Part 2 of my First Time- The sex scene.

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Part 2 of my First Time- The sex scene.
I whispered in his ear to fuck me. He reached down and grabbed my ass and lifted me on to his chest. He was sitting on the edge of his couch with his legs wide. He held me up so that my dick was in between his pecs. I wrapped my legs around his back as he kissed my stomach and lick my body before kissing me on the lips.

I started to grind his chest my dick moving over his hard nipples and sliding from the sweat on his chest.I was grinding against his chest hard and fast. I was moaning softly as I laid my head down on his on his shoulder and held his head passionately. I felt our bodies sticking together from the pre-cum. His cock slapped the crack of my ass while i grind his body.

“I’ve never been with a man before.” I told him quietly breathing hard.

“Neither have I.” Alec said. I was a little sad because I thought that maybe he wouldn’t fuck me. I thought that maybe he would let me get off on his chest and then have me suck him until he came. I wanted him inside of me and I was afraid that he wouldn’t put it in. “I’ve been watching you watch me for a long time. I’ve seen you grow up. We’ve became good friends. I care about you in that way.” He said in his deep sexy voice. All i could do was moan and nod my head. He put his fingers on my tight virgin hole and started pressing it like a button. I moaned louder than I ever had and rubbed my cock against his chest fast and hard.

My body started to shake uncontrollably as I felt an amazing feeling of ecstasy.I threw my head back and shot my load on his chest and my chest. It felt good being able to cum on someone. I thought it was over until you laid me down on the floor. He put some pillows behind my head and back.

I didn’t know what he was gonna do next. He cupped his hand and scooped my cum off of my chest and off of his chest and started rubbing it on his cock. The remaining cum he rubbed on my tight ass hole. He told me he wanted to do me bareback and asked if i trusted that he was clean. I was stupid and lost in his gaze but deep inside I did trust him. I spread my legs wide like a V. He told me to relax. I said it was gonna hurt and if I couldn’t take it we could stop.

“I’m gonna go slow ok?” He said in the sexiest voice. A voice that sounded like he really cared for me. I nodded my head. I trusted Alec more than my own family. I was totally under his control. “Take a deep breath when I start pushing ok?” I nodded again.

He started to push it in and I did what he said. I took a deep breath. It hurt really bad. I could feel my hole stretching and tearing open. My eye water and I wanted to scream it hurt so bad. I told him to keep going and he did. My body was shaking hard. I could feel his wet dick sliding in and the cum squeezing out of my ass. He pull out and put it back in. He did this a few time and the pain turned in to pleasure. I was hornier than ever. I was breathing so hard that my chest was moving up and down and my breath was quivering. He I told him to go faster and he did. My hips were moving up in down to help fuck me. I wrapped my legs around him and pull my self on to his cock pushing him deeper inside of me.

He didn’t expect this at all. I looked into his beautiful brown eye and ran my fingers through his wonderful spiked black hair. He started to to lift me and I was in the air while he fucked my on his knees. My balls slapped his chest and it felt great. He fell back so that I was on top and I started to ride the fuck out of him. I bounced on his cock as my dick slapped my abs. I rocked my self back and forth and then I rocked my hips like was was belly dancing on his cock. He his hand all over my body as I rubbed my balls and bit on my finger. I saw in his eye that he was about to cum so I went as fast as I could and I could feel his body shaking. He let out a manly grunt and he bit his juicy lips as his man juice shot up my ass like a cum fountain. The kept fucking him harder and faster.

“Fuck me hard.” He said I start started to breath heavily as I started to cum too. My cum shot up in the hair and landed on my lip and on the chest. I licked my lips clean. I could feel his cum dripping out of my as and down his dick on his ball, all over my crack and covering my round ass. I let out a moan like a bitch and fell on his body. He was breathing hard like me. I kissed him passionately as I laid on his body with his dick still inside of me. Our stomachs were covered in cum. My ass, my thighs, his thighs, his cock and my cock were covered too. He wrapped his arms around me and asked me to spend the night. I kissed him again and I put my hand on his chest and laid on them. His dick still throbbed in my ass. The room smell like sweat, cum , and dirty fuck and I loved it. He kissed me on my head and we fell asleep on his floor, him inside of me and both of us covered in cum. That next morning we took a shower together and fuck on and off all day.

I still can’t believe that this really happened to me but I was damn happy it did and I was even more happy that he was willing to fuck me even though he was straight. Damn I love being gay. 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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