Some Foreplay During Our College Festival

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Some Foreplay During Our College Festival
This incident took place when I had shifted to a new building in my home town. The building is of 20 floors and hence have refuge flats on the seventh floor and even on 15th floor. As I am newly shifted in the building I was not familiar with the areas in the building. On the morning I left for college and transportation was not known to me so I always hired an auto till college. Days passed a week later there was a family with three members who had also shifted in the same building. The next day I was on my way to college on the lift I meet a boy who was also in the same college of mine looking at his I card. So I boarded an auto and reached the college. As I reached college I saw the same boy coming from another auto. That boy was cute too.

In the evening I had gone to explore the society and even that guy was roaming around. Mean while I got a call on my phone and I was talking some time later that guy noticed me and came to me and stood in front of me. When I ended my call he said me hi and introduced himself even I replied and we started talking with each other and even exchanged our number. His name was Rahul. Next morning we meet on ground floor and board an auto towards college and were talking. Some days passed and we became a friend and even we had been to each other house.

Rahul was very naughty and mischievous and even funny I loved to be with him. Some days after I started having some feelings for him. So I thought of making him attracted toward me next day before going to college I texted him to bunk today\’s college and to go somewhere else he agreed and said yes. So I wore a black one piece purposely and adjusted my bra so that cleavage are clearly visible. I texted him to get from home so I got to the lift and came to ground after a while Rahul too came and was shocked to see me in one piece he was looking at my legs and thigh and after some while he was staring at my boobs. I asked him whether he was fine or not.He replied yes when he came to me I hugged him and pushed my boobs to his chest then we were walking to get an auto suddenly Rahul pulled my hand and said I got a car so we will go by car. I accepted and we entered the car and he asked me where to go. I said let’s go to some beaches or malls.

We went to watch movie hand our lunch and came back. Again in the lift I hugged him and said his goodbye and said him to meet me on the evening. Days passed he was getting attracted towards me, after a month we had our college fest so there were no lectures in college so we spend got much time to spend with each other. Even he started hugging and flirting with me. Our college fest started and was in the evening so as usual, I wore one piece above knees and I was waiting for Rahul to come suddenly he came from behind and hugged me from behind and his hands came on my breast. Then I said him what are u doing? He got nervous and said sorry. Then we went to our college fest and we entered the college and were roaming in the premises. After a while programs of the fest commenced and all were watching the dance, acts and enjoying. Suddenly Rahul grabbed my hands and took me to a silent place and said me he has some work on the second floor.

Then he insists me to come with him and I agreed and followed him. As we reached the third floor of college building he took me inside computer lab there was no one over there and lights were off hardly some lights could enter in the lab. Then I asked Rahul what work do you have here. He kept silent then he said that he wants to say me something but he was worried so he brought me to the lab. Then I said him go ahead and say fast what you want to say. Then he took a deep breath and said he have a crush on me and likes me a lot.
I kept silent and purposely made my face angry. Then I said you could have said me in the fest area also so why did you bring me to the computer lab.

He replied that he was afraid of me if I would have slapped him in front of everyone so he had brought me to the computer lab. Then to make him feel better and easy the environment I said him to hug and kiss me. He was very happy and nervous too. Then he came to hold me and he hugged me and I pressed my boobs on his chest. After a while he said his heart beat are faster than usual then I said him to hold me and kiss me. Then he holds me again and took me to the wall and supported me and kissed me. Then he holds me on my waist and kissed me again on my lips and stopped. I was just like what the fuck was he doing. Then I grabbed him and pushed him to the wall and started smooching him and place by the whole body on him. He was moving his hands from my waist to back and it was touching my bare skin then he moved his hands to my ass and was pressing it. I was turned on by the time and broke the smooch after 15 mins.

He said it was his first kiss ever and said his heart beat is very fast. Then he hugged me tightly to feel my breast and was again pressing my ass. I loved when he was pressing my ass. Then he was watching my cleavage and I asked him do he wanna touch them? He said yes and kept his hand on my breast and started pressing them. I said him to press softly and slowly. Later he put his hand inside my bra and pinched my erected nipples. It was awesome feeling then I sat on the desk and he started kissing my neck and even kissed my breast from the dress then I was so turned on that I adjusted my bra and bought my boobs out some how and he was very happy looking them and started licking them and pressing them I was pressing his face on my boobs. Later he started kissing me all over my body and I saw that he got a boner. I said him let’s stop and go from here but he was not ready to leave and said just 5 minutes more.

Then I stretched my legs wide so that he can get a better view of my panty. Then he said me to rotate in the desk and face him I rotate toward him and he sat on the bench. He then holds my back with one hand and pressed my boobs and kissed them again. Then he kept his hands of my knees and spread my legs I was feeling shy. Then he started exploring my thighs and started kissing them. My panty was clearly visible and was in front of his face. I was feeling shy and he inserted his face between my legs and started kissing my thigh. Suddenly he pulled my panty down and kissed my pussy and licked it. I was wet and shivering as he was licking my pussy. Then he removed my panty and kept on his pocket then he stretch my legs more and my pussy was clearly visible and he stretched my pussy lips with fingers and insert his tongue inside my pussy and was sucking them I was mourning heavily and he was enjoying me. I said him I am going to orgasm and he kept sucking my pussy like hell and then he was inserting and removing his tongue from my pussy and kept doing it repeatedly and I was orgasm and hold his head and pressed him to my pussy tightly and orgasmed he licked and sucked all the fluids. I was breathing heavily and then got up from the desk and wore my panty and adjusted my clothes neatly.

Till that time he had got a boner as I was able to see it from the jeans. Then he said me he wants to have sex with me. I agreed and said him, yes and he was insisting me to see his dick. Then I said him to remove it he unbuttoned his jeans and removed his dick. It was long and hard. I grabbed his cock and started moving my hand up and down and he was making noise then I got on my knees and took it in my mouth and sucked it for 10 minutes and he was breathing heavily and he pressed my head when his dick was in my mouth and choked me. Then I got up and Rahul dressed properly then we had a smooch for 10 mins and we went from there to attend the fest. We left the fest and took an auto and reached our society. Rahul was telling that he was very happy today and he wants to have sex with me. We then thought about it as I was tired I said him let’s discuss at night. And we both enter in the lift and went to the respective house.

Later at night Rahul texted me that he loved my pussy and wanna eat it again and again. I replied him I liked a lot when you were licking my pussy. Then he said we can have sex in refuge flat or in his car. I said him it would be risky to have sex over in refuge flat and I was not interested in having sex in car. He replied that no one enters refuge flat, so we can have sex at night. I thought for a while and accepted. We planned to have sex next night after 12.00 am. And said him to be prepare and get all the stuff. Next day in the afternoon we both went to inspect the refuge room. There was only a tube light in the refuge flat and whole flat was empty and said Rahul that it might be risky to have sex here. Then Rahul got an idea we kept a hundred rupee note on the floor and we left the refuge flat. Then I asked him why did he place a hundred rupee note on the floor. He said if anyone comes here then he will pick the note and if no one enters the note will be on the floor and we will check this at night. Later we smooched for a couple of minutes and went to our home.

Rahul texted me to meet him outside his home after 12.00 am. I woke up at 11.45 pm and gathered door keys mobile etc. Then change my cloth to night wear. I wore a night shirt without bra and panty and a mini skirt. Then texted Rahul that I am ready. So he got from his home and even I reached. We were standing outside refuge flat.Rahul was carrying a bag. We both entered the refuge flat and checked whether that hundred rupee note was there or not. We found the same note lying on the floor. We then check whole flat whether anyone is present or not. The lights of refuge flat were off so we could not switch on the lights as we could be caught. So we both took our phone flashlight and place near the wall and closed the door. There was no one in the refuge flat.

Then we sat on the beam and Rahul kept his bag on the floor. Then Rahul grabbed my boobs and started pressing them. I liked when he was pressing and said him to do it more, my nipples were erected and was visible from the shirt. Then Rahul took me and placed me on the wall and started kissing me. We both had a great smooch and Rahul started biting my neck. Then he started unbuttoning my shirt he unbuttoned my shirt and then started sucking my nipples and was pressing with the other hand. I started mourning heavily then Rahul started kissing my stomach and was moving downwards. He then got on knees and kissed my pussy from my short skirt then he removed my skirt and I was naked in front of him with a shirt on my body which was not covering my boobs. Then he started eating and licking my pussy. After some moment I was reaching to orgasm and was mourning heavily.

Then I hold his face tightly on my pussy and orgasmed on his mouth. It was very intense and even I was not able to stand and was shivering. After that Rahul got up again smooched me. Then I removed his clothes his dick was so hard and erected. I took his dick in my hand and started masturbating him and then got on my knees and took his whole dick in my mouth started sucking his dick it was awesome. I could take his cock till my throat and sucked them wildly. He was going to orgasm he said and I started to suck his dick wildly in a couple of minutes he orgasmed in my mouth.

Then he opened up his bag and remove a floor mat and a cushion and kept on the floor. Then he welcomed me to lie on the floor mat. I lied on the mat and kept the cushion under my head. Then he started kissing my body. Then we had a smooch while he was pressing my boobs and pulling my nipples. Then slowly he proceeds towards my legs and spread them and started to kiss my inner legs. It was so awesome. Then he stretches my pussy lips and started licking them. He continuously licked my clits and even sucked them. It was so intense and I orgasmed multiple times. I complimented him that he was like a professional for eating my pussy. I orgasmed almost four times. I was so much turned on then I made him lie on the mat and started playing with his dick and was sucking them. He orgasmed twice in my mouth. Then I climbed on him and sat on his stomach and made him suck my boobs. He was good in pressing as well as sucking them. Then I came in 69 position my pussy was in front of his mouth. He again stretched my pussy and was licking them and was inserting and removing his tongue from my pussy. I was not able to concentrate on sucking his dick and was mourning heavily. In some minutes I orgasmed on his face. Then we got up and hugged each other and he was pressing his chest on my boobs. Then I lied on the mat and kept the cushion under my head and spread my legs for him. Rahul understood and took his bag and removed a pack of Durex ultra thin condoms. He gave me the packet and said me to put it on his dick.

I took the pack and tried a pack of condom. Then removed the condom and place the tip of the condom on my lips. Then I hold his dick and place the condom on dick and took his dick in my mouth and the condom rolled till the end. He was impressed by this. Then he brought his dick near my pussy and was rubbing it. I guided him to my pussy and said to fuck me. Then he slowly inserted his dick. In no time his dick reached fully inside me. He kept fucking me after twenty minutes I orgasmed when his dick was inside me. He kept me fucking me in every possible way then he orgasmed. He used all the condoms but I was not satisfied still. So then I made him lie on the mat and came on top and inserted his dick without a condom on my pussy and started moving my hips up And down he was making sounds and I was moving my hips so my boobs were jumping. He then started pressing them.

After 30 minutes we both orgasmed together and his semen was feeling so warm inside me. Then I came in doggie style and he was fucking me from back and pressing my boobs. We both orgasmed again and we stopped and relaxed for some time. Then Rahul pushed me to the wall and I guided his dick to my pussy and he kept pushing his dick in and out in standing position. Then I said him I am going to orgasm he kept inserted his dick till I orgasmed. I release my fluids and his dick was covered with my fluids and was lubricated. Then he kept fucking me in standing position then he orgasmed inside me. We again rest for some time and then he packed his bag and threw the condom from the window. Later I wore my shirt and panty and skirt. And Rahul wore his clothes.

We gathered everything suddenly Rahul pushed me to the wall again and got on his knees and removed my skirt and panty till my knees and started licking my pussy again. He kept sucking my pussy till I orgasmed on his mouth. After this, we both came out from refuge flat and I came back to my home without making any noise. I was exhausted And went to bed after some time Rahul texted me that he enjoyed me a lot and loved eating my pussy. I replied him back then you can eat it whenever you want to. And took a birth control pill and slept.

At evening we meet each other and I congratulate him that he is no more a virgin. Then he asked me whether I had sex with someone else before or not. I lied to him and Said I had sex with my ex-bf once. We then had sex many times in his home in presence of her sister and even on refuge flat and inside car as well. 😉

Hope you guys liked this …

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