Put it up my ass…

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Put it up my ass…
I had met Fatima at a friend’s graduation party, she was twenty and in college, I was 26 and serving in the navy. Her 5’6 frame, her long brown hair, her brown eyes and her magnificent 34c breasts attracted me from the very beginning. We became friends and before long we started to spend more and more time together, we had kissed and made out but never gone further than that. When I got deployed we kept in touch, and as I was getting ready to come back we agreed to try to get our relationship back on track, so we arranged to spend a weekend away when I returned.

Two weeks after coming home I picked her up, and we drove for a couple of hours to the mountains. It was late October and the temperatures had started to fall but we still beautiful sunny days. I had made reservations at nice chalet style hotel, I had arranged for a suite that was advertised to have among other things a hot-tub in the suite underneath a skylight roof. Champagne and flowers were waiting for us at the suite, and on the way up I had stopped to get a tub of frozen strawberries in syrup (I just had a hankering for them).

After settling in the room, we sat in front of each other in sort of a living room, she asked about my deployment as we started to drink our cold champagne, and at some point we kissed. I suggested we go in the hot tub, it looked great with the sun coming through the glass roof and I really wanted a soak and to see her naked. Fatima was willing, but shy, she asked for one of my t-shirts, so when it all set, she got in the tub wearing white panties and my t-shirt, and I was wearing shorts. The bottle and glasses of champagne came with us, and so did the tub of strawberries which had started to melt do the heat in the room.

At first we were in different sides of the tub, just talking; but eventually we moved towards each other and we started kissing, our tongues searching deeply into each other’s mouth. Her tongue would dart in and out of my mouth, almost as if she wanted to fuck my mouth with her tongue. At times I found the her earlobe with my tongue and licked it, sucked it, and bite on it softly. I could see her nipples getting hard through my t-shirt, and I started caressing them, then licking and sucking on them through the fabric, and eventually after removing the t-shirt right on the flesh.
Sucking her tits was awesome, her nipples were so sensitive it sent her into orbit. I would run my tongue from the outside of her breast, making my way towards the tip of her nipple, the gently put the nipple in my mouth, suck it, release it, suck it again, tickle it with my tongue; then suck, gently bite and tickle at the same time. The it occurred to me that the strawberries could come into play, so I took a semi-frozen strawberry, cold and bathed in syrup and starting tracing her lips, and then her breasts with it, then we would both bite and eat it. As I traced her body with the strawberries they left a trail of syrup on Fatima’s beautiful skin, which I would then come back and lick off.

At some point as we kissed, I started to touch her inner thighs and I could feel her gently part her legs. Eventually I found her crotch and was happily surprised to learn that her pussy juice was denser than the water, and that a pool of her juice had accumulated in the crotch of her panties. I reached inside her panties and slowly started to trace the outline of her outer vaginal lips. Eventually I got her to move enough so that I could remove her panties, and she parted her legs. Her light brown pussy hair was perfectly trimmed and her pink lips opened up in front of my eyes like a flower petals in the morning. I could not resist and dove into her pussy, sucking and licking every bit of her delicious sweet nectar. Again at one point it occurred to me to pour some champagne on her pussy, I think the combination of the cold champagne and the warm water and my warm mouth made her go crazy, because her pussy was swollen like I never seen one before and I could see her juices flowing out of her.

I could also see her beautiful pink asshole smiling at me, and I gave it a few licks and ran the tip of my finger around it as I eat her pussy. The strawberries came into play, and used them to caress her clit, and put them inside her pussy before popping them in my mouth, the strawberries soaked in her pussy juice were the best I ‘ve ever had.

I then said to her –I want to eat you from behind-, so she positioned herself so that I could eat her pussy from behind. This gave me a great view of her asshole. I loved putting my nose against her asshole as I reached inside her pussy with my tongue. Then I started to concentrate on her ass, kissing, running my tongue around it; again taking the syrup soaked strawberries and tracing the outline of her ass, almost trying to push it in, and then eating them, and of course pouring champagne on it. I felt the need to explore her ass with my finger, and I was surprised to see how her hole relaxed and gently welcomed my finger inside of her.

From the position I was in, I was able to have finger inside both her pussy and her ass, also had access to touch her swelling clit. My cock was swollen and about to exploded, I kept fingering her, concentrating on her ass, when her moaning stopped, she looked back at me and said – I’ve never done this before, but I want you to put it in my ass – I thought I was going to come then and there. I had not foreseen this and did not have any lubricant.
I told her, and she turned around and started to suck my cock, then with her hands she reached in her pussy and used her own pussy juice to lubricate my cock. She found the same position she had been in previously, and I sucked her ass, putting my tongue inside it and lubricating it with my saliva. I first tried inserting one, and then two fingers; and then brought the head of my dick to her back entrance.

Slowly I started to push, I could feel the resistance of her ass against my cock, I could hear her moaning in what sounded to me like both pain and pleasure, he face seemed to show pain, but she kept saying –fuck me in the ass please.- As I kept pushing, I eventually felt her hole relaxed, and I moved my whole 10” inside of her in one stroke, she screamed but instead of pulling away, her ass pushed against me. She then said –don’t move-, so I stay there with my dick up her ass not moving for a while; she also said; “if you pull it out, I will kill you”. I was just so excited I was afraid I was going to come too quickly.

Then she started to move back and forth, pushing and pulling her ass from me. We finally found a rhythm consisting of long, slow strokes against each other. The warmth and tightness of her ass was too much for me and I felt I was about to shoot my load so I had to grab and pinch the base of my cock to keep me from coming. Eventually our strokes got faster and faster, Fatima started to scream in pleasure and say I’m coming, I’m coming hard; this was too much for me I started to feel my load shoot insider of her, as I felt a warn liquid shooting from inside her and running through down our legs. I felt myself cum for what seem like an eternity, filling her ass with my cum. I embraced her tightly from behind and kissed her; then she said to me “I came so hard I think I peed myself”.

I couldn’t resist, I pulled out of her and dove my face in her pussy, and licked and tasted her; as I let go we both slowly slipped back into the tub, my face still filled with her juice, when she looked at me I said “yep you peed yourself I could taste you pee when I just licked you, want to see?” and I offered her my pussy and pee juice filled mouth, which she kissed hungrily.

(if you would like to see more stories like this one, drop me a note).

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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