Sex Tuition From My Teacher

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Sex Tuition From My Teacher

This took place when I was eighteen years old. I was a science student and I did not perform well in my chemistry subject always. My parents used to scold me due to this. When my parents came to the parents’ meeting, my teacher suggested that I should take his tuition. After, thinking about it, my parents agreed to it. My teacher’s name was Manoj. He was married and had a k**. His wife was pregnant with his second k**. He was around 25-30 years old.

So, I started taking his tuition. Along with me, a few other of my classmates also took his tuition. We had tuition only from Monday to Saturday. But, one Sunday, he called my parents and said he was conducting extra class and I had to attend it. I was really angry but had no other go so I got ready and left. That day, I wore a short chudi. When, I reached there, no one else was there.

My tuition teacher welcomed me inside. I asked him where were the others. He told that his wife and k** went to her mother’s house and other students were not there because I was only having a special class. That’s when I realized we both were alone in his house. He started the class. I concentrated on the book. My churidar top was a bit loose so when I went to read, it came front, showing the inside. That’s when I suddenly realised my tuition teacher was staring at it. I quickly covered it with my dupatta.

He asked me whether I needed something to eat or drink. Then he brought some biscuits and juice and sat beside me. He sat very close to me that I started to sweat. He took his hand and kept on my shoulder and said that I need not be tensed as Chemistry was an easy subject. He told me that he will first teach me yoga so I could calm down.

I said that it was not needed but then he compelled me. So, I agreed. I stood and he told me to raise my hand and close my eyes. I did as he said. It was a sleeveless top, so when I closed my eyes he touched my armpit and said it was so smooth and fair. I began to feel a little uncomfortable. Then my teacher told me to relax and concentrate on yoga.

I was aware that he was going to do something. Suddenly, he began to lick my armpit. I was shocked and moved away from him. Then he told me not to worry as it was just to release the pressure. Manoj sir then asked me to lean against the wall and raise my hand. I stood there still. My tuition teacher softly pushed me against the wall and raised my arm and began to lick it.

I told him to leave me but he asked me to be quiet or else yoga will not be effective. After that, we sat on the sofa. He said I was sweating and asked me to sit on his lap so that he could give me a massage.

I denied but he lifted me and asked me to sit. He grabbed my waist and began to lick my neck. After a few minutes, he said I needed more relaxation and for that, I should sleep on his bed for awhile. He said we can continue with the class after that. Saying so, he pulled me inside.

I lied in his bed. Then my tuition teacher came and lied next to me saying even he was tired. I just lied there not knowing what to do. He told me to sleep comfortably. I said ok.

After a few minutes, he said the same thing. I said I was comfortable. But he told me to remove my dress and sleep comfortably in my bra and pantie. I had to agree to him. So, I got undressed before him. He had an instant boner seeing me like that.

Then I came and slept beside my teacher. He turned towards me and complimented me saying that I have a hot body. Then he pulled me closer and took my hand and kept it on his boner on top of his pants. I immediately took my hand off. He did it again but this time, he removed his pant and put my hand inside his underwear and directly on his dick.

Then my teacher told me that if I calmed ‘it’ down, he would give me a huge reward. Without waiting for my reply, he pulled out my boobies from my bra and began to suck it. He even bit my nipples hard. I shouted in pain.

Then I came back to my senses. I got down from the bed with my two boobies hanging in front of his face. I said him I can’t do it with him as it was wrong. Then he said to me softly that he knew how me and other girls would pass comments on him by telling how hot and sexy he looks and how it would be to carry his baby.

My eyes became wide, my cheeks flushed red and I began to feel awkward. Then, he added that it was my only opportunity to have him and he gave me time to think about it. I went outside and began to think about it. I couldn’t believe I was seriously thinking about it. Then I came to a conclusion that I lost my virginity at an younger age so there is nothing much for me to lose.

Therefore, I rushed inside. My tuition teacher was already naked. I went in and grabbed his cock and took it into my mouth and began to suck it. He said he knew I would make it and began to slap my ass over my pantie. I sucked his cock until he released his entire load in my mouth. Then I began to suck his balls. I enjoyed it. I was a horny bitch in no time because by now, I had many cocks inside me after I had lost my virginity.

His cock was erect again. I laid down and he went down to lick my pussy. My pussy was already wet. He saw this and began to slap my pussy saying that I was a slut. Then he began to lick it. In between, he slapped my pussy a few times and began to finger it. He was shocked as he found out that I wasn’t a virgin. He thought I was a virgin.

He asked me and I told him about Gaurav but didn’t mention about my brother. He sat in the bed and said that he thought I was a virgin so he could fuck me. But, since I wasn’t one, he said he would not fuck me. I was like, “What the fuck!!!!”.

Then he told me to get dressed and leave. I could have left but I didn’t. I sat there and begged him to fuck me. I pleaded him that I want to feel his cock inside me. I was too horny to go back home unfulfilled.

After pleading a lot, my teacher finally agreed to fuck me. But, now he became really rough and tough. He pushed me on the bed, moved my legs up to my chest and began to finger me. He was like constantly saying, “Slut, for how many guys have you opened your legs for at this age? Your pussy hole is wide”.

“After having many cocks inside you, you are still unfulfilled. You are definitely a bitch”, he added.

Honestly, I didn’t give a fuck about what he was saying until I got his cock.

Then he said that he was going to fuck me. I asked to him to wear a condom. He was like, “You are the one who said how it would feel to carry my baby. So, I am going to fuck you without a condom. Moreover, you must have had many cocks in you, slut. So, this shouldn’t be a problem to you”. By saying this, he began to fuck me hard without wearing a condom! My teacher fucked both my pussy and ass but he released load only in my pussy saying that it was his punishment for losing my virginity without waiting for him.

Finally, we both were finished and it was 8 pm by the time I reached my home. I was exhausted slept in my bed without even having my dinner. I was afraid that I would get pregnant. But, thank god, I didn’t get pregnant.

After this incident, he used to lift my skirt and grab my boobs and do many other things at school. The teacher’s cabin was big and closed one. Hence, when I went there to get corrections or something, he would put his hand inside my skirt and rub my pussy. He used to make me wet by rubbing. I was always scared thinking someone might catch us. But, at the same time, I used to enjoy it.

When he used to rub under, my panties would become so wet that sometimes I had to remove it in the school itself. When he used to rub, I could not even stand properly in my place. Those were my favourite moments at school.

We used to even have a quick fuck in the storeroom as no one would be there. When they showed us the smart class, I would sit at the last and he would sit near me and used to grab my boobs. As it was dark, no one notices us.

During one such day, I had to remove my pantie because when I went to his table, he lifted my skirt and rubbed my pussy so hard that my entire pantie got drenched in my precum. The next period was physical education and we had a restroom in the ground. So I went and removed my pantie there. A few boys were playing near the washroom. When I came out, my skirt flew up showing those boys my pussy. They were just staring at it.

In my next stories, I will write about how I convinced those boys to shut their mouth about what they saw and how they agreed to me. It is another horny experience which will make your cocks rock hard and your pussies wet. So, stay in touch with me till then.

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