Petite Indian Wife Part 2

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Petite Indian Wife Part 2
When I got married I had small boobs. My figure was 29 28 30.But my hubby and my servant helped to develop my boobs. Within 6 months my figure was 32 29 32. I used to wear boy like dress with boy like hairstyle and stayed as a boy for few months. But it was the holi when my servant Raju came to know that I am a girl. After few months my boobs were standing like two small mountains. I tried to wear tight inners for few months to hide my identity from others, as per my hubby’s wish. My maid Gita was not aware that I was a girl. My hubby used to fuck me at night and my servant used to press my boobs and ass whenever he gets chance.

Raju was not getting chance to fuck me. One day in the morning when I opened the door, Raju greeted me and said that Gita is sick, and will not come to work. When I turned to return to bedroom, Raju came from behind and pulled my pant down. I was not wearing anything. My white and round ass was visible to him. I was just pulling my pant back when he grabbed my ass tightly. I said him that his saheb is in home, and he must wait till my hubby goes to office. Then he started doing all house works. Soon my hubby left for office. I went to the gate to see off my hubby. Raju was in the garden. Just after my hubby left I started feeling a hand in my ass. Raju was waiting for days for this chance. As I turned towards him he locked his hips with mine and hugged me. He was pressing my ass and kissing my soft lips. Soon he brought one hand to press my boobs. All these were happening near our gate. I was not able to tell him anything, as my lips were locked.

Soon he started undressing me. I just turned anyhow. Now my body was hiding behind Raju’s body from anyone going in the street. Soon he pulled me pant out of my body. Now to remove my t shirt he had to leave my lips. This was the only chance for me to talk. I was completely nude. I asked him “What are you doing in front of the gate?” He replied this “This is not the first time you are standing nude here. That “holi “day you were nude outside the gate and even went for a nude ride” .I was shy to remember that day. I started hiding my face with my hands. He lifted me in his arm and took me to the grass carpet. Soon he was nude. I was shocked and asked his intension. He replied lets enjoy in the sun outside. Where we were, anyone entering our gate can see us, but not from outside. I was sleeping in the bottom and he was on my top. He started kissing me and fingering my cunt. My pussy was wet already. He soon went down and started sucking my pussy. I was shouting in excitement because his tongue was going deeper and deeper. Soon we were in 69 position. His cock was already tight. It was difficult for me to take it 50%; because his cock is 10 inch long and 5 inch in circumference. Then he slowly started inserting deeper and deeper in my throat.

After few minutes he brought his cock from the mouth and started inserted it in my pussy. The feeling was totally different from my hubby. It was going tight. Soon He started pace. In between he was jerking hard. I could feel his cock going extreme deep in my pussy. It was a joy ride for me. Then he asked me to come over his body. Now I inserted the cock and was moving my ass up and down. He started sucking my boobs. It was totally unbearable. Then he started stroking from bottom and this time with full pace. There was only one word coming from my mouth “aahh…aahh …aaahh…” After ten minutes he slowed down. He was much stronger than my hubby. Then he stood up,lifted me in his hands and started penetrating while I was in his arm. His long cock was helping him for all poses. Then he showed his real power. He fucked me in standing position and I was in his arm. He fucked me for 10 minutes in that position. Then he brought me on floor and asked me to suck his cock. I sucked for few minutes. He was helping me by pressing my head towards him. Soon he exploded inside mouth. It was so powerful and un expected for me that, it went in my mouth and it partially came out from my nose. He brought his cock out. I took few minutes to be normal again. Then we cleaned and bathed in the garden . After 12 when was too hot outside; we went inside. We took lunch together and had another half an hour season before he left home. While leaving he asked me to see off him in nude outside the gate. It was 2 o’clock and almost road was empty. I went with him. He opened the gate and I was hiding behind him. I said him bye and ran back home. After that day whenever Gita goes sick, it becomes a nude day and fun day for me.

After few months I was having period and Gita saw an opened packet of pad in the house. She immediately touched my pant and truth came out. Then I told her the real truth. She said that she will not tell anyone. But as I was feeling more comfortable in boy dress, I continued to wear those. But now I do not wear tight inners to hide my boobs.

It went like this and I was becoming bolder and bolder. I used to sleep nude with my hubby. Sometimes I used to open the door in topless or nude. She was initially objecting and suggested me not to do as my boobs are now quite bigger. But after few days she stopped objecting and just gives soft comments like ” aap bahut besaram ho “. Within month time My maid had no objection on my nude stay at home. But she always takes care to keep Raju away from me when I am nude. One day when I asked her, whether she feels bad when I stay nude. She smiled and said ” Bura mat man na memsab, Lekin aap to waise hi raho jaise aapko acha lagta hai. ” Then she shared something, which was shocking for me. She told me that Raju( our servant and her hubby) , is nowadays fucking her more wildly and passionately; and some nights he used to chatter my name while fucking her. She told me that after several years her sex life has now refreshed. And this is all because of my semi nude outfits.

This encouraged me more. And I started staying nude more times in home; Some day completely. Raju used to touch and press when Gita is out of sight.

A few months later Gita went to village. Before going she also suggested me to be careful from Raju. She said ” Memsab mere admi se thoda door hi rahna, inki niyat bahut kharab hoti hai” . But Raju was waiting for such chance.

Next day in the morning my hubby was sleeping. Doorbell rang. I went nude and opened the door. He immediately grabbed me and started kissing me. I told him that your saheb will wake up. Then I went to bedroom, and put a pant and t shirt on. Then I wake up my hubby. He never knew that I stay nude in front of servants. Within an hour he left for office and I was alone in the house with Raju. I asked Raju “So what is the plan today, inside the house or in the garden” . He said “Let’s go and have some fun in public and then start our program.”

We first went to nearby mall. There we bought a ladies top that was ending well above my knee. I changed my dress in the trial room. I was looking too cheap, as anyone can see my boob protruding from the dress. The bottom was too loose that a small wind can reveal my ass. With that outfit we went on a bus ride. It was a busy time. People were going to office and the busses were packed. We went in one such bus. Raju was always behind me. Inside the bus it was too tight to breath. I was sandwiched in the crowd. Then Raju started enjoying my ass. Within minutes he lifted my dress from back .As it was too crowded no one can see, what is going below . Now he was touching my nude ass. Soon he started to insert his finger in my pussy from behind. His finger was wet with my pussy juice. He brought his finger out and inserted inside my ass hole. I had closed my eyes.

After Some time I turned towards him and he pressed my boobs with proper care. After having fun-full bus ride for an hour we went to a market complex. There I deliberately dropped my purse and bend to pickup. My ass was partially visible. Few boys and men stopped for a while to have a look. There we picked few items and returned home. I was about to enter inside the gate when he requested to go inside the park. Then we went inside the park in front of our house. There was not a single person in the park. Because of the high profile locality only c***dren and few elderly people nearby used to come to the park in the morning and in the evening. Rest of the times the park used to be almost empty. In the park we sat on a bench. He started lifting my dress and touched my pussy. We soon hugged each other and started kissing each other. Within minutes we were in a hot mood. He layed me on the bench and came over me. Then he unhooked the pant and opened the chain. I pulled his cock out. He did not remove his pant completely. Then he started fingering my pussy again to make it wet and slowly inserted his cock. He then started fucking me there. In between he was watching toward the gate. Then he sat in the bench and I sat on his lap. I started moving my body up and down. After 30 minutes of fucking he cummed in my mouth. Then we sat there for a while and returned home. For a whole week he fucked me at different locations and was going to his house in the evening only. After a week Gita came back and our enjoyments came to the end.

Till date whenever we gets chance we experiment new things at new places. This relationship keeps our sex life alive.

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