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The Director, Ms Dorothy van Heckle, (Dottie to most people) was a tall distinguished looking woman with grey hair (she was about 60) and a firm voice. She had directed this school since the beginning. She was an enigma to most. There were many rumours about her, but nothing was ever proven or investigated. One persistent rumour was that she had wild parties in her very pPRIVATE SCHOOL FOR LESBIANS – Part 3 – DOTTIE
The Director, Ms Dorothy van Heckle, (Dottie to most people) was a tall distinguished looking woman with grey hair (she was about 60) and a firm voice. She had directed this school since the beginning. She was an enigma to most. There were many rumours about her, but nothing was ever proven or investigated. One persistent rumour was that she had wild parties in her very private summer house in Upstate New York and that one of her lovers was a fourth-year student at the school. There were tales of young hookers mixing with Dottie’s rich girlfriends from New York.
Today Dottie was sitting behind her large desk in her huge office and looking down on Ms Margo Roberts and Ms Irene Conway whom, in her own words, “had conducted themselves like naked brawling hookers in front of the whole school”. Since they were good teachers and had experience at the school, she wasn’t firing them for their behavior. They were each given a fine of 3-week salary.
“I hear, Dottie continued, that there was no clear winner in your sexual battle, so if you intend to have a rematch, I suggest you do it somewhere private or else you will both be fired”.
The two teachers thanked the Director and were preparing to leave when Dottie stopped them. The Director walked behind the seated women and put a hand on Irene’s shoulder and one on Margo’s shoulder.
“Ladies, what I have just said is the official reprimand and for my report to the school CA”, Dottie began.
“You really went out of hand there with your public cunt fight’, smiled the director.
“On the other hand, it showed that you both appreciated Ms Rodriguez”, said Dottie as the two teachers gasped.
‘How did you know ?’, both teachers cried
“Shhhhhh….this is between you two, me and Renata Rodriguez. Renata has been my girlfriend since she signed up at the school four years ago. Yes..the rumours are true and we do have parties in a remote house in upstate New York.”, continued Dottie in a calm voice “Renata was very touched that you fought for her and she asked me to include you in some of our parties away from the school. I will still control her sexual life but at least you can be closer to her…and to me”.
“That was a surprise”, said Margo
“You’re not k**ding”, agreed Irene
“I feel much better all of a sudden’, laughed Margo
“I am so looking forward to these parties”, added Irene
“I don’t know if you’re wild enough for these parties’, smiled Margo
“Oh yeah, why don’t you come to my office and I’ll show you “wild”, said Irene taking Margo’s arm.
“Don’t mind if I do”, Margo said running her hand quickly over her colleague’s round rump.
The long weekend finally arrived. Nellie was disappointed that her aunt couldn’t accompany her to Chicago. Margo was sworn to secrecy and so was Irene. Margo made up a story, but Nellie suspected something was going on.
Irene went to New York then drove to Dottie’s house and Margo took another path and didn’t go through New York. It would have been strange for the students to see the old rivals travelling together. Even Nellie had to believe the two teachers still hated each other.
Actually, the guests were not staying at Dottie’s house but in a quaint B & B only a few hundred yards from the house. Irene and Margo settled in early and walked around before dinner. Dottie’s house was the only building besides the hostel for miles and miles. It was surrounded by a forest and you couldn’t see it from the road. A private electrically monitored gate allowed you to get onto the property.
The party was to start around 9 PM in this two-storey small mansion made up of rooms connecting with each other, each furnished with sofas, loveseats, large chairs, and of course lots and lots of thick carpets. It had four fully equipped bathrooms. The party was designed to introduce the guest to each other (i.e. fuck each other) and, the rest of the weekend would allow guests to walk around in the forest, either clothed or naked.
That night the guest disrobed and were given a sheer silk garment which didn’t cover their nudity and was made to excite more than hide. Most of the women wore a triangle which covered their cunt area. It was optional.
When Margo and Irene arrived, the party had started and women they didn’t know were already making out openly in some of the rooms. Dottie was sitting on a sofa with her feet on the cushion and her legs wide apart. Her cunt would have been in full view if a woman, kneeling on the carpet in front of her, hadn’t been busy eating it. Dottie smiled at her two colleagues. Irene, who wanted a shot at Dottie, said something to Margo and knelt behind the woman on the carpet. She raised the woman silk dress and uncovered a very beautiful pair of asscheeks. Margo told herself she should be more careful and envied Irene’s find. Irene started kissing the woman’s asscheeks slowly making her way to her hidden hole. Dottie smiled as she watched Irene part the cheeks with her hands and lick the woman’s puckered hole. Dottie could feel an increase in her love partner’s enthusiasm as soon as Irene got to work.
Margo was moving from room to room looking for someone she knew or liked. Most of the women were in their 50s or 60s and were already engaged in pretty heavy sex. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. As she turned, she came face to face with a tall thin smiling blonde of about 30.
“Oh my….Ms Roberts”, said the girl
“Oh God, sweetie, please don’t call me that….it’s Margo, remember”, laughed Margo
‘Oh I’m sorry…of course now I remember and especially in this setting….”laughed the woman
“I know you were at the school and I taught you but I don’t remember your name’, asked Margo
“I’m Samantha…Sam for you. I used to sit in the front row and cross my legs. You did look interested a few times’, giggled the young blonde
“I take it you’re working now and kept contact with Dottie ?”, asked Margo
‘Yes…and now it’s such a pleasure to see you here’, gushed Sam
The two women laughed nervously and took a step towards each other.
Margo took the lead. ‘We never…’she began. ‘No we didn’t…’ continued Sam
Both had a dirty look and Margo put her hand on Sam’s triangle through her sheer dress. Sam immediately did the same. Both had a trimmed bush. Within seconds, dresses were lifted, hands probed cunts and kisses exchanged. The women took a step back to completely disrobe and looked for a free couch. The tumbled on the nearest couch, head to toe, and started sucking each other’s already wet cunt.
While Margo was getting her kicks finally, Dottie’s and Irene’s three-some had turned into a foursome and Irene finally fell into a one-on-one with Dottie who surprised her lover with a frontal attack. The two women roll on the carpet and Dottie overpowered her younger partner, pinning her to the floor, and positioning herself for a fuck. The new couple were going at it with such force that the other women around stopped and looked on, well aware of the age difference between the two horny women.
“You fucking butch”, spat out Irene who had been caught sleeping at the switch
“You’re going to be my bitch, you little tramp’, yelled Dottie
‘You planned this ? Didn’t you ?”, screamed Irene, her hair in a mess and spit dribbling from her lips to her tits.
Many of the women in the room knew the story of Dottie, Renata Rodriguez, Irene and Margo. Dottie was getting back at Irene for trying to get into Renata’s panties.
Dottie was about 30 years older than Irene but she was strong and a bigger woman. She pinned Irene to the floor and was moving the teacher’s legs apart with her knees. Irene tried to grab her hair but Dottie slapped her and took hold of her rival’s wrists which she pinned to the floor on either side of her head. Dottie kissed Irene with such force that you could hear their teeth coming together. Dottie tried to move her cunt over Irene’s but there wasn’t enough room. She stretched Irene’s arms straight up over her head, which made her underarms not only visible but vulnerable. The older woman began to lick her left underarm much to Irene’s pleasure which she tried to dissimulate. When Dottie licked her other underarm, Irene was defenseless, and Dottie again moved the teacher’s legs with her knees enough so that she could lower her cunt on her rival’s.
Margo and Sam stopped their 69 and walked to the room where Dottie and Irene were going at it. Dottie looked up at the new couple, while keeping Irene under control, and nodded to Sam.
It was the signal. Samantha, much younger than Margo, attacked her from behind and flipped her down on the carpet near where Dottie was going to fuck Irene. It was obvious to all present that Dottie and Samantha had planned this. Margo was so surprised and stunned by the attack that when she tried to fight back, Sam had her pinned to the carpeted floor. Sam kept Margo’s shoulders pinned with both arms while her knees slid down to Margo’s thighs and opened them. Irene was fighting back and Dottie had a hard time slamming her cunt on Irene’s but Margo decided to accept her fate (which wasn’t THAT bad) and became Sam’s bitch without a fight. Dottie and Irene traded spits and their hands were in each other’s hair. Dottie’s sagging tits were flapping up and down against Irene’s hard conical boobs. Dottie seemed to connect “down there” and Irene was beginning to moan. Sam was having her way with Margo who had crossed her legs around her lover’s waist to give her better access to her cunt lips. Both women had large clits and it didn’t take long for them to find each other.
As the two couples were engaged in a fuck fest a few feet from each other, a young woman approached them from where Irene and Margo had their head on the carpet. It was Renata’s turn to join in the fun with the two teachers. The Latina beauty was naked and the women around her were getting an eyeful, knowing full well that that’s as close to Dottie’s girlfriend as they would get. Renata was kneeling on the thick carpet and moved her knees on either side of Irene’s head. Irene tried to move her head up to lick Renata’s cunt but Dottie slammed it down with her hand and Renata moved to a crouching position. Still, Irene could see Renata’s full bushy cunt and her asshole only inches away from her face. She could smell the aroma of Renata’s wet cunt. Irene would have given anything to reach those cunt lips with her tongue. Irene swore and tried to wiggle her way out of Dottie’s clutch but in vain. Renata moved to Margo and Sam’s couple and went through the same tease with Margo. The teacher was breathing hard not only because she was being fucked by Sam but because she wanted to inhale as much of that cunt smell as she could. Renata circled the two couples and lay down with her head resting on Dottie’s ass. Her target was moving up and down but she managed to get a few good licks between those fleshy buttocks before she retired to another room.
Irene came first, as she had been attacked first, but refused to kiss Dottie who pretended she was minutes away from an orgasm. Margo and Sam, on the other hand, had been tongue-kissing from the beginning. Sam even came a few seconds before Margo and that fuck left both women satisfied and asking for more as they cuddled.
Irene was furious at Margo for not fighting back and both women traded insults as Dottie and Sam watched. It didn’t take long for all hell to break loose as Irene took a swing at Margo who kicked her in the stomach. Sam traded punches with Irene before Dottie and her escort girls broke up the fight. Irene was expelled from the house and walked to her car to come back to the school. It sure wasn’t over between her and Margo.
The rest of the evening was quite peaceful with Margo and Sam continuing their romance and Dottie showing everyone she could cunt fuck the beautiful Renata into the ground.

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