The Fireplace

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The Fireplace
I walk into the room. I see you standing by the fireplace.

You sit down by it and I join you.

I bring my hand over towards yours brushing against it ever so gently.

You reach out and brush yours back against mine, letting your manly hand linger for a few minutes. You then grab onto my hand and hold onto it bringing it down onto your cock.

I turn my head noticing this. I start massaging your cock slowly with my hand. I hear you moan.

You then turn towards me slightly. You bring your free hand over to my short pleated skirt. You ever so quickly slip your hand underneath my skirt, moving upwards. You find my pussy and you start rubbing it.

I moan loudly.

You move my hand off your cock and lean closer to me. Your hand rubs some more on my pussy making me very wet. You then slip your hand out from underneath my skirt.

Our touches while hot are just for teasing right now. Seeing how hot we have already gotten each other.

You move very close to me. So close that there is no space between us. You bring your mouth up to mine, kissing me softly at first.

I kiss you back already feeling very hot and very horny for you.

You kiss me softly for 5 minutes more. You then increase the passion in your kiss making me feel it. You slide your tongue out of your mouth. You then slide it into mine.

I feel your tongue slide into my mouth. I slide my tongue into yours. I then start kissing you with more that just passion now. My kisses are of pure lust.

You notice that my kissing has become lustier. You kiss me back just as lustfully. You then slowly push me down on the blanket that you have laid out for us.

I kiss you some more. I notice that I am now laying down on the blanket. I then pull my lips away from yours. I look up at you.

“Come and lay on top of me.” I say to you.

You look down at me as you climb onto top of me. You bring your hands forward and stroke my cheek. You then let your hands go a little bit lower down to my shirt.

You lift up my shirt slightly slipping your hand underneath. You then start running your hand up my skin finding my bare breasts. You start massaging them letting your hand run over the nipples.

I moan loudly and cry out your name. Your hand feels so rough and so good. I want to touch you now. I bring my hand to your back, running it downwards.

“Touch my skin baby, please. Sc**** your nails against my skin. I want to feel you hurt me.” You say to me.

I hear this sexual plead from you. I run my hand your back slipping my hand underneath your shirt. I pull it up exposing your back and your chest to me. I then bring my nails forward and sc**** them along your skin dragging them upwards.

“Oh yes.” You say.

You decide that you want to return the favor. You bring your free hand up and pull up my shirt exposing my breasts to you. You then bring your mouth down to my nipples and bite on them hard.

“Oh fuck baby. Please do that again. Oh baby, please.” I say.

You hear me and you do it again. Only this time you bite down harder.

I feel a wonderful rush of pain/pleasure as you do that. I sc**** my nails against your back harder now, making sure that I leave marks.

You feel this and you quickly respond by biting on my nipples as hard as you can. You then move your mouth off my nipples noticing they are extremely red. You bring your mouth over to my breasts and bite down on the skin, leaving marks.

I scream out not being able to control myself anymore. I move my hands from underneath your shirt and bring them to my side.

You hear my scream. You can’t control yourself anymore either. You move your hand and your mouth off my tits. You bring your hands to your side.

I reach up with my hands and rip off your shirt. The pieces of fabric fly all over the room in a thousand pieces. I then touch your bare chest with my hands running my hands up and down it wildly.

“Oh damn baby those hands feel good.” You say to me.

I then move my hands lower reaching your pants. I unbuckle and unzip them. I reach into them and notice that you are not wearing any boxers. I smile as I pull your cock out.

“Come here to me.” You say.

You reach down and move my hand off your cock. You then move off me and stand up. You reach out and grab my hand pulling me into a standing position.

I stand up before you. I look at you wondering what you are going to do next.

You let go of my hand. You then reach out and grab at my shirt roughly. You rip it off my body. You then look up and down at me.

“That skirt is going to have to go now.” You say.

You move your hands down my body. You reach my skirt quickly. You reach behind me and unzip it. You then rip it off my body.

“Now the panties.” You say.

You grab onto my panties and rip them off my body. You throw what’s left of my clothes to the side.

“Stand before me and let me get a look at you, sexy.” you say.

You stand back and look at my body taking me in. Your eyes travel from my face, to my tits, to my pussy, and down to my legs.

“God you look so good baby. Good enough to eat and to fuck. Which is what I am going to do to you. You’ll love it. I know you will.” You say.

“Now come undress me the rest of the way. I want you to see what you’ll be getting for the rest of the night.” You say.

I walk over to you. My pussy is so wet that the juices are dripping onto the carpet as I walk. I reach you.

I bring my hands down and I rip off your pants. Your cock stands out straight and is rock hard.

“Ah freedom.” You say loudly.

You look at me and you move your mouth towards me. You reach out and slowly push me back down on the blanket.

I spread my legs open wide and bring them up high. I then watch you as you start to move.

You then climb back on top of me letting your cock linger at my pussy. You move your mouth over to my neck pushing back my long hair. You extend your tongue out and lick my neck slowly.

“Oh mmm baby.” I say.

You lick my neck again, making your licks more powerful. You then reach down finding your cock. You slowly shove it into my pussy teasing me with it again.

I scream out your name loudly. The pleasure from your mouth and your cock is incredible. I bring my hands up to your back, placing them in the middle. I gently press your body down more onto mine.

You feel this and it causes you to moan just from the sheer pleasure of being touched. You move your mouth more on my neck licking harder.

You then move your mouth lower on my body. You reach my tits and you attack them with kisses, licks, and sucks.

My hands move higher on your back. I feel your skin and your muscles. I can tell from just touching you that you are very strong. I love how you feel.

You then pull your cock out of my pussy. You move lower on my body. You kiss and lick my stomach.

You then go even lower. You lick your way down my body getting very close to my pussy. You can smell my juices and they make your mouth water.

I move my hand down lower on your back touching you gently. I can feel my pussy become hot and wetter. I think of what you’re about to do to me and I moan.

You hear my moan and you smile very wickedly. You kiss your way down some more reaching my pussy.

You pull your mouth away from my body some. You then sit up and just look at my freshly shaved pussy.

“Beautiful and all mine.” You say.

You bring your mouth back down to my body. You reach over and kiss the inside of my right thigh. You then move over to my left thigh and do the same.

I am crazy with lust now. Here you are so close to my pussy but are not licking it. I know that you are waiting to lick my pussy. I move my hands off your back. I then reach up and grab onto my tits massaging them.

You move your mouth lower down my legs kissing the whole way. You kiss my right leg first then my left. You then get on your knees and move your way up towards my pussy.

You reach my pussy and you place your hands on it. You pull the lips apart and you start licking my clit.

I jump at the sensation cause it feels really good. I then relax fully letting myself enjoy this.

You lick my clit harder tasting all the juices that run into your mouth. You swallow them and go back for more. You then decide you want to shove your tongue deep inside me.

You reach down and grab onto my legs placing them on your shoulders. You then shove your tongue inside my pussy tasting me fully. You lick my g-spot and swallow more of my juices.

“Oh baby. That feels really good. Mmm, don’t stop. You have the greatest tongue in the world baby. Lick all of me. Take me in.” I say.

You hear me and you just lick harder. You start shoving your tongue in and out of me hard giving me on hell of a tongue fucking.

I massage my tits harder pulling on the nipples. I lick my lips ready to suck your cock after you are done eating my pussy. I am going to suck your cock hungrily.

You fuck me with your tongue for a few minutes more. You then pull it out of my fuckhole and bring it up to my clit. You focus on it licking it hard and fast.

I feel you licking my clit hard and fast. I repeatedly moan out loudly. I feel my orgasm coming on quickly. I know that I will be coming in your mouth in a few seconds.

You latch your mouth onto my pussy and lick my clit harder with every stroke. You can tell from my moaning that I am near my orgasm and you are ready to taste it.

I feel my orgasm reach the breaking point. I know there is no going back now. It hits me like a freight train taking over my whole body.

“Oh baby I’m cumming. Oh yes!” I cry out.

You lick my clit as hard as you can tasting my cum juices. You swallow them down and you keep on licking not wanting to stop until I am done.

I shake as I ride out my orgasm. It is so powerful that it is practically breath taking. I reach down and grab onto the blanket using it to hold on to.

You can feel my hands on the blanket grabbing onto it. You give my clit one last good lick helping finish off my orgasm.

I scream out loudly as I feel my orgasm fade away. I then take a few deep breaths as I let go off the blanket.

You reach up and move my legs off your shoulders. You then place them up and widely spread. You pull your mouth off my pussy and bring it up to mine. You kiss me hard on the mouth letting you tongue slip inside my mouth.

I kiss you back letting my tongue slip inside your mouth. I taste my pussy juices on your tongue. They are sweet but there’s something else I’d rather taste.

I pull my lips off yours. I then wrap my arms around you and flip our two bodies around to where I am on top of you.

You lay your head back on the blanket and look up at me. You know that I am going to attack your body now with my mouth. You are more than ready to feel that.

I slowly move my way down your body. I kiss and lick your neck. I then move lower licking your manly nipples. I know how much you enjoy it when I do that.

I then move lower kissing your chest. I can feel your breathing speed up as I start getting close to your cock.

You lean your head up and look down at me watching me as I kiss my way down your body. You moan feeling my mouth on your chest.

I kiss lower now getting closer to your cock. I can feel it’s hardness press against my stomach. I can tell that you are still rock hard.

I move lower reaching your cock. I kiss just the head very lightly. I then move over to your legs. I lick your right inner leg and then your left inner leg.

I then kiss my way down your right leg. I look up and see your cock standing straight up just waiting for me. I move over and kiss your left leg.

I then get on my knees and bring my mouth up to your cock. I open my mouth wide and I wrap my lips around the head of your cock. I suck it gently letting my mouth slip further down your cock.

“Oh fuck go deeper please baby. I want to feel you deepthroat my whole length.” You say.

I hear your sexual plead. I move my mouth down your cock the rest of the way until I feel the tip of your cock at the base of my throat. I then bring my head back up and lick the head.

I then slip my head back down on your cock taking you deep again. I start bobbing my head up and down on your cock wildly. I take my hands and find your balls. I massage them while I suck you.

“Oh yeah that’s it baby. Play with my balls like that. God I love when you do that. Keep on sucking me like that and I will be feeding you my hot cum down your throat very soon.” You say.

I play with your balls some more really getting into a set motion. I suck your cock faster and deeper really wanting to taste your cum.

You suddenly feel your orgasm hit you faster than you were expecting. You have no time to warn me. All you can do is moan loudly and thrust your hips upwards.

I suddenly taste your hot cum explode into my mouth. I swallow it down not wasting a drop. I suck you more wanting to suck all of that delicious warm cum out of you.

You move your hips in a slowly fucking motion as you cum into my mouth. The pleasure sensation that you feel is so amazing that it makes you feel dizzy. You keep on looking down at me watching me swallow your cum.

You thrust your hips upwards one last time fully riding out your orgasm. You moan as the effect of it passing washes over you.

I notice that you have stopped cumming. I lick the head of your cock cleaning all the excess cum off. I then move my mouth off your cock and look up at you.

“That was fucking great baby. You are such a good cocksucker.” You say.

I move up towards your mouth. I place my mouth on yours kissing you.

You kiss me back tasting yourself on my lips. The taste kind of makes you gag, but you deal with it. You then pull me off you standing up.

I turn over and lay back down on the blanket. I notice that I sucked you so good that you are fully soft.

You bring your hand down to your cock. You know that it is soft but you are going to get it hard again quickly. You want to fuck me so badly that there is no way you are going to pass the opportunity up to do so.

“Play with that pussy baby. Make yourself cum as I get myself hard for you. Watch me stroke myself as I watch you rub yourself.” You say.

I bring my hands down to my pussy. I find my clit and I rub it hard. Pleasure runs through my body like lightning.

You watch me as you stroke your cock hard. Pleasure runs through your body like lightning too. You want to close your eyes but you dare not do that. You don’t want to miss one second of my show.

I open my legs wide as I rub my clit harder and faster. I then bring my hand down and shove three of my fingers into my fuckhole. I scream out in pleasure.

Your eyes get big as you see me do that. You stroke your cock faster now. You get it harder by the second.

I fuck myself with my fingers as I bring my free hand up to my clit. I start out by rubbing my clit softly then I speed up my rubbing. I watch you as you stroke your cock getting it hard for me.

You stroke yourself harder and quicker. You get your cock rock hard quickly. You then move your hand off your cock and just watch me.

I finger my pussy violently now shoving my fingers in and out as hard as I can. I rub my clit quicker making it throb more with every passing second. I can feel my orgasm start to come over me.

“Oh you have no idea how hot you look right now. Cum hard for me baby.” You say.

I rub my clit quicker bringing my orgasm to the surface. I dig in with my finger as I rub really making the orgasm intense.

“Oh I’m cumming. This is so hot baby. Having you watch me as I cum.” I say.

You watch intently as I cum. You can feel your cock throb as I ride out my orgasm. You watch as the juices run out of my pussy and down onto the blanket.

I scream out your name as I ride out my orgasm. The sensations pass over me quickly making me feel really good. I move my fingers out of my pussy and slow my rubbing on my clit.

You walk towards me getting on your knees. You watch me closely as my finger rubs my clit as slow as I can helping my orgasm fade away.

My orgasm fades away quickly. I move my finger off my clit.

You reach out and grab my hands. You bring my right one up to your mouth. You open your mouth and stick my three pussy covered fingers inside. You lick off the juices and swallow them.

I gasp and moan with pleasure as I feel you doing that. I wasn’t expecting you to do that but I’m glad that you are.

You lick the rest of the juices off and let my right hand slip out of your mouth. You then take my left index finger into your mouth licking all the juices off it.

You then let my finger slip out of your mouth. You climb on top of me slipping your cock into my pussy. You start thrusting into my pussy hard.

“Fuck baby. Yes fuck me.” I say.

I wrap my legs around your waist as you fuck me. I thrust my pussy back up at you fucking you back. I squeeze my pussy muscles together pulling you deeper into me.

You feel my legs wrap around your waist. You pump your cock into me harder really giving it to me good. You decide that you want to go as deep as you possibly can into my pussy.

“Bring your legs up into the air and hold them there.” You say.

I bring my legs up and hold them into the air. I then get ready for some deep fucking.

You bring your cock forward and thrust it hard into my pussy. You then start fucking my pussy extremely violently feeling the walls grip onto your cock. You pump me so hard that both of our bodies shake.

I then decide that I want to ride you. So I bring my legs down and wrap them back around your waist. I reach up and grab onto your back flipping us over.

You notice that you are now lying on your back. You bring your hands up and place them on my breasts massaging them as you thrust your cock deeper into me.

I start riding your cock hard bouncing up and down wildly. My breasts bounce in your hands as I feel you massage them.

“Oh, you feel so good. Ride my cock harder baby. Ride me like a fucking bucking bronco.” You say.

I hear your words and I respond by riding your cock harder. I can feel my pussy grip onto your cock as tight as possible as I bounce faster.

You thrust your cock up into me harder and harder. You take my nipples into your hands and you lightly twist them.

“Ooh baby.” I say.

I hear the fireplace crackle behind us as I ride your cock. The feeling of the warmth of the fire makes shivers run up and down my spine. I feel an orgasm come upon me and I moan loudly as I ride it out.

You hear my moan and you know that I just came. You really start pumping my pussy harder now wanting to see how many times you can get me to cum for you.

You want to change positions so you move your hands down and grab my waist. You pull me off you and you get on your side.

I notice this and I get on my side too.

You get up behind me and grab my leg. You hold it upwards as you slide your cock into my pussy again. You then let my leg go letting it fall on yours.

You pound my pussy from behind using your hands on my breasts again. You squeeze them and play with the nipples.

I pump my pussy back against your cock fucking you back again. I close my eyes and let myself get lost in all of the wonderful sensations.

You find my g-spot with your cock and you rub against it. You feel it throb and that causes pleasure for you. You moan loudly as you pump your cock more into my pussy.

You suddenly feel your orgasm coming on. This time it’s long waves of pleasure that you feel that become more intense with each new thrust.

You grab onto my breasts harder holding onto them as you pump my pussy as hard as you can. You feel your orgasm come on stronger and you know that this is it. You have been waiting for this moment all night.

You move one of your hands off my breasts and bring it down to my clit. You start rubbing my clit hard and deep really digging your finger in.

gasp and cry out as I feel your finger rubbing on my clit. I feel my orgasm suddenly hit me and I know that this is it. I will be coming with you very soon.

You thrust your cock harder into me now. You feel your cum run up your cock to your cockhead. You then feel it rush out of your cockhead and into my pussy.

“Oh baby I’m cumming. Cum with me. I want you to cum with me. I want us to share this feeling.” You say.

You rub my clit quicker and deeper now really digging in as hard as possible. Your other hand is massaging my breasts.

I feel your hands working on me bringing me close. I thrust my pussy against your finger helping out.

Suddenly it is upon me.

I scream out your name as loud as I can as my orgasm rips through me. I start seeing colors and feeling extreme pleasure.

“Oh I’m cumming too. Cumming with you. I am sharing the same sensations that you are.” I say.

We both cum together moaning and screaming out each other’s name. The atmosphere of the fireplace and of our two nude bodies is extremely sensual.

You then let go of my breasts and pull your cock out of me. You get up off the blanket.

I feel this and I get up off the blanket too. You reach down and grab the blanket. You bring it closer to the fireplace and lay it down. You then lay back down on the blanket.

I walk from the livingroom towards the bedroom. I grab two pillows. I then walk back into the livingroom.

I walk over to you and I put my pillow down. I hand your pillow to you, which you put under your head. I then lay down next to you resting my head on the pillow.

You pull me close wrapping your arms around me. You then lean forward and kiss me on the cheek.

I bring my hands forward and place them on your hands. I lay there on the blanket with you totally pleased.

You lean forward and whisper goodnight to me. You then lay your head back down and go to sleep.

I whisper goodnight back to you and I do the same.

We lay there together with the fireplace lighting up the room and making it a very special night.

A night that neither one of us will ever forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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