Sir’s Special Birthday

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Sir’s Special Birthday
It’s Your birthday. i thought and thought about the most special thing i could get You, what would best express how i feel. i even asked You a few questions to try and get inside Your head a little. Ultimately, i realized, what could I possibly offer You that would be more appropriate than myself? My gift to You is not only my body but my mind. However You choose to use it. i give You plenty of notice. And then i don’t say a thing more about it.

We meet for drinks on Your special day. i hope i look ok; this is a rare occasion as You haven’t said anything about what i should wear, or not wear. It’s early evening and there is plenty of time…for whatever i’ll be doing to celebrate You. i see You at the bar and throw my arms around You with an enormous birthday hug and kiss (or perhaps grind and kiss would be more apt). We enjoy Your birthday champagne as we chat about everything BUT the evening ahead. i hear about Your day, Your courses, Your birthday gifts, we talk about the weather, the champagne, plans for the weekend. You divert every attempt i make to turn the conversation to how we are going to celebrate Your birthday. Between the bubbles and the suspense i’m starting to twitch a little. Of course You know this, but You give me nothing to go on. Sir You make me so hot.

After what seems like an eternity we finish the bottle. You rise and take my hand. You can see i’m heating up, and rather than fanning the flames You just smile and give me a chaste peck on the cheek. We walk out to a waiting car and i have a good idea of where we’re going…if not what we’ll be doing. The drive isn’t long to our new favourite play spot, but in my world it is feeling like time has stopped. i am getting hornier – and more jumpy – by the second. And You know it. And You are enjoying it.

When we reach the club You lead us past the line-up and are greeted by the bouncer. He opens the door and i am again struck by the beauty of the sexual chaos spread out before us. People everywhere are simply basking in pleasure, totally comfortable in and empowered by their own steaming sexuality. It continues to be an overwhelming sight, but i’m starting to appreciate it as well.

The hostess approaches and hands You something black. Before i know what is happening, You have a tight hood over my head. Fuck talk about a shock to the system! i can’t see anything. My hearing seems to have been affected as well. i’m not sure how to breathe and begin to tense up, until You pull the mask’s breathing holes flush with my nostrils. You do nothing to calm me – somewhat unusual – but i can smell Your cologne and it helps. i inhale deeply. It helps so much.

i feel my coat being removed, which is reasonable for the lobby. Then i feel my dress being unzipped – NOT so comfortable for the lobby! The dress is pulled over my head. i am tense, and the hard breathing starts again as i feel my exposed skin break out with goose bumps, every hair standing on end. So here i am in black heels, black lace bra and panties, with a tight black hood over my head. The image actually excites me a little, which in turn helps me back away from the anxiety.

A cold hand on my back – Yours, I hope…but i’m not smelling Your cologne anymore. i automatically pull into myself a little, but the hand gets more insistent, and then becomes a grip on my arm. i keep trying to remember that i both opened the door and walked straight into this one. That there is no reason to be wigging out. Not sure why i’m reacting this way but i am going to do my best to suck it up and move on.

i straighten up and allow myself to be guided by the grip. Even with my limited hearing i can tell we must have moved away from the bustle of the lobby; there are few sounds now. i have no idea where we might be – this place is huge and we have only explored a small fraction of it. i am helped through a doorway and i jump slightly as I hear the door SLAM behind me.

my lingerie is cut away and i feel tight cuffs being wrapped around my wrists and ankles, and start to freak out a little as i feel my limbs being spread apart. Soon i’m in a big X, feeling the pressure from the cuffs on my joints as they continue to be stretched. i have no chance of moving at all. At this point it’s all i can do to keep some balance on my tall heels to try and relieve the pressure on my wrists and ankles. Hoping nobody decides to kick off the shoes…

Silence. Silence. i hear nothing at all. I don’t know how long this continues. Again the panic is setting in…it strikes me that i could try speaking, if i dare. “Sir?” i whisper. Still nothing. The panic rises further. “Sir?” Louder. Nothing. i can barely get my breath. There’s a cold breeze coming from somewhere that’s not helping to calm me at all. “SIR??!?”Still no response, but i hear steps. But it sounds more like the click of heels…? i don’t even have time to process that thought before someone is removing the black mask…or so i think. The bottom of the mask is lifted upwards, but i don’t even get out a thank you before a huge penis gag is jammed into my mouth and strapped tightly around my head. My eyes fly wide open under the hood and i’m really having trouble getting air. Jesus fucking Christ what have i gotten myself into? My head flies back as i wail.

i hear more steps, and suddenly the mask is ripped off. i’m met with bright, bright lights, so bright that i can’t see anything beyond blurs moving. Two thoughts are running through my head: first, why are there spotlights on me, and second, SIR WHERE ARE YOU??? Neither question is answered as a woman in black leathers steps in front of me. i have no idea who she is, but she is scary, looking like the stereotypical dominatrix. She begins running her gloved hands over my body as she purrs “Mmm, pretty, we are going to have some fun tonight.” She slaps my face, slaps at each tit, and suddenly rams three gloved fingers into my pussy, eliciting another scream from me. “Oh YES we will have fun tonight. Let’s warm you up a little, kitten.” i swear to god she growls.

My tears get the better of me at this point. She smiles cruelly and seems to get into her role even more. The first thrash of the crop comes whistling out of nowhere, landing squarely on my right nipple. i shriek. Oh shit can i do this? The blows of the crop continue relentlessly, and i don’t think i stop screaming throughout. She is expert with her implement, connecting with only the very tip for maximum pain delivery. By the time she lets up, i truly believe that every inch of my body has been assaulted. i am terrified as she walks towards me. i’ve finally stopped screaming, but the tears just won’t turn off. She just sneers with a derisive laugh as she again rams her fingers into my snatch. i am so unsettled that i’m actually surprised when she pulls them out sopping wet. She isn’t surprised. Not at all.

“Oh kitten, you liked that more than you even know. i’d heard you were a cumslut, but this exceeded even my expectations. That cunt is too wet not to play with.” Suddenly she is directly in front of me, and i note that she is sporting a GIANT black strap-on. i can’t help but respond as she pushes it against my pussy. i can’t move more than an inch or two, but i’m doing my best to buck my hips forward. The pain throughout the rest of my body has receded to a steady burn; it’s still far from pleasant, but the huge dildo in front of me has definitely diverted my attention from the ache. She has parted my lips with the head of this monstrosity and is preparing to enter me. i don’t know how much i’ll be able to take, but at this point i’m less and less concerned about that. i just need something to focus on, something to bring me down off this insane adrenaline high. All of a sudden, she grabs my hips and rams this monster into me! i scream again, but only partially from the pain of it. Almost immediately i can feel my muscles tightening and the fire of an orgasm starting. i don’t know what to do – can’t ask permission, don’t know if i will be punished for cumming– but very quickly it’s out of my mind and completely beyond my control as i explode with raw lust, my tight limbs trembling from fingers to toes as she continues to assault me.

The pendulum starts to swing back from pleasure to pain as she continues pounding away at my battered pussy, and my screams begin anew. Finally – it may have been mere seconds but it felt like an eternity – she stops and pulls the weapon out of my hole.

i still can’t see for all the bright lights as my chains are relaxed slightly, and the ones on my wrist are lowered entirely. Someone –YOU?? No i don’t think so – catches me from behind and brings me to the ground. My gag is finally removed and in a flash the Domme is back on me. She’s removed the monster cock and launched herself onto my face. “Eat my pussy, kitten, or you will be sorry.”

This is completely new territory and i have little idea of how to effectively lick a twat, so i do the only think i can think of. i try to do it like You do it, Sir. She seems to be enjoying it ok as she starts to grind on my mouth. Suddenly she spins so she is facing my feet – i swear she never lost contact with my mouth – and out of nowhere lands a HARD slap to my pussy. i scream again and try to buck upwards, but of course am held in place by her body. “Better not stop, kitten. It won’t be good for you.” As she continues to batter my cunt i do my best to bring her off, and finally it happens. She arches up and begins grinding on my mouth and chin for all she’s worth, landing one last huge hit on my pussy as she is cumming.

She twists and pinches my nipples as she climbs off of me. “That was a not bad effort, kitten. Amazing how fear can make you do anything. I hope you enjoy meeting my friends.” And with an evil laugh she walks away.

i’m lying on the cold floor, still shackled but able to move. Not sure it’s a good idea to do so; there isn’t any part of me that isn’t sore. i try opening my eyes but still can’t see anything for the bright lights. It takes a moment to realize i can speak. The minute i open my mouth to test out my ragged voice to ask for Your reassurance, there are steps. These footfalls are much heavier than the earlier click of heels. Now i can tell it’s a man, but i can’t make out any details about the backlit figure that is hauling me to my feet. As i finally get a decent look, i see an imposing figure in a black face mask and the same tight – crotchless – leather pants You had sported our first night here. Of course the thought of You, and of that incredibly steamy night, both calms me and EXCITES me at the same time. i gain some much-needed perspective: You have orchestrated this experience, and i trust You wholly. Now i just have to be able to hold on to that thought.

He is moving me towards what i can only describe as a torture table. It’s straight out of a dream – or a nightmare – or something: manacles hanging from the table, bright overhead lighting, a rack of whips and floggers on the wall, a shelf filled with a giant collection of sex toys…and a side table i see filled with what i can only describe as implements of medical torture. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck that sets me right off again, and even the knowledge that You know how much needles and such make my skin crawl won’t bring me back down. i begin pulling away, earning me a smack to the face and a chuckle from my tormentor. “God this is going to be fun.”

i freeze as another male voice – still not Yours – answers with an evil laugh. “Well there was no question about that.” And suddenly, there is a second leather-clad man in front of me. Also masked. Also scary as hell. But again, at least part of my mind is back on You in those pants…ok deep breath.

i’m quickly bent over at the waist as one of them wraps my tits tight with black cord. The one behind me is lightly caressing my slit with his cock…but never even parting my lips. Despite my fear my pussy is responding and i can feel the heat, and the wetness growing. “Oh yes this is going to be fun.”

My tits are already changing colour and are puffing out like balloons as i am pushed back on the table. As my hands and feet are firmly locked in place and i continue to survey my surroundings, my pussy turns right back off and it’s just nerves that i’m feeling again. Starting to feel like those bright lights are the safer place to be looking…

Both men approach me at the same time. i let out a yelp and start crying when i see one is holding a tray of needles. They just smirk and one pops a pump gag in my mouth and blows it up big. i have to try and calm myself but fuck fuck fuck…each man has a needle in each hand and as i squeeze my eyes shut tight and expect the worst, something else happens. They are running the points all over my skin. Maybe scr****g is a better word. “Better not move, whore. It would be a shame if one of these pierced that lovely skin.” As the threatening taunts continue, i realize my job is now only to stay completely still. This isn’t easy. When they apply pressure there is definitely pain and discomfort, but when they go more lightly, i can imagine it’s You running Your nails over me. i close my eyes and let out a moan as the sheer terror is replaced by a pleasant tingling in my crotch. This only elicits mocking laughter from my tormentors.

Now that i’ve found a happy place, i am determined to stay there. i keep my eyes shut and focus on the warmth emanating from my clit. Of course these two have other plans…as the first drop of hot wax hits my swollen breast, my eyes fly open and i scream into the gag. The tingling that i’d been just starting to enjoy is replaced by BURNING as the wax continues to drop all over my most sensitive spots. Ohmygod i don’t think i’ve ever been faced with so any conflicting feelings in such a short time. Or a week. i have no idea how much time has passed. When the final drop of wax lands a direct hit on my exposed clit, i don’t know whether i want to cry or cum. All the while there has been nothing but laughter from my captors.

As the dripping wax seems to stop and the dried remains are slowly plucked off my sensitive skin, the pump gag is removed. i don’t have a second to try and regain some moisture in my mouth before it is replaced by a hard cock. My head is to one side and ‘he’- whoever owns this cock – is pushing into the back of my mouth. As they continue to flick off the dried wax, i feel something at my snatch. A finger? God just make it something that can relieve this insane tension! It is a finger, thank the heavens, and then two, rolling and twisting around inside me. if i could move i would certainly be grinding far more than i am. My reverie is broken when both appendages are removed. But then replaced…did they switch places? There seems to be no more wax left to take off, because now the attention is focused on my swollen, aching tits. Both are being squeezed uncomfortably, and the nipples are being pinched. Of course all this, in addition to the fingers in my cunt, is only serving to make me hotter! God Sir all i am missing is You! i feel an orgasm building and again don’t know what to do…i try to ask around the cock in my mouth but am told to shut up. i know how much i need this…i know You would know how much i need this…so i let it happen. My scream of lust is muffled by the cock in my mouth. The only response it brings is “filthy cumstarved whore!” and then the more ominous “Maybe she needs to be helped out.” And more of that evil laughter.

i’ve barely come down from this very intense orgasm, and they have unshackled my hands and feet, and brought me to standing. i wish they would undo my tits as well, but it seems this isn’t in the cards. As i look around i decide to focus on the bright lights rather than all the scary stuff in the room…or the two rock hard cocks pointing directly at me. Oh man am i really going to do this without You? They retie my arms behind my back, bent at the elbows with each hand clasping the opposite forearm.

One of them gets up on the table and lies down on his back. i relax a little – and chuckle at the continuity of colour scheme – when i see the black condom covering his shaft. His partner grabs me by the waist and flings me up on the table as well, but facing the feet of #1. Before i clue in, he’s got my ass positioned over the waiting cock, and drives me down into it with force. The burst of pain in my ass makes me both scream and see stars but i barely have time to notice before the second one pushes me back on his partner’s chest, pinning my tied arms uncomfortably behind my back and putting even more pressure on my swollen breasts as they are forced upwards. He is inside my pussy – which i admit is starting to throb – in no time. Holy god talk about feeling full! They find a rhythm and continue pumping away while they bite at my neck, back and chest. i am heating up again, QUICKLY, but i try to hold it at bay because i know this won’t be nearly as comfortable post-climax. It’s hard and getting harder to do so, so i do my best to push back against their thrusts. They clearly like this reaction as the speed picks up and i feel the two cocks inside me start to swell. i can’t take it anymore and i let go, seeing stars again as i explode with a massive orgasm. This seems to set off my tormentors who finish inside me almost simultaneously. i know i can’t do anything about my situation so i just close my eyes and focus on the slowly receding pulses and tingles throughout my body.

i haven’t even really caught my breath when i hear a loud sound. i open my eyes to see the bright lights flicking off. The next thing i hear stops my breath: “CUT. THAT’S A WRAP.” The two men pull out of me – gently, all things being relative – and after untying my arms, both offer a kiss on the cheek before disappearing.

i’m sitting on the table, now in the near dark, tits still tied. Trying to piece together what i’ve just heard. i’m chilly, i’m spent, and i’m totally confounded. Suddenly i hear a single set of hands begin to clap. A dim light goes on and i find the source of the clapping. You, of course. In a black leather armchair in a corner of the room. One where you clearly had a brilliant vantage point throughout this adventure. Even from the distance I can see Your smile. And Your rock hard cock standing at attention. “That was phenomenal. Crawl to me.”

i don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see You in my life– which is saying something. i gingerly get off the table and down on hands and knees and begin moving towards you. With what little concentration i am capable of, i try to wag my ass a bit and look sexy, but right now all i can feel is my incredibly sore tits, and all i want is You. i’m sure i look ridiculous as i move awkwardly across the room, but i just want to reach You.

And then i am there. You stand and pull me to my feet. Your huge hard cock is pressing between us and i try to manoeuver it towards my waiting pussy as i fall into Your arms. “You were amazing. That was a better present than I’d imagined. I hope you don’t regret offering up your body and mind?” There were moments when i definitely had thought i’d made a mistake, but now…being there in Your arms, seeing how happy You are, feeling Your cock just waiting for me, all i can feel is pride. “Sir, You maximized exactly what i offered. As long as this will be a birthday to remember, i am thrilled.” This causes You to chuckle. “It will certainly be something to be remembered, as we’ll be able to watch it over and over again. But seriously, thank you. I know that was hard.”

Hard didn’t come close to describing it at times, but You are happy, so i am satisfied. As our embrace relaxes, i fall to my knees. It seems i’ve forgotten all about the pain in my tits. “Sir may I please taste You?” You just smile Your assent. i run my tongue over the tip, catching the precum and feeling safe and secure in the sight and taste of You. i take Your head in my mouth, more kissing than sucking, but it does the trick. You slowly pull my head forward until You are bumping into the back of my throat. i play with Your balls as i do my best to relax and open my throat for You. As always my throat muscles convulse as You push past my uvula, but even before i’m concerned about breathing, You pull back out.

i sigh as You leave my mouth but am thrilled as you kneel down and push me on my back. You are inside my waiting cunt in seconds, pumping hard as You pin my arms to the floor and mash my tender breasts against Your chest. As You slam in and out of my hot tunnel i am euphoric that i’ve made Your birthday special, and i feel my climax building deep, deep inside. It builds slowly but intensively. ”Sir, may i cum?” You say nothing, engrossed in Your own rhythm. This turns me on even more and i am so close now! “Sir please – may Your slut cum for You on Your birthday???” i think this may have been what You were waiting for, as You smile and growl into my ear “YES, cum with Me.” Our joint climax seems to go on forever and ever. And all is well.

Sending warm birthday memories to braducles xx

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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