Penny’s homework assignment

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Penny’s homework assignment
Penny felt her heart thumping excitedly as her mom took
her to Miss Parker’s house to receive her special
training. She never in her wildest dreams ever thought
that her parents would have her
schooled in the art of sex. In an age old tradition, her
mom in Paris had also had been taught to please a man by
her mother. Now it was her turn. She sat in the front
seat of the car and looked at her mom. She was
stunningly beautiful.

Leona, was a little French beauty. Her black hair was
cut in a boyish manner that made her slender neck look
even longer. She wore only the best clothing that
accentuated her body. Leona’s husband adored her and
wanted her to be happy. He knew that soon his beautiful
daughter, Penny, would go through the training Leona had
insisted on. She wanted her daughter to know how to
please her sex partner. He understood the complexities
as well as the importance. His little Penny would be
able to do all that was necessary to do well in life.

When she graduated from her classes, she would be able
to please anyone in any number of ways. Even at her age.
Penny, like her mom, was stunning. Her long black hair
hung straight to the small of her back and her young
body was fast filling out. Her tiny breasts were
beautiful morsels tipped with small hard nipples and her
boyish shape was blessed with a luscious round ass that
her daddy said was perfect.

The car pulled into the long driveway leading to Miss
Parkers house. The house was outside the city limits.
Every week, Penny was delivered there at the same time
and then picked up exactly two hours later. She was to
wear a schoolgirl uniform with ankle socks and plain
white cotton panties, nothing else. Her long hair was
made into a ponytail. She looked at her mom who bent
down to kiss her. Their lips met briefly in a tender
loving kiss.

“Go now, my beauty,” said Leona softly. “Do all that
Miss Parker asks.”

Penny nodded and quickly left the car almost running to
the front door that suddenly opened. There stood Miss
Parker, a woman in her late forties, dressed in a blue
business suit looking stern. She did not tolerate
lateness, or disobedience in any way. Penny immediately
entered the house not wanting to displease her. She
quickly went to her desk and sat straight, her body
tingling with anticipation. She so looked forward to
this day each week.

Miss Parker closed and locked the door. She came into
the room and looked at Penny. Miss Parker was a handsome
woman, though severe in her clothing and hairstyle. She
played the part of the teacher with as much gusto as was
expected. Her face was unlined and beautiful, her lips
full. Her body, though hidden under the suit was hard
and sexual.

“And how is my very special student today?” she asked in
a clipped tone. One that was neither happy nor angry.

Penny licked her lips and smiled at her, though she
didn’t expect her to smile back.

“I’m happy to be here, Miss Parker,” she said excitedly.

Miss Parker held a long thin cane that she used for
various purposes and she pointed it at Penny.

“Did you practice the homework that I gave you?” she
asked as she sat opposite the young beauty.

Penny, her heart skipping a beat, nodded. She had loved
her homework, for she had practiced it every night
before bed.

“Yes, Miss Parker,” she said softly.

“Good, now show me.”

Penny watched Miss Parker as she spread her legs. The
short skirt of her uniform barely covered her young
thighs and as soon as she opened her legs her entire
bottom was exposed to Miss Parker. Her white cotton
panties were damp and Miss Parker’s eyebrows lifted with

Using her fingers, Penny began to rub her pussy over the
wet panties, making her eyes close in pleasure from her
soft touch. After seconds of rubbing she pulled her
panties aside to reveal her smooth wet pussy. It was
then that she slid one finger inside. She whispered a
moan as her small finger entered her wetness.

Miss Parker watched this incredible display of
masturbation and felt her own cunt begin it’s buildup of
gradual heat. She saw the little beauty squeezing her
finger with her cuntal muscles, tightening and
loosening. Penny was opening her legs wider as she knew
that soon her body would respond to this hot pleasure by
cumming before Miss Parker. She liked to squirt for her,
to show her how she enjoyed it so much.

“Squeeze that finger. Use those muscles harder,” said
Miss Parker as she leaned closer to watched its
inevitable outcome.

Penny did, her finger soaked with her juices as she
squeezed. Soon she shuttered and bucked on the chair as
she began to squirt her hot juices over her hand and
down her silky young thighs.

“That’s very good. Now bring your legs back. That’s it
my c***d. D**** them over the arm rests of the chair. I
wish to see your lovely juices.”

Penny did so, knowing that she was very exposed to Miss
Parker. Her cunt was gaping open slightly and her pussy
juice was dripping down to the hard wooden seat.

“Did that feel good, Penny? Did you like teaching your
pussy to squeeze your finger that way?”

She nodded, her mind a blur of pleasure, her body
responding to the naughty things that Miss Parker made
her do.

“You did well, my c***d. Think about a man who wants to
feel the same pleasure as you. By using your vaginal
muscles as you did, he will receive the ultimate
pleasure. If you are being made love to by another
woman, she will feel your desires and you hers. You want
to make any cock that enters you feel the best pleasure

Miss Parker raised her cane, holding it by the tip and
aiming the knobbed end at Penny who watched her.

“Remain as you are, my love. You are so beautiful. Close
your eyes for me and think about a handsome young boy
that you have seduced. His hard lovely cock has been
sucked by your hot little mouth and he is ready to fuck
you. Can you see him, my love?”

Penny nodded, her eyes closed as she imagines the young
handsome boy. Part of her training was to have a vivid
imagination and to use it often. Suddenly she feels the
cane against her thighs, the knob sliding over her silky
skin. She is wondering what Miss Parker will do. She is
not long in waiting.

Miss Parker moves the long cane back and forth over the
girls clit making the c***d moan. Her tiny swollen clit
is hard and so very sensitive.

“He wants to slide his cock inside you, to use you, to
fuck you. Do you want him, my c***d,” asks Miss Parker
as she moves the fat knobby cane against her open pussy.

Penny, her breathing fast, her mouth slightly open,
nods, she does want him, all of him. Then she feels the
cane enter her, the round knob slip inside her juicy
cunt and push its way deeper, making her groan in
absolute pleasure.

Miss Parker revels at the girl’s response, seeing her
squirm in delight as the cane dips so deeply. She has
sent at least six inches of it inside her wet cunt. She
dares not go too far. She does not want to ruin the girl
at this level of her schooling. Soon enough for that.
But it is important to train her, to make her lust
whatever is fucking her.

“Mmmmm… my lovely girl, you are enjoying him aren’t
you? You like to feel his hardness sliding within you,
making you want to cum for me.”

Penny did and wanted to please Miss Parker. Her body
responded immediately. She loved to feel something
inside her cunt. She wanted so much more. Soon she felt
Miss Parker move the cane back and forth. The hard knob
slipping in and out of her. She cried out as she
squirted again, making her cunt even more slippery.
Faster went the cane and just a bit deeper, stretching
her pussy even more.

Miss Parker slid her hand inside her soaked panties as
she fucked this incredible c***d with her cane. Her clit
was huge, extending at least two inches. She pulled on
it like a cock, masturbating.

“That’s it, take all of him, fuck him harder, my lovely
girl.” she encouraged as Penny’s ass lifted off the
wooden chair to meet the strokes of the cane.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh… Miss Parker,” cried Penny as she
shuttered and moaned, her cunt exploding with her hot
juices around the embedded cane.

Faster went Miss Parker as she moved the cane harder and

“The boy has gone my lovely c***d, and now you are
feeling your handsome daddies cock inside you. He loves
you and wants to fuck you so much. Take him.”

The very image of her daddy over her, his big cock
slipping inside her made her cum. Her clit was swollen
and so sensitive. She wanted her daddy to fuck her. She
pushed against the cane, at times hurting herself as she
drove it ever deeper until ten inches of it disappeared
inside her tight cunt. But it felt so good. She moved
her body, matching the thrusts of Miss Parker. The wet,
juicy noise of her cunt filled the room.

Miss Parker moved near the girl, her grasp of the cane
tightening as she felt the girl grind against it. Her
other hand cupped Penny’s breasts and groped it,
pinching her hard nipple and making the girl cry out.

The slop, slop, slop of Penny’s juices splashed out of
her onto the chair below with each thrust of the cane.
It was getting more difficult to hold it as the girl’s
juices covered it.

“Such a good student, so very hot and nasty. Your daddy
will love to fuck you.” Said Miss Parker who now reached
under the school uniform to manipulate the girls
breasts. Penny’s hard nipple felt so good as it hardened
immediately from her touch.

“Ohhh, daddy, fuck me…” she moaned softly, as she
imagined him.

Soon, Miss Parker removed the cane, releasing more hot
juices from the girl’s cunt.

“You did well today. But now we must give you some
homework. I want you to learn how to kiss properly. Your
teacher for the following week will be your mother. She
is proficient in kissing. When I see you next week you
will show me how you kiss.”

Penny nodded, her body on fire. Her poor panties were
wringing wet. She would look forward to her mommy
teaching her to kiss. She even imagined her french-
kissing her mouth. Then when she learned, she would show
Miss Parker. She so looked forward to that. Her pussy
was open and dripping as Miss Parker slid her panties
back on. Miss Parker patted her pussy.

“You’ve done well today. Next week we will also use
something bigger for your beautiful pussy.”

Penny smiled and waited for her mom to pick her up.

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