The Apartment Part 3

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The Apartment Part 3
I had found myself a new apartment. When I viewed it, I realised that it was me that was being vetted and then it was me that was allowed to take the flat rather than the other way round. The rent was cheaper than I had anticipated and that was because it came with strings! The owner George, who had shown me round, owned the whole block; the shops at the bottom and the three flats above. There were three flats because he had the top floor, which was the size of the two flats beneath. Roger, who had the flat beside mine and George both had transexual partners, who they called wives and they lived as women. They were swingers and what I hadn’t been told was that I too had to be a swinger. The friend that had told me about the flat hadn’t warned me, it was actually the reason that he was getting out.

Very soon after I took the flat on, George held a party in my honour. Despite what went on at the party being a total and utter shock, I actually think that I acquitted myself remarkably well. I enjoyed myself and accepted every turn.

Ever since the party, Sue’s cock remains in my thoughts; I can still feel the weight of it in my palm and the size of it filling my rear passage as I suck George’s little cock. It was with this still fresh in mind as I was watching a shemale film on my computer one Saturday morning when there was a knock on the door. Knowing that no one had access to the building without actually being admitted, I stood up and answered it. I was in women’s panties and a pretty top. It was Sue! Which probably meant that George was out. He was quite possessive of Sue and while he enjoyed sharing other wives, no one was allowed to touch his Sue. If she wanted to fuck someone that was OK but no one was allowed to fuck her. I let her in and with a glance that took in what I was wearing strode into the flat!

“So this is what you get up to!” She laughs. “Do you like dressing?”

“I do” I admit. “I don’t have a lot of clothes but like to wear them when I am relaxing.”

“They suit you. You should try some lipstick…” She stands close to my chair at the computer. She glances down at the screen. “I see you have a good way to relax.” She gives her throaty chuckle. “What are you watching?”

The Latino on screen suddenly lifts her tiny skirt and shows off her huge cock. “Oh my God! She is gorgeous.”
I agree with her, she is one of my favourites. I plump down into my chair and Sue leans over me, one tit is pressed into my cheek. I have seen this video before but it entrances me every time I see it. The lad on film is staring open mouthed at the Latino’s cock, as is Sue and as am I. I daren’t move my head, I can feel one hard nipple pressed into the side of my head close to my ear. Sue gasps when the Latino begins to stroke her cock. She moves back a fraction. Her arm is still on the back of my chair. I turn my head then, Sue is stroking her cock which juts out under her tiny skirt. It seems very churlish not to help her out and lean out and take her cock into my mouth; her hand moves from the back of my chair to the arm and she twists the chair round to face her. I am bobbing my head up and down on her cock and she grabs the back of my head and pulls my head down further onto her cock and starts to fuck my face. Slam, slam her cock slams into my mouth. I can hardly breathe but her cock is so tasty. I manage to position my tongue so that her knob gets a good washing from it but goes in further sliding down my tongue. When she cums she stops pounding and holds me on her cock, my lips pressed against her pubes. She pumps her cream deep into my throat. she pulls out still dripping cum, and pushes me back into my chair and then presses her lips against my lips and her tongue forces it’s way into my mouth licking up her own cum. She stands up looking a bit dazed.

“Oh my God! I needed that. Thank you.” She straightens up and heads for the door.

“Sue?” I ask.


“Did you come round for a reason?”

“What? Oh yes I did. Of course I did. we are going to have a party next Saturday. Keep that evening clear for us.”

“Oh good. I was wondering when the next one was going to be.” A long trail of cum is dangling from her cock. I hold her cock and lick it up. ” I was really missing that gorgeous thing. Wondered when I would meet it again.” She gives her throaty chuckle and lets herself back out again.

I have a note pushed under the door from Sue. Telling me to wear what I had been wearing the previous Saturday and she will tap on the pipe when I am to cum up to their flat!
I do wonder what pipe but that becomes clear when there is a loud ‘ting’ in the kitchen. I make way up to their flat. Sue is waiting at the door. She smiles when she sees me and kisses me on the lips. She leads me in.

“Look who is here!” She announces.

“Wow!” George exclaims and immediately comes over. “I love it.” He can’t keep his hands off my body and has to feel everything. “There is someone I want you to meet.” His hand squeezes my arse and directs me to where he wants me to go. A smaller version of George sits on the couch, he stands as we approach. Like George he is small and very fat. His cock actually looks bigger than George’s. “This is Robin.”

“Hello Robin.”

“Hello.” Robin looks me up and down. “Dad has been telling me all about you. I so wanted to meet you, that is why he arranged this party.”

“That was very sweet of you, George.” Robin pats the couch beside him, wanting me to sit! “So you have not been here very long.”

“What at the party?” He realises I am teasing him and then corrects himself. “At the flats.”

“No. Not long.”

“I know this is not your first party as you went to the last one.”

“My second.” His hand rests on my thigh and then he reaches out and grabs my hand and places it on his thigh. The flesh is soft and velvety. I gently stroke it and slide my hand down the inside of his thigh. He is shaved, there is no hair on his legs or pubes at all and none on his fat belly. He puts his arm along the back of the couch, his hand pulls my head towards his and I slide along the couch to close up the inch or two that separates us. As I stroke his thigh the heel of my palm rubs his cock and balls. He makes little gasps as I press harder and harder into them. He turns his face towards me and I lean forward and kiss him on the lips.
I am unaware of the interest that we are generating in the room. I half turn on to my hip, and with my left hand stroke his belly. His tongue is sliding in and out of my mouth and his hand is squeezing my nipple through my top.

His hand slides down and massages my cock through my panties and when I open my legs a little more his hand creeps inside my panties. I lift my bum up and slide my panties down mid thigh. He starts sucking my nipple and then kissing down my body before lifting my cock with his tongue and then swallowing it whole! His warm mouth encompassing my cock feels wonderful and I find my back arching with the sensation of it and start thrusting upwards. He holds my cock to slow my movements down. Suddenly there are hands on me undressing me. I am aware of someone sat next to me but have no idea who it is. I am lost in the moment. There is a flash as someone takes a picture. Then a hand finds my nipple and I realise that it is George! I glance around then. They are all standing there watching. Roger and Diana have there arms around each other and Sue sees me looking round and grins and then winks at me. Robin is sucking me much harder and much faster, his hand is stroking his father’s cock now, seeing that tips me over and I gasp and cum in his mouth! Robin stands and kisses each one of them in turn so that they can taste my cum. I notice that George is squeezing Robin’s arse while they kiss!

Sue reappears at that point to say the food is ready. We sit round the table naked. Robin sits next to me. I am sat opposite George! His face is a picture. Obviously pleased that I am getting on with his son but jealous that he can’t get his hands on me. Although having Sue you wonder why he would want to. Robin’s cock is very stiff. I grab some salad and arrange it around his cock and getting right down I am able to eat it off his cock. there is something to be said for pissing George off! Robin seems totally unaware of it. Sue has noticed though and does warn me when she manages to get me alone! I apologise to her and make an attempt to play with the others including George!

After we finish eating, George manages to grab hold of me. Robin is chatting to Roger and they are stroking each others cocks. George and I sit on the couch, and we kiss and I run my hand all over that chubby body. Someone plonks them self down the other side of me and starts stroking my thigh. It is Robin. He wants to take over, his cock is still hard and he wants to fuck me. So I kneel on the couch, face in George’s lap and my bum in the air. Robin stands behind me. He licks my hole and then straightening up, slides his cock into me!
I have to use my tongue to lift George’s cock and ease it into my mouth. Robin has started pumping his cock into my arse! I suck George’s little cock into my mouth and can feel it stiffen against my lips. Robin is pumping hard and forcing me down further on Georges cock. George suddenly grunts and cums in my mouth. I can feel Robin pressing down on my back and he presses his face against mine to kiss me and lick up his Dad’s sperm. George looks a little shocked at first but when Robin starts reaching for his cock he stands so that Robin can suck on it!

“Will you fuck me as well, Robin?” George asks!

“Yeah why not!” Is all Robin says. I move from the couch and get into a position where I can watch. Sue slides in next to me on the chair, so that we are squashed in together, thigh to bare thigh. Diana perches on the arm of the chair close to me and Roger stands beside her. All our cocks are hard. Diana moves back along the arm. one arse cheek hanging my side of the arm. She puts her hand along the back to steady herself. Robin looks at us and grins. He bends and licks George’s arse and then parting the huge cheeks, licks up between them. We are all fascinated and watch agog. I wonder if this has happened before. I slide my hand along Diana’s thigh and the other hand along Sue’s and then take hold of their cocks. I thought for a moment that Diana was going to kiss me but Robin stands and she watches entranced again. Robin slides his cock into George’s arse. Letting it sink in slowly till skin touches skin. I pull down on the two stiff cocks in my hand and Robin grins at us again. He is loving being the centre of attention. He is a chip off the old block I realise! Roger has a massive hard on, as do both Sue and Diana, and as it happens, I do to. Roger keeps glancing down at us and watching what we are doing. Robin is sliding in and out of George’s arse, I lean to my side and take Diana’s cock into my mouth. Roger starts pushing his cock in for me to suck as well. So I dutifully switch from one to the other. I am no longer watching the action going on as I am enjoying sucking those two cocks! Sue is rubbing my cock and I expect she is watching the cabaret in front of her. As I switch from Roger back to Diana, she suddenly thrusts her cock into my mouth. All of a sudden every one is coming. I can hear Robin grunting like a rutting deer as he cums in George’s arse; Diana pumps her cum into my mouth and Roger sprays me with cum. Even Sue has cum splattered all over her belly!

As I leave Sue whispers that she will be round to see me the next day as George is taking Robin home! I walk downstairs with Roger and Diana and they invite me for dinner the following Sunday. Life is showing promise.

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