part 2.

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part 2.
so the next day i arrived at my auntie hotel in blackpool, i got settled in and she managed to get me to agree to work in the kitchen in the morning and the bar a few nights a week.
id had enough my boyfriend was fucking my boss, and i wasnt going to waste anymore time on him. time for me to live a little i thought.

my first day at work wasnt that bad, i helped served breakfast to the guest then got tiding the kitchen. i was mopping the floor, i had to wear a uniform black shirt which was very short black tights and a white shirt.
the cook was a older man late 40s i think, i noticed him watching me all morning i could feel his eyes alover me. now normally this would creep me out but got to say i kinda liked it.

he was washing and i was still mopping, started to get bored so thought id have a little fun with tony the chef.
so i bent over so my skirt rode part way up my arse, exposing my arse which was wrapped in silky smooth tights,
i knocked over a glass with the mop handle to get his attention. i had my back to him slowly wriggling my little arse, i could tell he was looking by the sound of his breathing..

tony: you want some help? he asks
me: i know what your after , i snap at him as i walk out of the room.

i quickly remove my tights and knickers in the hall and return to the kitchen,
me: im sorry tony, im a bit touchy at the moment . i say softly too him
tony: i understand love
me: you see you look like my ex a little i said cheekly .
he didnt look anything like him i was just playing with the pervy cook lol.

with that i walked over to the broken glass got down on my knees, bent right over pushing my now naked arse up into the air. i could feel my hole open slightly as i push my arse up as high as i could.
i could hear his deep breathing
me: tony ? would you help me with this glass i said, as i wriggled my arse at him

he walked over slowly staring at my holes. as he got to me i knelt up my face was level with his penis area.
i looked up at him and said
me: i miss cock ive not had any cock for 2days now. i whispered to him
as i reached for his zip, undoing his pants slowly i slide my hand in, take hold of his very hard cock i squeeze it hard as i pull it out of his pants.
i open my mouth and lean toward his cock , which i could feel throbbing in my hand.
i let go stood up looked him in the face
me : dont be silly tony look at me and look at you , haha i laughed as i walked out of the room ,leaving him stood there with his cock out.

i laughed to myself all the way up to my room, i put on the tv and go to the toliet, im sat having a pee , when suddenly the door bursts open, there stand tony his cock still out and rock hard, his face was bright red.
me: get out will you i said as i sat there pissing away.
tony : SLUT
with that he stepped forward and grabbed my hair dragging me off the toliet, being dragged across the floor still pissing, piss spraying everywhere. into the bedroom he dragged me. he throw me against the bed. he stood there in front me me holding his cock
he looked down and said : finish what you started
me: go fuck yourself i say smiling
he grabbed my hair stood me up, ripped off my shirt with 1hand, my tits fall free as he snaps the bra,
me: fuck .. i moan
i was so horny it looked like i was going to get fucked properly for the first time. i could already feel my pussy juice flowing down my legs. he pushed me back down, i was more than willing this time, as i forced his cock down my throat , sucking on it as hard as i could , every now then taking it out of my mouth spitting on it and rubbing it around my face,
me: fuck me i moaned inbetween choking on his cock.
he just pushed harder and harder i felt him tense up in my mouth , and then he shot jets of hot cum into my mouth , just kept cumming and fucking my face harder, cum was dripping out of the sides of my mouth alover my tits.
tony : fuck .. he moaned as he pulled out , and wiped his cock across my face

im knelt at his feet panting, face is bright red and im covered in cum.
me: fuck me now , i begged as i bent over on the bed exposing my dripping holes to him.
i reached down to my pussy rubbing my clit hard while i wait for some cock.

tony: we can both be cunts … he said as he left the room laughing

i was furious, by the time i had got dressed and run down to the kitchen he had gone home for the day.
i was left very frustrated wandering around a kitchen, i ended up finishing myself off with a cucummber

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