Sue My Cum Loving Wife 2

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Sue My Cum Loving Wife 2
My cock was twitching around covered with precum as Sue told me in detail about her first sexual encounter with her best friend Kate. They were still bet friends and Kate was in our circle of friends. I knew Kate and finding out her and my wife were young lovers and still were lovers had my mind and cock racing. Hell, I even knew Kate’s mom Mary who at 53 was still a hot, attractive woman.

“Let me give you some visual aids!” Sue laughed going into our closet. She was in there for awhile then came out and gave me a stack of photos and laid down beside me.

The first several photos were of her and Kate together back when they were young and had just started fooling around with each other. Two beautiful, hot young girls every boys fantasy. When I turned the next photo over both of them were naked, “So sexy and so fucking hot!” I moaned looking at the photo of my wife naked as a young girl. Her breasts were non existent but her dark brown nipples were very big and puffy. Her pussy was covered with fine dark brown hair with her pouting pink cunt lips peeking out. As Sue had told me Kate tits were already a B cup at her young age and her light brown nipples were like pencil erasers. Her pussy was completely smooth and she had puffy cunt lips.

“I can’t believe you have photos of you two naked.” I moaned looking at the next one showing their cute tight teen asses.

“Yes, I loved taking photos and after all these years I still have these and many more. I can’t believe how much precum keeps oozing from your big cock Mike. You are really turned on seeing Kate and I naked back then.”

” These photos are such a fucking turn on Sue.” I said looking at the close up of Kate’s pretty pussy with her lips pulled apart. ” So do you and Kate still get together?”

“Yes, we do and I am willing to share her.” Sue replied.

“Ohhh damn you are the perfect wife!! What about Kate, would she be willing?” I said.

” Yes she’s more than willing, she wants your big cock!! She talks about sucking and fucking you all the time.”

” One of my biggest fantasies, I love you so much Sue. Who took these photos anyhow?” I asked looking at the photo of them kissing with Kate’s pert tits mashed against Sue’s chest.

“The neighbor boy across the street.” Sue replied in a sexy voice.

” Lucky little fucker. Did you and Kate fool around with him?? I asked

“Let me finish telling you about my first time with Kate first. I will tell you I have photos of him with us and he’s not Little!”

Kate turned her head and parted her lips as Sue kissed her. Their tongues darting in and out of each others mouths as Sue fondled Kate’s firm jutting tits pulling on her rubbery nipples, lifting her tits up. The kiss lasted for a few minutes then Sue moved down licking and sucking her friend’s swollen, excited nipples. Moving back and fourth giving each one equal treatment. Kissing her way down her smooth flat belly and crawling between her widespread legs.

“Tell me what you want Kate!” Sue whispered inhaling the sweet fragrance of Kate’s young pussy.

“You are so bad Sue!” Kate replied thinking of her Mom now. ” I want you to lick and suck my pussy Sue. You know you want it too, please..please lick my pussy for me!!!”

Sue flicked out her long tongue licked the wet puffy lips of her best friends virgin pussy. She moaned sliding her tongue up and down the slick velvet soft flesh. Loving her first taste of pussy.

Kate squealed loudly, jerking her ass up off the bed as she felt Sue’s wet, warm tongue on her pussy.”Ohhhhhh Sue, Sue,Sue!!” she cried out. Shiver after shiver swept her young body as her best friend slid her velvet tongue up and down the her slit. She had never felt anything so good. She looked down at Sue between her thighs looking up at her as she licked and tongued her pussy. No wonder her mom had went wild when her step dad was licking her pussy. ” OH OH… AGHHHHH!!” she gasped as Sue’s wet tongue slid down the crack of her ass swirling against her puckered asshole. She couldn’t believe she was actually licking her asshole and how wonderful it felt.

Sue was doing what she had seen John doing to Mary. She tingled all over as she enjoyed licking and tonguing Kate’s tight little asshole. Moving up to stick her long tongue up her slippery pussy. “Ohhh Kate your pussy tastes so good, so good!” Sue moaned from between her thighs. She tongue fucked her tasty pussy sucking her juices into her mouth. Her own pussy was soaking wet from her excitement of licking and tonguing a pussy for the first time. Moving up she flicked the tip of her tongue over Kate’s swollen clit, slipping a finger up her hot, tight pussy.

“OOOOOHHH Sue….Sue that feels so fucking good.. Ohhhh yes yes lick my pussy!!!” Kate screamed from the pleasure Sue was giving her. “OMG” she squealed feeling a finger slowly slide up her ass. She cupped her firm tits flicking her fingers over her excited hard nipples. “SUE!!!!!” Shivers swept her young body as Sue’s wet mouth engulfed her excited clit She eagerly sucked the quivering flesh flicking her tongue over it at the same time. The combination of that and her finger fucking her ass and pussy brought her to her first orgasm ever. Wave after wave of pleasure swept her trembling body as her first orgasm exploded deep inside. She moaned and squealed loudly, jerking her body around wildly. Grabbing Sue’s hair grinding her pussy against her mouth, wrapping her long legs around her back.

Sue kept licking and sucking her fleshy clit and finger fucking her dripping pussy and asshole. She knew right then that she would never get enough of Kate’s sweet pussy. Not caring if it was right or wrong she loved she loved it. Kate went wild again wiggling her ass all over and moaning like a a****l as she devoured her delicious pussy.

Kate came close to passing out, her whole body shook and she felt like her pussy was on fire. ” You have to stop Sue I need a break!” She said pulling her head away from her pussy. Her face was coated with her juices.

Sue slid up laying on top of her. Her hairy pussy pressed against Kate’s bald pussy. Their erect nipples rubbing together. ” So you like me licking and sucking your pussy?” Sue asked with a big smile.

“Liked.. liked?? I fucking loved it Sue! I have never that wonderful before, I can’t explain it. I know why my mom went crazy when John was licking her pussy. I’m still tingling all over Sue. The pleasure is so much more than just playing with your pussy.” Kate moaned licking her pussy juice from Sue’s chin. “Mmmmmmmmmm!”

” I loved licking and sucking your pussy and your ass!!” Sue told her leaning down for a long wet kiss. “So do you want to lick my pussy?”

“Yes, very much so. I want to lick and suck your hairy pussy and your cute little ass.”

Sue moved up straddling her head so that her young pussy was right above her mouth.
She lowered her hips down until her cunt lips touched Kate’s mouth. The two of them looking at each other.

Kate moved her hands up rubbing Sue’s tight little ass, gently kneading the firm, soft flesh. The smell of her dripping wet pussy filling her nostrils. Sticking out her tongue she licked her puffy, thick cunt lips, the taste exciting her. The soft, silky hairs rubbing against her face. She too loved the taste of pussy, wanting to please Sue as she did her. Putting her hands on her small hips to pull her up slightly as she ran her tongue up and down the pink folds of her pussy.

Sue wiggled her hips around loving Kate’s tongue on her pussy. ” I’ve wanted this for so long Kate.. so fucking long. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh your tongue feels fantastic on my pussy!!!!!!” She raised up more as Kate licked the crack of her ass. “Ohhhhh Kate you are such a bad girl, agghhhhh……ohhhh that’s it lick my asshole I love it.”

Kate was surprised that she loved licking Sue’s cute little asshole. Deciding she would do anything to please her best friend. She moved her fingers up and down the crack of her ass getting them wet with her juices.

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