Tammy tries something new. Learns she loves it.

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Tammy tries something new. Learns she loves it.
Tammy had just moved to the city, she had an hour before the restaurant she worked at closed but was exhausted, Jill the girl who had trained her when she started saw her yawn. “Hang in there girl.” she said with encouragement, “I’m trying,” Tammy responded, “My boyfriend went on tour with his band 2 days ago and i haven’t been able to sleep much.” Jill gave her a devious look and whispered in Tammy’s ear. “Do you party?” she said it while tapping her nose. “Like coke?” “Kinda like that.” Jill said with a wink. “My boyfriend is in a rock band, of course I party.” Tammy replied with a laugh. “Meet me in the lady’s room in ten minutes, ok.” “Hell yeah.” She began to perk up a bit just knowing this would help and feel good.

Ten minutes later she slipped into the ladies room and seconds later heard a light knock on the door. She opened up the door and Jill slipped in quick. “Let’s do this quick.” said Jill as she pulled a little packet from her purse, she poured out a little pile and began to crush it with a credit card. It sounded kind of crunchy. She cut two little lines. It looked sparkly. She had a little straw she had already cut and bent and did her line then handed Tammy the straw. Tammy bent over and sniffed her line. “Ouch, it kinda burns,” “You’ll get past that and i promise you work will be a breeze until we close.” “Hey do you know where I can get a little bit, I’d like to take a little home, I still haven’t finished unpacking and putting our apartment together, I have the next couple days off and this would sure help me get it done.” “I have a hundred worth i was wanting to get rid of if you want.” “I was thinking 50 but fuck it, i’ll take 100.” “This one is already all crushed up so it will make it easier for you.” she handed Tammy the baggie and Tammy quickly put it in her pocket. “Just pay me after work, we got to get out of here before anyone notices, i’ll leave first.” Jill slipped out and Tammy waited another few seconds. “I don’t feel that euphoric” she thought as she looked in the mirror. Her eyes were dilated though and she felt awake finally. She opened the door and went back to work. Jill was right, work was a breeze.

Tammy handed Jill a benjamin as they walked to their cars. “Thank you so much, i feel so much better.” “Anytime, i’m here for you girl. enjoy your weekend.” she kissed Tammy on the cheek and said she’d see her Sunday. Tammy was feeling very energetic as she walked back to her car. She pulled out her cell phone and turned it back on now that she was out of work and scrolled through her texts. She had one from her boyfriend that said thinking of you above a picture of his hard cock that he took in what looked like a hotel room bathroom mirror. His next text said send me a pic of your wet pussy so I can see and think of you after i get back from my gig. Tammy smiled and felt her pussy begin to get moist. The parking lot was dark and she was parked in a location where she would see anyone coming before they saw her. She had already changed in the lady’s room after work because it was hot and her clothes were sticky and uncomfortable from working all day, plus they stunk like food. She had put on a light t-shirt and a loose hippie skirt that hung a little below her knees. She got into her car and made sure no one was around and pulled up her skirt and slipped off her panties. Being out in public even though she was out of any ones view was making her pussy very wet. she was kind of shocked about how horny she was becoming and how naughty she was feeling. She could smell her musky lust already in the air as she spread her legs and used one hand to part her lips and another to hold her phone, she tapped her slick hole with her middle finger and a little string of pussy juice stretched from her slit. Snap, she took the picture, then rubbed her clit for a second and stuck two fingers inside. “What the fuck am I doing” she thought as she blushed, “I need to get home before I get caught, that would be embarrassing.” She removed her slimy fingers and took one more picture of her sucking her juices off of them. “I wish this was your cock in my mouth.” she put in her text, what am I going to do for the next 2 months without your cock to suck and your delicious cum I so love swallowing?” She sent the message and giggled o herself and began to think about sucking his cock. She truly loved to suck cock and did it for him every day while he was home, sometimes 2, 3, 4 times a day. She had a vibrator that would at least get her pussy off while he was gone but how would she satisfy her lust for sucking cock she thought as she pulled out of the parking lot.

She had never put her panties back on before she left because her mind was preoccupied with dirty thoughts, plus it was a warm night and the breeze felt great on her tingling pussy. She pulled her skirt back up and began to rub her clit as she drove. She was so fucking horny and it had only been two days since her guy had left. Then she remembered, “maybe it was the coke that Jill gave her.’ If so she was not going to get much work done she thought, she was going to spend her next two days locked away in her new apartment pleasuring her self and having phone sex with her man. “I’m such a slut.” She laughed to herself. Up ahead she noticed a store with a brightly lit sign. “Pleasureland” read the sign. It was an adult toy store. She was about to pass it when she decided to check out what kind of toys she could find in there. She could give her boyfriend a good show tonight. She pulled into the parking lot which had a fence surrounding the entrance so no one who drove by could see a car they noticed and no what that person was up to. There was a few cars there but it was almost midnight and the sign said open until midnight mo-th and until 2 fr-sa. She had enough time to browse at least.

She was going to put her panties on but thought that since her skirt was long no one would notice anyway. She opened her door and stepped outside.

As she walked through the door she saw an older guy at the register and a few guys milling around, she blushed and walked past with her head down. “Hi” said the man at the register “Can I help you.” “Tammy lifted her head a little to look at him “Thank you but just browsing.” she said with a laugh. She walked past the porn movie section and found the toys. She was nervous and wanted to get out of there quick. She saw a very realistic looking dildo, it was thick and about 8 inches. The box said that it felt like the real thing. She picked it up and scurried to the register. The guy at the register smiled as she put it on the counter. “Will that be all.” he asked. She was about to say yes but suddenly felt the need to pee. “Ummm… actually do you have a bathroom i could use quick?” “We don’t normally let our customers use the bathroom but i’ll make you an exception.” He told her that it was through the video section at the back of the video viewing section on the right. “You can view the videos here?” she said with a laugh. “Yeah, there are 8 private booths back there, check one out if you want, its a dollar a minute.” “Ha, ha, thanks but i’ll just use the restroom, maybe another time.” He gave her the key and she headed towards the back.

As she walked into the video viewing room it was kinda dark, lit with a red light. A couple of the booths doors were closed and she could hear what sounded like guys masturbating. The sound both disgusted her and turned her on at the same time. The last two booths doors were open, she looked in as she walked by. She was kind of intrigued a little. She found the bathroom which was kind of dingy and closed the door behind her. She straddled the toilet not wanting the seat to touch her skin and watched herself in the mirror as she peed. She yawned even though she wasn’t feeling tired and thought she would try doing another bump of what she had got at work. She dipped her car key in the bag and scooped out what she thought was a good amount and sniffed it up. “I can’t believe how much this shit burns she thought. That was followed by a big wave of pleasure that wobbled her knees a bit. As she left the bathroom she saw a guy at the end of the hallway with his back turned to her as he talked to the cashier. She was embarrassed to walk by him so she went into a booth and closed the door. She sat on the little bench and waited for him to leave. She heard a voice over a speaker in the booth say, put money in the booth or leave please. She reached into her purse and the smallest bill she had was a 20 so she put it in and the screen turned on. It was a video of a woman riding a large cock as she sucked two other guys who stood on either side of her face.

“Well when in Rome” she thought and decided she might as well utilize her paid 20 minutes. She leaned back and pulled her skirt up and began to play with her now sopping wet pussy. She was quickly lost in the moment and didn’t hear someone enter the booth next to her. She was imagining her as the woman in the video and wished she was the one sucking cock at that moment. Suddenly out of the corner of her eye she saw a semi hard white cock slip through a hole in the wall she hadn’t noticed. “What the fuck?” she thought as she watched it pulse in front of her invitingly. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it as she continued playing with her pussy. It looked shaved, thick and juicy. What was she thinking she had a boyfriend. But he was away for the next two months and he was probably fucking girls on the road, doesn’t every guy in a rock band. The guy behind the wall pushed his hardening cock in and out of the hole and she heard him ask if she wanted to touch it. “Well maybe just a touch. If she didn’t no who’s cock it was was it really cheating. “What am I thinking?” She thought as she leaned closer to it and wrapped her hand around it. It was warm and hard and a little bit of pre-cum leaked from the tip. “I can’t believe what I am doing but I am so fucking horny and want to suck a cock so fucking bad.” she said to her self as she licked the jizz from the tip of some strangers cock. It tasted like lust and she wanted more. She got down on her knees and took a closer look. It was a pretty cock, one that she wanted to suck just looking at. She could see his veins filling with blood as his cock hardened while she slowly stroked it. “Suck it baby, I know you want to.” “I’m such a slut she thought as she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around some random mans cock. “mmmm” she moaned around it as she began to slurp on it. Tammy loved being in control of pleasuring someone. She had always thought it was fun giving head. She knew that guys loved it when she did it, they always said she was the best. Her pussy would even lightly convulse when her mouth would get filled up with a load of warm cum. She didn’t mind the taste, even kind of enjoyed it. She considered it her reward for a job well done.

She put both of her hands on the wall on either side of the cock and sucked on it with passion. Her spit was dripping from his cock and her lips as she moaned and slurped all around it. hearing the stranger moan and enjoying it was an incredible turn on, she was enjoying this more than she imagined. She wrapped her hand around it and began to stroke it into her mouth. “Feed me that cum baby.” She said “Fill my mouth up.” As soon as she said that she heard him moan. “Fuck here it comes. She left the tip on her tongue and just stroked it into her open mouth. She felt it stiffen even more and her mouth was suddenly being filled with thick jets of warm cum. She wrapped her lips around it to make sure she caught it all. Her mouth was almost completely full before he finished. She pulled her mouth off still holding him with one hand, and swallowed it all in one gulp. She felt her body quiver as she came from swallowing a strangers cum. “Oh my god, that was fucking great.” she said. “Thank you for that baby. “Thank you, you’re amazing.” he said back. She saw some more cum leaking from his cock and put her mouth back on it to make sure she got the rest. That was so hot and dirty she thought. The guy pulled his cock back through the wall and slipped a 20 back through. “Here you deserve a tip for that.” “Thank you, i enjoyed every minute.” She grabbed the bill and heard him leave the booth. She still had 5 minutes left and sat back on the bench and thought about what just happened and how much she had enjoyed it.

Then another cock came through the hole. With out any thought this time she was back on her knees. It was another nice looking white cock, it was slightly curved, a little thinner, but the head was more plump. She had never sucked more than one guys cock in a day but was excited to have more fun and more cum. She hungrily engulfed it and within a few minutes her mouth was once again filled with a large load of semen. She couldn’t get enough. Once again she was handed a 20 as a tip. Well that pays for the dildo i bought she laughed. She heard another guy enter the booth as soon as the last one left. “Wow how many guys are out there she wondered, nervously yet excited. A third larger white cock with grey pubic hairs was now in front of her face. She had never sucked an older mans cock before and lifted it to her mouth. “Want some more cum you hungry little slut?” “Tell me what you want.” She felt so bad which made her feel so so good. “I want you to give me more cum please.” “Then suck it out and you can have it.”

Here she was in a dark porn store on her knees sucking the third strange cock of the night and loving every minute of it. This guy lasted about 15 minutes but she was having so much fun and was so turned on that she didn’t mind. .All she could hear was the sound of her hand fucking her dripping juicy pussy squishing as well as her moaning and sucking on the old guys cock. “I love sucking cock. mmm ohmmm ummm.” “Take it, take that cock slut.” “Mmmhhmmmm, mmmhhhmmm. I want more cum, feed me some more cum.” “You are a great little cum slut honey. You want to swallow another load?” “Yes, i do, please, I want it so fucking bad. Fill my mouth and belly with your warm jizz. I want it. mmmmoommmummmm.” “Here it comes honey, ready.” “MMMMhhhmmm.” Her mouth began to fill up with thick cum, Not explosive but like a long steady stream. Her mouth was full and it was still cumming. She had to swallow with his cock still in her mouth. And it began to fill again. She swallowed once more and felt him shoot a few lighter loads on her tongue, she swallowed his cock to his belly and he fucked her throat a few times making her eyes water. She gave a few more bobs with her head and used her hand to empty it like a tube of tooth paste.

“Holy shit that was so much cum, i never swallowed so much like that before.” “Oh yeah, what do you think?” “I think it was amazing.” The guy slipped her a hundred dollar bill and said he would be working again tomorrow starting at 8 and she could come have more if she wanted.” Oh shit it was the cashier she just swallowed. “Thank you.” She said. He said “were closed now so i’m going to finish up. I hope to see you tomorrow.” The door closed and she played with her clit for a minute and got up and went in the bathroom to straighten up. Her hair was a mess, her face looked wet and some cum was still on her face around her lips. She licked it all off, kissed at the mirror and walked out. As she walked out the door the cashier smiled at her and she said. “See you tomorrow.” with a smile and walked out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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