Single Mom – Brunch Meeting

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Single Mom – Brunch Meeting
“Good morning, my lady,” Hugo Alazar said yawning as he spied Rochelle waking.
“Hey! Good morning,” she returned in kind.
“Sleep well?”
“Yes. How about you?”
“It was good,” he said pulling her close to him.
“Hold on,” she protested. “I have morning breath.”
“So,” he kissed her anyway. “Last night was so good!”
“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” she giggled.
“Hell yeah! I gotta get some more of that.”
“You will.”
“Now’s as good a time as any,” he remarked placing her hand on his engorged manhood.
“I see,” she purred.

Rochelle slid underneath the covers and paid serious attention to the stiff rod belonging to the half-Ethiopian, half-French, Canadian-raised, doctor. She took great care in nursing on his dick. As she delivered the wet blow job, the man was writhe with pleasure.

Hugo threw off the comforter and smiled broadly. His angular features and hazel eyes studied the vixen before him. “Come here, beautiful,” he beckoned. She moved toward him. He ran his fingers through her short, relaxed hair and down to her full breasts. He cupped them and massaged them gently. It made her coo. “I want you,” he announced. He turned her on her stomach and smacked her ass cheeks. He positioned himself to snack on her warm tranny pussy. As he at her out, she groaned with delight.

Eventually, he flipped her onto her back. He entered her inner sanctum slowly giving her time to fully accept the length of his nine-inch cock. He heaved and thrusted repeatedly, lovingly.

“Oh, Hugo,” the woman breathed heavily.
He looked into her eyes. “You feel so good!”
“Take me!”

They made love until she climaxed hands free. The contractions of her sphincter muscle on his rod milked him dry as he flooded her insides. He gasped nearly breathless. “Damn, girl!”

“Did you like it,” she checked.
“Of course, eh!”

They reluctantly climbed out of bed. Hugo offered to run down and grab a couple of things from the continental breakfast offering. Rochelle requested a cheese danish or a blueberry muffin if they had them. He dressed in a pair of grey sweatpants and an oversized white T-shirt. She hopped in the shower.

When Hugo returned, he had Rochelle’s pastry, a plate with a couple of pieces of bacon, an apple, and a boiled egg. He also carried two individual-sized cartons of orange juice. They were eating light because the couple was meeting with Joan Phillips for brunch. After finishing the light meal, Hugo cleaned up.

Rochelle had just finished packing her suitcase when the tall, slim man emerged from the bathroom. She was wearing a feminine, floral-print, black and metallic champagne dress with a V-neck and ruching gathered at the left waist. The fitted number boasted cap sleeves and came down to her knees. She had on a pair of Sperry wedge heel linen sandals.

“Damn! You look hot,” admitted the Toronto native.
“Thanks, handsome,” she fired back.

Hugo carried the bags to the car and retrieved his lady friend once everything was situated. He drove to a local grocery store. He picked out a coffee cake from the bakery and purchased swiped his rewards Visa card.

Back in the Mazda crossover, Rochelle entered the address to Joan’s house into the navigation system. As they drove out of the parking lot, Hugo inquired, “So, how do you know this lady?”

“Dr. Phillips was my A&P professor at Meharry,” Rochelle shared. “And, she ended up being a mentor and great friend.”
“That’s awesome,” he acknowledged.
“Yeah, she’s a class act. She was always in my corner. It was no secret that she was also trans, but no one really seemed to care. If you could pass her class, you were pretty much set after that.”
“I hear that! Anatomy and physiology is the great equalizer in the early days of med school. How long has she lived down here?”
“She moved here like five or six years ago. She got married to some retired federal agent. He’s pretty cool. I’m glad she’s happy.”

They arrived at the red brick house with welcoming transoms above the front windows. The lawn was nicely manicured. Hugo rang the doorbell.

A bald, average height, olive-skinned, stout man answered. “Elvin,” called out Rochelle.
“Ro! How are you,” asked the relatively fit, seventy year-old.
“I’m well, Elvin. How are you?”
“I’m good, miha! Who’s this fella?”
“Hugo, Elvin. Elvin, Hugo,” she facilitated a hurried introduction.
“Good to meet you,” Joan’s husband said in heavily accented English. “Come in.”

They followed Elvin Esquivel through the 1955 square-foot house into the eat-in kitchen. There, Dr. Joan Phillips was pulling a cast iron skillet containing a frittata from the oven. “Joanie,” called out Elvin. “Our guests are here.”

The five-foot-ten-inch, bronze-colored woman with the jet-black-and-gray-streaked bob smiled broadly. “Rochelle, my love! How art thou?”
“I’m well, Dr. P. How are you?”
“Girl, I’m fine. Thanks for asking! And who’s this fine young man,” inquired the sixty-two-year-old lady.
“Oh…This is Hugo!”
“Welcome to our home, Hugo!”
“Nice to meet you, Dr. P.”
“Please, call me Joan. So, what are you doing in this neck of the woods?”

“Randy’s chapter had their Black and Gold ball last night,” Rochelle shared.
“Oh, how nice! How is Randall,” Joan quizzed.
“Doing good!”
“That’s great! Well, we’re almost ready to eat. Elvin, can you pour the mimosas?”
“Si, Joanie,” replied the man of the house.
“May I use the washroom,” asked Hugo.
“It’s right around the corner back here,” Joan pointed in that direction. “The door on the right.”

Hugo disappeared for a moment to relieve himself.

“He’s a cutie pie,” approved Joan.
Rochelle blushed, “Yes, he is!”
“Is he good to you, Ro,” checked the former Special Agent in Charge of the regional office for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Explosives.
“Oh, yes, Elvin! And, we’re just dating guys. We’re not exclusive or anything.”
“It all starts as just dating,” grinned Joan. “Can you sit this on the table,” she handed Rochelle a platter of fruit.

Hugo rejoined the party. They ate and conversed about the weather, politics, and other general updates. Hugo decided to ask, “Has Rochelle always been so driven?”

“Absolutely,” replied Joan. “She has always pushed herself to the max.”
“Stop,” protested Rochelle.
“It’s true, dear. I always knew she was special from the very first day she entered my class.”
“Thanks, sweetie!”

“Where are you from, Hugo” Elvin inquired.
“Toronto,” the guest said.
“Brrrr,” Elvin shook. “I’m from San Juan myself.”
“Nice and tropical, man!”
“Yeah! I love it.”
“Do you get back often?”
“I usually go twice a year. Right now I’ve gone a few a times more since the hurricane. Trying to get my property back in order.”
“I imagine the damage was pretty bad.”
“Oh, yes,” Joan interjected. “It was absolutely devastating?”
“Rebuilding is a slow process, you know,” added Elvin. “I debated letting it go afterwards, but just can’t bring myself to do it.
“I’m glad,” admitted Joan. “It’s so beautiful there.”
“I bet,” Ro offered.

“How are the boys,” Joan wondered.
“They’re good,” Rochelle shared. “Both of them made honor roll this term.”
“They take after their mother.”
“I guess.”
“Elvin and I need to get up there to see them soon. We meant to come see a football game, but we’ve just been so busy with the house in P.R. and his daughter is going through a divorce.”
“I told her not to marry that bastard,” chimed in Elvin.
“Honey, be nice,” Joan chided.
“Hmmmmph,” the old man rolled his eyes.

Once finished, the ladies moved into the living room to chat. Elvin offered for Hugo to join him on the back porch for a cigar. “Brandy,” checked the host.

“Sure,” Hugo nodded.
“Follow me. So, how did you meet our Ro?”
“You were her patient?”
“No, sir! We work together.”
“Oh okay! That’s better. She’s like a daughter to my Joanie. And, we love her very much. She’s a gem, you know,” he informed the love interest as they entered the home office
“Yeah, she is!”
“I’m glad we agree.” Elvin poured the whiskey. “I would not hesitate to defend her honor,” he said eyeing the wall.

Hugo looked up. There were a number of certificates and awards hanging around the room. He first spotted Joan’s degrees – a bachelor’s in biology from Wilberforce University and a master’s and doctorate from Wayne State. Next to them hung Elvin’s credentials – his undergrad diploma from the Catholic University of Puerto Rico and one from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico School of Law. Plus, there were several citations from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center for Elvin’s top notch skills as a marksman. Hugo got the message loud and clear – Elvin was an incredible shot and not afraid to brandish a weapon.

“I understand you completely,” Hugo gasped.
“Good,” Elvin tapped his shoulder leading him outside.

After a couple of hours visiting, Rochelle begged away as she needed to get back home and check on her sons.

Hugo helped her unload when he dropped her back at home. There were dishes in the sink and on the counter. Rochelle fumed slightly before thanking him for a lovely time and wishing him a good remainder of the day.

“I had a good time too, Ro,” Hugo hugged her. “I’ll talk to you later.”

She pecked him on the lips before he exited.

“Boys,” Rochelle yelled. “I’m back.” The teenagers rushed from their bedrooms.
“Hey, ma,” said Jeramiah. “How was the trip?”
“It was good. Thanks!”
“Ma! Wassup,” Coree greeted her.
“Not much. A little tired. I was planning to cook, but this kitchen is a mess. What are y’all gonna do about it?”
“”Oh, yeah…Uh,” Coree stumbled.
“I’m going to get changed. I’m sure y’all will have it cleaned when I get back in here.”
“Ma’am. Yes, ma’am,” Jere saluted.
“Alright. Back in twenty,” she laughed.

Rochelle walked into the master suite and checked her phone. There were a slew of text messages from Lynton. She didn’t feel like replying back, but she didn’t mind talking to him. She placed a call.

“Hey, lady,” the man answered.
“Hey there! I got your messages. I just got back in town.”
“Where’d you go?”
“To see my brother.”
“Nice! Y’all have a good time?”
“We did. So, what’s up?”
“I gotta be honest. I really miss you! I can’t tell you enough how terrible I feel.”
“Honestly, I miss you too. I’m not that hurt. I just like honesty. It isn’t like I’m married to you.”
“I understand, but…”
“No buts, sweetie! I’m over it. I do wanna let you know I’ve been seeing someone.”
“You replaced me that fast? Damn!”
“Wait a minute. That’s not fair.”
“Do you like him?”
“I do.”
“Is he good to you?”
“He is!”
“Can I see you again. I mean, we can just talk. I miss talking to you. You’re a quality friend if nothing else.”
“I guess there’s no harm in that. I get off tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. Wanna meet me for a late lunch?”
“Sure. How about Taziki’s?”
“That’ll work. Take care! I need to go fix dinner.”

She returned to the kitchen where the boys had just completed the task of straightening up. “Now this looks much better,” she praised them. “Oh, before I forget. These are for you.” She held out an envelope in either hand. One was addressed to Coree and the other to Jeramiah. “Open them! I wanna see what they gave you!”

The boys tore into the presents. Each had a handwritten note congratulating him on making the honor roll. They were signed ‘Love Mama Joan & Uncle Elvin’. Both were the recipients of $25 from the elderly couple. The teens were elated. “You should call and thank them,” Ro suggested firmly.

Coree whipped out his iPhone and searched for Joan’s number. It went to voicemail.

Meanwhile back at the Esquivel residence, Elvin had just finished washing his wife’s garnet red pearl 2016 Audi A7. The hubby had also spent a little time tinkering with his classic 1959 Chevy 3100 pickup truck which he had been restoring for past two years. He went inside the house and headed to the master bedroom to take a quick shower. Inside the room, he found Joan laying across the bed wearing a slinky yellow nightie. “Humina, humina,” he growled moving towards her.

“I want you to take me, papi,” she cooed.
“Si, mamacita! Come to papi,” ordered Elvin.
“You want this hot body mami, baby?”
“You know I do. Look at those tits,” he referred to her 38DD breasts. “They’re huge!”
“Why thank you, papi! You did buy them for me,” she replied acknowledging the replacement boob job she had gotten six months ago.
“Nice young titties on a sexy mature lady!”
“Oh, papi! Fuck me!”

Elvin ripped open the lingerie and mounted his betrothed. His seven-and-three-quarter-inch dick slid inside of her waiting pussy hole.

“Oh it feels so good, papi,” yelled Joan!
“Si, mami! Take this verga,” barked Elvin. “This is my pussy!”

The daily dose of Cialis that Elvin took did the trick. He was hard as a rock pounding the supple bodied senior lady. “Those young bucks be checking you out all the time. They want that ass and these tits. But it’s all mine,” he grinned slyly.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m all yours,” she panted.
“Oh, damn, baby!”

Elvin continued fucking her until he nutted nice and hard. They lay on the bed together in the love juices.

Over at the Stewart residence, Rochelle and the boys were sitting down to dinner. She had prepared spaghetti and meatballs along with a salad and some garlic toast.

“Y’all ready for school tomorrow,” she checked.
“Yes ma’am,” Jere commented.
“Yeah! I’ma iron my clothes after I finish eating.”
“Excellent,” Rochelle said as she took another bite.

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