The bedroom

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The bedroom
I walk into your bedroom and catch you playing with yourself and mumbling.
Turn over.
One slap on the arse for not greeting me.
Slap – another one for playing without permission.
Slap – another for impudence.
I grab your hair and pull your head backwards – now you can thank me for having an orgasm you didn’t deserve.
A slut like you can only have one master if you’re to serve me properly.
Your urges are MY concern – you should always ask permission 1st – even if I’m not here!
Now you can make amends.
Put your fingers in your pussy, put them in your mouth and stick your tongue – I’m now going to lick your tongue – seems OK
Do you want to suck my cock?

OK you may unzip me.
There can you smell my precum?
Can you taste it in your mind?
Good – now close your eyes and wait 30 seconds.
OK – open your eyes and look into mine and lick, no sucking, without using your hands
I know you want cock 24/7 but you’re going to learn to have it when told you can
That’s it just lick up and down – feel the veins?
Right that’s enough for you at the moment.
Go and get your small and large vibrator and 5 silk scarves.

Got them?

Spread eagle yourself on the bed – i want to see what you have on offer today!
Now tie your legs to the bed.


Is that cum between your legs?

Put your fingers there and wipe it up – put them in my mouth so I can taste you
Good now i’m going to tie your hands and mask you.
I’m going to turn the vibrator on and use it on you – you must not move your hips up to meet it
Nod if you understand!
Now i’m going to put some pegs on your nipples – they are very hard.
I’m going to tell you what i’m doing all the way through nod if you understand.

I’m turning the vibrator on
I’m running it up and down your inner thighs
I’m now going to just brush it across your lips
Then all around the outside of your pussy
Tut tut your arse moved upwards that will mean punishment – nod if you understand
With you blindfolded you will have no idea what that punishment is or when it will come – understand?

Now you have been warned I do not expect that arse to move unless your told
I’m now going to use the vibrator to bring your clit into the proper standing position
Ah yes there it is nice and proud and standing up above your closed lips.
Lift your arse off the bed.
I’m just going to run the smaller vibrator around the outside of your tight arsehole.
Oh yes I can see your thighs contracting – you like that
If you like it and show it I must stop.

Can you feel my breath blowing on your lips?
Can you feel my tongue just easing in and slowly parting them?
Yes with one long lick I have tasted you and you are satisfactory

Lift your arse off the bed again

I’m turning the vibrator on again
Ready? please nod
Hah that fooled you – did you feel the sweet pain as I pulled off one of the pegs?
That will start to teach how to behave for your Betters
Did I tell you to put your arse back down?
Oh well here goes the other peg – feel it?
Good that’s better you’re starting to behave.
Put your arse back down.
Now I’m going to put a liitle of the big vibreator into you.
Now I’m going to turn it on.
I don’t want to hear a sound from you – understand?
Arse up
I’m just going to stick this little vibrator a little way into your arse – understand?
Now I’m going to sit and watch you for a moment

Turn your head to the right, open your mouth and stick your tongue out.
Can you feel the weight of my cock on your tongue?
Good – slowly supporting it on your tongue you can close your mouth.
God you are slow today – did I say you could suck?
I now going to have to punish you
Feel the 2 vibrators being pushed further up?
Feel me tweaking your nipples very hard?

Now I’m going to take the vibrators out and untie you for a second
Over on your tummy
Lift your legs to your chest
I’m now going to tie your hands again and remove your mask.
Now slowly spread your legs
Turn your head round and look into my eyes
Too slow have a slapped arse as punishment
Now I’m going to get undressed so look down at the bed
Look back into my eyes
Do I look happy or angry?
Am I gonna pleasure you or fuck your arse?
You’re lucky today it’s your pussy that needs a seeing to..
Feel my tip going in?
Feel my cock right deep inside you?
Feel my balls just resting against your thighs?
Now I’m going to fuck you very hard and very fast – feel like having pleasure today and fuck yours
Keep looking into my eyes as I start to pick up speed
Feel my fingers playing with your clit?
Feel my balls slapping against your arse now?
I can feel you bucking and pushing back into me but I’m feeling generous because your pussy is so tight around me
Deeper harder
Oh yes I can feel you spasming
Time to join you
Can you feel my cum exploding inside you?
Good I’m pulling out now – you can clean me up with your mouth
I’m going to untie one hand now so you can retrieve my cum from your pussy and eat it.
Now – no playing with yourself again without permission – if you are such a weak willed slut you need to taught properly.
Next time you phone and ask permission – All you need to say is May I – I will just say Yes or No depending on how I feel and how you have behaved!
I’ll untie your other hand now.
What a glorious day!

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