The Adventures of Cheryl – Mr. Roberts

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The Adventures of Cheryl – Mr. Roberts

Cheryl woke up and rolled over expecting to see Katie, but the other side of the bed was empty. She had spent the night at Katy’s because her friend would soon be going away to college. Cheryl knew from experience that when friends left they usually drifted apart.

Cheryl sat up in bed and looked around. There was a note on the nightstand.

“Cheryl, I forgot that my mom and I needed to get some stuff for school.
I didn’t want to wake you up. We’ll be back around noon. Luv’ ya! Katie”

Cheryl looked at the clock and saw it was 11am. She decided to take a shower. She slipped on Katie’s robe and headed to the bathroom. Once there Cheryl slipped out of her t-shirt and panties and got into the warm shower. After washing her body, Cheryl took the time to shave her legs and pussy, as she had done since she was 14. As she washed and shaved, her fingers found their way between the lips of her pussy and she felt a familiar tingle. She had been really turned-on the night before as Katie recounted some of her sexcapades with boys. Cheryl was not a virgin, but had nowhere near the experience of her friend. She closed her eyes and fantasized about having a boy in the shower with her as her hand feverishly rubbed her clit. It only took a few minutes before Cheryl’s body shook from orgasm.

As she climbed out of the shower she noticed there were no towels. “Oh shit!” she thought as she rummaged through the drawers looking but found nothing. “They’re probably in the master bath.”

Not wanting to get her clothes wet, Cheryl put the robe back on and made her way to Katie’s parents room. As she entered, she heard the shower running. The door to the bathroom was cracked and Cheryl peeked in to see who it was. In the reflection of the mirror, she saw Katie’s dad, Mr. Roberts, in the glass-enclosed shower. Her eyes grew wider when she realized he was masturbating.

“Oh my God!” she thought as she watched his hand work back and forth. Her pussy was starting to tingle again. Feeling bold, she knocked on the door.

“Mr. Roberts? It’s Cheryl. I need to get a towel please.”

She watched as he quickly stopped touching himself and turned away from the door.

“Uh, yea, sure.” he awkwardly mumbled from being almost being caught. “They’re in the closet.”

Cheryl walked in with her hand against the side of her head to shield her eyes from his nudity. She found the towels in the closet.

“Do you need one too?” she asked.

She walked out holding the towels and stared at his backside. Then he turned and creamed herself at what she saw. Cheryl had always thought Mr. Roberts was a good-looking man, but never dreamed he would have such a big dick. She just stood and stared in awe.
He turned off the shower and opened the door.

“Thanks.” he said to her as he took the towel from her and began drying himself. As if in a trance, Cheryl took off the robe and let it fall to the ground. Mr. Roberts smiled at her, enjoying what she was sharing. Without saying a word, she dropped to her knees and wrapped her tiny hand around his dick. Mr. Roberts let out an approving sigh. He stepped closer to her and Cheryl began licking the tip. He grew very hard from the sensation. He looked down and saw this beautiful smiling at him. Cheryl parted her lips and took him into her mouth. Instinctively, his hips began to thrust and she could feel his cock sliding in and out of her mouth.

Mr. Robert’s body could only stand the pleasure for so long. He held her head in place as his body reached climax. Cheryl did her best to keep up, but some of his juice seeped out of the corner of her mouth. She had never let a guy cum in her mouth before and the throbbing cock felt wonderful.

As he finished, he again looked down to see his swollen cock still in her mouth. He lifted her up into his arms and carried her to his bed. Cheryl felt like a little girl in his arms. At 6’2”, he had no trouble lifting her 5′, 95 pound body.

Mr. Roberts tossed Cheryl onto the bed like a rag doll. Both of them were filled with a****l lust. He grabbed her ankles and pulled her until her butt was on the edge of the bed. He dropped down to his knees and buried his face between her legs. Cheryl responded quickly; her hips were grinding his face as his tongue flicked across her clot. In only a few seconds, her body jerked as an orgasm hit.

Mr. Roberts stood and watched as Cheryl enjoyed the last spasms. His cock was starting to grow again. Cheryl sat up and took it into her mouth again to help revive it. As soon as her was ready, she flipped over and stuck her ass up in the air. Mr. Roberts stepped forward and slipped into her wet pussy. Not quite ready for its size, Cheryl let out a cry of pain as he pushed it in deeper.

Within a few moments, her vagina had stretched out to accommodate him. The pain quickly changed to pleasure as he increased his rhythm. His cock rubbing her G-spot was sending little orgasms through her. Cheryl’s head thrashed about and her little hands tore at the covers while Mr. Roberts pounded away.

Cheryl then felt him grab her wrists and pulled them back. Her upper body just hung in the air as he drilled her deeper and deeper. Her eyes lit up and she panted heavily with an occasional whispered “oh fuck.”

Then in one deep thrust, Mr. Roberts froze as he came again. Cheryl felt like he was going to rip off her arms, but she didn’t care. Her mind was too busy enjoying its third orgasm of the day.

Mr. Roberts pulled out of her and Cheryl collapsed onto to bed, struggling to catch her breath. Mr. Roberts brought out her robe and towel. Just as she slipped the robe on they heard the front door closed. Cheryl jumped up and ran out of the bedroom and headed down the hall back to the guest bathroom. Just as she turned the corner, there was Katie coming up the stairs.

“Oh, hi!” Katie said. “I see you’re up.”

Still feeling flush, Cheryl stammered “Yeah, I, um, took a shower. There were any towels so I asked your dad for one.”

Mr. Roberts came out of the bedroom dressed. “Hi sweetie! Did you get what you needed?”

“Sure did dad. We spent a lot of your money.” Katie giggled. “C’mon Cheryl, get dressed. Let’s go to the mall and spend some more.” she said giving her dad a wink.

Cheryl walked back to the bathroom and turned to look at Mr. Roberts. He stood there, smiling. She smiled back and went inside.

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