Pissed-Off Neighbors

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Pissed-Off Neighbors
I had been staying in the beach house for a few weeks without meeting any of my neighbors. So when the mailman mistakenly left me a package for Donna and Sarah, the girls next door, I decided to do them a favor and take it over. I heard giggling from the other side of the gate, so I pushed it open a little to say hello. What I saw made me forget all about the little introduction I had prepared.

Sarah and Donna were sitting on lounge chairs, totally engrossed in each other under the blazing sun. They were smoothing suntan lotion into each other’s sweat-slick skin. They had both lost their bikini tops. Donna’s hands slid down Sarah’s slender shoulders and over her perfect waist and hips. Both women were obviously enjoying themselves, laughing and talking between gulps from a huge, icy pitcher of margaritas. I quickly ducked back behind the gate, embarrassed.

I bent down to put the package on the ground by the gate and get out of there. Suddenly, I felt a powerful shove from behind. I slammed my head into the door, sending it flying open, and I ended up sprawled on the deck at Sarah’s feet. My back and head were throbbing. Looking straight up into the sun, I could barely make out the figure of another woman standing over me.

“Hey Donna, look what I found peeping at you guys,” she snarled. Sarah and Donna jumped up and covered themselves. Donna yelled at me, “What the fuck were you doing out there, you pervert!” She was taller than her roommate, with large but firm breasts and long, muscular legs.

I was so dizzy from hitting my head that I could barely move, but I stammered, “I was–I’m sorry, I was just–” My explanation was cut short by a sudden jolt of pain as someone stomped on my crotch! It was the one who had pushed me. I rolled onto my side, holding my cock and looking up at her with tears in my eyes. On an ordinary day, I would have been totally turned on by her outfit, a short black business skirt, tight white blouse and black patent leather high-heeled pumps with no stockings to conceal her smooth, tan legs.

A swift kick to the side of my head from her shoe revived the blaring pain and sent me onto my back again. My pulse was racing. Sarah took over now.

“Jeez, Cynthia, it’s the dork from next door! I’m glad you caught him!” Grabbing a handful of my hair, she yanked my head up and shouted into my face, “How long have you been watching us, you numb fuck?!” Her words were slurred, but being drunk didn’t diminish Sarah’s anger or her strength. As she yelled, her long, brown hair flew into her face, slightly damp with sweat.

“What is it, huh? You think you were about to see our pussies, is that it? You stupid shit, you wanna get a closeup look at our nice little cunts?” Sarah taunted. I didn’t know what to say or do–I just leaned on my elbows and stared wide-eyed back at her. Shoving me back onto the ground, she untied her bikini bottom and tossed it aside. Even in my confusion, I noticed how pretty her pussy was, neatly trimmed and glistening with sweat. She was almost model-perfect, slim and fit. Sarah got down and squatted over my face, teasing, “Here you go, have an eyeful!” I looked straight into her pussy for moment, transfixed.

Suddenly, she let out a rush of pee! My eyes burned as the urine splashed over my forehead and up into my nose. What the hell? I couldn’t do anything but weakly shake my head, as Cynthia quickly immobilized me in the crook of her elbow from behind. While Sarah aimed for my cheek and eyes, Cynthia grabbed my jaw and forced me to catch some of Sarah’s acrid shower in my mouth. I choked, and my faced burned with humiliation. I couldn’t believe what was happening!

It seemed to take a full minute or more for Sarah to finish, and by the end of it, my hair and face were totally soaked! Cynthia finally let me go. I coughed and spluttered as I realized that there was laughing and clapping. I looked up at the circle of women above me, pointing and making fun of me. Sarah rubbed her clit lazily as she took in the sight of her wet handiwork.

I thought it was over once Sarah calmed down, but Cynthia had other ideas. Before I could get up, she stepped into view and exclaimed, “Gee, that looks like fun, Sarah! I had three cups of coffee on the way here. Mind if I use your toilet?” Without waiting for an answer, she lifted her skirt up, pulled her white panties aside and let loose with a deep, yellow spray from her standing position. No, not another, I thought, but it was already starting. Cynthia spread her long legs wider apart so her warm piss shower would fully cover my face and upper chest. I desperately wanted to get out of there, but I was still paralyzed with shock and pain.

As the pee flow continued, I heard one of the others yell, “Get his clothes off!” Helplessly, I didn’t resist as I felt the laughing women grab my wet shorts and shirt and pull them off roughly. I was mortified with embarrassment, my cock swinging free from my underwear while Cynthia’s thick, pungent rain poured down onto my face. Before she finished, I was totally nude on the now-soaked boards of the deck. The taste of urine filled my mouth and nose.

Cynthia didn’t last as long as Sarah had, but when I saw Donna coming towards me with a wicked smile on her face, weaving from her drunkenness, I knew I was in for a major piss bath. She had obviously been drinking margaritas all afternoon, and she looked about ready to burst.

Wordlessly, she straddled me facing away, bent over and held my knees for balance, watching me between her legs. I stared powerlessly as Donna bent her knees and lowered down onto me like I was a toilet seat. Her fleshy ass slowly approached my face, and I tried to get ready for more degradation.

Donna’s pee started slowly but soon shot out in a wide stream, drenching any bit of my head that hadn’t already been covered. I tried to keep my eyes open, fascinated by her sweaty, shiny ass and cunt. Donna went forward and splashed my stomach and chest, moving back again until her clear spray returned to my neck and face. Again, someone forced my mouth open to accept the relentless piss stream. It tasted somehow sweeter than Cynthia’s. Donna pressed her ass down onto my face and squirmed, spraying out more and more incredible amounts of pee. She lifted off periodically, giving me a perfect view of her ass cheeks and pink pussy lips as she pulled them apart to direct her fluids onto me. Then she would plunge her backside onto me again, plugging my nose and mouth with her asshole and splattering vagina.

I could hardly hear anything, since my ears were clogged with liquid, but I caught a glimpse of Sarah off to one side, spread-eagled on a lounge chair, still massaging her pussy lips and chugging from a big bottle of water. I knew what that meant.

Donna’s ass demanded my attention again as she finished off by grinding it mercilessly on my lips. “Wipe me with your tongue, pissboy,” Donna commanded, swiping her butt and pussy over my lips and tongue. I obediently licked deep into her pussy and ass crack, swirling out the last drops of her urine. I had to clean her of every droplet of pee before she would finally relent, allowing me to breathe again.

As soon as Donna stood up, I suddenly bolted! Ignoring the shooting pain in my back, I got up to my knees and frantically crawled towards the gate, trying to stand up. I didn’t care that I was naked and covered in urine; I just had to get out of there.

“Get him!,” yelled Sarah. In a split second, Cynthia and Donna were on me, pelting me with smacks and punches. They grabbed my hair and dragged me back to the middle of the deck. Cynthia jumped down and kneeled on my chest, slapping my face over and over, yelling and cursing. That was when the spitting began.

With me now immobilized in front of Sarah’s lounge chair, the other two girls circled me, hawking and spitting over and over. Saliva landed in gobs on my cheeks and forehead. I knew enough not to object, but I couldn’t help moaning when Cynthia squeezed my cheeks together painfully and spat right onto my involuntarily puckered lips. I had never seen such rage on a woman’s face before. I gagged as I felt the strings of spittle fall from between my lips and slither down my throat. “Oh no you don’t,” she warned, “you’ll swallow it all, dickwad. You should have thought of this before you went out peeping this morning.” Donna took a long drink from her water bottle, watching intently.

Cynthia spat on my face one more time before standing up again. I could feel spit and piss sliding down my cheeks as I tried to wipe off my eyes. I don’t think I had any grip on reality anymore, just the need to endure this torture until they would let me go.

Watching as Donna held me down with her bare foot on my neck, Cynthia explained to her, “If you want to do that, it works a lot better with heels on.” I watched her casually walk towards my crotch and tease my cock with the sharp heel of her pump. I was terrified of what Cynthia and Donna would do to me next, but I noticed that Sarah was sighing and breathing heavily as she reclined on the lounge chair to my side. She was circling her nipples with lotion-covered fingers and dipping into her pussy with two fingers while she watched the show on the deck in front of her. I think she was actually getting off on my abuse and humiliation!

Then, pain shot through me as Cynthia stepped up past my groin onto my belly with her full weight, plunging her spike heels excruciatingly into my skin. She calmly walked a few steps, ignoring my screams.

“Donna, shut him up,” Cynthia commanded. Donna quickly grabbed a pair of piss-soaked panties from the deck and stuffed it into my mouth to muffle me. Sitting cross legged, Donna held my writhing head in her lap with both hands and spat some more on my sopping wet forehead and cheeks, ignoring my pleading eyes. “Ohh, poor baby, I know it hurts, doesn’t it?,” Donna mocked, smiling at me. My left eye stung as she landed a gob right on it.

Cynthia’s merciless heels dug into the flesh of my cock and stomach and chest over and over. I was almost relieved when Donna took her turn on me. At least she was barefoot, although I practically lost my breath every time she moved onto my belly.

Cynthia laughed at my agony, standing over my head and pushing the panties deeper into my mouth with her four-inch heel. “Suck my piss up, you little fucker!” The dance got more intense as they laughed and held onto each other’s shoulders for balance. All I could do was try to make the best of it and look past their toes and ankles up their powerful legs to their shiny pussies and perfect tits gathering sweat from their exertion. My cock and balls took a few more random kicks, turning almost purple now. Then, Donna knelt and yanked the panties out of my mouth. I thought she trusted me enough not to yell anymore, but I soon found out she had other things in mind.

Incredibly, the two women managed to stand on me at the same time, Donna on my pelvis and Cynthia on my chest. I gasped and moaned, but I knew they would only torture me more if I made too much noise. The pointed toes of Cynthia’s shiny black pumps were inches from my face. I almost wished she would stand still. For some reason, her feet and gorgeous high heels were mesmerizing. Unfortunately, Donna needed to move up and shove her right foot into my mouth, her left foot planted firmly on my chest while she held onto Cynthia for balance.

“Look at him, Donna” laughed Cynthia, after a long drink from a water bottle, “I think he likes licking your toes! He’s getting hard!” Donna teased my lips with her big toe, sliding her foot in slowly. “You like this, pervert?,” she asked softly. “Suck my toes, go ahead, lick them.” I tasted the piss and grit from the deck on all five of her flexing toes. There wasn’t much I could do but slurp and suck until she yanked her foot out to show me her spit-shined toenails.

Thankfully, Donna and Cynthia’s torturing was cut short when Sarah gasped and warned, “Get out of the way!” Sarah sat up on the edge of the lounge chair, perpendicular to me, her feet planted by my hip. Her left hand was massaging oil into her breasts while her right moved furiously over her clit. She threw her head back and groaned as she came mightily, simultaneously releasing an arcing stream of piss directly onto my penis, which, incredibly, was indeed hard. The heat of Sarah’s golden shower actually felt good washing over it!

Cynthia and Donna clapped their hands and giggled like girls, urging me to jerk off. I was getting pretty close to cumming before I even grabbed my cock. I never knew a woman could piss so far and so much. Pulling her pussy lips apart and shifting her hips from side to side, Sarah drenched me from head to toe with her incredible urine spray shooting three or four feet from her pulsing vagina. I started stroking, using her piss as a lubricant.

Donna and Cynthia had gotten completely naked now and were standing with their arms casually d****d around each other’s waists. They watched for a little while, until Sarah’s stream finally began to subside. My dick was throbbing and ready to explode.

Then they did something amazing. Standing on each side of my head, Donna and Cynthia put their hips together, glistening cunts aimed towards me, and simultaneously bent slightly at the knees and let go onto my face. They had evidently saved some pee the last time they went, plus they had both been drinking all during my ordeal. I found myself opening my mouth without even being told. They alternated clenching off to make their dual shower last longer, but at least one stream was hitting me at all times.

As their twin pee trickles crossed and landed square in my mouth, it didn’t take long for my oral cavity to fill. “Wider,” Donna ordered. I obeyed, stretching my jaws open further. It sounded like piss hitting the water in a toilet bowl as they aimed perfectly between my upper and lower teeth. Finally, as their tangy urine overflowed my mouth, I lifted my head up a little so I could swallow.

“That’s it, drink our pee, yeah,” urged Donna, smirking. “Guess he likes this, Cynth, he’s jacking off like crazy now!” Sarah was still soaking my penis and legs with urine. “Let’s see if we can drown him before he cums!,” giggled Cynthia. The sight of the girls’ beautiful pussies lowering slowly closer to my face almost put me over the edge. Finally, Donna and Cynthia were crouched right above me, still holding onto each other for balance and trickling onto me. Donna sat full-on onto my face, grinding the back of my head into the wooden deck, draining her bladder without mercy.

Cynthia soon pressed herself in, and the two girls maneuvered until they somehow crushed me with their full weight from both sides. Four ass cheeks, two pussies and one combined torrent of urine took over every bit of my attention. I got a little nervous when they closed off all my sense of the outside world, relentlessly smothering me, but . . .

At that point, everything went into slow motion. What I was feeling on my cock was the most heavenly thing I had ever imagined.

Sarah had apparently finished cumming and spurting piss, and she sat forward on the chair, her toes pushing my hands aside. A glop of suntan lotion landed on my cock head. Sarah’s warm feet enclosed my penis lengthwise, her smooth soles sliding up and down, very slowly and sensually. I couldn’t believe the sensation. Sarah massaged my rock-hard dick between her feet. Her toes clenched around my balls and squeezed the shaft all over. Her strokes sped up gradually. I was in such ecstasy, I almost forgot the wet onslaught that was still happening on my face.

It only took a few caresses from Sarah’s soles before I felt cum boiling up from my bruised balls. Faster and faster, Sarah’s slick feet moved up and down my straining cock. Finally, she yanked down with both feet one last time before I came violently. I must have shot cum up the length of her leg. I felt some of my ejaculation squirt through her toes before she pressed down on my balls with her toenails as if to squeeze out all the semen inside me. Over and over, I spurted jism, soaking Sarah’s feet. I grabbed onto Donna’s and Cynthia’s relentless asses, trying to get a breath. My heart was pounding, but I couldn’t draw in any air.

I came again and again, spasming and convulsing under the pussies grinding into my face. Finally, Donna and Cynthia finished pissing on me, but their facesitting didn’t let up. I don’t know whether it was exhaustion from cumming, pain or sheer lack of oxygen, but I must have passed out at that point, because that’s where my memory ends. The three women’s laughter faded into oblivion, echoing in my head . . .

When I woke up, it was almost dark out. I was still soaked with piss. I wiped thick, stringy gobs of spittle from my eyes and face, along with pussy juice and every other bodily fluid. I saw the puddles of my own cum on the boards of the deck, which was completely stained with the oceans of pee that had been unleashed on me. I dragged myself up, shivering. Despite my aching body and the disgusting, amazing experience I had just survived, I found myself getting hard again as the memories came back to me. I wondered if any of the images from that long, hot day would ever enter into my fantasies in the future.

I noticed conversation coming from the well-lit interior of the beach house, so I didn’t stick around for them to catch me again. I limped out of the yard towards my house. On my way out the gate, I passed the package I had left on the ground earlier . . .

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