Sunday Obedience

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Sunday Obedience
Master cannot always be with me and although it saddens me, He usually sets me small tasks to complete in His absence. He asks that i then tell Him in detail how i obeyed His order.

This weekend, when we were apart His command was that i was allowed to orgasm once, but only as i drank my own urine. i adore being Master’s toilet, and i wanted Him to know that even when He is away, He is always on my mind. Let me explain what happened and show You how i responded to my command.

When i got home this morning Master i was feeling very slutty and incredibly submissive. It was one of those days when my body craves humiliation and pain. When i long to be sworn at, spat on, degraded in as many ways possible. i would be begging for more…… begging for You never to stop Master.

i thought about what You said, that while i masturbate i should drink some of my piss. I’m not sure if this encouraged my mood Master, or instigated it. i held off going to the toilet, i wanted as much liquid as possible. i drank some juice and water, until in the end i was beginning to be in pain, barely able to stand up straight as the pressure was so great. These feelings alone were exciting me Master, as You know they do.

i had a pouring jug ready in the bathroom and when the time was right i stripped naked and went in, leaving the door open. i had already lit some candles and the atmosphere was lovely for what i had in mind Master. i stepped into the bath and squatted over the jug, this act alone made me feel very nasty. Slowly i began to pee into the glass jug, until the stream became stronger and there was a sigh of relief from me as i emptied myself, the pain slowly subsiding.

The yellow liquid looked pretty in the glass and i tipped it very gently to my lips. Master You know that i have rarely and reluctantly tasted my own piss in the past, and as i sipped a shudder did pass through me. It was still warm obviously and the slightly salty taste wasn’t too bad. What i really wanted to do was drink from You Master, and to masturbate as i did.

My body was excited at the thought and as i knelt in the cool enamel of the tub my hand slide between my legs and i began to touch myself, circling my clit as my other hand toyed with my nipples. They were hard and erect, sensitive and responding to the feel of my palm rubbing them quite firmly. Closing my eyes i wanted it to be You mauling them, gripping them firmly and pulling and twisting the tight areola.

I had thought of many ways to cum for You this afternoon, but i wanted it to be with You, as well as for You Master. i had a small bottle ready, one with a spout that is found on sports drinks. i poured the still warm liquid into the bottle and fixed the lid on firmly. Testing the theory i pointed the spout at my breast and squeezed the bottle gently, and just as i had hoped a stream of piss shot out onto my tit.

This is what i craved. i wanted to be Your piss slut, Your toilet Master. i wanted to imagine You standing over me and relieving Yourself on me. Feeling the pressure of Your piss against my skin as i masturbated for You. Having Your permission to cum as You covered me, marking me with Your scent as Your possession.

On my knees i spread my thighs as i began to masturbate, eyes closed and thinking of You standing over me Master, encouraging me to be the whore You know i am for You. As i did i sprayed a little piss onto my face, the stream splashing on my cheeks and a stream sprayed into my mouth. Swallowing i felt the drops sliding down and watched as they trickled over my tits and hugged my body down onto my stomach. Catching some in my fingers i used to it moisten my already wet cunt as i continued to wank for You Master.

It felt so good and so nasty. i wanted to be dirty for You today Master, i needed it. The thoughts running through my head excited me even more and i knew it wouldn’t be long before i came. Before i felt those intense spasms course through me as i came hard for my Master, i imagined being knelt at Your feet as You stood over me, Your slit opening as the next stream of hot piss covered Your slut.

I held the bottle up and angled it above me and as my fingers worked furiously against my clit i began to receive Your piss. A constant flow that toyed against my tits and then moved up to my face. i wanted it in my hair, over my lips and dripping from my skin. Splashing across my lips i extended my tongue and tasted You. my Master’s piss on His filthy toilet-sluts face.

My orgasm came quickly as i knew it would. Knelt in a small gathering pool of urine i came for You Master. Head thrown back and eyes tightly shut as i felt Your piss trickle over me as i came for You. Filling my mouth until i swallowed before it spilt.

Oh Master i wanted You to be there so much i could feel You as You leant over and splashed the last few drops into my mouth. Panting for breath i looked down at myself and smiled. God i felt so filthy but contented at the same time. Sitting there with piss dripping from my hair i realised i was smiling. Not just because of the orgasm, but just thinking about how easy it is to do these things for You. i sat there until i became quite chilled and my body was covered in goose bumps.

Standing up i ran a warm shower and began sadly to wash away the traces of urine from my skin. Thinking about making myself clean and fresh for You.

Thank You for allowing me to masturbate for You this afternoon Master. i hope that what You have read may have pleased You a little.

Forever your slut


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