Suck Buddies Part 10

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Suck Buddies Part 10
When I was in bed that night, I was thinking about what me and Jason had done with each other earlier. We had taken turns sucking each other 7 or 8 times, and we had used my little home made toy on each other a few times. Plus Jason had cum twice, once in my mouth that I swallowed all down and once on my cock that he ate off and swallow before I blew my load in his mouth.

Reliving it in my head was making me horny as hell so I started jerking off. I kept thinking about watching Jason cumming on my cock and then happily eating it off. I wished we had a friend or two that were into this because I would love to see how many hot loads Jason could swallow. I finished myself off and fell asleep.

We both were busy the next few days, so we didn’t go over to the house together until Wednesday night. We went over about seven like last time, but this time we went right to the back bedroom. I of course had been over at the house everyday doing the stuff that I was being paid to do. But Jason didn’t know that I also had jerked off a couple of times in the bedroom and used the little toy that I had left in the drawer.

When I was masturbating on the bed I was thinking about what Jason and I had done a few days before and fantasizing about what we could do next time. And now the next time was here.

Jason and I had barely made it to the bedroom before our shorts and underwear were laying on the floor with our sandals. Our cocks were standing straight up and mine was throbbing. I’m going to do you first this time Jason said and got down on his knees in front of me before I could say anything. He grabbed my cock and guided it to his mouth and started blowing me.

After a few short shallow strokes he took my cock to the back of his throat. I grabbed the back of his head with both hands and pulled him towards me making my cock slip down his throat. And like I had previously discovered Jason really didn’t have a gag reflex so he was able to deepthroat me with no problem. I continued to fuck his mouth and throat, looking down and watching my cock slid in and out. Finally I thrust my hips forward as I pulled his head toward me one last time. My cock was as deep as it could go, his chin touching my balls and his nose buried in my pubic hair.

I held his head tight until he started to squirm some and started pushing me back with his hands. My cock popped out of his mouth and he kind of gasped for air. Dude you got to let me breathe sometime he said. Sorry I said I’ll be more careful next time.

I went to my knees and cupped Jason’s balls with one hand and encircled his cock with the other, my finger and thumb touching right below the head of his cock. I stuck my tongue out and started licking and lightly sucking his cock head. I darted the tip of my tongue in and around his pee hole, then took his head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around. Jason put his hands on the sides of my head holding it still, and started pushing his hips forward, fucking my mouth.

He went slow at first going a little deeper with each thrust. When he hit the back of my mouth he stopped and said you ready? I took a breath through my nose and moaned uh-huh. He pushed his cock further into my mouth. I felt my gag reflex kick in and I gagged a little but tried to overcome it. Jason stopped but didn’t pull back out and after I gagged a couple more times he pushed his cock all the way down.

I found once I was able to take his cock all the way down the first time, after that I was okay, it was just getting past the initial gag reaction. After a while I think he was getting back at me because he really started fucking my face hard, thrusting his cock all the way down and holding my head tight. A couple of times his ball sack was swinging and hitting my chin each time he drove deep.

When he held my head tight against him, my nose was buried in his light brown pubes. He face fucked me a little bit more then pushed my head back off his cock and said that felt fucking awesome dude, we need to do that a lot more! I of course was thinking the same thing and I probably could have lasted all night if we took our time. But we only had a couple of hours, plenty of time to blow each other as much as we wanted or could stand.

Jason got back down in front of me and started playing with my balls, gently massaging and sucking on them. He then held my ball sack up and lowered his head and licked underneath my balls. I spread my legs apart as much as I could and he was just able to get the tip of his tongue touching my asshole. He flicked my puckered little bung hole a few times then ran his tongue back to my balls.

He sucked them a few more moments then straightened up and took my cock deep in his mouth. He reached around and put his hands on my ass cheeks and was able to deepthroat me by pulling me towards him while pushing his head forward. My hands were at my side while he took my cock deep into his throat time after time. After a couple of minutes he stopped and said you fucking like that don’t you? Shit man, who wouldn’t like having their cock balls deep in your mouth!

Jason stood up as I was getting down and said something like, yea now it’s time for you to take me balls deep. I had barely gotten down on my knees before Jason grabbed the back of my head with his left hand and with his right hand was pushing his hard cock against my lips. He shoved his dick in my mouth and put his right hand under my chin.

He slowly started fucking my mouth but quickly increased his tempo. I put my hands on his ass cheeks and felt him pushing his hips forward and then pulling back as he face fucked me. He made sure not to push too deep at first so I wouldn’t choke. But then he pushed his cock head to the back of my throat and held my head a little tighter as he pushed down my throat.

I gagged just a little and then was okay. He rammed his cock as deep as it would go down my throat and held my head there for a few moments. My nose was smelling the musky scent of his pubic hair. He then pulled back some but only until he felt his cock head pop back out of my throat. He then rammed his cock back down causing his balls to swing and hit my chin. He continued to throat fuck me for several more strokes, then pulled his cock out of my mouth.

Jason still had his left hand on the back of my head and he used his right hand to cup his ball sack and push it to my lips and said suck my balls. I opened my mouth wide and took both his balls in my mouth and started swirling my tongue around the underside of his sack. It must have felt good because Jason started moaning softly. He then pulled his balls up, spread his legs apart and pushed my head down between his legs.

I knew what he wanted – me to tongue his hot asshole like he had done me. Since we were right by the bed I told him to sit down on the edge of the bed. I then positioned myself between his spread legs and had full access to his asshole. I stuck out my tongue and flicked his taint and then started flicking my tongue over his hot hole. I reached up with my hand and started jacking his rock hard cock as I pushed my tongue in and out of his tight asshole. I had only done it less than a minute before he was pushing my head and hand away saying he was getting too close to cumming.

Jason then said let me show you how fucking good that feels and see how long you can stand it. We switched places and he got down between my legs. He started darting his tongue in and out of my hole while stroking my cock with his hand. And I have to admit it did feel fucking good.

I slid my hands under my ass and pulled my cheeks apart some and Jason pushed his tongue deeper into my asshole. As he was tongue fucking my hole I couldn’t help but contract my sphincter muscles tightening my anus around his tongue. It didn’t take long before I had to push his head away and tell him to let me take a break for a minute. He laughed and said I told you. He still had his hand wrapped around my cock but wasn’t stroking it. He leaned forward and guided my dick to his mouth and starting blowing me. He sucked me for a little bit then pulled his mouth off and said lets switch.

to be continued…

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