Romance Comic Cover Stories – Chapter VI

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Romance Comic Cover Stories – Chapter VI

Chapter VI – We Both Fucked Tony (based on Love Romances No. 84 cover, Marvel, November 1959)

Kathy and I are best friend since high school. We share mostly everything, make-up, secrets, records, books, all sorts of things. Well, except one thing we never shared so far: boys.

Men were always a subject for us when we talk, and we share virtually everything we did with them, but one thing never came to mind: both of us sharing a man. Not until Tony arrived.

Tony is my boyfriend, and we are together since one year or so. When we started dating, Kathy told me I had hit jackpot being with a bachelor hunk type. And well, dunno why, I started to get on the hook with a devious idea: have a threesome with another girl, and when I told Kathy that, she pretty much went for that idea, and even put herself in line for be the ‘third girl’.

Well, and what about Tony? Well, for my surprise, he accepted it in the first shot. And he pretty much campaigned for Kathy to join us, since she is my best friend and it should be better with someone that know us other than an unknown girl that might not be on our ‘synnergy’.

But how to plan a threesome? Well, I had many ideas, but I only told them to Kathy, since I found out better Tony have a surprise. And what kind of better surprise than a ‘sudden’ threesome.

Me and her planned it, and one particular Saturday, we were ready to make that dream come true. Saturday was the chosen day because Tony spends the time at his painting hobby. A good way for some sleazy distraction to happen.

Kathy was to get in and try to ‘lure’ my boyfriend into its arms, and then I walked in to ‘get them in the act’. We did as we planned and Kathy gone to my apartment where Tony was painting his stuff.

After 10 or 15 minutes, I appeared at the door and tried to see something in the magic eye, but I couldn’t see much. Then I decided to open the door and, voilá. Tony and Kathy kissing each other when he was supposed to make art.

“Well, well, I came in a bad hour?”

“No, Kathy, you just arrived right on time, isn’t Tony?”

“So, it was like that you planned for us to go the three-way? I must say it was very well planned, and your friend is a very good kisser, with all respect”

“Really? Can’t wait for that!”

I think Tony got a little dizzy when I took Kathy out of his arms and gave her a big kiss, like ones I gave him all the time. For the reactions, not only I surprised him, but also Kathy and myself. I never thought on kissing a girl before, but for a first time, it was naughty and delicious at the same time.

Soon we are all stripped, except for gloves and Kathy’s hat, and we went all over to Tony’s cock. Our mouths and tongues wrapped all his weiner as we could, sucking and licking his shaft and balls. I believe he had extra moans because we did like our first time, even if it was…

Next he was behind Kathy, pumping her while she ate my pussy. I confess I never felt much the drive for lesbian acts, but after that night, I feel I can get it a try, because Dear Lord, she is so hot! She eat pussy so good! I wonder where she learned that since I don’t recall her being into women and stuff. And judging her moans, I guess my Tony had fucked her long time. Never got so attracted and horny seeing my boyfriend having sex with another girl and me taking part on it.

Then it came the time for me to have my Tony do me and Kathy sit on my face so she could see if I could taste her. She did taste awesomely, even better when I felt the taste of my boyfriend’s cock that had been inside her. It was so deviant have the pussy of my best friend while he was doing me. I don’t know, but I guess I could have many orgasms there.

We tried many other positions, like doggy, humping and even some new tricks. I guess the whole feeling on having a three-way stung on us that we got carried on by pleasure and the orgasms. And to cap it off, we both gave handjobs to him, at same time! I guess it made him more kinkier than ever, since he blew a massive load onto our faces, that we had long time on removing it.

Now, every Saturday, Kathy comes over for some nasty action. Sometimes is us three, and others one of us watch it. Bringing her to our relationship was the best thing, and now we both can say: We Both Fucked Tony!

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