She didnt know that I knew, Part 4

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She didnt know that I knew, Part 4
The next 6 days couldn’t go by fast enough. We never spoke about the previous Wednesday night although the sexual tension between us both was off of the charts. Twice, during the weekend, I tried to have sex with her and both times, she politely encouraged me to wait until this Wednesday, since “it’s always best on Wednesday at Midnight” she would say.
Wednesday morning finally arrived and at breakfast, my wife spoke about that evening’s plan, for the fist time since a week ago.

“What is your workday like today?” she asked.

“Meetings” I replied, “the usual.”

“Are you working from home or the office today?” she probed.

“Office” I replied, “All day.”

“Perfect” she added, with a smile. “So you know, I will be home briefly around 3:00. I’d rather you not be here then, but it seems that you won’t. I will then leave again around 5:30 and be back home sometime around 8:00. If you come home after work, I’d like to know that you’ll not be here until after 5:45 and then be gone no later than 7:45.”

“I can do that” I said, my head now swimming with questions. “Why are you coming home and then leaving?”

“I’d rather not say,” she replied, “but you’ll know later tonight.”

“Are we really doing this?” I asked sincerely.

She approached me from behind and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Lift my skirt and feel how wet I am.” She said softly.

I reached back and lifted her skirt. I found the waistband of her panties and slipped my hand between her panties and her tummy, palm in. As my fingers slid through her little patch of soft fur, over her clit and between her folds, her arousal was very evident. She was soaked!

I sighed and then repeated my earlier question.

“But are we really doing this?”

She leaned in, close to my neck and lifted to get close to my ear and whispered:

“Baby,” she whispered seductively, “We’ve BEEN doing this.”

She allowed that to sink in and then kissed my cheek.

“Remember,” she said, in a tone that sounded much like she was asking me to pickup milk on the way home, “be gone by 7:45 tonight” she said, and then added, “and home at exactly midnight.”

She tuned and left the kitchen, grabbed her car keys and left to go to work.

The day dragged on forever and I was unable to concentrate in any of my meetings. I actually left work early and took a drive on the way home. Once in the door, at around 6:30, the first thing that I noticed was the fragrant scent that wafted throughout the house. It must have been her perfume that she applied just before she left the house later in the day. Maybe that’s why she needed to come home for a bit… to pretty up and prepare? I wondered if she had changed for him and what she was wearing? I looked around and the house had been straightened up a bit and the vacuum had been run, but not much else was different. I walked down the hall to our bedroom and the perfume scent was slightly stronger. The bed was made, as we always do together, but it looked fluffier and neater. I walked up and ran my fingers over the duvet. I then pulled back just the corner and noticed that she had changed the sheets: Black satin sheets now covered our bed! I had never seen them before, so this was a first. She was certainly preparing for something!

I returned the duvet and left the room, wondering what the bed might look like at midnight. I returned to the kitchen noticed two champagne glasses on the counter. I grabbed myself a bit to eat and then looked at the clock and it was 7:20. I cleaned up the kitchen and was out of the house by 7:40.
I drove around for a while, but my mind was obviously somewhere else:
– She knew that I knew.
– She knew that obviously enjoyed the many and varied benefits of her seeing him: tasting him inside of her, feeling his cum coating my cock, etc.,
– Now, she was, inviting him to our home.
– Dismissing me, until later.
– She even suggested that my dismissal was “this time” and added, “we’ll see how it goes.” Was she intending more liaisons and eventually having me stay there with them both?

I continued to drive around, and I was crazy with thoughts. I also noticed that my cock was straining inside my slacks. I then stopped for a drink to calm my nerves.

At 10:30, I decided to head home early… not to go inside, necessarily, but to try and see if he was there, or something like that. At just after 11;00, I was in my neighborhood. I parked a couple of streets away and walked toward our street. Along the way, I noticed what I believed to be her co-worker’s car. At least he was being discrete and not parking in our driveway! I approached the house and saw all of the lights were low. I couldn’t see anything and since our bedroom was upstairs, I don’t know what I hoped to see. I returned to my car and waited.

At 11:50, I saw him get into his car, start it up and leave. I wanted to run right home but waited the remaining 8 minutes, then pulled down the street and into our driveway. The foyer was a bit brighter and sultry jazz music filled the house. I removed my shoes and as I headed for the stairs, I noticed that the two champagne glasses were gone from their place in the kitchen. I ascended the stairs, slowly, as my heart pounded out of my chest. I slowly went down the hallway to our dimly lit master bedroom. As I turned the corner and entered the room, there was my wife! She was sitting up in bed, champagne glass in her hand and a huge smile across her face. The covers were up across her body and only her neck and face were visible. The first thing that I noticed was the smell of sex replaced the earlier smell of perfume. The second thing that I noticed was how incredibly sexy and beautiful she looked, and I could only see her face. Her dark, seductive eyes exuded a sexy, excited, satiated woman and her lips were painted a bright red, although slightly smeared from an evening of passion. Her hair was disheveled yet sexy as well. She continued to smile as she chose her words carefully.

“If you choose to undress, right where you stand,” she said softly, “then you accept what happened here tonight.”

After a long pause, she added:

“If you’re uncomfortable” she continued, “then it’s best that you turn around and sleep in the guest room tonight.”

I took a deep breath and then reached for my belt, slacks and shirt, dropping them to the floor. As my thumbs slipped into the waistband of my underwear, she added:

“We are going to take these next few steps very slowly.” She said confidently. “I need you to do as I ask and take in what is happening. I also want each of us to enjoy this completely new level of intimacy together.”

My underwear and socks hit the floor and I was naked. My erection spoke volumes about my sexual state.

“Stand on the opposite side of the bed from me” she requested, “and slowly pull back the covers.”

I walked around the bed, stepped up close and pulled back the duvet, as she had asked. Her arm closest to me, was on the outside of the duvet, along the length of her body and prevented me from pulling back too much and exposing her. It’s then that I saw the mess in the bed. Wet streaks, spot and puddles littering the sheets. It seems that black satin sheets show every bit of moisture and there it was: trails of bodily fluids that probably included precum, semen, cum, spittle, etc. I could only imagine what had taken place during the previous few hours before my arrival. My eyes must have shown my surprise.

“Look at this, Baby, take it all in… It happened right here, in our bed.” she said softly and then circled one of the larger wet spots with her fingertips, “Only this time, this isn’t from you.”

I just glanced back and forth from my wife’s eyes to the streaks and puddles on the bed and back to her eyes.

“Where I see the look of fascination on your face,” she added with a big smile, “… I also see how your cock is reacting?”

I glanced down and not only was I sticking straight out, but a small dribble of precum hung from the slit on the end of my erection.

“Now” she requested softly, “Get up here on the bed and let me see that monster of a cock,” as she swallowed the remaining amount of champagne and placed the empty champagne flute on the nightstand.

I climbed up on the bed, at first trying to be careful to avoid the wet spots, and my wife giggled.

“Seriously?” she said with a chuckle, “You don’t want to accidentally get it ON you?” She laughed again.

I must have blushed a bit, but she then reached for my erection.

“Oh My GOD! You are So Fucking HUGE!” she gasped. “I love you, baby,” she said sincerely, “and I love you…Thank you for this… I mean it!”

I smiled back at her noticed the incredible sexual satisfaction of her face, that then was followed by a look of seriousness as she maintained eye contact with me, apparently to gauge my reaction, and she slowly uncovered herself with the remaining covers that had I had not previously pulled back. There she was, completely naked except for those black thigh-high stockings. Her ankles were crossed, and her thighs clenched tightly together, as if she had to pee.

“I’m trying to keep as much inside as I can.” She said convincingly, and then added softly, “and I’m sure you realize that he left just a few minutes ago… ”

She reached for my hand and added:

“I’m SO very full.” She added. “But this time, please don’t swallow. Hold it in your mouth, like you did once before. I loved that, and I want that this time. Hold it in your mouth until I tell you.”

All I could do was gaze at her naked, recently fucked body. She somehow looked different to me. Her hair was tussled, her neck had small red patches where perhaps his late-evening stubble sc****d along her skin, her nipples were red, perhaps from his suckling, her chest was still covered with her post-climax glow, small droplets of moisture covered her body in various places. Was it perspiration, pre-cum, spittle? Her black thigh-highs framed her little brown patch of fur that sat just above the cleft of her smooth pussy. But this time, her pubes were wet and matted, sticky with the combined fluids. Her body actually smelled of sex. Our entire bedroom smelled of sex. Perhaps before, when they met elsewhere, she took time to clean up prior to coming home. Not this time. This time, there was no effort made to hide or clean up from this evening’s act of indiscretion. But was it really an act of indiscretion? We both knew what was happening tonight, and where… Right in out bedroom! Yes, she looked different… and very excited at what was about to take place.

“Are you ready, baby?” she asked with a tone of excitement in her voice.

All I could do was nod. I moved around and took a position by her knees. She lifted her knees up toward her chest and rolled her hips up without actually uncrossing her ankles. This exposed both of her holes to me…. her cunt red and swollen, dripping cum and her tight little asshole, also covered with an excess of semen that obviously ran from her well-fucked hole just a short distance above.

“Do it baby” she encouraged, “Get as much as you can and hold it in your mouth for me!”

To be continued……

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