Sarah Michelle Gellar & Britney Spears !!!

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Sarah Michelle Gellar & Britney Spears !!!
SMG and Britney

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Britney Spears fall head over heels in love with
each other.

Sarah Michelle Gellar hummed to herself as she checked her image in the
rearview mirror. `Shit!’ one of the hairs on her head was out of place,
she would have to pull over. It took 20 minutes or so for her to sort
the problem out, and as she set off again she hoped she wouldn’t be late
for Britney Spear’s 18th birthday bash.

Sarah pulled her Lamborghini up outside the house, grabbed the bunch of
flowers from the back seat
and climbed out. Sarah knocked on the door
and none other than miss Britney Spears herself answered it.

Sarah handed her the flowers and congratulated her for surviving a full
18 years without dying of an O.D. or a car crash e.t.c. Britney hugged
Sarah and kissed her on the lips, she felt Britney’s tongue slip into
her mouth, and her hard, braless nipples brush against her chest.
Britney turned away with a look of lust in her eyes and left Sarah
standing, and wondering, `Did that just happen?’ She muttered to
herself. `DO WHAAAAAAATT!’ Nathalie Portman screamed in her ear over the
music, a tin of Kilkenny held precariously in her hand, sloshing the
contents all over the floor. Nathalie was obviously as pissed as 2
farts, and went staggering off, promptly falling over and falling into a
state of u*********sness on the floor, in a pile of someone else’s puke.

Sarah picked up a Vodka and began to enjoy the party. The evening went
well, with only a few fatalities and several limb severings and a few
bone fractures, sprains e.t.c., but all in all it went pretty smoothly.

At about 4a.m. the guests began to filter out slowly, and a couple of
boys hauled the dead and u*********s out onto the street to clean up the
floor a bit.

By about 5a.m.-5:30a.m. there were only two people left in Britney’s
house, herself and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The two sat there conversing over beer and pretzels, they were only
slightly tipsy, Sarah was surprised that Britney had managed to keep her
wits, Britney was surprised that she had managed to keep her wits, Sarah
was never drunk (Britney never had figured that one out as she did drink

The two sex symbols chatted away, laughing frequently, joking about
ex’s, laughing about how crappy the cameraman turned out to be behind
the set, or how small the director was, you know, typical girl twaddle.

Eventually Britney managed to pluck up the courage, she looked the
person whom she had fancied for years in the eyes and said `Sarah, I
think I’m a lesbian’ Sarah said nothing, just stared at her. Britney
spoke again `God I love the feeling of girl’s tongues in my mouth and
over my nipples.’ She began to rub her breasts, Sarah new that she had
no bra on under that white boob tube, and she watched Britney absent
mindedly stroke her fully erect nipples. Sarah found herself getting
warm, she could feel her juices dribbling down the inside of her thigh.

`I know I am’ Sarah blurted out of the blue, well actually I’m Bi. That
did it for Britney, she leapt onto Sarah’s lap, and sat straddling her,
staring into her lush blue eyes. Sarah returned the stare, gazing deeply
into Britney’s gorgeous chestnut eyes that looked adoringly at her. Like
a puppy, Sarah thought.

Britney plunged at Sarah, their lips met and passionately began to
swallow each other. Sarah’s tongue rammed into Britney’s mouth,
remembering what she had said just seconds ago. Sarah’s hands began
passionately and roughly rubbing Britney’s bare back, pushing her hands
hard into Britney’s gorgeous tanned flesh and exploring all the
available parts of her body. The two began to breath heavily, and as
Britney’s hands began to roughly roam Sarah’s body, massaging her tits
and feeling her perk nipples through her golden crop top they began to
moan lightly. Then Britney pulled away and sat on top of Sarah. Sarah’s
hands held firmly onto Britney’s tight, firm ass as Britney pulled her
boob tube up and over head, throwing it behind her. Her gorgeous,
delicious tanned tits sat rounded and firm on her chest, her nipples
poked out, aching for a suck. She began to teasingly caress her torso,
tweaking and rubbing her nipples. Sarah groaned as her juices came
flooding out by the pint. Britney had the most gorgeous and appetising
tits Sarah had ever seen and her head plunged into Britney’s cleavage.
Britney pushed Sarah’s head into her luscious boobs and moaned
satisfyingly as Sarah’s tongue set to work on her hard, aching nipples.
Sarah began to suck with vigour and Britney was loving it. `Oh God yes,
yeeeeeeeesssss, shit, yyyyyyessssssss, god, oh god’ she moaned under her
breath as Sarah gave her the best nipple suck she had ever received.
Britney began to slowly buck her hips back and forth along Sarah’s bare
legs, Britney’s juices dripped from her pantiless crotch down her thigh,
out her miniskirt and on to Sarah’s bare legs. Sarah pulled away from
Britney’s lovely tanned torso and pulled her top off, Britney reached
around behind her and unhooked Sarah’s black lacy bra and threw it
behind her. Sarah’s tits were a lovely size, just right for Britney to
cup in her hands and gently massage her poking nips with her middle and
forefinger as Sarah went back to kissing hers.

Then Britney got off Sarah and stood back a little. She had no shoes on
anyway and sexily slipped her miniskirt down her gorgeous tanned,
muscled legs, wiggling her ass tantalisingly. Now she stood in front of
Sarah with no clothes on whatsoever and Sarah looked her over
appreciatively, her pussy dripping fast. Sarah raised her ass and
slipped her skirt off whilst she was still sitting. She too had donned
no panties that evening and now they were both completely naked. Britney
planted her feet squarely on each side of Sarah’s cute legs. Then she
hoisted herself up so as she was standing on the black leather sofa,
Sarah was sitting below her and her head was now level with Britney’s
slick and shining pussy. Britney bent forward and took a firm hold of
the back of the sofa, her tits dangling behind Sarah’s head as Sarah
started to tickle her lips with her tongue. Britney’s cunt was dripping
something else! Sarah opened her mouth wide and swallowed as much of
Britney’s pussy as she could, trying to swallow her cunt musk.

Britney loved this and screamed aloud `GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, FUCK,
Britney began to ram her cunt into Sarah’s face and fuck her mouth and

PLEASE, FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK’ her thrusts began to get violent,
Sarah’s face was buried in her thrashing pussy and Britney was near


Sarah held onto Britney’s calves as Britney held her cunt hard against
her face as her orgasm subsided. The two flopped into a bundle onto the
sofa and Britney was eager to please Sarah.

Sarah lay on her back on the floor and Britney worked her way up
between her legs, kissing and licking the inside of her thighs. Sarah
moved her feet up to her sexy ass and spread her legs wide, her knees in
the air. It was obvious to Britney what she wanted, Britney began to
lightly flick Sarah’s wet clit with her tongue. Sarah started to moan
and lift her ass off the floor, pushing her cunt into Britney’s face.
Britney began to tongue fuck Sarah and she started to moan loudly. It
wasn’t soon before she started thrashing around in the most intense
orgasm she’d ever had. `Gnnnnnnnnnnn uuuuuuuuugh fuuuuuuuuuuuck’ Sarah
began to moan as Britney stuck her tongue inside her. “OOOOHHHHH
GGGNNNNN FUCK FUCK ME FUCK ME ohhhhhh feels sooooo gooood don’t stop
don’t stop please fuck me fuck me God yes your tongue fucking me feels
SOOO GOOOD AHHHH OH YESS!” Sarah lifted her butt off the floor, and
wrapping her legs around Britney, squeezing her head between her thighs.
Britney decided that now was the time to take Sarah over the edge. `OH

The two of them lay on the floor stroking each other. `So, are you
alone tonight Britney?’

`I sure am, and I’m guessing that you’ll be staying the night?’


And so the two of them got little sleep that night, and they get
together whenever they can now, for a bit of fun.

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