The abandoned school pt1 “finding our place&q

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The abandoned school pt1 “finding our place&q
The summer after my senior year of highschool was a great year for exploration. Both my girlfriend at the time and I had decided that we were going to make this a summer to remember. We had been dating for a while but both of us had plans to attend colleges in different states and both of us knew that would probably would be the the end of our relationship. The distance between our schools would preclude us from visiting often and since long distance relationships rarely work out , the writing was on the wall. Despite this we intended to have as much fun as we could before we left.

The two of us had become very comfortable with each other and had experimented sexually with each other a bit up to this point. Since we were still teenagers (me 19, her 18) we were perpetually horny! Ready to fuck at the drop of a hat, as all healthy girls and boys our age are. But the problem was always the same. Where? Both of us till lived at home son that usually ruled that out. Oh, sometimes we go lucky and our parents would go away for the weekend or out for the night and we would hump like rabbits! But usually we resorted to the back seat of a car on some dead end country road or sneaking of into the woods to have a quick screw. We had even had a romp in a playground once! We had thought about getting a hotel room but since it required a credit card to rent one that was out. Then one day my girlfriend called me up very excited. She was visiting her aunt in the next town over from ours and said she had found the perfect place! I asked her for details and she just said to get over to her aunts as soon as I could. Well, I knew her very well at this point and if she was that excited I knew I had better get there as soon as I could! So I grabbed my keys, jumped in the car and made a bee line for her aunts, stopping at the local gas station long enough to get some condoms.

When I got to her aunts she was waiting out side with a huge grin on her face. I shut off the car and before I could even get the door open she was at the car. As I go out of the car she grabbed my hand and started leading me back to the road. Yelling back towards the house she told her aunt we were going for a walk, we headed out. I ask her where we were going and she said it was a surprise. We walked down the road a bit and then around a corner, after a few blocks a old two story school came into view. It had been closed for awhile from the looks of it. Some of the windows (but not all) and all of the doors were boarded up. The lawn of the school grounds was mowed but grass and weeds had become overgrown close to the building. When we got close she directed me to the back of the school around behind what looked like the gym to a part of the building that jutted out way from the rest of the structure. We went to the side of it farthest from the gym, it was hidden from the view of the road. On that side there was a door that the plywood had been pried off of one side just enough to squeeze though. She told me she had heard her aunt and the neighbor talking about how some of the local youths had been using the abandoned school as a sort of “party house”. My girlfriend, being the smart girl she was, immediately figured this might just be the solution to our problem and called me. We looked around to make sure no one had seen us and went in.

The room we entered was some kind of mechanical space. Maybe a furnace room or the like. It was dark and dirt but the door leading into from there into the school was open so we moved on. It opened into a hallway that was not very long. That hall led to the main corridor of the school. There was trash all over the floor of the hallway, Beer bottles, cans, food wrappers, refuse from past parties were s**ttered all over. We went down the hall in the direction of the gym first. We passed a couple of class rooms, some were empty save for more debris like that that littered the hallway. Some till had desks and chairs in them. We skipped past them and came to the gym. The double doors were open and there was light from the windows close to the ceiling but still dark. The basketball rims were still there and the bleachers were also. On one side there was a elevated stage the floor of witch was around chest height. We climbed up on the stage and looked around, It appeared that you could see anyone entering the gym from there but if you positioned yourself right they would not be able to see you! Jackpot!

My girl had brought a her purse (a large one) with her and in it she had snuck out a flashlight from her aunts house. That allowed us to get a better look around. I wanted to make sure it was safe and the floor was not going to fall in on us. She was more worried about bugs and a****ls! Both of our fears were alleviated as the floor was solid and now vermin could be seen. We did however find a sleeping bag and several used condoms and wrappers. Apparently we were not the only ones with this idea! Both of us laughed when we seen them. at that point we figured this was a safe place, after all we had not heard of anyone getting caught. We talked for a bit about how kinky it was to fuck on a stage and imagining people watching us from the bleachers across the room! That seemed to turn her on. She grabbed a chair that probably came from one of the class rooms and placed the flashlight on the seat so it shined on the floor where we had decided gave the best view of the doors in case someone was to come in we could see them. She had hidden a towel in her purse and sat that on the seat also. Looking around it was decided that it would be better to clean up a bit before we went too far. My girlfriend used the sleeping bag as a rag to clean up a place on the stage and I explored the area a little more. I found a small table in the back and a curtain that looked like it had been pulled down from the ceiling around the stage, It was dusty but relatively clean. I folded the curtain to form a makeshift cushion and place the towel over it so as to have a cleaner place to lay. We positioned the table so we could put the flashlight on it so it was shining on the make shift bed, using her purse to hold it in place. The table also helped to block the view from the doors if someone was to come in. surveying the area, we were felt confident we had a discrete place to play.

I walked over to her and put my arms around her, my hands reaching down to grab her ass with both hands. She responded by putting her arms around my neck one hand on my shoulder the other on the back of my head and pulled my head to hers and kissed me. The kissing started out soft, out lips briefly touching before quickly moving away only to come back at a different angle to touch again. I moved one of my hands reluctantly from her firm butt up to the middle of her back and caressed her. Her hand on my shoulder slipped under my arm so she could return the gesture. As our passion grew, so did the intensity of our kissing. Quickly evolving to the open mouth tongue dueling style as our hormones took over. I can remember the Sweet and innocent taste of her strawberry lip gloss. I moved from her lips down to her neck as she moved her hair to the side with the hand that had been on my head. Kissing, licking and sucking my way from her shoulder to just below her ear. Our breath was becoming quicker and louder as we made out. Both of our hands were in constant motion. Rubbing grasping and groping, wandering where ever they wanted. My girlfriend was never the shy type and often was the one to take it to the next level. This time was no exception! She began by removing my shirt. Pulling the bottom out of my pants were it had been tucked in and in almost one motion, over my head one threw it on the floor. She began kissing and liking my chest, slightly squatting to reach. Gently in a teasing way at first then moving to biting and sucking as she got to my nipples. I began running both hands though her hair, tru9ing to guide her head lower. She took the subtle (or not) hint and brought her attention south kissing and licking my belly. Stopping briefly at my navel to use her teeth to pull the short hair around it. I jumped a little at the surprising ting of pain as she giggled and kissed it away. She grasped onto my belt and dragged me by the waste band of my pants over to the chair. Sitting down she looked up into my eyes as she unbuckled my belt. Unbuttoning my pants and with one hand while unzipping the fly with the other all the while kissing my stomach. Impatiently I stepped back and removed my pants and boxers. She almost looked dissapionted as I did this. At the time I did not understand why, but now I wonder what plans she had that I had ruined. What ever annoyance I had cause ended as soon as I stepped back to her. She reached out and grasped my cock by the shaft and guided it into her mouth. No slow teasing here, she immediately swallowed the first few inches into her warm wet moth ans began swirling her tongue around the head. It felt amazing and I groaned out loud as I put both hands on the crown of her head. The encouragement was not necessary as she began taking more of my prick into her mouth with each movement of her head. I could not believe how good it was feeling! I was so caught up in the sensation that It never occurred to me to do anything but stand there and let her suck. It did not seem to bother her at that moment she just kept taking my dick in and out of her mouth with a fast pace. Slurping and swooshing noises were emanating from her mouth. She began using her hand on my shaft to stroke me up and down as she sucked. Her other hand was cupping my balls, ,rolling them very easily with her fingers. I was in heaven! I don’t think I had ever (before or after) has a blowjob feel so good! She pulled her mouth off my dick and asked if I like it. I answered “fuck yeah!” and she laughed. She stroked me a few times then went back for more. After a few more trips of her mouth I was getting close. She seemed to realize that and stopped. Leaving her hand on my penis she stood up and kissed me.

I guessed it was her turn to have fun. As we kissed I began groping her tits with both hands. She was a C-cup and I loved how they felt in my hands. The weight of them and how they fit perfectly in my hands was something I never got tired of! But I was young and so turned on at that point I just could not wait and take it slow! I reached down and pulled her shirt off. I guess she was in just as much a hurry as I was because she stepped back and removed her bra seemingly not wanting to wait for my fumbling teenage hands to try and undo the clasp. As soon as she had thrown her bra down I moved in to kiss those beautiful breasts. I latched on to the right nipple with my mouth and pinched the other with my finger and thumb. My hand was sliding its way down her stomach to the top of her shorts guided bu hers as she pushed it down the front of them to her moist pussy! She was silent other that her heavy breathing any a occasional gasp to break the rhythmic pattern. My other hand quickly joined the first, using it to push her shorts and panties down. Having discovered that removing tight shorts with one hand was nearly impossible I was forced to abandon her cunt for a minuet in order to free her form her clothing. having pushed them to her knees she place on hand on my shoulder to give herself some balance and kicked them free on leg at a time. We began kissing once again as we pulled each other tight. My dick was pressing into her body just above her pussy. Her pubic hair was tickling my balls and both of our hands were roaming freely over each others bodies. Having had enough of the “warm up act” She declared it time for the main event but asking me if I had brought the condoms.

I looked around til I found my discarded pants and retrieved them from my pocket. She took me by the hand and led me to the spot we had laid the towel covered curtain. She sat down with her legs spreads and I knelt between them. I handed her the condom, as she always insisted on putting it on herself, Then she rolled it down. After checking to make sure it was on properly she spit in her hand and used it to lube my dick. The kissing me once she laid down on her back. Leaning forward I propped myself up by placing one hand on the ground bu her side and used the other to guide my prick into her. I intended to go slowly, easing it into her wetness but being young and inexperienced I just pushed in to her until our bodies met. She hunched up to meet my insertion so she must have been as horny as I was. I moved my fee hand up to her hair and them lowered my body with the other arm. Her arms came around my back and her lips joined mine and I began to thrust. She was so wet that I slid in and out easily. Slowly at first as we ground into one other. Her hips would arch up to meet my down stroke and when we met she would bring her ass back down to the floor. Our mouths were alternating from kissing each other passionately to sucking and licking our necks. At some point I began to bang her a little faster. Pushing in and out at a good pace for both of us with long strokes. The moaning and dirty talking got louder as we headed up. I’d love to give specifics on what was said but I can’t remember exactly. At one point I had moved my arm under her left leg so I could get a different angle. Her body slightly tilted to one side as I fucked her. I really don’t know if she came or not, I was too inexperience at the time to really know (and I hand learned not to ask as it broke the mood). He moans and mewing did become more like screaming and the force she used to grip my shoulders and butt got allot harder and forceful a few times, so I ‘d like to think she did! I remember the smell of her hairspray (still to this day one of ht sexiest smells I can think of!) and her juices was so intoxicating! When she got going the smell of her sex would fill the room! It was not a over powering odor but it was very noticeable! The combination of her voice and the feeling of her pussy clinging to my dick as I fucker her got to be too much. I started pounding her fast and hard I could hear our bodies slap together. I propped myself up by both arms so I could watch her boobs jiggle with my thrusts and fucked her with the short strokes that always come just before my orgasm! My breath was quick and shallow And I could fell myself get light headed! I knew it would not be long! I looked down at her face, Her eyes were closed her mouth ope and she was grunting and moaning loudly. My body began to stiffen and my thrusts more erratic. I ground into her as My cum began shooting into the rubber as I barely moved in and out of her! My peripheral vision got dark and I seen starts, yelling unintelligible things as I came. If felt like I was melting and my entire being was shooting into her body! Slowly my spurts slowed and then stopped. My screaming turned into labored breathing and I could see normally again.

I looked down at her she was still breathing heavy and her chest was rising and falling with her deep breaths. All I could think of is how lucky I was to have a girl that would let me have her! She was the most important thing in the world at that point! I Babbled to her about how beautiful she was and how great she had felt. I told her how much I loved her and that this was the greatest day of my life! She just giggled and and laughed and told me it was pretty good for her too! The she said to let her up because we needed to get back to her aunts before too long. I got off her and we started to get dressed. I took the opportunity to smack her on the ass as she bent down to pick her shorts off the floor. She told me to stop because it would get her all worked up again and we did not have time to go for round two. After getting dressed we tried to put most of the stuff we had found back where we had found it. We left the gym and headed back to her house with every intention of returning as often as we could. We had finally found a place we could go to.

Let me know what you think of my story.
Part two coming soon!

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