Paw-Paw and His Sub

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Paw-Paw and His Sub
“When you gone let Paw-Paw back in that ass, baby boi,” the sixty-six year old man asked.
“You tell me when you want, Paw-Paw,” cooed the short caramel-skinned twink.
“Aww, you know I want it now!”
“Come get it.”
“I can be on my way in thirty minutes.”
“Okay, baby!”

Rufus Clark went into the bathroom. He washed up. He put on a two-tone blue and cream long-sleeve walking suit, a pair of brown leather Stacy Adams slip-on loafers, and a brown Fedora hat. As he walked out of the house, he yelled to his aging mother, who lived with him, that he would be back late.

Rufus got in his green 1996 Ford F-150 pick-up truck. He rushed up the highway to meet his twenty-one year-old chunky sex pot.

It was nearing midnight, but Sage Lewis did not mind having his handsome senior-citizen of a playmate come over. He was home alone since his mom worked overnight. He ran to take a shower and recalled how when he first saw Rufus, the old man didn’t believe his age. He had to produce a driver’s license as proof. Once he did, it was on and popping. He had been his rotund booty to the man for a few months now and things were going great. He dried off then rubbed baby oil all over his natural fleshy moobs. He massaged more over his thick legs as he thought about Rufus dicking him down. He took a picture with his cell phone and sent it to his driving ‘paw-paw’.

Rufus heard the notification and fumbled with his smartphone. He opened up the MMS and his eyes bugged. He got a big hard on and sped up. His drive wasn’t too much longer. He called Sage.

“Hello,” the five-foot-five-inch, chubby guy lisped.
“Hey,” said Rufus. “I’m about twenty minutes out.”
“Can’t wait, Paw-Paw!”
“Me neither. Just be naked. Don’t put any lube in that hole neither!”
“Yes, sir! I know how you like it.”

They hung up the phone. Sage put on a pair of black knee-high women’s socks that hid white snowflakes on them and his vintage-inspired red Huf low-top sneakers. He sprayed himself with some cotton candy body spray he bought from a dollar store. He walked down the hall to the living room and sat on the couch while he waited for Rufus. He perused Twitter on his phone to pass the time. Finally, Rufus knocked.

The average height, slender older man smiled with his Cheshire cat grin when the door opened. He took in the amazing beauty of his cute fat sissy boi. “I love fucking you,” he admitted. Sage invited him in.

They walked directly to the bedroom where Sage extracted Rufus’ dick. It was still soft and small, but the generously built bottom knew that would soon change. He licked the flaccid penis. Then, he tugged at the member with his mouth.

Rufus grunted with delight as his dick grew to its full eight inches. He rubbed his rough, calloused hands all over Sage’s low haircut. He stroked his fat snake as he removed it from the hot, wet mouth. He took off his clothing while he watched Sage climb into position. Rufus said, “I wanna fuck that ass in the bathroom.”

“Sure thing,” Sage beamed.
“Tell Paw-Paw you want his dick,” Rufus ordered as they went down the hall and he smacked the femboi’s big booty.
“I want that big grown man dick, Paw-Paw!”
“You about to get it too, you sissy bitch.”

They arrived at the restroom. Rufus turned on the light and slid behind Sage. He hefted his sissy’s boobs up and down. Sage’s teeny tiny cocklet grew to its full two-and-a-half inches. Rufus laughed as his gyrated behind him. He spat on his dick and pressed towards the Promised Land.

Sage yelped.

Rufus now had half of his length inside the anus. He remarked, “Play with them big ole boi titties so Paw-Paw can see.
Sage whimpered, “Yes, Paw-Paw!”

Rufus’ cock hardened as he observed the sissy following his command. He loved seeing the fat rolls shake as he stuffed Sage. “Take Paw-Paw’s dick, faggot,” he shouted.

Sage tooted out his pussy hole.

“That pussy feels good, baby boi,” Rufus announced.
“Thank you, Paw-Paw,” Sage cried out.

Rufus slammed his meat inside and held it there.

“What’s wrong Paw-Paw,” fuck doll inquired.
“Trying not to nut,” the senior citizen confessed.
“Okay, Paw-Paw,” Sage acknowledged while still working his ass on Rufus’ engorged shaft.
“”Bitch,” he howled.
“Yes, daddy!”
“I can’t take no more tonight. Let me cum on the boi titties!”

Sage dropped to his knees. He sucked on the hard dick some more. All the while, he worked Rufus’ pole with his moobs.

Rufus roared as he came. He got dressed and left Sage two Andrew Jacksons on his bedroom dresser.

Sage fell asleep after his ‘paw-paw’ left. The next morning he awoke and put on light wash denim jeans and a yellow sweater. He fixed a breakfast of oatmeal. After eating he put on his sneakers and walked outside. It wasn’t too cool so he had not grabbed a jacket. He did have on his backpack. He arrived at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. He found his homeroom and sat down. His teacher told him he would be needed in third period for a junior class officers’ meeting.

The ID he had shown Rufus all those months ago was fake.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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