Relieving Stress with Tana…

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Relieving Stress with Tana…

I pulled into the parking lot and texted her I was there. My heart was pounding as the minutes passed by waiting for the response. Tana was living in a company provided condo for the month as she worked with the rest of my crew on the installation of the new equipment. She was always on time and always prepared. Today she made me wait. Today she was being bad. Today…

17 minutes later she sent me the condo number. I already knew it. I was parked outside of it. The next text said, “The door is unlocked.” I reached over and picked up my computer bag. Anyone that saw me going in would think I was just working through some of the…complications of the next week’s deployment. It was a critical moment. Stress was high. We were both ready to relieve some stress. I walked up to the door and without knocking walked in. I then locked the door behind me.

Walking through the entry wall I saw her standing by the sliding glass door to the back porch just off of the breakfast nook. Her heels were 4 inches tall, black, matching the black stockings that showed off her every graceful turn and curve of her legs. The two black ribbons with small red roses at the front and back of the stockings held them in place. My eyes almost missed the hint of her G-string coming out of the perfect twin spheres of her bottom. The band of it lay atop the frilly garter belt that was likewise accentuated with white and red flowers.

My eyes lingered on the ribbon of tanned and toned flesh that separated the top of the belt from the bottom of the matching black and red merry widow bustier. It would have looked beautiful on a woman of any age, but was so much more a treasure on the curves of a truly mature woman. Her body gracefully ran up to support her generous and firm breasts. The smooth expanse of flesh rising above the material was uniformly tanned and flowed up into a long neck.

Her honey blond hair fell to her shoulders in waves. Her perfectly painted fingernail rested against her bottom lip as she stared at me with eyes that were likewise taking inventory of the years of hard work I had put in at the gym. I smiled as I realized it was not the size of the arms though that her eyes kept playing over! She was indeed a very bad girl!

“You kept me waiting. You know that is not acceptable.” I walked toward her and set my bag on the table. I made no effort to hide my inspection of her body. Had someone told me she was 35 I would not have questioned them. The fact that I knew she was only a year younger than me at 55 left me absolutely stunned. Even up close, there were only the slightest indications that she was out of her 30’s.

She bowed her head and meekly said, “I know. I have been bad. But I was so close to having an orgasm when you pulled in I could not stop myself. I had to freshen up after that and…I kept getting wet thinking you were waiting for me. I have been very bad.”

I stepped over to Tana and stood just inches in front of her. She did not look up. She had told me she wanted to be punished. She told me she wanted to feel like the naughty girl that she was in her mind as she looked for bulges in the pants of young servers in restaurants, construction workers at our job site and when we met with the execs. She had told me she that she probably thought about sex as much as any man she had ever known. I had laughed.

“Spread your legs.” I waited for her to comply and saw her bite her lower lip. She pulled her hands behind her back, and then she moved her feet apart. I grabbed her pussy and she gave a small shocked cry. I was not rough, but I wanted to shock her; let her know who was running the next couple of hours. “At least you are telling the truth about being wet! How can a grown woman not have better control of herself? Do you think about sex all of the time?”

“Yes sir. I am a bad woman. I see men and I want them to fuck me. I am very, very bad.” She looked up at me and her near tears expression slowly changed to a tempting smile as my fingers explored her crotch through the small triangle of black silk. “I hope I don’t offend you too much?”

I laughed and her smile spread. Then I squeezed her pussy up toward her pubic mound and the heel of my hand. “You are such a dirty slut! Whores at least use their bodies to be free and make money. You are a slave to men like me. Men that can leave you feeling plundered, taken and fulfilled.”

I pushed her back the half step to the wall beside the glass door and then raised my fingers, damp from the gusset of her thong as I stared into her suddenly fiery eyes. It was my turn to sneer. I inhaled the aroma of her clean arousal. Her eyes watched as I held those fingers in front of my mouth and I tasted her sweet honey. “Open up.” I said with a wicked smile.

Tana complied. I knew she would. She had wanted me to bring my wife and have her join us. I had said that was not going to happen. Tana pulled her head back from my fingers as far as she could as I turned them toward her and quietly ordered her to “Open up that slutty mouth of yours!”

Hers eyes screamed defiance, but her chin slowly turned back toward me and those sensual lips slowly parted. Her pink tongue flicked over the end of my middle finger. I thought of her tongue tasting my cock and had to stifle my own need to moan. Her eyes darted back and forth from my wet fingers to my gray eyes and back. “Open up, slut. You know what you have to do.” I hissed at her. Her eyes were all rebellion, but her lips parted and I put the two fingers on her tongue. “That’s it! Now suck them clean!”

Tana’s tongue and mouth were warm and velvety like a warm summer night in the middle of a calm lake. It caused my own heart to skip a beat. Her eyes flickered to mine and a devilish delight flashed through her eyes. I was shocked to realize that she was as tuned in to what she was doing to me as I was to her! Her eyes opened in surprise as I thrust my fingers into her mouth and the top of her throat.

I pushed her off balance and then turned her quickly and crushed her back to me, my fingers still deep in her mouth as her hands grabbed at my wrist. “Surrender, Tana! You know you have been very wicked, thinking almost constantly about this moment for the last three days. How many times have you masturbated thinking about me and my cock nestled in that perfect cleft of an ass you have?” I pulled my fingers out of her mouth and painted her chin and throat with her spit as I continued to whisper in her ear. “You are a very wicked woman, Tana. You have teased men in the office this week but worse. Think of all of the hundreds, …thousands maybe even millions of men who have seen your images online and how many of them have stroked off wishing they could touch you, smell your hair, squeeze your breasts or fuck you hard because of you and your hot body!!! You are always showing it off. Even girls want to go down between your thighs and breathe in your scent. They want to taste my fingers. …. You want to feel their soft, shapely warm flesh pressed into yours!!! And all of that makes you such a dirty girl doesn’t it?”

My arm now held her firmly to my chest and I could feel her heart pounding. I slid my trembling hand down slowly across her torso and then my fingers slid beneath dainty black elastic that was sewn to the triangle of fabric covering her pussy. I wanted to savor the moment, but I knew she wanted me to play a part… so I rudely shoved my hand over her bony mound, dragging the tips of my fingers through her sex. It had been damp before.. Now she was soaked!
I felt her tremble and picked up her feet and stomped as if trying to shake my fingers off of her aroused and sensitive lower lips. I slapped her flesh twice quickly and she let out a clipped, startled cry. “What, are you really really sensitive down there? Don’t you like it when I slap your bad naked flesh?”

She shook her head and I laughed. “Okay, then, I guess I will have to find something else to play with then!”

Tana’s breathing was fast and it was as much from her uncertainty as her anticipation of what was to come. I was confident that she could feel my own arousal. Despite being a 6’3” power lifter, or maybe because of it, I generally am submissive. The change of role with a subject as gorgeous as Tana was a heady intoxicant I was enjoying using my power and strength and feeling her struggle. I got the feeling she was enjoying the struggle as well, and if not…
I pulled her breasts out of the corset and then carried her on my chest to the sliding glass and pressed her against the glass pane. Anyone out walking their dog near the goose pond or looking at her apartment would have had quite a show, though it was doubtful any were so lucky! “What’s that matter? You like showing almost this much to guys sitting around a table in a board room almost daily. Why not show the world how damn sexy a woman 50 years of age can look?” She struggled and tried to push me back from the glass using her hands and feet. I laughed and let her enjoy a little success before pushing her back against the cold glass. “Just think. There are probably a thousand people living within view of this window. Any one of them could be looking at your body! They could see how incredible you look! Isn’t that what a bad girl like you gets off on knowing and thinking about? Men and women looking at you and wishing they could touch you feel you, make you squirm. You want to see all of those big fat cocks getting hard and women squeezing their own tits and imagining touching you! Isn’t that what you want?!”

Tana moaned and stopped fighting. “Yes, god yes I want the world to fuck me! I want them all to have me! Yes! I want to be such a slut! I am such a naughty woman!” She did not cry the words. She stated them as they were yanked from her heart. The truth of the words echoed in the world.

I let go of her and turned and walked to my bag and opened it. “Take off your clothes. Everything but your stockings, garters and heels.” I wanted to turn and watch. I wanted to see if she would obey me. But I had to leave her no room to rebel or argue. I stayed turned from her. A moment’s pause later, I heard her resigned sigh followed by a long zip as the side corset zipper was undone. I watched out of the corner of my eye as she pulled down the very small and very wet excuse for a panty over her long legs. She stepped out of them and then folded them, along with her corset and put them in the seat of a dining chair.

Selecting a set of strong but not overly painful nipple clamps connected by a decorative silver chain I walked over to where she stood eyes down cast. I saw them move to the bulge in my pants. I was going to have to do something about that and soon.

Her nipples were already hard and proud, jutting out from the firm round foundation of breasts that had turned heads for decades… and were still doing so. I set the clamps on the table, lifted her nearest breast with the upturned palm of one hand and firmly slapped the breast. Tana jumped and danced backward a step before getting herself under control. I could see 3 red fingers outlined precisely on her creamy white flesh. “You know what to expect this time; I don’t want you jumping around like that. Take what you have earned!”

“Yes sir”.

I liked the sound of that. I lifted the other breast and bluffed strike. She cringed and then looked at me as she relaxed a little. I started a second time and she flinched just a little. Again I stopped short. Third time was charm and my meaty fingers stung the soft flesh, but Tana was good. She closed her eyes and winced, but fought and maintained her control.

Barely giving her time to recover I caught her nipples between the edge of my index fingers and my thumb and squeezed. I was firm, not brutal. I watched her breathing and her face for signs that I was nearing her breaking point. I backed off from that point and then twisted, sending a whole new set of pain signals crashing into her brain. That gave me an idea.

I walked back to bag and quickly pulled out a very soft latex vibrator that swelled from the tip to a point about 5 inches up before tapering back toward the base. I grabbed a roll of black bondage tape as well. “Open your mouth,” I told Tana as I turned back to her. She complied. “I want you to get this good and lubed up, or rather, YOU want this to be really well-lubed.” I then fucked her mouth slowly with the toy as my other hand alternated between rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples!

I finally told her to spread her legs as I wrapped the tape around the base of the vibrator. I stepped up to her so our faces were barely inches apart. I pushed the tip up between her loser lips and I slowly fed her hungry flesh the smooth skinned toy. Once inserted, I stepped back and taped it to the outside of either side of her garter belt. With a quarter turn, the powerful offset motor began sending vibrations through her core.

“You see, pleasure can only take a person so high. We think it is sky high, but pain has a completely different set of limitations in the same receptors in your brain. When a master, like me, conditions your senses to scream that you are having fun to your brain, I flood your brain with less pleasant nerve impulses as well….Your mind will launches itself beyond this atmosphere, through the darkness of space to explode in a far off solar system! Would you like that?”

Tana replied with a shaky voice and I bent and kissed her mouth. We had never really kissed like this before. I never wanted to stop kissing her ever again. Our lips, our tongues our breaths passionately moved in an unrehearsed ballet of need and desire, immersed in lust and shot through with sexual electricity.

I broke the kiss and stepped back from her. The vibrator held deep inside of her was fueling a fire that blazed out of control. She stared at me like a crazed a****l in desperate need and as my hands rose to her breast she pushed her chest out into me.

My fingers felt and weighted her and then began to squeeze. She groaned and her eyes half closed as the tips of my fingers dug into her softness. Grabbing hold of her nipples I pulled them out from her, squeezing roughly. I wondered if she was even aware of my presence! Each time I pulled out so far that only the tip of a nipple was still captured, she would hiss incomprehensible oaths at me. When a nipple finally broke free, it was only long enough for me to slap the breast or roughly twist it prior to latching back on to her nipple and shaking it all over again.

“Permission to cum, please… oh my God, please let me cum!” She begged and I laughed.

“I told you that you were a slut! Begging to cum for my pleasure! Go ahead, my filthy little slut! Cum hard for your master! You have so much more to endure!”

On cue, her knees nearly buckled and her neck snapped backwards. What started as a deep primal roar emanating from deep within her built into a shriek that threatened to peal the paint off of the walls! Tana convulsed and her hips were thrusting and gyrating against the invader that refused to show her mercy.

I lowered her to a kneeling position and then without giving her and relief, I grabbed for the nipple clamps and squeezed them open and onto her already overly sensitive nipples! Tear began to spill down her cheeks and she was shaking her head side to side. She was beyond the world that I stood in and I wondered if she would even be aware of what I did next!

Unzipping my pants, I shoved them to the floor and then pull my beer can thick prick out right in front of Tana’s face. It probably would never be the longest dick in a room of 50 or more men, but it usually is the thickest in a room of 500 or less! Tana’s eyes came into focus and without direction she grabbed my dick and balls in her hands and began stuffing the fat prick into her mouth!

There are not words enough to describe how incredible her mouth felt as she spread it wide and my purple, cum coated tip first poked into the roof of her mouth and then her tongue wiped over it! Her tongue fucked my pee hole and it was my turn to groan in chorus with her as her hips were now twerking into the floor, banging the vibrator in and out of her! Putting my hands on either side of her head I pushed in and closed off her airway as my dick tried to stretch open her throat. I pulled back and she came up gasping and babbling and blubbering. She wrapped her hands around the base and shaft of my cock and began jacking me fast and smoot as she sucked and licked on my cock, begging me to let her swallow every drop of semen I had!

She came a second and third time (or maybe she never really stopped) and I was nearing that point of no return myself when I looked out and saw a young couple, walking their dog out by the lake. I was not certain whether they could see us or not, but they were going to!

I stepped back from Tana and she looked up and me and said, “NO! I want to swallow your cum!”

I pulled her to her feet, jerked the vibrator out of her and shoved the table over against the sliding glass door. Tana looked out the window and saw the couple and looked back at me in horror! “Oh you aren’t….?”

I pushed Tana face first over the side of the table so he face was inches from the glass. Spreading her heels, I aimed my cock at her sopping wet pussy and I shoved the head of my cock into the vestibule of her inner sanctuary. She arched her back showing her still clamped tits to the world outside the window and I grabbed a fistful of her hair and said, “Let’s give them one hell of a show!”

I pushed my fat pig in deeper and she tried to relax to let me in. She may have been my age, but she was tighter than some women half her age! It felt like the plan was for her blast furnace to melt my steel into conforming to the shape of perfection within her! Two more thrusts and my balls swung forward into her fingers that were vigorously rubbing her clit!

“fuck! What did you stick in me?!?” She whimpered.

“Relax, your audience in watching!”

Indeed the couple was now staring up at the condo. She was standing in front of him and his hands were discreetly roaming her body. Their dog was wandering nearby, nearly forgotten.

Tana shuddered as she realized that she had an audience. There was a sudden influx of lubricant in her tight little vise of a pussy which I took advantage of to pull back an inch and slam myself back in. She gave a grunt and I slapped her ass. From there things became surreal.

I can remember as I built my cadence of pounding in and out of her thinking, “My God this is the best fuck of my life!” I captured both of her arms and pulled them behind her as I showed her no mercy at all, impaling her on my throbbing, swelling angry cock! With her now lifted up, the couple by the lake were seeing her tits, with the silver chain bouncing in all of their glory. Tana kept saying, “Their watching me! Oh my God their watching me get fucked! Oh my God. Oh fuck me! Show them what a slut I am!” and on she went..

The pressure in my testicles as they twisted and turned, lifted and tightened was incredible. I wondered for a second if she was so fucking tight that I would not be able to shoot my load up and into her! But the idea of creaming her and filling her pussy with my cock and cum shattered my ability to think any longer and I can remember actually lifting her clear off of the floor with the last three thrust and roaring like the engines of a jet on take-off as I fired load after load deep into Tana’s throbbing and rippling

Tana pitched face down on the table and pounded on the glass and table top as I alternately pulled her sweet ass to me and slapped those round cheeks red!

I fell forward and caught myself before landing on her back and crushing her. The blood was roaring through my head so loudly I could just make out Tana’s voices as she panted out oaths and prayers over and over again. Each spasm from my balls and cock was reflected back by a tug and ripple of the steamy velvet tunnel of sex that formed the core of this magnificent woman.

We both were still recovering the shards of our shattered minds when Tana began to laugh. I looked up and laughed as well. The couple were just finishing an ovation and calling their dog as I looked out the glass door.

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