sis bf

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sis bf
My name is neha, and I want to narrate an incident I had with my sister’s boyfriend who is now my brother in law. We live in Pune and this happened when I was out of my graduation and was working with a call center. Now I am married and have a daughter and have an ok sex life. I like most of the stories written on this site and once in a while masturbate thinking I am the person in the story.

My sister Reshma and Ram met at a jazz club in the city and had been dating for over 3 years. He is a son of an industrialist and used to give my sister everything she wanted. But his parents did not like my sister because we were from a middle class family. I was very happy for them because they seemed very lovey dovey all the time and he took good care of Reshma.

Me and Reshma live with our mom who works in Mumbai, she stays at her sisters house all week and comes home on weekends and holidays. Our father had left us when we were little and we had a tough c***dhood. Both of us girls were sexually abused by our uncle and we had gotten into bad habits in our teenage years.

It took a lot of intervention to get me and Reshma clean and have been like that for over a year since this story begins. It was a sunday afternoon, Mom was not coming over this weekend because of some hare ram hare krishna convention in Mumbai and I was lazing around at home and watching some TV. My sister and Ram walked into the house and went straight into the room we shared.

I knew they were going to have sex so I increased the volume and watched the movie. Around that time, I was single and had been like that since I got out of a relationship with a much elder married man. His wife had found out about us and had threatned to divorce him and he had to stop seeing me.

He was ok in bed but he was into that bondage stuff and I did not really like being physically abused. I had not had sex since then but did masturbate when I could. Now, I was imagining what Ram was doing to my sister in the next room and was getting wet. I walked up to the room and put my ear to the door and heard some muffled noises.

I could not make out anything with the noises so I went and sat down in the front room. I was getting real horny and pulled my legs together. About 10 minutes had passed since and the door opened and Ram walked out and sat across from me and picked up the newspaper to read. My sister walked out after him and went straight to the computer to check her emails.

I knew something was not right because they usually spend about half an hour to a minimum everyday and Ram is usually a very talkative guy. I called Ram in a low tone and asked him if everything is fine, he said yeah in a very unconvincing way and went back to reading the paper. A little later he called out to my sister and said he was leaving. She did not turn back but said OK.

Ram left the house. About an hour had passed. Reshma went into the bedroom to get some sleep and I was not getting any less horny. I switched channels hoping something naughty would come on. A knock on the door and it was Ram again, he forgot his wallet in our room. He sat in the main room when I offered to pick it up for him since Reshma was sleeping.

I saw the fat wallet lying next to the bed stand and picked it up. Two unused condoms were lying next to it. I picked them up and tried to fit them into the wallet but there was no space. I did know that it was going to be awkward if I give it to him but I figured it was very obvious what they were upto here.

I went into the front room and handed over his wallet and the condoms at the same time. I heard a slight ‘oh’ from him when he saw the condoms in my hand. And by the way – Ram did know about me and the older man I was involved in and he had to help me out when we were caught in a raid by the cops thinking I was a prostitute with the man.

He came and explained the situation and paid some money to get me out of there. This was over a year ago. I sat down in the couch and he sipped on the glass of water I got him and occasionally glanced to see if he can read my face. I said – ok, so what happened in sometime back ? Ram said – the usual couple stuff. I said – OK. You better make it upto her. Get her roses or something.

Ram – yeah, I should. I will take her out this evening. I did not say anything but after a few minutes, he leaned towards me and asked me in a low voice – hey, neha – tell me something. Have you been seeing anyone since that old man ? I said – no, why do you ask ? Ram casually shrugged and said – nah, just asking. I asked – there has to be something on your mind ? what is it ?

Ram – ok, you know we are all humans, you know how its tough to just ignore yourself when you are in the mood. You know ? I said – not quite sure I understand what you mean Ram ? Ram – its been over two weeks since your sister has been getting close to me, its like she does not love me anymore or something. Its not even that time of the month for her to act all wierd.

I said – oh, that. I think you should just give her some time. You cannot imagine to jump in her pants just because you are horny. Ram gave me a look like he already knew that and sulked in his chair. A few minutes later, he turned his head towards me and asked me – you have been with a few guys right ? have you had a problem with the size of., you know what ?

I laughed a little loud. He said shhh., your sister does not know I am here. I asked – do you think that’s the problem here ? you have a small willie ? and giggled. He laughed and said – no, I think its the other way around. I think she feels that I am too big. I almost gulped my saliva and felt a tingle between my legs.

I looked away and said, I don’t think that should be the problem. I have seen many different kinds of penises but I don’t think there is such a thing called a penis that’s too big for a woman, and moreover most women love big dicks. He chuckled – obviously not your sister. We watched TV for a while and I was dying to catch a glimpse of his crotch over his pants.

I did the first time and could not make out much, so I pretended I wanted something from the other room and standing at the fridge I looked at his crotch. His back was towards me but it seemed as though he arranged his pants to show his big bulge now but it certainly did look like he had a nice big hardon.

I stood there looking at it for a few seconds, and then went and sat back opposite to him. As soon as I settled, he said – I know you were peeking at my crotch. I did not know what to say, but I did not deny it either. I said – ok, I glanced at it. How could you not ? and giggled. Then he said – so what do you think ? is it too big or what ?

I stammer red and said I am not sure I could not make out much from where I was looking. I was getting this weird feeling in my stomach that this conversation was not right. He said, I could show it to you ?

There have been more than a few occasions where I have taken a split decision to sleep with a guy and not see him ever again but I did not know what to say here except I found myself walking behind him to the washroom. I stood at the door and he went in stood next to the washbasin and pulled his pants down.

It all seemed so casual like he was going to show me a new tattoo or something, he pulled out his dick and he said he was semi erect. He was holding it with his palm cupping the base and the skin was half over the head and it was soft and drooping downwards. He was staring at me waiting for my reaction and I said yeah, that’s not THAT big one for sure.

You are going to make Reshma happy. I had not completed my sentence when I could see him slowly rubbing the shaft and pulled the skin back to reveal a mean looking dick head. He got hard in about 10 seconds and now I was staring at a thick hard dick with veins popping from the sides and weirdly it was pointing sideways. It was for sure over 8 inches.

I realized what kind of trouble Reshma was having with Ram. My sister was about 5’5 and was very conscious of her weight and remained very athletic and skinny. There was no way she could take this monster inside her every night. I on the other hand did not care much about my body, I was about the same height as my sister, a little fairer, I had a little tummy and had love handles with a 34 size waist and a big ass.

I chuckled and said yeah that’s a big one you got there, now get it down before my sister walks in. He said I want to but its been over two weeks and I hate jerking off and maybe you can help. I wanted to make a scene and yell at him but thought about how that can spoil the relationship of him and my sister and said no.

I started walking away from him and he reached out and held my arm and said please. I looked back at his dick, it was the biggest I had ever seen and my legs were trembling at the thought of it pushing through my pussy lips. I did not know what he had in mind when he said help him but I reached out and wrapped my hand around him and started jerking him off.

He put his hand behind my head and slowly pushed me down. I licked his head and took his head in my mouth, it just filled me and I started to gag. He slowly kept pushing my face on his dick and I could feel it push the sides of my throat. My eyes went red and I was feeling like throwing up when I pushed away from him.

He said sorry and reached out to his pants and took out the two condoms. He immediately wrapped one around his dick and bent me over facing the mirror over the sink and lifted the gown, pushed my panties aside and with no absolute foreplay he rammed the dick up my pussy, I was glad I was a little wet from earlier. He kept steady for a minute and started pounding me.

I was looking at his face in the mirror and he was deep in the moment fucking me. I was beginning to feel real good, he was hitting the right spots and I was soon cumming. It had never felt this good, the guys I have had sex with prior to this had never been able to get me off with sex it was always orally or fingering my clit,

this one was just too good and I was just moving with the rhythm even after I came, he lifted one leg and started pounding me deeper, it started to hurt a bit but the pleasure was more than the pain. He stopped real abruptly and started slapping his dick against my butt. I moved away to see he was still hard, that was his way of controlling his orgasm.

He pushed me to the wall and lifted one leg and tried to insert me, we tried a couple of different positions but they were not working because he was little taller than me. I asked him if he wanted to do it on the table that was lying in the balcony. He said yes and he made me lie down on my back and parted my legs and drove into me hungrily.

I was as open as I could be, he was going at it like he just got out of jail or something. He bit my nipples over my clothes and rubbed my clit really hard. I was getting upset at the way he was handling me but then he was doing a great job of fucking me. I sat there while he brought me to another orgasm. a few minutes after that he pulled out his dick and started to jerk off on me.

He had so much cum in him, he spurted all over my neck, my belly and boobs standing in between my legs. I smiled at him and he said thank you and went back to wash up and wear his clothes and leave. I pushed my gown down and washed up and went back to watching TV. My pussy hurt so bad for days after that incident.

I confronted him a few days later and told him that we should not discuss what happened that day and that it will not happen again. We agreed and about a year later they got married. They are in Delhi with a beautiful boy c***d. I still think of that day sometimes but I am better off with the husband who treats me well.

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