Sensualize Secrets

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Sensualize Secrets
Sensualize Secrets

Hello everyone, I’m Julie from Sensualize and I’ve decided to start writing a Blog (weekly) to share just a selection of sexy sensual and quite often very funny sexual encounters I have been fortunate enough to experience. Real people’s names have been changed the only name that’s real is mine! Hope you enjoy my very first ‘Sensualize Secrets’

The Beginning

I met my now husband about 5 years ago, when we first met he was very open about his previous swinging lifestyle (at first, I thought he was referring to gymnastic activity’s!) I was intrigued and a little turned on as he relayed some of his encounters within swinger’s clubs and private parties. He never pushed nor made me feel in any way pressured to try out this ‘lifestyle’ but the seeds were sown and I found myself unable to stop thinking about what it would be like to go to one of these clubs?

After a few months into our relationship I found myself asking more and more questions about these clubs, the parties resulting in us embarking upon a weekend discovery. First stop Rio’s Health Spa in Camden a Saturday evening (couples only from 7pm till Midnight) I was so nervous in the car as we got closer and closer to Camden, the heavy slow-moving traffic making the journey seem to take forever. Once parked we walked into the club’s reception area and collected our towels then headed for the changing rooms.

I undressed showered and wrapped a huge towel around me and walked into a communal area to meet my man who had done likewise. The club was busy 8pm and it was full of couples some with towels wrapped around them others completely naked, I was amazed at how quickly my nerves seemed to pass and curiosity became quite overwhelming!
We went into the Jacuzzi area and joined two other couples already enjoying the hot bubbly Jacuzzi. It was quite cosy and soon I felt the guy sat next to me very gently touch my knee, I didn’t flinch I allowed him and soon he was stroking my knee and working his hand upwards towards my crotch.

My freshly shaven pussy was beginning to feel quite sticky it was such a turn on being felt up by a complete stranger and someone I hadn’t even had eye contact or spoke too.My man was engaging in conversation with the couple next to him and told them that this was my very first time visiting a swinger’s club, this seemed to really heighten their interest in me and soon my man was whispering in my ear that we should go into a private room with this couple. My heart was racing part fear, part excitement. We left the Jacuzzi and with towels wrapped around us followed the couple into a very small room which was covered in a thin plastic mattress.

We all let our towels fall to the ground and the lady lay naked on one side and I did the same lying next to her.
The men began licking our pussy’s I was soaking wet and soon I felt the lady move closer towards me and then she very gently began touching my nipples which by now had become very stiff. The men swapped places I was now being eaten by a stranger for the very first time in my life, I was so turned on my pussy was squelching like crazy! The woman was now licking my nipples and then moved her head towards me, we kissed so passionately I felt my first orgasm rip through me as I kissed another woman for the first time in my life.

The lady asked if she could take her partners place as she wanted to taste me I agreed willingly it felt amazing I had just orgasmed yet this woman was down between my thighs lapping away like a cat licking up all my sex cream it felt incredible. Her partner moved his hard-thick cock towards my mouth I held it pulled his foreskin back and began sucking the swollen head of his cock. It tasted lovely a tad salty yet very sticky as pre-cum began oozing out and into my eager mouth. My man had pulled on a condom and was fucking the woman whilst she licked away at my pussy, I could feel him thrusting into her it felt so sexually charged within this tiny room my head was spinning yet I felt so alive!
The atmosphere within the tiny room was incredible it was tropical hot yet I felt slutty, used and I was loving it!

I love spunk and had told my man that I’d love to experience more than just his spunk sprayed over my face. The guy I was sucking was getting very close to cumming, his hard-thick veiny cock was twitching and my tongue was all over his wet sticky pee-hole I knew his spunk was so ready to erupt. I felt the woman shudder as my man fucked her deeply, she sat up and both guys now straddled my face, the woman wanked my man’s cock near to my face as her man tossed his cock furiously only inches from my nose. He spunked a huge stream of warm creamy cum it landed on my face covering my nose my forehead and eyes, this set of my man’s orgasm and he too covered my angelic face in hot sticky love goo!

We all cleaned ourselves up and went along to the bar area and ordered mugs of tea, within 5 minutes of having two very horny guy’s spunk on my face I was sat drinking tea! It felt so surreal my body was shaking but shaking in a good way, I felt alive so turned on it seemed so matter of fact. I didn’t even ask or was told the couples names they went into the sauna and we drank our mugs of tea grinning like Cheshire cat’s. I was hooked now, I knew for me sexually there would be no turning back, I wondered now what would we experience next?

We shared a shower and soaped our bodies it felt amazing as it was a communal shower area and other couples too showered I realized then that any reservations I might have had before tonight had disappeared completely! Alongside us stood a tall black man with an enormous cock, it hung down thick with very pronounced veins protruding as it twitched as I looked at him and his cock. He mentioned I seemed to know how to soap a naked body and asked if I would like to indulge him by soaping his naked body! I began massaging his very muscular body with my soap his cock began to harden and I could hardly take my eyes off it! I soon had both hands working up and down his very shiny black shaft we started kissing and he suggested we move into a private room.

My man told me to enjoy myself and left me and my new friend to pop into another tiny room. Once inside he asked if I wanted the door to be left open or closed? I wasn’t sure so said open. His cock was magnificent about as long as a traditional school ruler (12 inches) but the thickness had me mesmerised! I had fantasised about being fucked by a hugely hung black guy but never told anyone nor ever believed it would actually transpire. He began licking and sucking my big hard nipples as I soon found my hand was unable to clasp his extremely thick cock. I laid down on the mattress and he began licking my already wet pussy, I noticed about 3 people stood at the door which was now fully open watching proceedings but I really couldn’t care I had gone from shy to exhibitionist in the space of just over 90 minutes! I asked him to let me suck his cock so obliged by turning round and I straddled his face leaving me to openly (in front of now 5 people viewing) suck his huge cock. I held it at the base and licked and lapped away on his thick veiny shaft for all I was worth.

I tried sticking the tip of my tongue down his large open pee-slit this made him twitch followed by a dollop of clear pre-cum oozing out which I lapped up. I wanted to feel him inside me and laid down with my legs wide open ready and very willing to accept my very first huge black cock. I watched as he rolled a condom over his huge bell-end rolling it down only covering about two thirds of his huge shaft, not all the way down but enough to protect both me and him. Once between my legs he slowly rubbed his cock tip against my soaking wet entrance, up and down it felt gorgeous yet I felt he was teasing me I soon felt him ease himself inside me, inch by inch the sheer thickness stretched my tight pussy it felt divine! He must have had at least 8 inches deep inside me and began pumping into me with a lovely steady rhythm, I had never felt so full of cock in my entire life! The audience at the door looked transfixed it felt so porno I had never in a million years believed I’d be getting fucked by a hugely hung black guy in front of an audience. Gradually he managed to get a little more inside me he seemed to know just how much I could take which I must say I was very grateful for.

I felt my second orgasm approaching and my word this was going to be a huge one. I began shuddering as the sensations ripped through me I clenched his cock with my pussy wall muscles and asked him to let me see and taste his seed. He stood up and pulled the sticky condom from his cock as I wrapped my lips around his cock. I wanked his shaft and he began to erupt, I pulled my mouth away but maintained my tongue flicking all over his pee-slit. His thick creamy seed sprayed all over my tongue and face then began running down onto my chin! I stood up face covered in his thick spunk he used his towel to clean my face chin and neck we hugged kissed and I walked out past the audience and back into the bar area and sat next to my man with a grin that I never thought would leave me.

My man just smiled he didn’t need to ask if I enjoyed myself! I couldn’t believe how laid back everyone was, all around naked bodies people wearing only towels woman in sexy outfits all shapes and sizes yet no one starred disrespectfully or made anyone feel uncomfortable I was smitten I knew from this moment my life would be so very…..very much different and my word so it would be!

Hope you enjoyed reading?

Julie xxx

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