The Babysitter

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The Babysitter
Falling victim to the fashion trend of the tight black leggins, left almost nothing to the imagination, as her legs, small hips, and the tiny gap between her thighs, were open-season for anyone who dared to view them for more than two seconds. She was not the first babysitter Mister I would have chosen to watch his k**s, since Teagan was just a k** herself, yet he also didn’t dare to tell his wife that he found her to be somewhat of a distraction as well.
“The k**s love her,” she always said, “She such a nice and polite girl,” he remembered her saying once.
Teagan was just starting middle school and although she dressed like most of the other girls, some who were actually promiscuous, she was nothing of the sort. Like almost any other young girl, she was all about name brands of fashion and the latest trend. She was discovering her young features and was beginning to notice how well her clothes fit her. She knew the boys in school might notice, however, the thought never entered her mind that she could be drawing attention to herself, mostly from older men, and, or the fathers of the c***dren she cared for. To Teagan, it was her first responsible job, and also a way to make some money.
Friday afternoon, Joe I left work early and decided to go home and begin his weekend a little early as well. Stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, due to the construction that had been occuring for years now, he found himself next to a small silver car whose driver was a pretty and very young girl, one that reminded him of Teagan, minus the difference in age. His mind began to scroll his mental rolodex of her shapely legs of their u******ed babysitter. Instead of leggins and a tshirt, he imagined her naked, walking around the house to clean up the k**s’ toys the way she always did before leaving for the night. He looked around for watchful eyes before he rubbed the tip of his cock through his pants. He let out a small moan, and rubbed it harder, with the image of not his hand, but the much smaller hand and fingers of Teagan. He felt his cock throbbing against his tight briefs and pants as he was startled from the car horn behind him. He lost his grip as he jumped back to reality and noticed the traffic was finally moving again.
Parking the car in the driveway, he grabbed his jacket from the passenger’s seat and walked into the house, where he would normally greet his wife in the kitchen The room was empty and so was the dining room. He didn’t hear the tv on in the family room, as he laid his jacket on the kitchen chair, and silently walked into the livingroom. Expecting to find his wife somewhere around the house, he found someone eles. It was Teagan. His mouth began to water as he stood there and watched her bend over to pick up the toys that were on the floor. The black leggins she wore were extremely skin tight with no visible panty lines.
Joe felt his cock twitch in his pants as he watched her bend over, debating whether or not to just bump into her or say hello. All he wanted to do was just grab her ass and squeeze, oh boy did he ever. In his mind he saw his fingers reaching out to feel the smoothness of her skin tight leggins, and even more to feel the warmth producing between her legs. Watching her pick up the toys from the floor, he imagined her small little hands wrapped around his cock and had to brace himself on the wall. She was probably tighter than anyone he’d ever been with, being at least three times her age. He licked his lips, practically drooling at the thought of burying himself deep inside her little honey pot. Christ, she was gorgeous. Her brunette hair was up in a ponytail. He imagined his hand on her head as she wrapped those young glossy lips of hers around his throbbing cock, with her little wet pink tongue licking him.
He’d worked himself up so much that he couldn’t resist. Hoping that his wife would not show up anytime soon, he quitely made his way across the livingroom floor. He wondered if she could feel him behind her, reaching around to touch the curve of her hips through her thin pink and white tight tshirt.
“What the–” her voice seemed frightened as she turned her head to see him there, “Mister I, you scared me,” she said, assuming at that moment he would remove his hand. He must have thought I was Mrs I, she thought to herself. But he had made no such mistake. He put a finger to her glossed lips and smiled, “Shhh. . .”
Teagan inhaled a deep breath when she felt his hand move down from her hips toward her thigh. She tried to stop him, but there was a deep, lustful look in his eyes, and she was frozen stiff. She blinked and looked away a few times and tried to steady her breathing as Mister I’s other hand brushed against her other thigh as it slowly found its way between her legs. Despite herself being totally confused and scared Teagan felt a wetness down there, as if something was slowly dripping out of her and into her panties. Everything seemed to be happening so fast for her, yet she felt she was in slow motion, as he quickly, but carefully pulled the elastic waistline of her leggins down below her thighs with his fingers. She heard him let out a deep sigh as she began breathing heavy again, scared of what was to come, but somewhat intrigued as well. She kept thinking about telling him to stop, just as the tip of his finger found her little young clit through her yellow and white bikini panties. She gasped and fell back against him, her young petite body now in his big arms, “Oh my god,” she quitely mumbled as he pressed his two fingers up against her clit, slowly reaching over to one side of her panties and pulling them to the side to expose her tiny little mound.
“Mmmmmm,” he moaned in her ear, pulling the ponytail away from her neck so he could gently kiss her there as he moved his fingers further. He was assuming by her lack of resistance that she was enjoying herself as much as he was. “Jesus Fucking Christ,” he moaned after slipping his finger into her, “You’re tighter than I ever imagined…” as his voice trailed off as he slid his other hand further down her thigh and placed his big hand over hers, interlocking their fingers, feeling how tiny her own fingers were, ” Are these the only fingers that have ever been in you?” he whispered in her ear, bringing her hand up to his mouth to kiss her finger tips one at a time.
She shook her head, “Yeah. . . .ummm. . .” her eyes closed as she tried to find what to say next. She had to place her free hand on the wall to hold herself up as he withdrew his finger out of her and slid it up her wet clit, using it to rub around it in small little circles.
“Such a little girl,” he said with a smirk against the soft skin of her neck, “so tell me Teagan, how old are you, and don’t lie to me? She gasped again and again, trying to catch her breath. “I’m ** years old.”
His cock was now throbbing and extremely hard, as he shook his head in disbelief, “Are you fucking serious!? I thought you were at least 13!” she had brought her hand up to his hips, clenching the cotton of his shirt.
Joe pulled his hand out of her panties and lifted pulled her leggins down past her knees so he could get a good look at her tight little ass, “This is the most beautiful piece of ass I have ever seen in my life,” as he squeezed each cheek in on of his hands and then smacked it gently.
Teagan jumped up and turned around to face him, “Mister I. . .the k**s . . .” She was clearly confused and nervous.
“Shhh. . ., if you’re quiet, they won’t know. My k**s can sleep through anything.”
She knew he was right, but was this right? How could this be okay? What about Mrs. I? What if her parents found out what Mr. I was doing to their only daughter? Shes never done anything with boys, since shes not even allowed to have a boyfriend. This felt so wrong, but somehow felt so good at the same time. She sometimes wondered what it would be like with a real older man, a man like Mister I.
“Let me see you,” he whispered to her, pulling down her panties down to her leggins trying to take them off . The panties reached her knees and she pushed them down the rest of the way including her leggings with her foot, stepping out of them when they reached the carpet floor. Out of habit, she reached down to pick them up, the wet spot in the center clearly visible. Joe brought her hand, holding the panties, up to his face and sniffed it, smiling, “Such a sweet, yummy smell,” he said, all the while keeping his eyes locked on hers, “May I have them?” he asked politely. She couldn’t help but nod her head. He sniffed them one more time and lightly moaned, as he stuffed them into his pants pocket and reached out for her tiny hips, holding them underneath her tshirt. Tugging her whole body closer to his, he reached back down and squeezed her tight little ass again before pushing her back up against the wall. He pushed her young thighs apart and felt his mouth watering like a wet sponge as he saw the most smallest, most perfect, untouched, closed little pink pussy lips. His tongue dropped out of his mouth, moistening his lips as he continued to rub little circles around her clit with one finger, barely even touching it.
“Ohh my god,” she softly moaned, as her fingernails scratching the livingroom wall, trying to avoid hitting the family photos with her head.
He finally noticed the pictures of his family and looked up at her, “Whats wrong baby” he asked, wanting nothing more than to hear her soft tiny words out of this very young innocent girl’s mouth.
“Please, touch it.”
“Say it, use your words, say what you want me to touch.”
“My no-no spot, please, touch my no-no spot,” she could feel the wetness dripping out of her sweet young honey pot, and up aganist the wall, he obeyed her and finally touched her there. A slight sigh of relief escaped her glossy lips which smelled like watermellon bubblegum as she rested her head back up against the wall.
He continued to rub her wet clit in circles, then finally pulled her sealed pussy lips apart as he squatted down to smell and lick her tiny young clit, pausing for a few seconds, beore flickin it with his tongue. “Oh my god, oh my god. . . .” as she closed her eyes, trying not to moan so loudly,while still trying to control her own breathing, “What if. . .what if. . .like somebody comes in here?”
But he wasn’t listening. He was too occupied pushing his finger in and out of her, while using his tongue all around her wet, swollen clit. When he felt she was ready, he slowly entered a second finger into her, stretching her young virgin honey hole just a bit more. “You like that, baby girl?” he asked, continuing with his gentle push into her sweetness until her little body began to tense up, and then finally release in a way she’d never felt before. Looking up at her big brown eyes before smelling her ** year old tween spirit, his tongue immediately replaced his two fingers, licking up the juices running down her thighs, “Mmmm. . . you taste so fucking good Teagan.”
She nodded like a bobble-head, unable to say anything right now. Instead, she pushed her butt up higher against the wall, letting him know for sure, in fact, she was enjoying what he was doing to her.
“That’s my lil girl.” he narrowed his eyes as he watched her, pulling and pushing herself off the wall and sliding her onto the loveseat. “My turn,” he unbuckled his belt andunzipped his pants, lowering them along with his boxers, just enough for his cock to flop free from them. Already hard as a rock, which has been forever now, it pushed straight out, almost staring at her as she sat in the sofa. Never seeing a real cock before, much less an older man’s cock, she was all very new to this, and she was scared. She had no idea what to do next, and she had the fear of somehow messing up, but also felt like it was necessary for her to return the favor somehow.
“I don’t know what to do. . .can you help me?” she cried, as he reached for her tiny hand and wrapped her little girl fingers around his throbbing cock.
“Ohhh, baby,” as he moaned, nodding his head, “Keep your hands on it like that, and rub it up and down. . .yess. . .that’s it. . .just like that babygirl” His mouth was dry as he tried to swallow hard as her little, soft ** year old fingers slightly touched the tip of his cock, “Lick it or kiss it,” he demanded, and with some hesitation, Tegan leaned forward and touched the tip of his hard cock with her little pink tongue. “Oh my god. . .yes baby . . now lick around the head. . .mmmmm. . .yeah baby, that’s it,”as he repeated once again, leaning back with his pants on his hips, not even thinking about his wife or k**s. As she slowly stroked his cock up and down, over and over again, with her tongue licking the tip, she could feel it growing bigger and harder in her warm little hand. She really seemed to enjoy the power she seemed to hold over him as he was barely able to stand when she combined the movement of her fisted hand on his cock and her ** year old tongue flicking at the tiny pee hole on the tip of his 40 year old cock. “So you’ve never done this before?” He asked, almost out of breath as she started to move her hand up and down faster.
She pulled her lips off the tip of his cock, breathing a gulp of air as she shook her head so innocently, “Noo.”
“Well, babygirl, you’re a fucking natural,” as he looked down at her and smiled with her hand still wrapped around his cock. “Don’t stop now.” But then he realized. “Wait, noo!” He didn’t want to come in her mouth. Well, he did, but he wanted to come elsewhere first. Her precious little mouth would have to cum later. Those full young, glossy lips would find themselves wrapped around him again soon enough. “Stand up babygirl,” as he ordered her and took her by the hand, after pulling up his pants back up, and practically dragging her off to the basement bathroom. “Just in case,” he said before shutting the door and locking it behind them.
Teagan leaned her back against the bathroom wall, watching him, wondering what he would do next. She was so nervous, yet excited at the same time. How did we get here? Why is this happening to me? Is this bad that he’s a married man and I’m his c***dren’s babysitter? I guess not. Mister I closed in on her and pulled her tshirt over her head, seeing her matching yellow and white stripped bra covering her little chest. He reached around her and squeezed the clasp of her bra, setting her 28 A breasts free as it fell to the floor, “So fucking beautiful,” he leaned down and covered one of her breasts with his mouth, sucking on her tiny nipple with his tongue. His hand held onto her other breast as he worked his older man magic, making her rest her head back against the wall. His knee found it’s way between her thighs, pushing them apart and rubbing the material of his pants against her ** year old sweetness. Beside herself, Teagan was moaning more loudly, and she noticed that her little hips were grinding against his knee. “You like that, eh?” he looked up from her breast and quickly grabbed onto her little girl hips, lifting her up and placing her on the countertop next to the sink. He pulled her forward so that her ass rested against the edge.
Pushing her legs open just as he had done before, Teagan expected that Mister I was going to lick her little girl no-no spot again, and she was ready and willing this time. But, instead, she watched him pull his pants back down again to his ankles and kicked them off, “Are you ready?” He asked, his eyes burning with lust as he held his giant rock hard older man cock in his hand.
“What?!” Her already white face turned even more pale, like a ghost, as she now got a good look at the massive cock in his hand. It would never fit inside of her. Never. Never. Never, “No, noo, nooo” she shook her head, swallowing hard. She tried to close her knees together, but he wouldn’t let her as he released his cock to hold her legs apart like a butterfly.
“You’ll be fiine babygirl,” he said, trying his best to soothe her fears.
“Mister I. . .”
“It’ll be the best feeling you’ve ever had, I promise you.”
“It’s not going to fit, it’s too big. . . .no. . .no,” she was really fighting to close her legs, her eyes filling up with tears, “Please stop. . .no.”
But, instead of stopping, he leaned forward to kiss her neck so slightly, his cock in hand once again, as he rubbed it against her tight, wet pussy, “Isn’t that nice baby?”
Teagan swallowed hard, her mouth now dry, shaking her head in confusion, as her sweet juices began flowing again, and she could feel it. She clenched the little muscles inside of her body tightly in order to close the small little pink lips of her wet honeypot when she felt the presence of the tip of his hard cock press against her, “Oh my god!,” she cried.
When he felt her tense up, Joe rubbed his cock slowly up from her wet pussy to where her little clit was now peeking out. He tapped the head of his cock against her clit, feeling her shake slightly. He smiled and without warning pushed his cock so slightly on her little wet mound and slid just the tip into her. Feeling how tight she really was, knowing she was only ** years old, he fell forward against her, “Ohh fuck. . .fuuck,” he moaned, pressing his hand down against the countertop to steady himself, “I knew you’d be fucking tight, I fucking knew it. . .god damn Teagan. . .your sooo fucking tight. . .ungghhh,” and with that he thrust forward even more and slowly, inching his way into her, but less than half way.
“Nooo!!” she cried out. “Ohh my god, yesss . . .” as he pushed in deeper and then slowly pulled out to the tip of his cock even slower. Teagan found the intense, unbearable sharp pain slowly subside. Was this it? Is it over?? She was still in pain and her little sweetness was swollen, even though he barely had his cock inside of her. But then, before she knew what was happening, he thrusted as hard as he could against the tight friction of her virgin pussy, as he pressed against her barrier, “Owwhhhh!!!!” cried Teagan. He then pulled all the way out of her and whispered in her ear, “Did you feel that babygirl? ” He looked at her as her eyes were full of tears and her face was blushed like bright raspberries, “Yeahhh. . .” she cried, as Teagan just felt herself being stretched apart as the tears rolled down her rosy red cheeks. “Well, babygirl that little thump you felt inside your little girl pussy was your cherry. . you know what a cherry is princess?”
“Noo Mr. I.” she wimpered. “What’s a cherry Mr. I?” she asked, as she wiped the tears from his face with her hand.
“It’s a very, very special spot inside your lil girl sweetness babygirl.” staring at her with his forehead touching hers.
He held the tip of his cock inside her for a moment, allowing her to adjust to the new feeling. Then, when her breathing seemed almost back to normal, he started to slowly thrust himself in and out of her again. He reached down between her legs and started to rub her clit as fast as he could, and Teagan found herself moving pushing her ass on the countertop closer to him, trying to create more friction.
Oh my god!” she cried out, feeling a little pleasure with the extreme pain as he rubbed her clit faster and faster with his thumb and pushed his rock hard cock a little deeper before her barrier, smelling the flow of her sweet ** year old juicy pussy.
“You’re the best fucking fuck ever. . . .fuucck,” as he thrusted his hips into hers, pulling her as close as possible to his chest. He could feel the tight muscles inside her start to clench and grip around his swollen cock and he didn’t know how long he could hold it together, “Cum with me baby, cum.”
Teagan didn’t know how to make herself cum, much less with him, but she could feel that she was close to something. “I feel something comming,” she wimpered almost breathlessly. That was all he needed to hear. With that, Joe began pushing deeper till he could feel her untouched cherry, and then pulled away, and then back in and out of her faster and faster, knowing he only about half of his cock inside her. Moments later she could feel his cock swelling inside her, like it did earlier in her hand. “Ohh my god,” she threw her head back and her juices quickly dripped out of her and all over his hard throbbing cock.
“Fuuuuucccckkkkkk!!!” as he squirted his thick white cum deep inside her little girl pussy. She could feel it hit the back wall of her cherry while mixing with her own juices. It was the most erotic, strange, and different feeling she’d ever felt before.
Breathless, the two held their bodies close together. She rested her head on his shoulder, trying to catch her breath. Now she knew why they said sex kills like death, because she certainly felt like she had died, as she noticed herself shaking all over. “Mister I. . . .”
“Shhhh. . . .” he put his finger to her glossy lips and then kissed her, pulling himself out of her, “That was fucking amazing!”
She could feel his cum now dripping out of her little swollen pussy and down her leg, onto the counter, “You made me all yucky now,” she pointed between her legs to the messy mixture of their juices, “Is that my juicy juice from my cherry Mr. I?”
“Yes it is. . .my little baby girl princess of a babysitter.” as he winked at her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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