The Fantasy

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The Fantasy
The wife has a fantasy she confessed to me a while back. Every time I think about it I get hard. I finally decided one day to make it come true for her.

It took some doing but I finally got it all together. I told her we were going out on date night. Little did she know I had packed a goody bag in the trunk and that she was in for a ride.

I told her I wanted to surprise her with where we were going, so I made her wear a blindfold. She hesitatingly put it on. We drove to the place where the “surprise” was waiting and I stopped the car. We were at a small unused warehouse that I had rented for the occasion. I led her in to the building, with her blindfold still in place.

“Is this some sort of new restaurant?” she questioned.

“Sort of” I replied.

I led her over to an area with what were essentially 7 doctors examination tables spaced 4-5 feet apart. I sat her down on the middle table.

“Where the hell are we?” she asked.

In response, I quickly snapped her collar around her neck, pulled her down to the bed, and padlocked the d rings on the collar to the table.

“What the fuck?” she yelled.

I quickly pulled each leg up into a stirrup and locked them in place at the knee and ankle. I then pulled her arms back behind her head and chained them down. She was still struggling and loud, so I stuffed a gag in her mouth for the time being. I then carefully cut off all her clothing exposing her plump white naked body. By now I had a raging hard on in my pants, so I walked between her spread thighs and inserted a few fingers in her. She was already wet, so I could tell she liked where this was going. I slowly curled my fingers back and started stroking her G-spot and then bent down and started to suck her lit into my mouth. She started to moan and grind her pelvis against my face, pumping harder and faster until she came. I stood up, took out my raging boner and proceeded to punned her sopping wet, warm pussy. I pulled out her favorite vibrator from my bag, turned it on full, and shoved it inside her. She started to writhe again. I tied a piece of rope across her ample stomach and to the vibe, keep it in without me needing to hold it. I walked off towards a small office, leaving her alone, still bound, gagged and blindfolded. Her hips were pumping up and down from the vibe.

Now the fun part began. Part of her fantasy was to be fucked like this while other women were too. That’s what the other 6 tables were for. I had managed to find 6 plump, bored, and horny housewives to help me with this scheme. I led them from the office over to the tables. I made each strip in turn, and put collars on each. I then trussed each to a table just like my wife.

Next I lowered a large d**** from the ceiling that spanned all 7 tables. The d**** fell across the necks of each woman, so they couldn’t see what was happening to their bodies below them but they could see each others faces.

I walked back over to my wife, who was in the midst of another orgasm. I pull the vibe out, switched it off, and then removed her gag and blindfold. Her head rolled to one side as she panted from the exertion.

“Honey, I did it. I got everything together that you wanted. Plus plenty of guys to keep your pussies filled.”

“Oh my god, you did!” she exclaimed.

“But first, I’ve got to get these ladies prepared. So first order of business, you’re going to watch me get each one wet and juicy and then I’m going to blow a load in each one”

I inserted the vibe back in her and I walked over to the woman at the far left. She was a 30-something redhead whose husband was going to be in the gangbang group. I proceeded to lick her until she started to scream and I quickly slid right on in and pound away, holding on to her C-cup tits. I came deep inside her.

Needing a short break before the next woman, I walked around the curtain to my wife, and stuck my dick in her open mouth. She started to hungrily slurp it, licked off my cum and the redheads juices.

In a few minutes I was hard again. I walked back around to the other side and proceeded to the next two. These two were college roommates I had found online. They were both 20, 5’8″ and plump. One was a brunette with blue eyes, and a 38 F rack. The other was blonde with a 40 DDD set. I walked between their tables and pulled out two of my wifes vibes. I quickly rammed one into each girl, slamming it home against their clit. The brunette moaned and rhythmically humped the vibe. The blonde screamed like a fucking banshee and bucked like a bronco. She raised and slammed her ass against the table hard repeatedly and her tits flopped everywhere.

Both girls came within a minute of each other. I pulled the vibes out, dripping, and walked past my wife to the next two women. I fastened a vibe in each of their pussies and then walked back to the roomies. I proceeded to fuck each in turn, returning to my wife for cleanup in between. I then repeated the process on down the line.

Now that I was done, it was the main event. I heard a knock on a roll up door at the end of the warehouse. I walked over and raised the door. The entertainment was now here.

All in all I had managed to find 43 guys willing to join in (including the husbands of 4 of the women). This was going to be a no holds barred bareback rodeo.

“There’s only one rule, guys. The first load goes in the one in the middle.'” I said pointing to my wife.

One by one they sidled up between her legs and pounded away at her. I watched her squirm and then scream as more and more guys fucked her and came in her. After taking their turn, they moved on to the other women.

Other guys filtered back around to her as they took turns on the other sluts in the row. I lost count at around 127.After about 30 minutes the were all done and she was a sloppy mess. Her pussy dripped and she had cum smeared all over her chest and massive boobs.

6 hours later and it was all over. They guys dressed and left, leaving me an 7 trussed up, messy, spent sluts. I plugged up each of them with a fat plug, so they would stay full.

After I was done, I walked to the exit door and turned out the lights.

“Hey! Aren’t you going to untie us?” One of the women to the left of my wife said.

“Not tonight. You girls get to stay put tonight.”

“What about my husband?” another asked.

“They’re all in on it” I replied. With that I locked the door and left.

I came back about 10 the next morning. Before untying them, I had one more go with each. I then took a picture of each, both with and without the d****, for my personal collection, to add to the hours of video from the night before. I unshackled each one, and then shackled their arms behind their backs.

“Where are our clothes” One asked.

“Your husbands took them home”

“What about us?” One of the roomies asked.

“They’re gone”

“How the hell are we going to get home?”

“You all proved how slutty you are last night. Now you have to show everyone. I will take you home, your husbands have the keys to your cuffs. You two, your key is in your dorm room.”

With that, I led them, naked, chained and covered with a sticky film of cum to a rented van. They all got in.

I dropped each one off a their respective houses, parking across the street, so they had to run across the street and their sidewalk. Each sprinted as fast as they could. One husband took his sweet time opening the door, 🙂

We got to the campus where the two roomies lived. I parked on the other side of the quad from their dorm. “Time to get out ladies.” The quad was full of students going to classes.

Surprisingly, they each smiled, told us to call them, and then sprinted from the van. I watched them run across the bustling quad to their dorm with everyone watching.

I took her home, drained her out, and tied her facedown on the bed. I then proceeded to fill her back up again.

This was the first of many time we tried this. The longest was over a 4 day weekend. I clocked her and she took a continuous pounding for almost 5 hours that weekend.

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