Student Exchange 4

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Student Exchange 4
Chapter Four – The second week

We had had a whole week and Barbados had to date fulfilled my wildest dreams – or should I say ‘our wildest dreams’? – for we both were experiencing the vacation of a lifetime in the most agreeable circumstances. I was still in thrall of the surprise of the windfall of my surprise lottery win. Here we were not having to worry about the expense; the accommodation; the travel arrangements and all of it being enjoyed in the most delightful Caribbean setting. Helen was getting more than her share of black cock without having to go searching and I was allowed to watch whenever the occasion occurred. Best of all, every ‘liaison’ was conducted under our agreed rules.

I must have been the happiest cuckold alive was my abiding thought whenever another big black cock shot its creamy load into either her cunt or willing mouth with me standing in the shadows wanking my silly little nubbin waiting for the invitation to clean her up after she had finished having her fun. Indeed, I was so happy that on waking up the morning following yet another evening of her being thoroughly taken care of by Dale and his friends that I decided that we should take a few hours off from lazing around the beach. I had long thought that she deserved a proper present and that we should go into nearby Bridgetown where I could buy her a belated Wedding Anniversary gift; a diamond ring of her choosing to replace the cheap cubic zirconium engagement ring given when ‘we were poor’.

Helen stirred alongside me and I waited for her to surface from her dreams and for the moment when I could act the Big Man and thrill to sharing my proposal saying something like, “Knock yourself out; choose what you want.”

She kicked off the sheet and I looked at her prone form as she lay back on the crumpled bed. She was naked other than ‘wearing’ a number of dried spunk stains that seemed to be coating her breasts, tummy and around her red, puffy cunt. She looked delightful.

She blinked open her eyes and turned to look at me and gave me that smile of utter contentment that melts my heart. I mouthed a ‘good morning’ and when I gauged that she was properly awake leaned over, gave a kiss and whispered my plan in her ear. Helen squealed with delight at the suggestion and said, “Thank you; what a lovely idea.” She rolled over and gave me a peck on the cheek and at the same time reached down and found my stiff little prick. “Ooh, somebody’s excited. We must do something about that.”

My stomach gave a churn at the thought that maybe I was going to be allowed to have a proper fuck with my wife; to assert myself and be a proper husband. My hopes were quickly dashed when she said, “Oh Gordy, I am so sore from last night that I don’t think I can take anymore cock.” She gave me a squeeze, “ …. not even a little one like yours.”
I was crushed at what she was inferring but my hopes rose when she said, “Come on, let’s get ourselves ready and I’ll give you a special treat in the shower. That way I can ‘take care’ of you and get myself properly cleaned up at the same time.” She inspected herself and added, “Naughty Boy, you didn’t make a very good job last night, did you?” With that she took my hand and pulled me toward the shower where in very short order we stood facing each other as warm water cascaded down our naked bodies.

We held each other and caressed then I took the shower Gel bottle and squirted liquid soap over her chest and stomach and commenced to rub and spread the slippery soap over her soft body. I took particular care to attend to her tits which, after all, I convinced myself were pointedly asking me to smooth my hands over the lovely mounds and stiff nipples. Helen giggled and sighed as I pinched and rolled the rubbery buttons.

I moved my hands down to concentrate on her legs and to wash those stubborn stains from her skin. She clearly liked my attention to detail and what I was doing and leaned back against the tiled wall obligingly spreading her legs so that I could wash between her thighs and, oh dear, my fingers kept slipping and sliding inside her pussy. I found her to be just as wet inside if not more so than the soap covered skin outside. The charade of my washing her was abandoned and at her insistence I began to finger-fuck her warm cunt. With two, then three, fingers pumping in and out I made certain that my thumb pushed against and teased her now stiff little clitoris which had emerged from its protective hood. It took no time at all before she began that familiar combination of gasping and low moaning that precluded her coming to a satisfying orgasm. A couple of strokes more and that was it, she whimpered a stifled cry and virtually collapsed against me for support as she gasped for breath. Clearly, it had been a good one and I had done my job well. Well enough I thought to say, “I think you enjoyed that; now what about me?”

She opened her eyes and smiled, “On yes, thank you. That was good now, let’s see ..”

She pushed me away and looking down saw my stiff little cock pointing at her begging for attention. She smiled, licked her lips and quickly reached between her legs to rub herself. Withdrawing her hand she revealed a palm covered in her slick juices which she then enveloped and clasped around my cock in a slimy grasp.

I gasped at her touch and within seconds the combination of her squeezing and the warmth of her grip sent me over the edge and my cum spurted over her belly, just like the squirt of the bottle of shower gel, a comparison she was quick to mention. She released her grip and her expression changed to one of contempt. “Oh Gordon, for Heaven’s sake. Can’t you control yourself for just a few minutes? No wonder I get my fun elsewhere when you can’t even stop from cumming at the slightest touch,” she spat out.

It was said with such venom that I wondered whether or not she was saying this as part of ‘the rules’ or if it was what she was truly feeling. I had no words; I felt so humiliated but knew, the rules aside, that she was correct in what she said. I felt most inadequate and I mumbled out an apology but she had already turned away and I doubt if she heard me as she used the hand shower to wash away the evidence of my embarrassment.

After a leisurely breakfast we forsook the blaring boogie buses and took a taxi into the big city and to find the main thoroughfare. The street was a tourist trap inasmuch that the area catered for the frequent visits by cruise ships in the harbour nearby and there were many duty-free jewellers just waiting to relieve visitors of their cash.

I had no idea of what constituted an acceptable ring but Helen clearly had a very clear vision and we spent the next couple of hours perusing window displays and going in some of the stores where the ever-so helpful staff would attempt to assist her in her choice. Eventually a gold band surmounted by a large diamond and set with other surrounding precious stones was decided upon. She slipped it on her finger and waved her hand in front of me to solicit my approval but I really didn’t care given I was completely out of my depth with such matters. I smiled and waved my credit card back at her to signal that if that’s what she wanted then so be it.

We caught a taxi and returned to our apartment. All the while on our ride home she waved and flourished her hand so that the gems flashed as they caught the sun shine. She was entranced at the sparkling display and I was similarly delighted that I had done something right by her and maybe my inadequacies would be overlooked and forgiven. She confirmed as much when she leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek saying in her jokey fashion, “Did I say thank you? I’ll give you lots of treats later to show just how happy you’ve made me.”

I smiled and responded, “Mmm, I’ll look forward to that but don’t forget we’ve got a BBQ to enjoy first,”

“Oh, don’t you worry; I hadn’t forgotten. In fact I’ve been thinking of little else after what Dale told me all about it and what to expect.”

I paid off the taxi and pondered on that remark.


The beach bar began to fill up with folks staking their claim to the best tables for the upcoming BBQ. There were familiar faces of ‘holiday’ friends we had made but also lots of other people arriving for whom this Sunday event was a highlight of their week. There were White and Black Bajans with their partners and then there were ladies of a certain age who each had as a companion a young black man in attendance. Proof to me that the island attracted single females wanting a bit of special fun on their vacation having left their men at home; wherever in the world that may have been.

We settled ourselves on our patio sun loungers overlooking the bar and beach; ideally placed to see and watch the festivities below without being spied on ourselves. From our viewpoint we could see the dance area and also hear the music from the sound system without discomfort. ‘A perfect set-up’, we both agreed.

Helen greeted Dale’s arrival with her usual enthusiastic squeal, “Look who’s here,” she called as I was tidying the bedroom inside. My response was to feel the now familiar jump and then the knot in my stomach.

I emerged from the room to find them already holding hands. “Hi Dale, good to see you,” I said hoping I sounded sincere. He held his free hand up in a hi-five gesture in response and I clumsily returned but failed to make to proper contact which caused them both to snigger at my failure to be ‘one of the boys’.

“This is lovely,” she said as she gestured to the arrangement on the patio and beyond, “and it looks like we shall be having so much fun.” I was surprised to hear her crisp put-upon middle class English accent but then remembered that Dale had complimented her about the way she spoke and that it was one of her charms which attracted him to her so; a proper lady who acted the complete slut. She was already getting into character for him.

“Gordon,” she commanded, “go on down to the bar and get us some drinks. It’s time to get our party started.”

And so it began, an afternoon of me being the servant and being at their beck and call whilst they enjoyed themselves but, hey, it was in the rules and I would be getting my own pleasures throughout the day, I reasoned.

I returned from the bar carrying the statutory Banks beers and Rum Punch Chasers to find them both sitting on the two loungers. Placing the drinks on the table beside them I then took my own and went and took up position on a bench seat which overlooked the wall giving me a grandstand outlook of the fun going on below whilst at the same time providing a perfect view of anything that might occur on our patio.

We exchanged idle chat for a while whilst sipping our drinks and I strained to hear what conversation passed between them as they leaned toward each other whispering and sniggering. At one point I tried to get involved and steer the conversation to include me but it was hard work albeit I did at last discover the reason he had come to England when he and his horny companions had stayed with us. They had been sponsored by Barbados to complete their business studies and our local college provided the necessary courses.

I was soon dismissed from any further banter leaving me with the thought that this seemed to have been a waste of time and government money given we had neither seen nor learnt of any evidence that suggested he had ever worked since his education finished. But, hey, that’s Barbados, was my follow-on conclusion as I turned my gaze to the busy scene below.

“I’m hungry; what about you?” Helen’s voice broke through my reverie, interrupting my ‘people-watching’. I turned my attention back to her ready to give my answer but, what a surprise, the question hadn’t been directed toward me.
“Gordon, I’ll have the steak; Dale says to get him the fish. You better hurry or there’ll be none left.” I was a little taken aback by her off-hand and dismissive attitude but thought to myself, as often is the case now, ‘It’s all part of her (our) little game.’

I got to my feet and went down and joined the queue at the BBQ stand. I became a part of some kind of bedlam with folks jostling for food, getting drinks from the adjacent bar and, to add to the mix, pushing to get to the dance floor given the entertainment – provided by a DJ – had just begun to blast out.

I returned warily balancing three plates of food being very careful not to trip as I made my way back to our balcony. Helen and Dale were just as I had left them and were deep in conversation to the extent that I stood unnoticed for a few seconds acting the complete dumb waiter. Dale had a hand inside her thighs slowly stroking his fingers up and down just stopping short of the hem of her bikini bottoms; she had rested her hand on his groin and was just as slowly rubbing the bulge in his shorts, the diamond ring on her finger sparkled reminding me that she was ‘betrothed’ to me. The sight gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

I gave a discrete cough and they both looked up to see me (but not really seeing me) standing there. Then as she stretched out her other hand to take the plate I overheard her whisper to Dale, “Mmm, what a great idea; yes let’s do that.”

I had no idea what she was talking about and knew better than to ask knowing I would be told to ‘mind your own business’. So instead, having discharged my duty as waiter and provider of lunch, I took my own plate to my seat and sat down to resume my spectating whilst I picked at my meal.

The music, the dancing and the general mayhem of people enjoying themselves below held my attention as I ate; it looked to be great fun. I turned to comment and was a little taken aback to see that they were already having fun of her own. The pair of them had finished eating and now Helen was enjoying ‘dessert’; Dale had his shorts slipped down and Helen had his cock in her mouth and clearly relishing the taste as her head bobbed up and down. He dreamily looked my way and nodded his approval to me at what she was doing. I should have been annoyed but I wasn’t; it looked so perfect and I smiled and nodded back at him.

They continued such for a few minutes and I delighted to see his big, stiff cock becoming wetter and slicker each time she lifted her head. With her left hand encircling and rubbing him simultaneously it was no surprise to hear his breathing becoming shorter and heavier as the inevitable climax began to overcome him. His buttocks lifted from the lounger and with a grunt he pulled his cock from her mouth just enough for the glistening bulbous head to begin to spurt and fountain his spunk over her protruding tongue. Helen squealed her delight and continued to lick and fondle him as his seed flowed off her tongue and out of her mouth to run down her grasping hand. My voyeuristic delight turned to dismay when I saw her new diamond engagement ring get covered with his white sticky mess. I turned my head away thinking how could she be so uncaring?

And clearly she didn’t care for she lifted her hand to inspect the result of her administrations and added to my discomfort by waving her hand toward me, “Look Gordy, don’t you wish you could cum this much?” She didn’t wait for me to answer but turned back to Dale who was pulling up his shorts, “Mmm, that was nice. Now you can do something for me; I want to go and have a dance. Come on, get up,” she said pulling him to his feet.

Neither Dale nor I thought that that was what she had in mind but, perversely, I was relieved for not only was I to be spared more humiliation of seeing them continue and take their sex game to the next level but I was also being excused from having to demonstrate another of my inadequacies; I am just the world’s worse dancer!

They pushed past me still sitting on my stool and she said sweetly, “Gordy, be a love and clear these plates away and while you’re down there get some more drinks in. Perhaps get a couple of rounds so we don’t run dry!”

“Grief, how she confuses and messes with my head at times,” I thought as I stumbled to my feet. “One minutes acting the uncaring bitch; next being my ‘best friend’.” It was then I became aware that witnessing the recent sexually charged atmosphere had had its inevitable effect on me as my cock was tenting the confines of my swim shorts. I gathered the plates and strategically holding them in front of me I followed and inwardly smiled.

She walked toward the dance floor with Dale in tow I was amused to see her do that thing that women do when getting close to the dancing action of sashaying and strutting in time to the music. Her bikini covered ass was attracting all the right attention (especially mine as I walked behind her) but soon my pleasure was curtailed as they were swallowed up by the jigging crowd.

I returned to our patio with a loaded tray and continued my scanning of the partying going on below; there were all shapes and sizes and, I have to say, some very attractive sights of scantily-clad females. My private thoughts ensured that my stiff little cock remained in its excited state as I sipped my beer.

The music stopped and the DJ announced he would be taking a break and a breather which was a signal for the dance floor to clear. Some canned music began playing and the partying continued unabated. As some folks regained their seats or returned to their pitches on the beach below I saw Helen emerge from the throng hand-in-hand with, wait a minute, that’s not Dale; it was another dreadlocked Bajan. They came toward the steps and she indicated to her new companion to go ahead and join me on the patio. He looked at me indifferently as Helen announced to me with a wink, “This is Dale’s friend. He’s asked me to be nice to him. Give him a drink.”

The ‘friend’ sat down on the lounger and I passed him a beer. He didn’t pay much mind to me but gave it a quick swig before placing the bottle on the floor beside him. He looked over to Helen and then without hesitation he then lifted his butt and pulled down his shorts. I was taken aback by his blatant behaviour and was about to make some protest but my unspoken words got no further for Helen had instantly sat down alongside him and had straightaway reached over to grasp the semi-hard black cock that was exposed for all to see. My sense of shock was replaced by a consuming embarrassment coupled with relief to think, hopefully, I was the only witness.

Helen smiled at him and murmured, “Mmm, nice cock. Let’s see what we can do with this,” and she proceeded to caress and fondle the uncircumcised penis. It took but a few strokes with her delicate hand to have the inevitable effect and the soft tool swelled to become a fleshy stiff monster. She sighed her approval and began to apply a firmer grasp which pulled down the foreskin to expose a shiny purple bulbous head. A few more strokes and pre-cum began to ooze. She whispered something unheard by me and then leaned over him to lick the sticky juice just as if she was enjoying a lollipop. He grunted his approval.

I looked around and confirmed that we were quite unseen. Clearly, she was going to go further than just sampling the taste of this new ‘toy’ and wanting to gain maximum satisfaction myself I eased my swim shorts down so that my own rigid little ‘stiffy’ was unencumbered. With an approving glance and a smile toward me she focussed once more on her companion and having licked him clean she opened her mouth and lowered her head.

I will never comprehend how her sweet rose-bud mouth can open wide enough to envelop these dark invaders but envelop it she did. I watched fascinated as she bobbed up and down and with each bob another inch would be taken in to the warmth and wetness of her mouth. It took no time at all before she was gagging and gasping but she wasn’t deterred and she continued to suck in her cheeks on each stroke whilst at the same time lightly caressing the hairy sacks that were his balls hanging down between his legs. My embarrassment was long forgotten as I stroked my own cock in time to her administrations and I was gratified to feel pre-cum streaming over my hand and making my self-massaging so much slicker and pleasurable.

How long her show went on is, as always, a mystery to me; time seems to stand still as I watch her performing her speciality of giving a blowjob but inevitably the climax approached and she lifted her head so that just the saliva covered purple plum was just resting on her outstretched tongue. She gave a couple more strokes and with a grunt he let loose with a torrent of sperm which drenched her open mouth. She gulped and tried to swallow each spurt but his fountain overwhelmed her and cum dribbled from her mouth and flowed down over her hand which was still firmly holding him. I moaned out my own bliss as my spunk spurted from my cock to splash on the floor.

When I opened my eyes and focussed once more it was to see that Helen had released her grasp but they were still ‘attached’ for a string of his cum was stretched between his softening cock and her new engagement ring. She looked down at the result of her performance with a look of satisfaction; did she give any thought to my humiliation? Probably, for it was in our ‘rules’.

She found a towel and wiped her hand and patted around her mouth. Her new friend seemed to have the same indifferent attitude as all the other Bajans I had met for without any ceremony or accepting her offer of the towel he stood up straightened his shorts, took a final swig of his beer and with an almost imperceptible nod left us to return to the crowded beach below. I watched as he rejoined his mates and it was clear he was sharing with them what he had just enjoyed. Black faces turned in my direction as I peered over the pa****t and although I couldn’t hear what was said, their grins spoke volumes.

My attention was diverted from them when the DJ resumed the stage and music and his banter filled the air. As if this was a cue Dale reappeared just as Helen was reapplying her lipstick. She gave him a grin and handed him one of the Rum Punches from the tray. She took a sip from her own and then said a little mysteriously, “Well, that visit from your friend went to plan. Do you fancy another dance?” He returned her smile, nodded and took her hand to lead her back to the dance floor. I pulled my feet back to give them room to pass but my good mannered action was not acknowledged and I was left to amuse myself as I chose fit.

I toyed with my drink and thought, “She’s acting a bit odd; what the hell is going on here?”

The afternoon wore on and with regular monotony whenever there was a break in the music Helen would return to the patio with another ‘friend’ in tow. Dale would be seen hovering in the background keeping a respectful distance as she would tell me to get our visitor a drink; take a swig of her own and then without any due ceremony get her companion to lay down on the lounger whilst she gave him a leisurely blow job. It was all so blatant and I just couldn’t get my head around what could have triggered this totally uncharacteristic behaviour.

Could it be the effect of the drink? – for sure she was not used to strong liquor and these rum punches certainly didn’t hold back their punch – was it the party atmosphere and the thumping music which had transformed her; was it the presence of so many scantily clad people around who seemingly made no secret of their desires what with the outrageous flirting that was going on? After a while I decided not to ‘over-think’ the situation and instead to sit back and enjoy witnessing the performances that she was putting on for, what I hoped, she was doing for my benefit.
The sun went down and the DJ packed up which prompted a general exodus from the beach. The majority of the party crowd wandered away in different directions save for a hardcore of half a dozen revellers who followed Helen and Dale up onto our patio to, presumably, continue their fun. I was in no condition to object for like Helen I am no big drinker and the uncounted number of beers and other cocktails I had sampled through the afternoon had taken their toll as I sat on the bench with a silly grin crossing my face. However, I was not so drunk that I couldn’t see through my blurry vision that this time it wasn’t just Dale’s male friends who had pitched up; there were two buxom Bajan ladies in the mix. My little cock gave a twitch as one of them came over and introduced herself, “Hi, I’m CherieAnn. You must be Helen’s other man.” ‘Other man?’ Then I twigged that she must be referring to Dale for she then added with a snigger, “ … he says you ain’t man enough for her.”

The full impact of her words didn’t really penetrate my befuddled brain mainly because I was diverted by the sight of her breasts which were being ineffectively contained by her bikini top. She noticed my interest and leaned over me as I sat there and said, “Oh, you’re a ‘tit man’ are you? Well, honey you can look as much as you like but you ain’t going to get any further than looking for I need something a bit bigger than I hear you’re packing.”

I was bemused to think that I had been the topic of conversation between strangers but the heavily sexually-charged mood (and the drink) only resulted in me grinning like an idiot at what was being implied. She said, “Can’t believe what I’ve been hearing; why don’t you show me Whitey?” With that she tugged at the waistband of my shorts and, me without any hesitation, lifted up so that they could be pulled down. I blushed as she laughed when my little dick popped into view. “Wow, they were right. I’ve never seen such a small one. It looks like my baby brother’s.”

My cock was slick with a mixture of pre-cum and the remains of my recent ejaculations but I felt no embarrassment such was the stupefying effect of the drink and, dare I say, the eroticism of the moment. Nobody else around seemed to think that such behaviour was anything unusual and certainly CherieAnn was being so matter-of-fact about me exposing myself that I thought, “What’s not to like?”

She was still giggling when she looked around and called out, “Hey, Nyah. Get over here and see what I’ve got.” I looked up and tried to focus on the other female who was walking our way. She was just as scantily clad as CherieAnn and equally amused when she saw to what her friend was referring. The stupefying effect of the alcohol I had consumed meant I was beyond caring and I leaned back and fully exposed myself to the pair of them. They both squealed their delight as the full extent of my inadequate penis was laid bare. The others, including Helen, who were crowding the balcony looked our way and I heard a chorus of remarks none of which sounded complimentary.
“Oh Sweety, whatever can you do with that tiny ting?” I heard in my ear as they sat down either side of me. I looked down at myself and without any thought dropped a hand and began stroking. It took but a moment before I was as stiff as I’ve ever been.

In a mocking tone one of my new companions said, “Wow, you’re making me soooo excited. My bubs are getting tingly”. (‘Bubs’; what the hell are ‘bubs’?) I didn’t have to wait long for that to be answered for Nyah pulled down her bikini top and her beautiful tits spilled out and my vision was filled with a pair of chocolate coloured breasts tipped with stiff nipples that begged (or so I thought) to be sucked. “Just look at that,” she said jiggling her magnificent bosoms. I did as she asked and then moved to take one of the inviting buds into my mouth.

“Ahrr, nah,” she said moving out of reach. “You can look but you can’t touch Sweety, you just carry on playing.”
CherieAnn laughed and added to my frustration by doing the same pulling down her top so that I had these two Bajan beauties either side leaning over me with their ebony swaying tits inches away from my stroking hand. I felt I was in some kind of heaven.

“Hmm, that looks nice.” I looked up to see Helen standing in front of us watching my ‘performance’. I dropped my hand in embarrassment; almost ashamed to have been caught masturbating just like a naughty schoolboy.

“Don’t stop, I’m glad to see my new friends are taking care of you while I’m working.” She was looking somewhat dishevelled and was clearly very drunk and, by the way she spoke, very confused. I returned my hand to its task and continued to slowly wank and grinned back with some satisfaction at the thought that now it wasn’t only her who was getting some action (albeit mine was of a lesser order!)

As Helen stood there unsteadily swaying from side to side one of the other revellers came behind her and putting his arm around her waist said, “Hey, I’m Dale’s cousin. He says you are a good girl and can give me a little of that sweet stuff.”

She snuggled back against him almost as if she was grateful for the support and smirked, “Hmm, any cousin of Dale’s is a pal of mine.” She looked at me, gave me a wink and slurred, “Looks like you are being taken care of for a while. I won’t be long.” With that she placed her own arm around his waist and guided him toward the opened patio doors into our apartment.

My two companions sniggered at my confused reaction to the events that were unfolding in front of us. I struggled to focus on what was happening inside our flat but it wasn’t too long before I realised what I was seeing was Helen being stretched back onto the sofa by her latest playmate. I concentrated very hard battling against the numbing effect of the alcohol and saw already he had his shorts down around his ankles and, as he turned to kick the restrictive garments away, I could see that his cock was already stiff and ready for action. No surprise to see it was a large specimen; just the sort that Helen had become used to during our stay. I groaned at the sight and the realisation that once again my beautiful wife was going to be getting her white pussy stuffed by a dark invader.

The thought had caused me to pause my own attentions and my hand just grasped and covered my own pathetic little penis. “Aww, come on Honey, she said not to stop.” Nyah’s voice jolted me out of my trance. I shook my head and resumed my short strokes, pre-cum beginning to coat my fingers.

“Ah, that’s better,” said CherieAnn. Indeed, it got even nicer for I then felt my hand being pulled away to be replaced by her’s and she began to softly wank my stiff little cock leaving me to concentrate on the scene that was developing inside the apartment.

I felt Nyah’s hot breath blowing in my ear as she whispered, “Dale’s got a lot of cousins and they are all lining up to meet your wife …. .” She then began to lick the side of my face and I felt her tongue circling around my ear, “ …, quite the little whore, isn’t she?”

I grunted in reaction to the attentions I was receiving and didn’t really take too much mind to what she was saying; I was concentrating more on the sight of Helen and her new lover as he positioned himself above her prone form lying on the sofa. Even from my distance the view was clear and I sucked in a breath as I saw him push his stiff cock into her welcoming pussy. He wasted no time in getting into an a****listic rutting and she met him stroke for stroke lifting her butt from the couch to meet each thrust. Her squeals of delight were music to my ears and once again I felt the exquisite pleasure that comes with watching her enjoying someone who can give her what I cannot provide.
It seemed to take no time at all before her squeals turned into something altogether more frantic and we heard her begin to sob and cry out an almost incoherent jumble of words, “Oh yesss, fuck me .. fuck .. oh fuck .. cum in me .. you .. black … bastard .. oh yess ..”

The stroking being applied to my rock-hard cock became a little more firm and I felt the grip become tighter as my masturbator continued to fist-fuck me. Involuntarily I found myself emulating Helen and with each stroke of CherieAnn’s hand I would lift up to meet her. The sensations that were beginning to overwhelm me were exquisite and became even more intense as I ‘suffered’ and absorbed the sight of my wife being royally fucked; delicious ebony tits being almost waved in my face; an alien hand stroking my cock and a sexy voice whispering encouragements in my ear. Little wonder that after a few seconds of this treatment my self-control deserted me and my stubby little cock began to shoot and spurt my cum high into the air as a shattering orgasm welled up within me.

CherieAnn giggled approval at the sight of me fountaining my sperm in such a forceful fashion; quite a contrast to my usual meek demeanour. “Wow, look at that. Where did all that Jizz come from?” She said as I splashed and dripped onto the floor, “Phew, way to go, White Boy.”

I took no interest in her implied insults but instead through my drunken haze returned my focus to the sofa where the rutting couple were reaching a climax of their own. First Helen gave an extended moan as yet another orgasm rippled through her and then her black violator jerked upward on outstretched arms and with a grunt shot his cum into her as the ultimate pleasure overtook him. He held himself up for a few moments exposing the sight of his shiny cum-covered cock still firmly lodged between the wet lips of a similarly coated cunt before he collapsed back down on top of her. They lay quietly, chests heaving, as they regained their breaths; I was similarly engaged as I tried to gather mine.
He clambered off her and once on his feet he stuffed his softening wet cock back into his shorts. Helen didn’t move other than look with a dreamy expression covering her face in my direction. At least I thought it was me she was searching for until I realised that Dale and the other dreadlocked guests were standing around the open doors also looking in. What thoughts were going through her mind when she saw, as I did, that a couple of them already had their cocks in hand must have been somewhat different from mine but even in my befuddled state I knew that her fun was not over and the night was going to be long one.

I gave a drunken burp and CherieAnn and Nyah took that as a signal to stand up and leave me to sit alone on the bench. I began to feel waves of nausea swirling around and in an attempt to quell the discomfort I lay my head back on the pa****t and closed my eyes.

It was dark and all was quiet when some hours later I woke up to find myself lying in our crumpled bed with a softly snoring Helen beside me. How the heck did I get here; where had everyone gone; what had I missed?


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