Sexy Mom

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Sexy Mom
Mom was lying on her tummy on the floor reading a fitness magazine. She was
in spandex shorts and a sports bra. We had just finished our workout to one
those new workout videos. You know the ones where the guy is standing there
with the totally ripped abs and telling you how all those fad diets and
crazy machines don’t work but his routine will. I tell you what I wish I had
his body. Man that dude is hot as hell. You know what, they do work my mom
and I are living proof of it. We started his program about three months ago
and sent him in before and after pics. Man I hope he sees them. Hell I’ll
bet when he sees mom’s pics he gets a raging boner just like I do. Anyway
mom was lying there all sweaty and sexy but my eyes kept coming back to the
very noticeable panty line under her shorts. She was wearing old lady
grandma underwear on that fine ass under her shorts. I decided to make it my
mission to get her into some thongs and g-strings.

I slipped off of the couch and straddled mom’s legs and sat down. “Want a
back rub mom?” I asked. She replied with, “Of course dear you know I can’t
say no to you, after all you do have the greatest hands in the west.” I
started at the backs of her knees and she shivered as my hands went to work
on her tired muscles. I rubbed her thighs with one hand on each moving
closer to that hot tight ass. Sweat was running down her back and created a
small puddle in the small of her back. Fuck that was so sexy. I decide to
see what I could get away with and kept up rubbing her legs and ass. I would
run my hands up her legs letting my thumbs run right into her crotch and hit
her pussy lips the I would run them right up and onto her tight ass. Mom
never made a move to stop me so I kept at it. At one point I actually slid
my hand right between her legs and intentionally rubbed her pussy with my
fingers and all she did was moan. My 14-year-old dick was rock hard in my
sweats. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to rip those shorts open and slam
my cock into mom’s pussy.

Is it just me or is it getting fucking hot in here. I pulled my tank top up
over my head revealing my own well-chiseled chest and abs. That little
puddle of sweat was to much to resist and I slid forward wedging my
sweatpants covered 7-inch cock between her spandex covered ass cheeks then
leaned down and sucked that warm liquid into my mouth. I savored the salty
flavor and the sensual aroma of mom’s sexy body. Damn I just about lost
control. I moved my hands to her back and continued the (Or should I say
started) back rub. Each time that my hands went forward they hit her sports
bra. It was one of those T-backed kind and had a couple of clips holding it
closed on the back. “Mom I wish you weren’t wearing this damn bra, it would
really make this massage easier.” Mom raised up onto her elbows and said,
“Hell baby you’ve seen me nearly naked before so what’s the big deal it’s
just the two of us anyway. Why don’t you be a sweetie and unclip it for me.”
I couldn’t believe what she had just said, but I tell you what I unclipped
that fucking bra so fast if I had moved any faster you wouldn’t have seen me
move and I probably would have pulled a muscle or something. First lifting
one arm and then the other mom pulled the bra free and settled back down and
adjusted her breasts so they were pushed out to the side where it was more
comfortable to lay on them. I now could run my hands up and down her back
and sides unhampered. I did just that. I made sure to touch the sides of her
hot assed titties as often and as much as I could.

I really wanted to see how far I could go before she stopped me. Mom pushed
up on her elbows again giving me better access to her shoulders. She moaned
out the words, “mmm baby that feel so nice.” I took advantage of the
situation and ran my hands back down to the sides of her breasts and under
them then moved up until I was fully cupping them and found those big hard
nipples on top of those firm 34Cs. I pinched the nipples and fondled at will
all parts of her breasts. She moaned out again, “Oh baby that feels really
good, don’t stop.” Mom’s hips began a slow rock and undulation against my
stiff manhood. I started to dry hump her ass as well. Looking back over her
shoulder mom said to me, “Baby from the feel of how hard your cock is I’m
not sure which one of us is enjoying this back rub the most. I will tell you
one thing though, my pussy is running like a fucking river right now. I
think something sexual is going to happen here that shouldn’t but I know I
don’t have the will power to stop it and I suspect that you don’t either.
Why don’t we go up to my bedroom now honey.”

I stood and helped mom to her feet. Mom turned to me and for the first time
I saw her bare breasts. They were a sight to behold at 34C they were very
firm and the nipples were nothing less than perfect at around ¾ of an inch
long and ½ inch in diameter. There was a very large wet spot in the front of
her shorts where her pussy juices had soaked completely through. I followed
her up the stairs watching her ass flex and sway sexily as she climbed up
them. Once in her room I stepped up to her and took one of those fantastic
breasts in my hand as I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Mom pushed
her tongue into my mouth and I tasted her sweet mouth for the first time. I
let my hands slide down her body to her waist and pushed down her shorts.
Stepping back I looked at her standing there in nothing but her panties.
“Mom we have got to do something about those panties.” Yes, she said and
started pushing them down.” “No mom, not just that I said as her shaved
pussy came into view. I mean all you have are huge old-fashioned grandma
type panties. With a body like you have now you should be wearing something
a lot sexier like thongs and g-strings.” “We will have time to discuss that
later Billy, I think we have more important things to do right now!” I
couldn’t agree more, I thought as I pushed down my sweats and all 7 hard
inches of my manhood jumped out on display. There were significant amounts
of copious pre-cum dripping from the head of it. Mom slipped her finger
through it and brought it to her lips and licked it off. Then without a word
she dropped to her knees and swallowed the entire length of my cock in one
gulp. I thought I would cum instantly but I managed to hold back. Or so I
thought until I felt the sudden explosion as my cum shot from my cock
forcefully and filled her mouth and throat.

Mom and I were lying on the bed now and I was between her legs and she was
giving me a free lesson on eating her pussy. I was a more than willing and
accommodating student. The taste and aroma of her womanhood was extremely
intoxicating, almost like a d**g and I knew I was addicted. I had my lips
wrapped around her clit and was sucking hard as I flicked the tip of it with
my tongue. I also had slipped two fingers inside her large pussy. I must
have been a good learner as evidenced by the way she was writhing and
thrashing about on the bed while I ate her drenched pussy. She was rocking
her hips up to meet my face as she held my head in both of her hands. Her
pussy juices were flowing freely as I licked her pussy. I looked up and saw
her lust and passion filled angelic surrounded by its thick mane of fine
blond hair looking back at me. Mom looked my in the eyes and mouthed the
words, “I’m going to cum now.” I kept my eyes locked on hers and my lips
locked on her clit with my fingers stroking in and out at a high rate of
speed. I saw her abs flex and tighten then her whole body stiffened up as
her orgasm rolled through her body. Finally she pushed me away as her orgasm
subsided. We lay there side by side and fell asleep in eachother’s arms.

A couple hours later I awoke to my cock deep inside mom’s pussy. She was
straddling my hips and had sunk down onto my hard cock as I slept. I reached
up and took hold of her tits squeezing them and pinching the still hard
nipples. Mom leaned down over me putting her breasts right in my face. I
opened my mouth and let one of those hard nipples in and sucked it hard like
I had her clit. I was pinching the other one between my thumb and index
fingers. I began rocking my hips slamming my cock up to meet her downward
thrusts. I slid my hands down and gripped her firm tight ass as we fucked
savagely. I alternated my mouth from one nipple to the other while we
continued fucking. Her pussy may have large loose lips on the outside but I
can tell you it is tighter than hell on the inside. Mom was sweating like
crazy and it was dripping all over me like some kind of lust filled
rainstorm. As if fucking my sexy mom wasn’t turn on enough the taste of her
sweet salty sweaty body was fucking amazing. My fingers were in the crack of
her ass as I held onto her cheeks. My index finger of my right hand felt her
tight little asshole. I pushed it a little and realized that it was wet
enough that my finger could slide in. To make sure though I slid it into her
pussy along side my cock and got it really slippery then slid it back up to
and into her asshole. I felt a jolt in her body as I slid it in and out of
her sexy rosebud. “Oh yes Billy, that’s it sweetie fingerfuck my asshole.”
Her body tensed up as her orgasm started and that caused her pussy muscles
to tighten up as well and my cock started squirting deep in her body. I
tried to pull out but mom sat down hard and kept my deep inside her cunt.
She whispered in my ear, “Baby my tubes are tied and I can’t get pregnant. I
love the feel of your cum spurting deep inside my hot fucking body.” She
collapsed on top of me, then we rolled to the side and I heard her breathing
and knew she had fallen asleep in my arms again.

As my cock softened and fell out of her body I got up to go to the
bathroom. I looked down at her naked body and could see my cum dripping out
of her wet well fucked pussy. I was jolted from my thoughts by the ringing
of the telephone. I answered and the voice said, “Hi this is John Baisel,
and I am looking for Stephanie and Billy Morehead.” Oh my god it was the TV
exercise guy, the one whose program had given Mom and me these fantastic
bodies. “Yes this is Billy Morehead.” “Well, he continued if you look
outside you will see that my camera crew and I are here and we want to put
you in our new television promo.” “Mom, I yelled John Baisel is at the
door.” I yelled this out as I ran down the stairs and flung the door open.
In my excitement, I completely forgot that I was naked covered in mine and
mom’s cum. John quickly stepped inside and shut the door behind him. He left
the camera crew outside on the porch. It was while I was shaking his hand
that I realized I was still naked. John looked at me and said, “Your picture
sure doesn’t do you justice Billy. It sure didn’t show that, he said, as he
pointed down at my already semi-erect cock.”

John was dressed in the same small spandex shorts he wears in the
commercial and was not wearing a shirt. I was staring at his body when mom
walked up beside me and handed me a robe. I started to put it on when he
stopped me, “Please don’t I like your body the way it is.” Mom had put back
on the same outfit she had worn during our workout but I noticed she wasn’t
wearing her panties. I could see the wet spot in her crotch my cum was
causing as it continued to ooze from her pussy. John looked at mom and said,
“My god woman you two are my best success cases. You are also the fucking
sexiest couple I have ever seen. Please take off her clothes Billy I want to
see her naked body.” I looked at mom and she nodded and for the second time
that day I undressed my mother. John looked on as I again unclipped the bra
top and pulled it away from her sexy body. Then I pushed down her shorts
revealing her shaved pussy to Mr. Baisel. There was a large drop of my cum
about to drip from her pussy lips and John scooped it up with his fingers
and stuck it in his mouth. “MMM, he said, as he looked at me and said, yours
I presume. It does have the sweetness of youth.” Pushing mom down on the
sofa he dropped to his knees between her legs and she spread them wide for
him as he buried his tongue between her thighs and began sucking my fresh
cum from her cunt. His sexy ass was wagging like a dogs as he ate my mom’s
cunt and I decided I had to see it bare. I knelt behind him and carefully
pulled down his shorts. I was shocked to see he was wearing a g-string. Hell
I didn’t even know they made them for men. I know I was sure going to have
to get some myself soon. I pulled the g-string down releasing his hard
nine-inch pussy pounder. I got down next to him and though having never done
it before I took the head of his monster in my mouth and sucked cock for the
first time. I tried to remember what mom had done when she was sucking mine.
John was moaning and rocking his hips fucking my mouth with his huge cock. I
must have been doing something right.

Pulling mom off of the sofa John put her on her knees and slid his leaking
cock into her dripping pussy. I stood next to him as he fucked my sexy mom
with his hot hard cock. He looked over and without hesitation he took my
thick fleshy rod into his mouth. I could tell this was not his first time
sucking cock. Obviously I didn’t care as long as he didn’t stop. Mom was
moaning loudly as he fucked her tight pussy mercilessly. I was about to cum
again and I told John so. He told me to try to hold back he had an idea. He
got down on the floor and lie on his back. Mom settled down on top of him
like she did with me earlier. She leaned down on her hands and John told me
what he wanted to do. I stepped up behind mom and was greeted by the site of
John’s cock pistoning in and out of her cunt. He stopped moving for a moment
and I put the head of my cock against her pussy on top of his cock. He let
his cock slide out a little as I pushed and my cock popped inside her
stretched pussy with his cock. We both began pumping in and out of mom’s
cunt. We developed a rhythm of him pulling out when I pushed in. Mom was
screaming like a wild woman with both of our big cocks fucking her cunt
together. Suddenly her cunt got a whole lot wetter and I knew mom was
cumming then I shot my load deep inside her. I pulled my cock out of mom and
knelt in front of mom and John as they cleaned off my cock together. John
quickly sent his load inside her and mixed his cum with mine. This time mom
and I cleaned off John’s cock.

Once again mom sat on the sofa with her cum dripping pussy hanging off of
the edge. John and I got between her legs and brought her to another mind
blowing orgasm while we sucked the creamy contents of her pussy into our
mouths. We didn’t swallow all of it though. When we were finished we pulled
mom to us and shared it with her in a three-way kiss.

I took john aside and talked with him for a few minutes. He went to the
door and called to an assistant. “Lilly, come in here please. He shouted”
When she arrived I gasped at her beauty. She was no older than I was at
probably 14 or 15. John told her to make sure we had all of the
appropriately sexy clothing we needed or wanted for the photo and video
shoot the next day. “As long as nothing is bigger than a thong.” He added.
He looked at mom and asked, “I am sure you won’t mind if Lilly and I spend
the night here with you. She does have some talents you know. After all she
is my daughter and I know she will just love your shaved pussy.”

Well, Mom and John married a few months ago. Nowdays we both only wear
thongs and G-strings. Mom never wears a bra anymore unless it is for a photo
shoot. Since most of her modeling jobs are nudes for her website or some of
the Over Fourty sex magazines thats generally not an issue anyway. We have
been traveling with John for a year now and life couldn’t be better. Lilly
and I are closer than most brothers and sisters usually are and we are a
very happy family. Thanks to Lilly mom has discovered her bi-sexual side and
can’t get enough of her pussy. Well I have to go now you see Lilly is
sitting on Mom’s face and mom is eating my cum from her pussy while John is
eating his cum from mom’s pussy. His ass up in the air is looking really
good right now but my hard cock is going to feel even better inside of it.
Bye, The End.

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