Sandra’s Frist Time Flashing & Lesbian Se

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Sandra’s Frist Time Flashing & Lesbian Se
A visit from Sandra, this was the girl that we met at Yass {see the post “A trip to the Country for the Weekend with my 2 slaves”}. diana had been sms’ing & chatting to Sandra for some time & they had worked out a date when she could come up as we were free the weekend & so was she. She also told diana that she had broken up with the guy that we met.

Over the course of their chats, Sandra said if she was comfortable with us, she would like to try some walks & flashes as well as learn a bit about them being slaves, although she couldn’t see herself being a slave.

She was going to head to Sydney on the Friday about 2pm after work, which would see her getting to our place around 6pm to 6-30pm, we would all be home then. Both girls would have been milked and showered & ready for the night.

We heard a car pull up outside & diana checked, it was Sandra, so she opened the door for her, brought her into the lounge room, where we chatted about the terrible Sydney traffic etc. alice got her a drink of water & we chatted about what she wanted to do while here. She wanted to watch the girls doing a nude walk & flashing, as well as seeing them in real time as slaves.

After putting her gear into the 2nd bedroom & after she took a shower, I had my 2 slaves dressed in black heels, fishnet stockings, black leather collar with red side lines & of course the black summer coats. Sandra had heels, but no stockings, so alice gave her a set, her coat was one that covered to her knee’s, I asked her if she would like to wear a Collar as well, she was undecided on that, but asked if I could take one alone. Make up all done, off we went.
Sandra had asked to see the places where they had walked & flashed, so we went to Darlinghurst {see the post “A night out with my 2 brats” followed by “Dinner out and a Nude Walk through the Streets”} first.

The Colombian Hotel 1st Floor was the first stop, there were not many people there for a Friday night, which was surprising, once there I had diana go up & get our drinks, this was when I had alice undo the bottom button on her coat & had her sit in the bare butt position, same for diana when she returned. As we were seated in the large black seats Sandra asked if this was where they had done a nude flash, I told her No, but in the ladies, when they need to go, they remove the coat then one holds the coat when in the loo. To which she replied “I’d like to see that”

Not long after downing our drinks, we we got up to find a place to eat, as we got close to walk down the stairs, I had my 2 girls undo the 2nd bottom button on their coats, this then can show they are naked under the coat as they walk down, more so if someone is walking up. I then asked Sandra if she was ready to follow suit, her coat was longer & covered more, so she would need to undo the 3 bottom buttons to get the same effect, her face showed that she wanted to do it, but was a little scared, so diana said, “we’ll do it together like in the park”. So she undid the buttons while we stood there, then took her hand & they took the lead down the stairs, we followed with alice & I holding hands. No one saw the girls as no one was walking up, but the last 4 steps to the ground floor 3 guys got a good look as did 1 girl that was with them.

When we got to the crossing, diana pointed out the laneway where they had gone completely naked, and asked her if she would like to see it for herself, which she did, so off they went, we followed, down the lane & off to the left is the small dead end lane, they walked into it, then diana looked at me, we were still at the intersection of the 2 lanes, no one was coming, so I gave the noddiana took her coat off, then started to undo Sandra’s coat, she looked shocked, but didn’t stop her, once it was off, alice took the 2 coats & diana & Sandra walked to the end of the lane, diana started to do a sexy little dance showing her butt etc while Sandra just stood & watched, then they joined hands to walk back to us. There was still no one in the lane, although people were crossing over at both ends Crown St & Riley St, so diana walked off taking Sandra down towards Riley St, they would have walked about 30 metres & turned to come back. It was so easy to see diana was turned on, standing with her legs apart {as she is trained to do} I could just see a little clear cum on her lips. alice gave their coats back & I asked Sandra how she felt, she replied “Flustered but good” her nipples were hard so I asked her if she was wet, which she relied “yes, very wet I think”

So we all walked back up to Crown St & into the Indian Restaurant, they had all the bottom buttons undone at this stage. After ordering, I asked Sandra how she was enjoying the time with us so far. She was it was great & she never thought she would be game enough to do what she just did. It was then that I told her to stand then to sit her bare butt on the seat in the same way my 2 slaves were seated. Which she did.

From there we all just chatted about a number of things, Sandra told us that after that night we first met, she had become very interested flashing & had watched a number of video’s where girls had gone nude, as well as masturbating, which she was not into until diana had finger fucked her. Once we had all eaten, the girls all got up & went outside while I paid.

From there we walked up to Taylor Sq to have a coffee & dessert. We often go to Coco Cubano where they are pretty relaxed & serve a number of good things to pick from. It was here that I had my 2 girls undo all the buttons apart from the middle one, as they sat opposite Sandra & myself, which meant others in the Café were not really able to see them, it was here that I told Sandra to undo the top button on her coat. Now here you have to order what you want at the counter, this is where alice & Sandra had to get up and go & order. Coats pretty well open, off they went, the waitress saw alice first, then Sandra, her eye’s lit up then gave them both a grin. Order placed, back they came, not long after the waitress brought our order to the table, it was then that alice asked her if she was okay with what she had seen, to which she smiled followed by a Yes. Then alice undid the last button giving her an almost complete view of her.

I said “Sorry about that, my slaves enjoy flashing & going naked, I can have them cover up if that is a problem”
She Said “No I don’t mind seeing girls {with a laugh}”

I Said “Hmm would you like to see more of them ?”

She said “ What do you mean ? How ?”

I said “Well the toilet is behind that curtin, it’s got plenty of room in there, if you let me know when you can take a toilet break, they can sneak in & show you, minus the coats”

She was a little taken back by that, but Said “Give me 10 minutes & I will wave to you”

So both diana & alice were glowing, that is when I said to Sandra “ You are in this too, so you get up when they do, follow them, when they take their coat off, you do the same as they do”

She Said “Me now ?”

I said “Yes get ready, I think it’s time to put this collar on you”. So I had her lean over towards me, I then placed it around her neck.

Not long after that, the waitress gave a little wave, so the girls got up & went in, followed by the waitress, They were in there for I would say 7 to 8 minutes. Yes they all took their coats off, my two gave the waitress complete views of all they have, then they helped Sandra show all her bits to. It was here that alice asked the waitress if she would like a drink of her breast milk. After explaining that they produce all our milk at home, she could try it if she liked.
This was the first time another woman had sucked her breasts & drunk her milk {apart from diana & cindy}, while that was happening, diana & Sandra were making out. The waitress thank them all & went back to work, she did tell them she was a lesbian.

From there, we walked back to the car, once inside diana & Sandra removed their coats, & got right into making out, while alice was in the front, when we got to our street, which is the 2nd last house at the dead end, I stopped at the driveway, opened the garage door, the girls all got out. Parked the car, took the remote control for the garage, took them the short distance to the coastal walkway, then removed their coats, place the 3 chain leash’s on the collars & walked down to the rock pool. Where the 4 of us took a swim in the coolish sea water.

Then the walk back home, into the large downstairs shower where we washed, then upstairs where I had my 2 give Sandra her first full on sexual encounter with 2 other females. alice has a strap-on which I allow her to use on diana sometimes & she is dam good with it. I let the 2 of them sleep together that night. So Sandra ended up having a very good weekend with us.

On the Saturday night, I took the 3 of them to Cooper Park, Bellevue Hill, where I lead them all around the grass walkways, which I might add is a great place to do this, takes you down around the back of the tennis courts. That night they were naked for over 90 minutes.
Sandra will be back again.

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