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You may have read my story, ‘Turned by Alan and Amy’. After that experience, I suffered marital issues and a separation that lasted two years. It took a huge struggle to get my wife back and for the last few year’s I have remained straight as a dye. However, where the heart rests the eye will wander and I found myself back online again looking for partners. One intrigued me, called ‘Soulsearcher’. His profile was quite a wicked read with lots of hidden meanings. We conversed and when he revealed his real name and location, I was stunned to learn that not only did we live in the same village but his house was just around the corner from mine. Oddly, I walked by this sprawling property nearly every day but it is obscured by dense forest and no-one knew the person living there. I suggested a discrete meeting but Soulsearcher was having none of it because he didn’t like ‘playing close to home’. We then lost touch but one night in our local pub, I was introduced by a neighbour to a retired psychologist, called Dr Christian, which was his first name. We chatted over a beer until my neighbour said, ‘you should know Christian, he lives in the big house around the corner.’ I nearly spat out my beer.
When the neighbour went to the loo, Christian said that he knew me. After I confirmed who I was, he said he recognised my face from images on my old Xhamster profile. He then turned very stern and ordered me not to mention a word. Christian prepared to go home, quite shaken by our meeting but went to the loo and as he emerged from the loo, my neighbour presented him with another beer. Whether it was the beer or our conversation, I don’t know, but Christian settled in for the night and we had an enlightening conversation. The pub called time and we left together. As I approached Christian’s house, he asked if I would be offended if he didn’t ask me in for a coffee. I had no choice but to agree. Several weeks later, we then started exchanging PMs on Xhamster and sure enough, that coffee invite arose.
Christian’s home was all leather, giant oil paintings and heavy wallpaper; very gothic and dark. I discovered that his wife had left him many years ago and since then he’d had no relationships with either sex. I returned for coffee several times. We struck a friendship and then one night after the pub I popped in to see him with some CDs I had promised. By now, I thought we were just good friends. Christian had been expecting me but with his maid out, he invited me into his study where he once practiced psychology. It was like the rest of the house, dark and eerie.
The study was dominated by a large wooden desk, glass cabinet containing paraphernalia and a leather bed, which his clients reclined on during sessions. I felt that Christian was probing me with awkward questions. It was the first time he had talked about sex. I was giddy from the pub, and gave some silly answers, so Christian asked me to lay down on his recliner and enjoy a free consultation. I had never done anything like this before but it was deep and revealing. In seconds, he had me pouring out all sorts of stuff which I didn’t even know was lurking there. Christian said that I had an unsatisfied desire to be sexually dominated and wondered if I would surrender to him. Did I need to be asked? It really was not that well obscured. I leapt at the chance and so on my return the following day, our relationship began.
Christian’s first demand was to have me naked in his study for an hour, just walking around and talking to him. I liked feeling vulnerable and sensed his desire for me. To my surprise, he told me to dress and return the next day. I did but after three such sessions, I became quite bored. ‘Training’, he said, would now commence. His two conditions were that I would follow his every order and that I would avoid at all costs, gaining an erection. He was in control, so I went with it, though I found the conditions odd. I undressed again and Christian stood before me and examined every millimetre of my flesh with eerie precision. Within seconds, I had an erection. Christian looked at my penis in disgust but said he could help. He wrapped my cock in a silicon sleeve, took it in his mouth and bit hard down. The pain was excruciating. Every time I asked him to stop and touched his head to move him away, hit bit harder. After fifteen minutes I was in total mind numbing agony. He then released me. ‘Jesus,’ I cried, ‘you’ve nearly bitten my cock off.’ Christian calmed me and invited me back onto the recliner where I sat nursing my injured cock. I bit down on my thumb to distract my mind from the pain.
He explained that I had to associate erections with pain if I was to control them. No k**ding, I thought. When the pain subsided, he fitted a silver ring over my bruised cock. It looked terrific as a piece of jewellery and inside was a rubber ring that made it fit snugly. ‘Get an erection’, he ordered. With trepidation, I closed my eyes and dreamt of being anally fucked. My cock grew rapidly but intolerable pain started again. Unbeknown to me, the metal ring was lined with tiny spikes encased in the rubber inner ring. When my erection started to grow, it pushed back the rubber ring and caused the spikes to protrude and penetrate the flesh of my cock. Christian moved the ring around and I screamed out. The pain was unbearable until my erection subsided. I eventually calmed. Christian asked me to wear this for three days and then come back to him.
I have to say that my boundaries for pain were exceeded in the next three days. I hadn’t realised just how many involuntary erections I had until those spikes stuck in me. Several times when out with friends I appeared to be in agony, explaining it away by saying that I had a bad tummy infection. By the time I returned to Christian and removed the ring, erections were truly the last thing that would occur. He was pleased and said we would move to what he had always desired for me. ‘And that would be?’ I asked. ‘To have you suffer an anal prolapse,’ he said. I joked with him that this was never going to happen because I was so tight but he maintained that it could be done under control.
I left Christian’s house in disbelief. No way was I going to suffer a prolapse. I had seen too many on Xhamster and didn’t feel it was safe or desirable. Nonetheless, Christian referred me to more prolapse videos. I pretended to just go along with him, never believing that he would achieve his desire or even attempt it. How wrong was I?
Every day for a week, I made excuses to come to home late from work, instead going to Christian’s. He would have me kneel on the recliner and he inserted small butt plugs into my well-lubed ass. He was gentle and clinical. I loved it. The feeling of cold sex. He had me sit on the dildos for up to an hour, sometimes restraining my arms behind my back. He would then hug my upper body, rocking it on the dildo. This was some progress towards his dream but not enough.
In week 2 and I was naked, kneeling on the recliner when Christian’s maid came into the study with a tray containing a folded white surgeons jacket and some implements. She never even blinked when she saw me diving for cover. Christian put on the jacket and ordered me onto all fours. He stroked my body like an owner petting its dog and then moved to the business end.
‘You should be more open than you are so we need some aids.’ I heard the snap of gloves and then Christian soothed some solution onto my arse. It tingled and then stung as he warned but when it wore off my hole was numb to the touch. It was some sort of numbing agent similar to what dentists use before injections. Christian then shuffled some gadgets around on his metal tray. He placed a long stainless steel probe before my eyes and told me he would insert it to see how far I was constricted. Despite the numbing agent I felt the probe but no pain. It slipped in so easily and seemed to travel into my stomach. I could see a bulged moving back and forth as he manipulated it. I felt powerless. ‘That’s not the problem then,’ he said. He concluded that it was the first sphincter.
The solution to my ‘problem’ was the insertion of an inflatable plug. This time it hurt. Christian kept pumping and stopping. I got the cramps and then he would start again when they subsided. ‘This is now the size of a small fist.’ He left it in place for what seemed an eternity. For several days, the process was repeated.
At the start of the third week, Christian upped the pace. By now I could feel how my hole stretched with no pain or constriction. ‘Time for something challenging,’ warned Christian. I agreed to spend a whole Saturday with him. We started in the morning. He placed his jacket on, spread the numbing agent, and inserted the inflatable dildo and so on. By midday, I was exhausted and not even turned on. I felt like an experiment. We snacked and then returned to the study. Christian opened his glass case and there, unbeknown to me, was an array of giant dildos. He asked if I was ready and by then I was. The first one he tried to insert was a cone shape, tapered at the end and about twelve inches in circumference. To my astonishment, it went in half way up the shaft with no problems. The rest needed calmness, patience and lots of lube. Then a bigger cone went in and this time, it fully inserted in a flash.
‘This is good,’cried Christian. By then I was utterly worn out and needed a rest. We sat in the lounge, me naked and Christian still wearing his white jacket. He turned on the TV and to my horror footage of our session appeared on the screen. He’d filmed everything from our first meeting onwards. I was furious but having calmed, I sat and watched, turned on by the sight of my arse being stretched and tortured so clinically.
On the Sunday, following our all-day session, my wife rang to say that her flight was held up and she would not be home until Tuesday. I rang Christian. ‘Come at once, then,’ he said. I really didn’t want to but some urge inside dragged me there.
In the study, Christian was stood by his desk holding a giant plastic hand dildo. ‘The prolapse is within sight,’. I still didn’t believe this was happening. He caressed my face and for the first time kissed me passionately on the lips. He then started to masturbate me. The erection rules went out of the window and I came in massive convulsions, spunk shooting out everywhere on the study floor. It was all part of his master plan to calm me.
The routine started again with the numbing agent and inflatable dildo. While I sat on all fours, on the recliner, Christian then wheeled in a large flat screen TV. He played with the remote and pictures of my hole came onto the screen. I nodded acceptance and then the final process began. In went the cones, resting inside for precisely ten minutes while my sphincters got used to them. Christian then wafted a cloth in front of my face and covered my mouth. I inhaled fumes and instantly felt giddy but still in control. ‘It will help you relax further.’ He then turned me over and lubed my hole. I was fully relaxed but very awake. I felt a probe enter me and then Christian appeared with a douche bag. He connected a hose to the bag and the probe and then unclipped the hose. Half way along the hose was small plastic device housing a wheel, which regulated the flow. First one bag entered me. Christian encouraged me throughout. He stopped while the cramps developed and subsided and then the second bag was discharged but this time with far more cramps resulting. ‘Feel your tummy,’ Christian insisted as he kissed me repeatedly on the forehead. It was swollen, not like when you’ve eaten too much. It felt solid and pregnant. The cramps started again and subsided. Christian then wheeled over an old fashioned commode chair made from wood with a bowl in the hollow seat. I discharged the fluid. It seemed as though it would never stop. Carefully, Christian dried my anus and cleaned me up with wet wipes. He held my arm as I walked back to the recliner and got onto all fours.
The dildo hand wielded by Christian was not designed to enter gently. It pulled and stretched me mercilessly. For a while I did not think it would enter. More lube, more numbing gel. I rocked back and forth while Christian exerted just the right amount of pressure. ‘Masturbate,’ he ordered and I did, furiously. Suddenly my mind focused on my swollen cock and I felt the knuckle of the hand slide into my ass. From there it passed the first sphincter with no problem.
For about half an hour, Christian carefully drove the hand deeper into my ass until it felt as though it was penetrating my stomach. All the while, he talked to me, reassuring that if done under control, my prolapse would not result in injury. I remember almost fainting at one stage with pain, tiredness and lack of food but somehow I was locked in. Christian then stated turning the hand and dragged it back and forth. It created a vacuum and I could feel my innards pulling out. Several times he removed the hand and then carefully inserted it, sealing any gaps with lube, to create a vacuum. Finally he stopped but not for a rest. He was intrigued by some feeling inside me, which he felt along the shaft of the dildo. ‘I think we are close.’
Slowly, Christian pulled the dildo back and tugged it violently just as the wrist portion rested on my inner sphincter. I gasped in shock and looked up at the TV screen where images of Christian’s torture were beamed live. He rushed to the video camera on its pedestal and moved it closer. The focus was lost but when it returned, there was an image of what looked like a red alien head poking out of my arse.
‘Push’, ordered Christian and as I did, the cone shaped colon prolapsed further and pushed out several centimetres. This was surreal but it was complete. He had achieved his goal. I shouted ‘fuck’, when I saw the image but Christian ordered me not to panic or I could be injured. Slowly, he rotated his gloved hand over the red cone hanging out of my arse. He then spread some lube on it and sought the hole in the centre with his fingers. He pushed them gently inside and I heard him gasp. By now, I was scared senseless. This looked like an A&E case waiting to happen but all the way through Christian gently soothed me with his penetrating voice. I submitted my full trust to him. He opened his lab coat. He was naked underneath and I gazed at the TV screen, which showed a brief image of his erect cock. I felt some motion behind and then looked up again. He positioned himself behind me. I then felt him entering my outstretched prolapse. His cock thrust several times and Christian let out an almighty grunt. Trembling uncontrollably, he discharged his semen into me. I felt his balls slapping mine and his cock transfixing me. He had mastered utmost control and now discharged himself into.
All went quiet until Christian’s flaccid penis fell from my colon. I relaxed and as if by magic, the colon started to retract. Minutes went by and with a gentle nudge, Christian placed it back inside. Then the feeling of being turned inside out slowly disappeared. I felt whole.
I fell asleep on the couch where Christian let me lie, covering me with a blanket. When I awoke, I noticed a note resting on the head of the recliner. I opened it. It just said thank you. Unsure of what to do, I dressed and left what appeared to be an empty house. The walk home was painful and I felt degraded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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