o’ and ‘beti ki goo goo’ in which ajay gloriously stradled her beautiful daughter’s face farted loudly and shat kilograms of shit on her live on camera.

This was then spread all over her face by the three eager spectators till this beautiful girl stank to the high heavens after that they allowed shruti to just lie there for a while while they took in the depraved sight of a totally used schoolgirl over a drink of whiskey.

Anyway then it was Ajay’s turn they tied him up and gave shruti who still had poop all over her a riding corp which she aimed straight at his erect member he yelped in agony but she just kept hitting him till there was a risk of a serious injury. Then she straddled him and unleashed a terrible diarrhea all over his face and hair after which she moved her buttocks to spread it evenly on her face. After this daddy and daughter to the depraved amusement of his bosses licked each other’s faces and asses clean.

Then they immediately all crowded in the Jacuzzi where t hey cuddled and carefully washed each other many times over. Around 7 pm when the three wise men were packing off all immaculately dressed for the evening vinod handed shruti her father’s promotion letter while rubbing her through her salwar kameez.

Daddy and daughter spent the entire night wildly fucking each other and in the morning went over to the maruti dealer and bought the proud daughter her first car a spanking new moonbeam silver maruti 800.

This was just the begining of dady-daughter exploits.More stories later.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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