Scratching the Itch

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Scratching the Itch
“We’re just runnin’ in here to get some groceries real quick. No toys,” Moritz Franklin warned his daughters. He put the 2014 GMC Yukon in park.

“I don’t wanna go in, dad,” protested the older one.
“Me either,” chimed in the preschooler.
The forester exhaled. “Okay then. I’ma lock the doors. DO NOT open them for anyone, Kalila!”
“I won’t,” the ten year-old rolled her eyes.
“I’m serious.”
“I said I won’t, dad!”

Moritz cracked the windows and got out of the SUV. He armed the alarm and rushed into the big box retail store. He quickly gathered the items his wife had texted him: eggs, almond milk, juice boxes, baby carrots, ground beef, and a taco dinner kit. Once all were collected, he went up to the self checkout.

As he scanned the groceries, he could overhear two employees talking.

“She’s such a bitch,” the female worker complained.
The effeminate male staff member hissed, “That’s why I be suckin’ her nigga’s dick.”
“You so bad.”
“He say I’m so good,” lisped the guy with brownish-red skin, almost terra cotta in color.

Moritz shook his head in disdain. He couldn’t stand sissies like the one in this store. He thought it was atrocious to out someone who was clearly on the DL. This was the very reason why he didn’t really mess around. The five-nine, hardy-built man had his first encounter with an effeminate bottom while in college. There had only been a few due to chatty bitches like this one here. He swiped his rewards credit card to pay and walked back to the car.

“Y’all still here,” he chuckled.
“Yes, daddy,” giggled the younger one.

The three of them reached home after Ashley, az speech-language pathologist. Moritz had met her when both were students at Southern. Though they became friends quickly, they did not start dating until a few weeks before graduation. They’d been together ever since.

The next morning, Moritz drove to work. He couldn’t get the thought of dominating a cute girly boy out of his mind. He made into the office and spent a few minutes answering emails before going out to the field. He met up with the city planner to talk about the new green space they were developing. He only half-listened to the middle-aged, butch lesbian with the classic short haircut.

By lunch, the medium-brown man had yet to rid the thought of banging out the back of some swishy, flamboyant, kitten of a boy. He knew what he must do. He drove the municipal work truck to a mom and pop establishment to get a plate. He ordered beef livers with onions & gravy, mashed potatoes, purple hull peas, and fried okra. He also got a piece of carrot cake and sweet tea. He dined alone scarfing down his food quickly as usual. On his way back to work, he stopped off at a variety store. He purchased a cheap prepaid ZTE cell phone.

After spending some time in the botanical garden, he sat in the truck activating his new burner. He searched for an app that would allow him to connect with someone of his liking. Moritz created a profile with headline, ‘BLK TOTAL TOP needs pussy bottom bitch’. He swiped through some photos and fired off a couple of messages.

That evening, he left the device in his vehicle.

The next morning, he had a slew of messages. He replied to two people in particular. On the drive, he heard the phone buzz. He saw it was note a back from ‘LaBoiFem’. It read, ‘Hey Daddy! I’m a fem bottom with a round azz. I think we could have some fun. I can host during the day.’

Moritz sent back a confirmation that he was interested along with the phone number. He received a call very soon thereafter.

“Hey,” Moritz answered.
“Hi! It’s La Boi Fem from the app,” a demure voice revealed.
“Yeah! So you can host today?”
“Yes I can.”
“You live alone?”
“I do.”
“It’ll have to be on my lunch. What’s your name?”
“Call me, Paprika. What time’s your lunch?”
“About 11:30. Cool?”
“That’ll work.”
“Text me the address and I’ll let you know before I head your way. I’m pullin’ up to work now.”
“Okay, great! What was your name?”
“I’m Daddy! Gotta go.”

Mortiz stole away glances of Paprika’s profile pictures while at work. He sent a message checking to see if he could head over. Paprika confirmed that it was cool.

The five-foot-seven bubble booty boi opened the door wearing red stripper heels and form-fitting black mini dress.

“Lookin’ good,” remarked Moritz.
“Thank you,” Paprika beamed.
“I like that lip gloss!”
“Thank you, Daddy!”
“You’re welcome! We goin’ to your bedroom?”
“Sure,” Paprika led the way. “So how long you been into boipussy?”
“Uh…Off and on for about ten years.”
“That’s cool!”
“Yeah! But I don’t really wanna talk. I just wanna fuck!”

Paprika unbuckled Moritz’s belt and pulled out his engorged 8-inch dick. He sucked it methodically.

Moritz moaned approval of his oral skills. “Damn, that head feels good!” He guided Paprika’s head with his manly hands. “That’s a good li’l faggit! Suck Daddy’s dick, bitch!” He vehemently smacked Paprika’s firm buttocks repeatedly.

Paprika jumped. “Owwwww!”
“Too hard,” checked Mortiz.
“It’s cool, Daddy!”


Moritz grabbed a handful of Paprika’s twists. “I want that pussy booty now!”
“Yes, sir,” the caramel-skinned bottom purred.

He put Paprika on his back and gripped the punk’s neck. He entered the the tight hole as he choked the fuck puppet. “You’re my bitch, faggit! Open that boipussy up for Daddy!”

“Unnnnh,” murmured Paprika.
“You like this big dick, don’t you faggit?”
“Yes, sir! I do!”
“That pussy real tight on my dick too!”
“Fuck me!”
“Yeah! Fuckin’ you like the bitch you are!”
“Oh, Daddy!”
“Yeah! Gimme that ass, boi!”

“You’re dick is so big, Daddy!”
“You can take it, fag! Turn over!”

Moritz tightened his grip around Paprika’s neck. “Your ass is my pussy, boi! I own you!”
“I love it, Daddy!”

Moritz came on Paprika’s booty. “Show me to the bathroom,” he demanded.

Inside the restroom, he ordered Paprika to get in the shower. He began urinating on the sassy bottom. “I gotta go,” he announced cleaning himself up with a wet rag.

Moritz went back to work satisfied.

The next day, he hit up Paprika again. “I need round two,” he admitted.

He arrived on his lunch break again.

Paprika asked, “You enjoyed it, eh?”
“Yeah! It was good!”
“How long ago was the last time you fucked a boi before me?”
“Li’l over a year. Why?”
“I was just wondering. You seemed really intense. Thought it may have been a while.”
“Yeah! You always been gay?”
“Ever since I can remember I’ve been attracted to guys.”
“That’s cool!”
“What about you?”

“I’m not gay,” Moritz opined. I ain’t never been attracted to a dude or seen one that I wanted to date or had feelings for. I just like exerting my sexual dominance. It kinda comes and goes. But, when it comes, I have to scratch the itch.”

Paprika considered the statement and replied, “That’s hot! Fuck me!”

Moritz didn’t wait to go to the bedroom. He threw Paprika on the floor and pulled down the lavender Lycra boyshorts. “Gimme that ass,” he howled.

Paprika gyrated his body as he accepted the big dick in his rectum. “Bang my butt pussy,” he implored Moritz.

“Yeah, faggit,” shrieked Moritz. “Take my big Black dick!”
“It feels so good, sir!”

WHAP. Moritz slapped Paprika’s ass. WHAP. WHAP. WHAP. Then, he smacked the sissy’s face. “You’re my fag bitch, boi! Gimme that tight sissy boi pussy!”

“Oh my god,” wailed Paprika.
“I love dominating you,” Moritz revealed pulling Paprika’s hair and slapping his booty.
“I’m your li’l faggot, Daddy!”
“Yes you are! My li’l faggit bitch!”

Moritz pumped and grunted until he nutted inside of Paprika. He cleaned up and told the host goodbye.

When Moritz arrived back at work, he walked into city hall. He tossed the prepaid cell into the trash bin and went to his office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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