sissy lola gets a treat1

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sissy lola gets a treat1
Last night was my first night as a sissy maid for my beautiful goddess maureen and i have been instructed to tell you what a dirty little cock sucking whore i have been.

I have known goddess maureen for a while now, she has been giving me instructions via webcam. She would make me flog myself or fuck my ass with a huge black dildo untill she was amused. So last night, i received a set of instructions telling me that i must prepare for a very special night. I was to lock my cock in a chasity device a week before. I then had to post the key through goddess maureens door. She said i had to get all dressed up in my sissy maids outfit for the drive. This maid me nervous as it was an hours drive away, but i had to do it. I was also instructed to give myself 50 flogs a day on webcam to goddess maureen. She made me count every 1. It burned so much i thought my ask cheeks were burning. She also made me fuck my 12 inch dildo but i was not to use any lube. The first few days of this was were so painfall that i cried much to the pleasure of goddess. As the days went by it gt less and less painfall untill on the second to last day i could take it all in the first thrust of my hips.

Yesterday afternoon came and i received a further instruction that i was to go to a beauty salon and have all of my body hair removed and to get a fake tan. I was also to tell the beautician exaclty what i was doing there. This was the most degrading point of my sissy life so far. When I finished in the beauty salon and headed for goddess maureens house. I was so nervous i didnt know what to expect, my hands were shaking, I had the sweats and worst of all my cock was straining for freedom in my cage.

After about an hour i arrived at goddess maureens house. I walked up to the door and knocked to realiset hat it was open. I walked in to find a pile of clothes. There was a big pink maids outfit, fake breasts,knickers, stockings, some hi heels, a wig, some hand cuffs and a big butt plug (about 3inches accross). There was a note simply saying “Put it ALL on and weight”. I did as i was told. The plug was a bit of a struggle. I had never taken anything that big before. I was weighting for about half an hour before goddess finally came down the stairs.

“Have you done as i told lola” goddess asked. To which i replied yes goddess. “good, well we can get started then” said goddess. With that she grabbed hold of me and dragged me into the cellar. She had a wooden horse down there with lots of toys hanging around the. She took the cuffs of and fastened me to the horse so that i couldnt move i can only wriggle.

“You are going to have to earn the treat ive got you sissy”. I did not reply. I just gulped. She pulled out a flogger and told me to count and thank her for each stroke. Whack. “1. Thankyou goddess. Whack. 2. Thankyou goddess.” This carried on. When she gt to 20 my knees were trembling. Every lick was 10x worse than the last. 30. The pain was so much i beeged her to But she just laughed and said “10 more now”. She carried on to 60 and my ass felt hotter than the sun.

She then started stroking my chasity which was hell as i wanted my cock out. The frustration was unbelievable. “not yet” goddess said. Goddess then very suddenly pulled my butt plug out and rammed it back in again. I let out a yelp to which she slapped my burning ass very swift and hard. “im going to have to do something about that mouth” said goddess. Goddess moved her beautiful ass in my face and slowly removed her pants to show her very wet pussy. Goddess shoved the panties in my mouth and put some tape over it. I could taste come on them which i did not like. But there was not much i could do about it.

“1 more test, and i hope you been practisting” goddess said as she strapped on a big dildo. About the size of my black 1. She walked behind me. I could feel her pushing it against my ass. She didnt move for a moment. Then she slammed it up my ass. I tried screamin but the cum soaked panties were doing there job. She started thrusting in and out. The pain was unreal. Tears were roling down my eyes yet again. I could feel godess thighs slapping on my bruised ass. She just kept going. I do not know how long she fucked me but it felt like hours. Eventually she slowed down and pulled out. “Well done lola you slut for a black cock. You have earned your treat.

The treat will be coming soon…..
First story on here so please comment. X

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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