School Girl Bullies

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School Girl Bullies

I never really liked school, I’d have much rather spent my precious teen years partying all night and sleeping all day, but I had no alternative…

I was quite popular, but due to various circumstances, one by one I lost my friends and ended up being on my own. I was always shy around meeting new friends though and none of the other k**s cared for me so I ended up feeling lonely and miserable.

One day, during the lunch time break, I had just ate my small packed lunch and headed off to the nearby field next to the playground to sit around watching the world go by.

“Psst… Psst, hey k**…!” I heard coming from behind a nearby tree.

“Who me?” I muttered.

“Yeah you, come here…!” The soft voice whispered.

I got up and walked over behind the large tree, and there stood this beautiful freckled-face blonde girl standing before me, her hands behind her back.
I recognised that she was in the year above mine.
I froze, I tried to speak but my voice ran away.

“W-w-what do you want?” I managed to croak out.

“Your that loser k** who no one likes, aren’t you?” She brazenly uttered.

“Erm, I suppose…” I blushed.

“Well I was feeling sorry for you so I got you a gift.” She smiled.

“Oh.” I replied unemotionally, trying to hide my shock at such a kind gesture.

“Close your eyes and I’ll give you it.” She grinned.

The butterflies in my belly started buzzing around like mad, my knees grew weak almost unable to hold my weight up. My lips trembled.

“Um- er- O-ok…” I stumbled out from my shivering lips and closed my eyes.
I pictured it in my mind like a kissing scene from a movie. I even puckered up my lips ready to recieve my very first full on kiss.


My eyes burst open as a felt a watery smack right on my face! It quickly dawned on me that she had just threw a water balloon at me from point blank ranch.
She laughed real loud tilting her head back.
I wipe my soaking wet face with my fingers and looked at them, seeing a pale brownish red colour.

“What the hell?! What was in that?!” I yelled.

“Puke!” She joked and laughed again. Suddenly I heard more girls laughing as they came out from behind the nearby bushes.
Had they been watching the whole time?

“Nice shot, Kaylee!” The plump girl praised her.

“How do you like the taste of the lunchroom left-overs, dork?” The sporty looking one mocked towards me.

“Forget this!” I yelled at them and stormed off, when suddenly I caught my foot in a tree root sticking out of the ground and fell over right on my face.

The girs all cracked up even louder.

“Enjoy your trip, send me a postcard!” Kaylee retorted.

I tried to stumble to my feet only to be knocked down onto the dirty soil again by the plump girl pushing me over and sitting on top of my back.

“Where do you think your going, doofus!” She smirked and started scrubbing the ground with my face. Now I was covered it dirty leftover food and damp soil.

She was much larger than me, there was no way I could budge her off of me.

“Ugh, get off of me!” I cried out.

“Make me!” She chuckled and laughed as I struggled in vain underneath her.

“Hold him there, Belle, I got an idea.” Kaylee smirked as she skipped over towards me.

Belle let me shift myself around so that I was now on my back, then she sat down even harder on me making sure that she had my arms trapped to my sides between her thick thighs. I could feel her heavy bubble-butt pressing hard down onto my chest under her school skirt. My cheeks burned red in embarrassment at being so easily pinned down by a girl.

Kaylee stood over my head, giving me a good look up under her skirt. She was clearly wearing a very small thong. Being so inexperienced with girls back then though I was very nervous and tried to not look, but I couldn’t help but peak.

“You like what you see, you little perv?” She gleefully smirked.

“W-What? I dunno what you- I mean I didn’t- I don’t- um…” I nervously gibbered, only adding even more to my embarrassment.

“I thought so, you digusting peep!” She laughed.

“Why don’t you give him a closer look, Kay?” The sporty girl said with a big grin, watching my ordeal with glee.

“That’s a good idea, Melonie!” Kaylee replied.

I suddenly thought it was a good thing that Belle was sat on me, there’s no way my now real shakey legs could keep me stood up if she wasn’t.

My breathing became quick and anxious as I watched Kaylee’s pert round bottom come closer towards my face. I didn’t know what to do, well what could I do even if I did think of something, Belle has me trapped and helpless.

As Kaylee’s skirt went over my head, and her smooth perfect bumcheeks inched closer to my face, I closed my eyes and suddenly felt her sitting right on my face. I whimpered a small sound, the blood rushing through my young veins as my adrenelin raced throughout my body.

I could hear all the girls giggling.

“You like that, dork?” Belle chuckled.

“Yeah dork, you like me sitting on your face?” Kaylee smirked.

“I think he’s enjoying it,” Melonie chipped in, “He’s probly loving the smell!”

Just as I heard her say that, I noticed the odour from Kaylee’s bum was really overpowering, like a strong smell of musky sweat.

“Oh I don’t think he’s enjoying the smell,” Kaylee announced, “Too bad for him that I had P.E. just before lunch!” She giggled and wiggled her hips, forcing my nose right up between her crack. Only thing keeping my nose from touching her bare asshole was the small very thin strip of pink fabric of her thong.

“Speaking of lunch…” Kaylee said pausing for thought.
Just as she did that, I suddenly felt a small blast of hot heavy air force its way real fast through my nostrils and over my face.

“Phew, there it goes!” She snorted. The girls all laughed out real loud again.

“Oh jeez Kaylee, why do your farts always smell the worst!” Melonie giggled pinching her nose.

“It’s my special talent!” Kaylee jokingly replied.

It stank so bad, like nothing I ever smelled before. My mouth was squished shut underneath Kaylee’s pussy though with just a very small gap for breathing space between my nostrils and her crack, so I had no other choice but to be smelling her fart. The horrible smell lingered in the back of my throat for weeks after.

Yet, as bad as her fart reeked, I couldn’t help but find it turning me on loads, I was so nervous yet so horny, that with every sniff I had of her real odourful ass, it gave me a boost of immense pleasure throughout my mind and body.

“If that fart is bad for us just imagine what it’s like for him,” Belle smirked,
“Mind you he’s probly one of those dirty freaks who gets off on that kind of thing!” The girls groaned in disgust before quickly laughing again.

“Maybe he does, are you enjoying that smell, fart-face?” Kalyee mocked.

I suddenly felt a hand go down the front of my pants.

“Holy shit he does!” Belle exclaimed as she leaned back, clutching my hard cock in her fat hand.

“No way! Oh my god!” Kaylee reacted in surprise.
“You really are one sick bastard!”

As if I wasn’t embarrassed and nervous enough. I was so glad they couldn’t see my face under her butt, it must be the colour of a beetroot by now!

Belle started softly jerking me off, she and the girls carried on mocking and teasing me though totally oblivious to what she was doing to me.

Suddenly, I cummed.

“Eww the little dork just jizzed his pants!” Belle yelled quickly pulling her hand out of my now wet sticky boxers.

“Oh that’s nasty!” Kaylee chuckled.

“What a pathetic loser!” Melonie chimed.

Kaylee finally got off my face and stood over me looking down at me.

“That wasn’t very nice of you, was it fart-face.” She tutted crossing her arms.

I grumbled out an apology.

“I mean, letting Belle pleasure you and you don’t even offer to make her cum.”

“What ever happened to ‘ladie’s first’?” Melonie tutted aswell.

“You girls thinking what I’m thinking?” Belle asked with a grin.

“You bet we are, Bee.” Kaylee nodded.

Belle got off me, but grabbed hold of my tie on my school uniform with the other 2 girls grabbing my arms. They dragged me closer to the trunk of the tree and then Belle ripped my tie off. She then took my loosened belt off my trousers and quickly fixed the tie and belt together. She then swiftly buckled my wrists together and tied me up to the trunk of the tree with the belt/tie.

The girls now stood over me, admiring their handiwork.

“I think he owes you big time, Belle.” Kaylee smiled.

“Hmm yeah, I think he does.” She agreed with a big grin.

She bent down, pulling her knickers off but leaving her skirt on, and then walked over my helpless body.

“Now listen here, you pathetic creep, you’re going to lick my pussy and your not going to stop ’til I cum all over your face, you got that?” She ordered.

I submissively agreed, shyly nodding my head and biting my lip, god I never felt more nervous nor more turned on ever before that.

Without hesitating, she squated down over my face and pressed her very wet plump and slightly unkempt pussy to my mouth. I never tasted pussy before, and I was surprised by how hers tasted. It was sweet with a somewhat salty edge to it. I obediantly did what I was told and licked her out. I think my inexperience showed though as I was just lapping at her like a dog drinking water, but she soon had me well trained by telling me exactly how to lick her out. I felt very pleased with myself once I heard her telling me she’s cumming.

I was surprised though when a bit of greasy yet very sweet transparent water squirted out of her soggy pussy onto my tongue, I realised that that was her cum. She made me drink it up and lick her clean, then she got off me.

“You want to lick my pussy now, fart-face?” Kaylee asked.

“Mmmm yeah please…” I moaned, licking my lips, my legs still shaking like mad though.

She walked over me, squated down pulling the fabric of her thong to one side and brushed her misty shavened pussy against my lips.

“Lick it.” She ordered, I did as I was told and licked her.

“And that’s all your getting!” She smirked and stood up, walking away from me.

“W-what?…” I puzzled.

“I ain’t going to let some pathetic loser lick me out, your not worthy of it. Only hot guys get to have the honour of pleasing my pussy!” She chuckled, putting me right in my place.

Suddenly, the school bell went off.

“Come on girls, let’s go.” She smiled and the girls started to walk away.

“Hey wait!” I called out, “You forgot to untie me!”

Kaylee turned back over her shoulder.

“Oh we didn’t forget,” She giggled, “We’re leaving you here.”

I heard a thundercrack in the distance as the skies started to turn very dark.

“Oh dear, looks like rain,” Kaylee muttered, “what a bad time to be caught outside, oh well don’t worry fart-face, us girls will be safe and dry indoors!” The girls laughed and headed off back to class, leaving me to get an inevitable soaking.

“We’ll have more fun with you tomorrow lunch-time!” Melonie called out.

I never really liked school, but I sure couldn’t wait to be stuck there tomorrow lunch time!

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