Teen Fun with Lianne Pt3

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Teen Fun with Lianne Pt3
And so we finally get to my last encounter with the lovely, hot & sexy Lianne….
Now you will have to appreciate that the details are hazy because it was more than 30years ago & more alcohol than usual had been consumed, so my account of what happened is a little bit sketchy……
It was an odd night (the following Friday after part two) & I ventured back to her town & met up in a pub, before going to a sub-level pub/club/disco place on the sea front. It happened to be a fairly chilly but dry evening & we were in this place having the usual beers & cigs (you can tell its 80s by the fact we smoked indoors). Lianne & I had drunk a few each & she was bored, but knew the doorstaff so we could leave but also be allowed in later on.
She wanted us to have a bit of “alone time” & we toddled off down the big slope nearby that took us down to the seafront promenade, so we went down hand in hand to somewhere with a bit less lighting or passers by to disturb us. This had been her idea, so I was sensing perhaps another bit of sexy fun was likely, but never one to assume it.
For once, she was in denim jeans & not one of her long skirts but still tasty as ever.
She had on a leather jacket & a nice thin Tshirt along with a big studded belt holding her trousers up.
Lianne still had a sexy bum & a really nice midrift that was a slight pot, but nothing hanging over. You could describe her figure as “Normal” & if I’m honest, I like a slight pot belly on a girl (an exposed navel is quite nice & I get a boner from seeing some on a girl!!).
We found a secluded spot on the prom in a shelter with a bench or two. We sat there, got a little bit fruity & hands began wandering. Lianne was straight onto my crotch with her hands undoing the zip to get a feel of my shaft. She commented that she’d never felt me being flaccid & took it as a compliment that she turned me on so easily. Probably that in two meetings we’d fucked each other silly both times!!!
She was quite eager, pulling back my foreskin straight away & moved down to suck my tip with as much enthusiasm as if it was an ice cream. She was pulling & sucking, slurping away plus the feeling of her warm mouth around me & an eager tongue was really getting my blood flowing. I’d undone her bra by now & worked my long arm around to get my hand inside it to cup her magnificent right tit & then squeeze it, then get the nipple between my finger tips…..
We figured that our present location was a little obvious, so anyone walking by with a dog etc, was likely to suss out her head bobbing & my expression meant we could get into bother.
We broke & moved off to walk the prom for a little while til we found a gap in the main sea wall between path & the beach itself. The beach was a bit rocky with plenty of tennisball size flints.
I had a quite long (6 feet in fact) length coat & it wasn’t too cold for me to remove it, so I took it off & we found a great spot out of streetlighting & tucked in enough from view from anyone walking along the promenade above.
She hadn’t really done up her bra, so Lianne lay down on my coat over the rocks & just said “I want YOU this time!”
I pushed up her shirt as we kissed & then I moved away to take turns in squeezing then sucking her gorgeous tits. They didn’t even fall away from one another, so the they sat up & proved to be quite firm, yet soft to the touch.
Those amazing darkish nipples (like they belonged to a girl from Asia almost) were sticking up quite proud & really hard. I chewed them & sucked them as much as I could. Li reached in to find my zip already still undone & my penis tip still exposed with the skin rolled back. I told her we had condoms, but she wasn’t bothered about them.
I managed to free myself of my bottom halves enough so the “main equipment” was out & she was playing with my dick for a bit. I undid her belt, worked her denims down as well as her panties so in the half light, I could see her adorable hairy cunt & managed to get the trouser leg over her left boot, then the panties from that side, so she was still wearing them on her right down at the ankles.
I’d decided I would like to give her a good licking-out & manouvered my way up to her pussy to part her “whiskers” & find the labia hiding in those lovely long pubes. She was quite tasty with a slight hint of tuna in her scent but an element of meat flavour too. The fact there was plenty of juice flowing from her gash made it all the more delicious so I spent quite a while down there, dining at the “Y” as it were. So having finished eating Lianne a bit, she grabbed my dick again & with no discussion or anything, she just pulled me towards her squishy cunt lips & I drove myself slowly & steadily all the way into that wonderful hot pussy of hers. She was able to make a little more noise this time & those fingernail of hers were a bit more vicious digging into my back. I started ramming a little bit more with intent than on our previous encounters, so she could give me an idea that she wanted a good drilling or ploughing than before.
My hands were grabbing hard on her buttocks & squeezed really hard as I really pushed it into her hard & a bit deeper. She started quivering a bit more & I felt her cunt muscles clamping really tight around my dick & what felt like gallons of sticky started gushing, including all over my pubes. Must’ve been the first time I made a girl cum & squirt properly all over as she began having “tremors” after it. We stopped for a brief while, with a bit more kissing.
I was still stiff as a board & started slowly poking him back in, stretching the lips & her vagina enough for another round. I was pushing deep but slow & she was coiling up again, enjoying & savouring each stroke as much as I was.
More pushing, grunting & little yelps of pleasure from fucking her, as we switched to her being on top to ride me like the exercise bike again, like the previous Saturday & I could feel it go so far that I must have been dabbing the edge of her womb & I’d got as big as I could possibly have got. This carried on for a good 10/15mins with her rocking back & forth on my bone & it was pure ecstasy I couldn’t begin to describe.
Sadly, I never got to take her doggy fashion at any point (I would’ve dearly loved to have seen her lovely arse up in the air & get a look at that little ringpiece with the little tufts of hair around it). I also didn’t get a chance to put a finger into that little starfish either.
She lay back down on my coat, where I put my dick back into her, got myself into a position where I got as far up inside her as possible. It seemed my booze level was slightly affecting me to perform but while I kept on pushing as far as I could, I eventually felt the magic tingling but she clamped around me with her vaginal muscles, before gushing a little bit for a second time.
This had a very arousing effect on me & I could feel muscles of my own before I could feel my bollocks tightening up.
My shaft felt really hard & before I knew it, several bursts shot out of me & coated the inside of her pussy,all over the walls & my head was rushing like mad….
We lay there with my dick slowly shrinking before I “unplugged” & her curtains closed shut. We straightened ourselves up, got up & left to head back to the club……
We were all loved up but upon reaching the club’s doors, Jenny arrived & had been looking for us. She was absolutely fuming with us both. I got a rant about us leaving without her knowing & she’d also said “I suppose you two have been shagging on the beach while I’m worried sick!?” Turned out Lianne had made a joke about us going there & she’d planned it all along……
Sadly, Lianne & me never got another chance after that. We didn’t really break up but I think Jenny (being Lianne’s chaperone) didn’t want her to keep wandering off. Despite meeting up, Lianne & I didn’t get another “opportunity to be alone”. I’d begun to start seeing another girl from work called Sam & Lianne spent time with one of my friends two months later. Shame cos three meetings & three really dirty little fuck sessions, though regrettably none in either of our own beds….I hope she found her ideal fella all these years hence……

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