The ConVentioN

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The ConVentioN
0. Departure
Jaime stood in her bedroom, suitcase on the bed, half filled with clothes as she folded another
cocktail dress that she’d retrieved from her closet. The horse cocked woman was dressed in a
gray sports bra and matching panties, the bulge of her balls secured snugly inside the elastic as
she turned up the music of her stereo. She was finally ready to go. Packing up the girls for
transport had been a pain in the ass, and not in a good way. Sasha was compliant, but then
again, she always was, but the other two… Jaime sighed inwardly, a****ls should be shipped
like a****ls, she thought to herself as she loaded the dress into the case followed by her
personal grooming kit. She then sealed the suitcase closed and walked over to her dresser,
pulling out a pair of tight fitting white jeans with a grove cut into the seat for her tail. After sliding
them on, Jaime took off her sports bra, her big tits jiggling with her movements until she put on
a matching sleeveless button up shirt that left most of her well toned midriff bare and showed
off her ample cleavage.
“Roxanne, are you packed yet?” she called out.
“Don’t call me that!!!” came the sharp reply.
“Don’t sass me you little slut, you’re lucky I was able to talk Dominique into letting you come
along.” Jaime shot back as she grabbed her suitcase and left her bedroom, walking down the
short hall of her three bedroom apartment and setting the case with her other two. Both of
those cases held computers and only a small number of papers. Dominiques Corporation
might be Multi-National, but that didn’t make what they were doing any less legal. On the
surface, they were a powerful Medical Corparation, developing new d**gs and treatments for
various genetic disorders. But beneath the altruistic surface, was an even more powerful
syndicate that dealt in human slave girls perfectly trained and altered for their jobs. Though
they rarely took girls off the streets now, breeding humans for profit was still i*****l. Though her
friends in Japan had some pull with the new Crown, and that might change in the near future.
Thinking of those two enterprising young women got Jaime’s cock straining against her jeans,
and she had to take a few calming breaths to get her threatening erection back down. Roxy
came out of her room a moment later. She was dressed in an extremely short pleated purple
skirt that left most of her dick visible and a matching long sleeved t-shirt with ‘FUCK U!’ printed
over her ample tits. As usual, Roxy’s hair was dyed a dark blue almost black color with a pink
splash in her bangs. Jaime had to sigh again as she watched her niece carry her single
suitcase out from her bedroom.
“Come on, we’re gonna be late as it is.” Jaime said.
“It’s a private plane Aunt Jaime, can’t be late for a flight that won’t leave without you.” Roxy
Jaime rolled her eyes, “True, but your cousin is gonna be pissed if we’re late for take-off, she’s
put alot of work into making this convention happen.”

“Please, Dominique’s probably passing the time fucking one of the stewardesses.” Roxy replied
as she watched her aunt gather her own bags and open the door. She walked passed the taller
dickgirl and began moving towards the elevator. Jaime said nothing and locked the door before
following after her troublesome niece.
On the elevator, Jaime said, “Be on your best behavior, there’s gonna be alot of potential new
customers there, and neither Dominique or I want any trouble.”
“Yeah yeah, just let me fuck some of the girls in the display area and I’ll be quiet.” Roxy said.
“Why am I bringing you again?” Jaime asked rhetorically.
“Because I threatened to tell mom you made yourself into a horse cocked dickgirl.” Roxy
answered smugly.
“Right…” Jaime groaned. Granted dickgirls were common place in the world these days, but it
was still considered taboo to screw around with ones genetics for personal pleasures. And
Jaime’s sister was one of those purest types who still believed women should be women and
men be men. Where was the fun in that!?
The limo was waiting for them outside the apartment building, the driver took their bags and
loaded them into the trunk while Jaime and Roxy sat down inside. They were underway a few
moments later and Jaime let herself relax and look forward to the next few days.
Dressed in a pair of high cut low riding blue jeans and white button up mens shirt that was tied
closed over her big tits, Haruka Ten’oh hammered the last of the nails shut on the wooden crate
that housed Ami’s latest design Bio-mod chambers. She then took the stencil and spray
painted the shipping address for FedEx truck that would be here in another hour or so. All the
cows were currently in the barn, kneeling in their stalls having their giant udders milked.
Haruka licked her lips at the sight, all the original Sailor Senshi aside from herself and Ami lay
naked on mats of hay, mooing and moaning in pleasure. With them were their c***dren, the
calves she and Ami had bred from them.
Once she was finished moving the chamber outside, Haruka was going to have to pick three
cows to take with her to this underground convention that she and Ami had been invited to
attend. It had been a tough choice, but she finally settled on Setsuna, Clementine, and Hotaru.
They were the only three cows who would fuck anyone they were told. The fat breasted sluts
would be packed up in a****l shipping crates and flown over to the states. There they would
be the demo-girls for the technology to turn young women into human dairy cows. Ami would
also be selling her d**g cocktail that they had used to keep most of the girl docile for the first
few months and years of their conversion.
All this information played through Haruka’s mind as she used a hovering pallet to move the
heavy crate outside. The sun shone brightly down on the open fields of green grass and a
single dirt road that ran by the farm. Haruka left the crate by the road, knowing the FedEx
people would pick it up on time and have it to its destination in less than twenty-four hours. She
then walked back into the barn and sealed the door behind her.

Inside the barn, Haruka looked over the row of cattle stalls that were strewn with hay and straw,
inside them were pairs or trios of women all with gigantic breasts each as big as their torsos.
Seven of them were the original Sailor Senshi, the rest were the girls they had birthed since
being turned into human cattle. In the first stall, Hotaru mooed in pleasure as the suckers over
her massive udders continually sucked out her rich thick milk. The dark haired girl lay back
against a dirty straw filled pillow at the back of her stall. Her slender legs were spread wide for
her daughter Clementine, who lay on her side, her own udders being milked as she licked and
sucked on her mothers pussy. Haruka fought back another erection at the sight as she walked
into the stall, taking in the dirty musky smell of the two girls.
“And how are my two favorite sluts today?” she asked.
Clementine looked up from her mothers cunt and mooed loudly, her fingers sliding in and out of
her own pussy with a wet shlicking noise. The girl had her mothers exact hair cut, but the color
was a dark blonde shade rather than the deep purple nearly black of her mother. The two of
them looked like they could be sisters, but Clementine was truly Haruka and Hotaru’s own
daughter. Her body rapidly aged to that of a twelve year old after she was born, then later
altered to have the big cow udders all of their little herd possessed. Kneeling down, Haruka
pulled one of the suckers from Clementines nipples and replaced it with her mouth, suckling
roughly and taking in a few swallows of her daughters raw milk.
“MOOOOOO!!!!! Papa!!!” Clementine moaned happily before she dove her head back between
her mothers legs, making Hotaru moan again. Haruka smiled around her daughter nipple as
she looked up at Hotaru. Her back and forth between c***dhood, adulthood, infancy, then
c***dhood again had screwed up Hotaru’s aging. Forever trapped in the body of a twelve year
old, Hotaru had become a complete nymphomaniac due to her adult desires and c***d-like
body. As a result, she was Amis first and only willing convert into a fuck cow(not counting the
c***dren born into this life of course). At first, the dark haired girl had udders the same size as
the rest of the cows, but that wasn’t enough for her, and she soon begged her Mistress to make
them even bigger! So now each udder had enough volume to house her entire former l****a
body! The short haired blonde could only grin at her after she finished drinking from her
firstborn daughter. Such a slut, and yet she had raised her after she returned to her c***dhood
Standing, Haruka walked over to the next stall where Setsuna Meiou, the former Sailor Pluto,
lay alone in her stall on her back Her massive udders wobbled and jiggled with her panting
breaths as she masturbated furiously while her nipples were milked. The green haired woman
looked up at Haruka with blank lust filled eyes that centered on the buldge in her shorts.
Haruka grinned and rubbed a hand over the mound that was her horse dick.
“Mmmm, you want this?” she asked. Setsuna mooed and struggled onto her knees, crawling
over to the blonde and looking up at her needily. “You worthless whore, only thing you’re good
for now is a hard fucking!” Haruka spat as she backed away, not wanting to let Setsuna tempt
her into fucking her right now. The green haired woman mooed again, silently begging her
mistress to fuck her pussy again and knock her up once more. Another reason Haruka had
chosen these three is that they were the only cows not currently pregnant, though that will have
changed by the time they returned.

Stepping away from the stalls, Haruka whistled to get the cows attention, “Ok, Hotaru,
Clementine, and Setsuna. You three will be coming with Ami and I to a special event hosted by
a friend of ours. You’ll get all the fucking you want if you behave like good little cows.” she told
them as she moved over to three large crates filled with hay and a supply of the high fat and
protein foodstuff that they fed the cows. All that was left was to get them packed up before Ami
got back from making the final travel arrangements.
“Quit it!” Peach yell as he struggled to get into the front seat of the car before April.
“You quit little bitch, I called shotgun!” April shot back as she pulled her little brother away from
the door with some effort.
“Nuh-uh, I did!” Peach retorted as he smacked a hand against one of his sisters large fake tits.
April groaned and slapped her brother, making him yelp like a little girl. Though anyone who
saw him right now would mistake him for one. Peach was dressed in a bright pink dress that
ended several inches above his knees with his hair pulled up into a pair of pigtails. Their
mother had done his make-up, adding blush and matching pink lipstick. The estrogen pills that
Meryl constantly fed him were doing their job, giving the slut of a boy a pair of small A-Cup tits.
Growling in agitation, Meryl came up behind her c***dren and smacked them both on the back
of the head, “Fucking hell you two, we haven’t even left yet and you’re already arguing!” Meryl
said as she pulled them both away from the car door and pushed them against the rear door.
Her eyes strayed for a moment to her daughter jiggling fake tits, but she quickly looked back to
her face. Focusing on the star tattoos that trails from her right eye and down her cheek. The
platinum haired women growled internally, still pissed about that and the other tattoos April had
gotten without permission.
“Both of you, in the back, no arguments!” she snapped then whistled sharply. Piston barked
once and came running up to his mistress. Meryl then opened the door and gave the dog the
front seat and shut the door with finality. She would threaten not to take them, but she had
already spent too much on their tickets to let that money go to waste. Meryl then watched as
her k**s silently and broodingly got into the car. Nodding to herself, she climbed in on the
drivers side after making sure the luggage was secure. Starting the engine of the family SUV,
Meryl pulled away from the curb of their house and headed onto the interstate towards the
Airport. Their flight left in another four hours, and they needed to get there with at least three
hours to spare.
“How long will the flight be?” April asked after half an hour of silence.
“Five hours or so. But we’re in first class, so it won’t be so bad.” Meryl said.
“What all will be going on there?” peach asked.
“Oh, all kinds of things, so long as you two stay out of trouble, I’ll let you go around and do what
you want, but one slip-up, and you’ll be spending the week in the hotel room!” Meryl warned.

“Yeah yeah.” Peach and April said in unison. Piston then barked once, his head still out the
window as they took the proper exit and pulled into the airport parking area. Meryl drove them
into the extended stay parking area and stopped the engine. Everyone then climbed out of the
car and began getting their bags out of the back. Peach ushered Piston into the dog traveling
case, giggling girlishly as he licked his face happily before crawling into the heavy off-white
plastic cage.
April meanwhile loaded herself up with hers and a couple of Meryls suitcases, refusing to carry
any of her brothers crap. Meryl carried one suitcase and Pistons travel box while Peach carried
the last two bags. Peach smiled as he turned several heads with his pink skirt and two inch
heels. April turned even more heads, both male and female as her big fake tits bounced inside
her gray sweater that left most of her cleavage open for all to see and her dark blue hotpants
that showed off the ‘SLUT’ tattoo that was printed on the bottom of her left asscheek. And
when she bent over or lifted her arms up enough, anyone behind her could see the trampstamp
just above her ass.
The group made their way through security at the airport, Peach said a quick goodbye to piston
as he was carted off to Cargo then joined his family in boarding the airplane. It was one of the
new Jumbo Sized super airliners, with private rooms for the first class passengers. April slid
down in the seat nearest the window and undid a few more buttons on her sweater, revealing
even more of her cleavage. Peach sat across from her with Meryl and the older woman
ordered a glass of wine while the plane made ready for take-off.
“Anyone pack a dildo?” April asked too loudly, knowing those within earshot would hear her,
and she only smiled at the steward that walked by, angling her chest to give him a better look at
her heavy tits.
This is gonna be a long flight, Meryl thought.

1. Flight
Roxy whistled as she walked onto the private airliner, swanky wasn’t even the word for it. The
dark haired young dickgirl felt as though she had walked onto what might have passed for a
Greek or Roman idea of a private jet, had they had such things in ancient times. Everything
was in white and marble, trimmed with gold. The fuselage was large enough that Jaime could
stand up straight inside, and that was saying something since the horse cocked woman was
over six feet tall! As her bags were stored in the cargo hold with the three demo-girls Roxy
walked up the length of the craft. Unlike the planes she’d been on before, this was was one big
passenger section, the only walled off areas were the small kitchen and cockpit. She spied the
bathrooms towards the back but didn’t pay them any mind as she walked towards the moaning
and grunting noises coming from the area up towards the front of the craft.
“Uuuhhhnnnnn..aaahhhhh… OOooaaaagghhhh!!!” someone groaned in time with a slick sliding
noise. Roxy quickly discovered the source to be a young boy dressed in a dark blue
stewardess outfit. He had strawberry blonde hair covered by a round box-like hat and light blue
eyes, pouty lips that were opened wide in a panting moan as Dominique’s thick horse dick
slided all the way up his asshole! The skirt of his outfit had been pulled up past his hips, and
the white cotton panties he’d been wearing underneath now hung around his left ankle as he
rolled his hips back against the horsegirls thrusts. Roxy could already see the large lump of
Dominiques cock stretching his thin belly as his cock spasmed against the black rubber ring
holding in all his cum.
Dominique herself was naked save for a pair of silver high heels and white tinged stockings.
Her big beautiful tits rubbed against the boys ass as she grunted and began pumping him even
faster. The piercings of her nipples glinted in the light as her blue eyes focused on Roxy.
“About time you got here.” she said in a totally casual tone. She then smiled luridly, “You like
him? He was a gift from some over seas friends. He’s been very well trained, isn’t that right my
little fuckboy?”
“Huuunnhhh… Yessss, Mistresssssss…” the boy hissed in pain and pleasure, his little dick
straining again against the ring around it.
Roxy felt her hand move down to stroke her own dick, now standing at full attention and
pitching a large tent in her purple skirt.
“Traffic was a bitch.” Jaime finally spoke up, and Roxy saw that her aunt too was sporting a
massive hard-on. She had been so quiet because she had to fuss with the fasteners of her
pants to unleash her big horse cock.
Dominique nodded, her white blonde hair tumbling around her face slightly as she said, “Take a
seat, we’ll be lifting off in a few minutes. Once we’re up in the air, we can have some fun with
my favorite toy.” she explained before pulling the boys lips to her own in a lewd and sloppy kiss.
Jaime and Roxy nodded then seated themselves around the bolted table where Dominique sat.
The jets engines fired up a few moments later and before they knew it, they were flying through
the air.

Before she could unbuckle her seatbelt, Roxy saw more stewardesses dressed in skimpier
versions of the boys outfit. The skirts were so short that Roxy didn’t know why they even
bothered wearing them. The three very well endowed women brought them all drinks and a
small snack tray that they set down on the table. The dark haired teen wanted to fuck one of
them right now, but she knew to wait for permission from Dominique. Pliable as her aunt was,
Dominique was downright SCARY when angered. So she settled for stroking her long dick as
she watched her second cousin continue to fuck the young boy. She hadn’t even stopped
pounding him even during the lift off. And just the memory of the way he groaned and his eyes
rolling into the back of his head made her cock ache for a tight hole to fill!
Jaime meanwhile grabbed her glass and took a swig of the liquid inside. Roxy guessed the
drink was vodka or some other clear alcohol. She finished her drink in a few swallows then got
out of her seat to walk over to Dominique and the boy. The blonde horse cocked woman
pleased her lips over his as she moved his hand over to her now throbbing erection! The boy
groaned against her mouth as she tongue kissed him while he slowly stroked her off.
Oh fuck it! Thought Roxy as she unbuckled her seat and got down on her hands and knees,
crawling over to the trio and taking the boys cock and balls into her mouth. “Mmmmmmm…!”
she moaned as she savored the musky sweaty taste in her mouth while she slowly sucked the
c***ds small dick. Her hand instantly went down to her own dick, stroking herself slowly as she
enjoyed herself. She heard the boy groaning as Dominique began thrusting faster, the slick
sliding noise getting even louder as she pounded his ass with her massive horse dick. Roxy
looked up to see him being forced to take Jaime’s wide cockhead into his little mouth as her
aunt moaned in perverse pleasure.
Smiling again, Roxy began bobbing her head up and down on the boys short length, giving him
an experts blowjob as he squealed like a pig in orgasm. She could feel his little tool throbbing
in her mouth as his balls struggled to pump his cum through the ring that bound his dick. Then,
to her pleasant surprise, the black rubber ring snapped suddenly, flooding her mouth with his
thick cum. The dark haired girl didn’t pull away though, she kept her mouth firmly latched onto
his cock as she guzzled his cum so loudly that her gulps were audible over the jets engines!
After several long moments, the boys orgasm finally faded and Roxy pulled her mouth away,
trails of cum and saliva stretching between her mouth and his cock. The young dickgirl lewdly
licked her lips, savoring the taste.
“Oooo, you bad boy, you weren’t supposed to cum until I let you!” Dominique chided him.
“Sorry mistress…” the boy said, still panting.
The thrumming hum of the jet engines was all Hotaru could hear as she knelt inside the large
wooden shipping crate with her daughter Clementine. She had tried talking to Setsuna a few
times, but her cow sister could only think about their Mistresses big hard cocks and getting
knocked up again. Even now, she could hear the green haired woman mooing and moaning as
she masturbated inside her crate. Not that she minded talking about sex, she was a slut
beyond all redemption after all, but sometimes it was nice to just chat for a while about old

“Mmmm, mama…” Clementine cooed as she nuzzled her cheek against Hotaru’s massive
udders. Her dark blonde hair hung to either side of her face, a mirror style of Hotaru’s own
preferred cut. It had taken some begging and pleading, but Hotaru and Clementine had
managed to talk Haruka into boxing them up together for their flight. Now the two cow women
lay naked in an a****l cargo crate strewn with hay in the cargo hold of a Jumbo Jet.
“What is it baby?” Hotaru asked, lightly stroking her daughters hair as she lay in her cleavage.
The blondes own giant udders mashed warmly against hers as they cuddled.
“Clementine’s thirsty.” Clementine cooed as she nuzzled her face against her mothers udders
Hotaru grinned and leaned back against the wall of their shipping crate, “Mmm, then momma
should give her little girl something to drink.” she replied as she gently pushed her daughter out
from between her udders. Clementine mooed happily and crawled to the end of one fleshy
balloon, latching her mouth over her mothers nipple and suckling hard.
“Mooooo….” Hotaru moaned in pleasure, her pussy getting wet instantly as she felt her milk
flowing easily from her nipple into her daughters mouth. “Mmmm, yes baby, suck on mommas
udder, just like that…” she moaned and moved to pull her free nipple to her lips, latching her
mouth onto it and guzzling down her own milk! Just the taste of it turned her on even more as
her pussy began drooling onto the hay on the floor of the crate. Hotaru could smell her own
heady musk and she moaned in desire around her nipple while Clementine greedily suckled
down more of her milk from her other udder.
“Mmm, mmm, mmm….” Clementine moaned softly around her mothers nipple, milk slowing
trickling from the edges of her pink lips. The blonde took several more loud gulps of milk before
finally pulling away and licking her lips slowly. Hotaru then released her own udder and pulled
her daughter up into a deep and lewd kiss. Both girls moaned into one anothers lips, rubbing
their naked bodies together as they moved to lay atop one another.
“Mooooooo…” Hotaru moaned again as she lay on her back, her giant udders resting to either
side of her curvy body. Her daughter then climbed on top of her, her smaller, but still massive
udders mashing against the dark haired girls as she leaned in to kiss her again. Their tongue
slowly rubbed against each others, licking and sucking on one anothers mouths while their
hands groped and explored their mounds of naked pliant flesh. Clementine mooed softly and
began slowly licking her way down her mothers body, enjoying her taste, her smell, and the
sound of her voice as she sighed and mooed in desire.
“Mmmm, you’re such a slut mama!” Clementine giggled and moved down to begin licking
Hotaru’s hairless pussy.
“MOOOO!!!” was Hotaru’s only response as she reached her hands down to pull her daughters
head between her legs. Her daughter only smiled and delved her tongue deeper into the other
girls pussy, the very pussy she had come from. Just the thought of it made her own cunt tingle
with desire. Clementine mooed against her mothers pussy as she played her tongue against
Hotaru’s clit, making the dark haired cow shudder in ecstasy as she brought her to orgasm.

She felt the other girls pussy spraying her face with its juices and eagerly bathed herself in
them. The blonde haired young girl then crawled back up to her mothers face, kissing her
again and letting her taste her own juices as she rubbed bodies with her once again.
Clementine smiled and listened to her mother moo and moan while their naked bodies rubbed
together. She then moaned herself when she felt the dark haired girls fingers probing her wet
little pussy. “Mmmm, yesssss…” she hissed and began bucking her hips against Hotaru’s
digits, loving the way the baby fat of her ass felt as it jiggled with her motions. The blonde then
moved to push her own big udders in her mothers face, “Mmmm, suckle me now mama, my
udders are so full right now!” she begged.
Happy to oblige, Hotaru used her free hand to pull her daughters left udder to her face and
latched her mouth onto the nipple. Warm sweet breastmilk flowed easily into her mouth where
she greedily swallowed it down in loud erotic gulps. “MoooOOOOOO!!!” Clementine moaned in
pleasure, cumming from just having her nipple sucked. Before long, Hotaru and Clementine lay
on their sides, pussies pressed up against each others in a perfect lesbian kiss as they ground
their cunts together. Both cow women mooed and moaned while their clits rubbed and played
against one anothers. Milk steadily leaked from both their udders, soaking the hay while their
bodies became coated in sweat.
“Mama..mama…. mammAA!!!” Clementine panted again and again, her udders jiggling wildly
with her motions.
“Mmmm, yes, cum for mama Clementine, show her how dirty a little whore you are!” Hotaru
panted as she gripped and squeezed her own udders, occasionally pulling one nipple to her
mouth to drink her own milk.
“Yes mama!! Clementine is a dirty slutty whore!!! Just like mama!!!” Clementine howled as she
began cumming hard, her nipples spraying a constant stream of milk that finally began leaking
from the crate onto the cargo hold floor. Hotaru climaxed with her daughter, her pussy soaking
their crotches as her udders leaked endlessly onto the floor as well.
April leaned against her seat inside their small First Class cabin on the airliner. Meryl busied
herself with a magazine she’d found in one of the seat pockets while Peach listened to his
music player. The big breasted young women could hear the Candy Pop music leaking out
from her brothers headphones and sighed. She was BORED!!!! The in-flight movie was some
dull romantic comedy that she could even sit through the first ten minutes of before turning off
the small video screen. There were still another four and a half hours left in their flight and she
didn’t think she could keep her sanity that long without something to do.
Grabbing one of the magazines from her seat pocket, April thumbed through a catalogue of
various gadgets and gizmos before that too became boring and she tossed it onto the empty
seat in their cabin. She then turned to her drag queen brother, completely unrecognizable as a
boy in his pink skirt and make-up. April wondered if she would be able to pimp him out at this
convention that her mother was doing the security for. From what she knew, there would be
alot of sluts and whores there, all selling or having their bodies sold. Both Meryl’s bosses would
be there as well. She’d met Jaime once with her friend Roxy, but she’d never gotten the

chance to feel the womans horse dick inside her since she’d had to go home shortly after
meeting her. But just the memory of Roxy’s stories got her pussy damp and her nipples hard!
How would it feel to rub something like that between her big tits?
“Mmmm…” April murmured as she leaned back in her seat and fondled one tit through the gray
sweater she wore. The purple haired teen felt herself getting hornier by the second as she
turned to look at her brother, lightly mouthing along with the lyrics of the song he was listening
Licking her lips, April sat up and leaned over to her brother, licking his neck softly as she slid a
hand up his skirt. “s*s, what are you doing?” Peach asked as April fondled his cock and balls
through the white cotton panties he wore.
“I’m bored…” April replied and slid out of her seat slowly, kneeling down in front of peach and
pushing her skirt up then quickly pulling down his panties. She eyed his slowly hardening dick
for only a moment before taking it into her mouth and sucking it softly. She then heard a soft
‘click’ as Meryl slid the cabin door lock into place and turned on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ light
outside all without looking up from her magazine. Peach moaned softly and began leaning
back in his seat while Aprils head bobbed up and down on his short dick. He didn’t try to put his
hands on her head as she sucked him off, the little bitch knew better than to try and dominate
his sister. April let out a lewd moan as she ran her tongue of his hot little cock, loving the way it
felt in her mouth as she unbuttoned her shorts and began to finger herself there in the cabin.
She hardly took notice as Meryl discreetly left the cabin, locking the door again as she left.
Standing outside her private cabin, Meryl took a deep breath, fighting down her growing
erection as she listened through the door as April continued to suck off her little brother.
Peach’s girlish moans were almost enough to make her dick rip through the special panties she
wore under her jet black cocktail dress. The skirts hem was too high cut for her to go without
panties as her dick would hang out for all to see. And while most dickgirls liked showing off
their dicks at all times, Meryl wanted to give the appearance of a sophisticated woman traveling
with her c***dren.
Nonetheless, seeing April just start blowing her son like that… Meryl took another deep breath
and walked by the rows of first class passengers. Only a handful of people were traveling in
first class, she counted seven altogether, but didn’t bother to take in any details on them as she
headed forward towards the Flight Attendant area. As they were being seated in their cabin,
Meryl noticed that one stewardess in particular had stole a glance up her dress and saw the
type of panties she was wearing. Now, she spotted that same stewardess reloading a snack
cart alone in the jets small, but well stocked kitchen.
She looked to be about twenty-two, twenty-three tops, with blonde hair dyed with streaks of red
to give her a fire-like look. Her uniform consisted of a navy colored thigh hugging skirt,
matching jacket with the Airline Company’s Logo over the left breast, and a white blouse with a
ruffled button-up front. A quick check showed she wasn’t wearing any underwear, not even a
thong. Her skin was a lightly tanned color, like caramel, and smooth, not a blemish anywhere
that Meryl could see. The platinum haired woman licked her ruby painted lips slowly as she
walked into the kitchen silently.
It wasn’t until Meryl only stood a couple paces away that the stewardess realized she wasn’t

alone in the kitchen. She turned, slightly startled, and said, “Ma’am, I’m sorry but you can’t–
mmpph!!!” was as far as she got before Meryl closed the distance between them and locked her
lips fully with the womans while she pressed her up against the counter. Her tongue easily
parted her lips and slid wetly against the young womans. The stewardesses green eyes went
wide as she fought at first, trying to push Meryl off her, but her resistence slowly faded as
Meryls scent filled her nostrils.
“I saw you watching me,” Meryl whispered after she broke the kiss and slide her hands under
the womans skirt, slowly pushing the fabric up while she felt her cock sliding free from her
panties to rub up against her thighs. “I know you want what I have…” she whispered as she
rubbing her thick dick against the stewardesses now very moist crotch.
The woman, Sonya, as it said on her name tag, panted softly as she struggled not to moan too
loudly. “I… I, I’ve never… been with a…” she couldn’t finish as her cheeks flushed as red as
her hair.
“Well, it’s time we did something about that…” Meryl whispered hotly into Sonya’s ear before
she pushed her dick inside her with ease. Her hand covered Sonya’s mouth as she tried to
moan loudly. Meryl closed her eyes and savored the feel of an unfamiliar pussy. Sonya was
tight, and very wet, she could feel her juices streaming down her cock as she began thrusting
into her against the kitchen counter. The red and blonde haired womans legs then wrapped
around Meryls waist as she began thrusting back, panting hard as she fought to keep her
moans down. Meryl helped her by pressing her mouth to hers in another lewd and passionate
kiss. Sonya eagerly kissed back and moaned against Meryls lips as her body shook in orgasm.
Meryl grinned, Little whore, she thought to herself as she began pumping into her faster,
making some of the plastic utensils on the counter clink against themselves.
Sonya came again as Meryl buried her entire length inside her, feeling her pussy gush all over
her dick as the platinum haired woman mashed her big tits against Sonya’s smaller ones.
Another smile passed over her lips as she felt the piercings of her nipples rub against some
piercings that Sonya was hiding under her blouse.
“oh yes, fuck me!” Sonya breathed, struggling hard to keep her voice down. She wrapped her
arms around Meryls shoulders and took another deep breath in through her nose, taking in the
dickgirls scent and becoming even more aroused. Meryl groaned quietly and began pounding
into her as hard as she could without making too much noise. Any moment now another
Stewardess might walk into the kitchen and catch them, and that knowledge only turned the
dickgirl on even more!
“i’m cumming, i’m cumming, i’m cumming, i’m cumming, I’M CUMMING!!!!” Sonya howled, and
if not for Meryl clamping her hand over the womans mouth, her last scream would have been
heard by everyone on the plane! Meryl then groaned in pleasure, cumming hard inside the
woman as she officially joined the ‘Mile High Club’. She thrusted into her several more times,
making sure to fill her slutty cunt with her cum before pulling out slowly with a barely audible
pop. After wiping her dick off on the womans skirt, Meryl then grabbed a pen from the counter
of the kitchen and scribbled the phone and room numbers of the hotel where she and her family
were staying onto Sonya’s hand before fixing her own clothes and walking out of the kitchen
with a satisfied expression on her face.

~End Chapter 1~

tell me wt u think and if u injoyed i am gonna right the rest for ya

and one more thing that dosen’t mean that i write about futa to be a gay !! i am just was thinking about a storie to write and this one has came up tell me wt u think i am gonna be w8ing ur comments 😀

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